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A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment.

Emerge: Making Sense of What's Next Daniel Thorson

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A podcast based inquiry into the next phase of the human experiment.

    Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat: What's It All About?

    Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat: What's It All About?

    What are we going to do at this retreat, even?

    Sofia-Jeanne and Sarah-Marie discuss the practices and the inspiration for the retreat.

    Learn more and apply at http://antifragileheart.com/

    • 1 hr


    Sofia-Jeanne and Daniel reflect on why they love the Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat.


    • 11 min
    The Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat: Weeklong Unfolding Intensive

    The Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat: Weeklong Unfolding Intensive

    Join me for an intimate and transformative journey into the heart of being fully alive. The Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat, taking place July 7-12, 2024 in the mountains of Asheville, NC, weaves together emotional sovereignty, mindfulness, and relational practice to cultivate an anti-fragile heart - one that is in touch with truth, beauty and goodness in each moment. Through practices of mindful presence, relational work and play, embodiment, and the powerful paradigm of Unfoldment, you'll become intimate with your inherent wholeness and unlock the resources to meet life's challenges and beauty. If you're a change-maker, navigating life transitions or high-intensity fields, seeking support amidst personal and global crises, and ready to let go of old patterns - this retreat is for you. Join us for a fun, challenging and deeply nourishing experience to embrace the fullness of your humanity and co-create a more beautiful world.


    • 2 min
    Jane Weintraub - Discovering Your Holy Work

    Jane Weintraub - Discovering Your Holy Work

    Daniel shares his feelings and disorientation in the aftermath of a profound experience and Jane opens up about living with a life-threatening health condition. They discuss the intensity and beauty of working with pain and facing endings. They then turn to the value of “being local” and the critical importance of bringing people together in physical space. Jane discusses her work with Imaginisma, an organization that describes itself as “a new kind of incubator for remembering, contacting, and amplifying the aliveness and grace of being human,” and the duo explores “aliveness” as a guiding principle. Themes of rediscovering simple, fundamental qualities of our humanity and rooting growth in the rich context of local relationship and “holy work” are contrasted with modern tendencies toward philosophical abstraction, reductionism, and trauma fixation. Finally, Jane and Daniel muse on the challenges and abnormalities of our era and their sense of hope for their own work and for today’s younger generations.

    1:17 Daniel's experience of a profound opening through intimacy with pain

    7:49 Jane's experience facing a life threatening condition

    14:02 Pain, beauty, and "holy work"

    19:56 The value of being local, especially as an antidote to abstraction

    28:38 Relationship, love, and the power of bodies in space

    33:42 Describing "holy work" and the philosophy of Jane's Imaginisma project

    39:25 Searching for life purpose and "being in the house of aliveness"

    45:21 How Jane's work straddles the material and the imaginal/etheric

    49:31 Rediscovering life's latent magic and fundamental qualities of being human in the digital age

    56:41 The orientation of Jane and Daniel's work toward inspiration and action (over philosophical abstraction)

    1:01:24 Misconceptions about personal development and issues with pain and trauma fixation

    1:08:50 Casual encounters with strangers

    1:10:32 The abnormality of our times, the meaning of "normal," and "sewing seeds of ecstasy for the future"

    1:14:47 A beautiful future beckoning in spite of a tragic world

    1:19:38 Conclusion


    Daniel's Unfolding Coaching Offering

    Civilizations never just happen. They are brought into existence quite consciously, with unbelievable compassion and determination, from another world. Then the job of people experienced in ecstasy is to prepare the soil for them; carefully sow and plant them; care for them; watch them grow." ― Peter Kingsley, A Story Waiting to Pierce You: Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World

    Jane recommended a poem to accompany this episode, 'Taking of Emily Dickinson's Clothes'.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    John Churchill - Attunement as World Medicine

    John Churchill - Attunement as World Medicine

    John Churchill joins Daniel to discuss the relationship between Attachment Theory and the process of awakening. Weaving together strands from Buddhist psychology and developmental psychology, John describes the Bodhisattva path and the development of a Planetary Dharma through the lenses of attunement and attachment. Topics covered include the development of the heart, the definition and various dimensions of attunement, and the difficulty of finding trustworthy spiritual teachers and community. John also shares theory and practice perspectives on the development of healthier attachment and offers words of encouragement for community building in difficult times.

    0:00 Introduction and background for the talk

    2:43 Western and Eastern Psychology and Attachment Theory

    5:01  The attachment and attention systems and the sense of self

    10:37 Addressing the split between the heart and the mind

    16:21 Buddhist perspectives on the healing of the attachment system

    21:26 Right relationship, attunement, and the dimensions of the heart

    26:42 Developmental psychology and attunement

    28:42 Levels of attunement and the significance of intuition

    36:46 Collective psychological and structural components of attunement 

    40:52 Awakening with and without the heart as a central point of focus

    48:09 Discernment on the Buddhist path and a developmental model of the Bodhisattva

    52:32 The significance of time in spiritual development

    55:50  Finding trustworthy teachers and avenues of practice

    1:04:30 Putting the difficulty of finding a reliable spiritual path in perspective

    1:07:33 Theoretical perspectives and practical advice for developing healthier attachment 

    1:20:23 Summarizing the development of healthy attachment and the Bodhisattva path from the perspective of attachment theory

    1:23:37 Closing thoughts: Coming together and taking care of each other

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Jordan Hall Converts to Christianity

    Jordan Hall Converts to Christianity

    Daniel and Jordan Hall discuss Jordan’s recent conversion to Christianity and the evolution of his worldview. How did a tech pioneer and futurist intellectual who would have said his chances of being baptized were “exactly zero” only five years ago become a convert? Daniel and Jordan talk about their respective “paths to humility” and the importance of religious community and traditional wisdom in the modern world.

    Topics include the tension between innovation and tradition, Game A and Game B,  the search for deeply connected communities, the importance of grief, the evolution of modern Christianity, cultural attitudes towards Christianity, and the power of committing to Truth.

    0-3:34 Jordan’s recent conversion to Christianity

    3:35 The evolution of Jordan’s worldview and his relationship to religion since childhood

    9:11 The 2008 financial crisis and the birth of “Game B”

    16:55 Searching for “Civium” (seeking out a philosophically aligned community) 

    23:07 Going to Black Mountain, North Carolina

    31:18 Reflections on attending church and turning towards religion

    42:06 Getting to humility

    47:56 The importance of grief

    49:54 “Religion that is not a religion” and the “Two Worlds Mythology”

    53:26  Addressing the condemnation of Christianity in modern culture

    1:02:57 Jordan’s thoughts on shifts in modern Christianity

    1:06:36 The value of religious community and tradition in a neophilic culture

    1:12:47 Committing to Truth

    1:14:07 Wrap-up

    • 1 hr 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Stoic81 ,

Helped change how I see the world

This podcast brings together various threads relating to consciousness, development, sense-making, in a way that has helped me to examine how I engage with the world.
There are many great podcasts in the integral/metamodern/sense-making world but this one has something very special.

everday wild ,

You have to listen to this...

This podcast will help you to live a more meaningful life, without numbing yourself to the challenges that lie ahead. I can’t recommend it enough.

Stewc82 ,

Blown away by this podcast

This podcast is an amazing find for anyone interested in bridging the worlds of spirituality, politics and social change. I only discovered it a few weeks ago and am steadily working my way through the back catalogue. So many of the discussions are resonating with me really deeply and I feel like I've found a place where conversations are happening that I've been yearning to have. Thanks Daniel for doing such a great job.

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