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The podcast for all temporary and agency workers. If you’re unsure of your rights, unsure how to find work, or just plain unsure, we’re here to help. It’s all too easy to be exploited, so your expert host, Julia Kermode, will empower you to succeed.

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The podcast for all temporary and agency workers. If you’re unsure of your rights, unsure how to find work, or just plain unsure, we’re here to help. It’s all too easy to be exploited, so your expert host, Julia Kermode, will empower you to succeed.

    015 Routes to Market - Different Types of Contracts With Recruitment Agencies

    015 Routes to Market - Different Types of Contracts With Recruitment Agencies

    If you’re completely new to finding work via a recruitment agency then you can be forgiven for being overwhelmed by the various contractual options you might be offered.  There is a confusing array of choice, and each one has different tax and employment rights implications.  To bring some clarity to a very confusing subject, we talk to legal and compliance consultant Bernie Payne, who has many years experience of the recruitment sector.  We uncover:

    Why both employment status and tax status is important;
    What is agency PAYE and why might you want to choose it;
    Why you might want to consider being engaged via an umbrella;
    The pros and cons of being a sole-trader seeking work via a recruitment agency;
    Working via your own limited company, aka personal service company;
    Circumstances when you might be directly engaged by the client hiring you.

    This is such an important topic to understand as it’s ultimately your choice and the pros and cons of each vary considerably.  With Bernie Payne’s expertise we simplify all the options for you so that you are empowered to make the best choice for you.  Enjoy!
    About Bernie Payne
    Bernie Payne is a proactive, commercially-focused professional with over 20 years’ expertise in legal, commercial, compliance and project management roles. She provides businesses with advice and support that reflects the ‘real world’ and has specialist expertise in recruitment.  You can find out more about Bernie here:
    You can contact Bernie here:

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    014 Nailing A Presentation At A Job Interview

    014 Nailing A Presentation At A Job Interview

    Following on from our last episode on job interview skills, today we’re looking specifically at how to nail a presentation during a job interview.  To help us we’re talking to Catherine Sandland, who coaches aspiring TEDx talk speakers and is herself a successful TEDx talk presenter.  So if you’ve got a job interview coming up which includes a presentation, whether it’s for your dream job or more of a stop-gap role, you will want to present clearly and confidently.  Catherine talks us through how you might approach it, including:

    The first thing to do when you’ve been given a presentation to prepare
    How to be engaging when presenting online vs in person
    Common mistakes that people tend make
    Dealing with nerves

    Listen in to give yourself the best chance of success!
    About Catherine Sandland
    “Presenting Queen” Catherine specialises in moving people from panic to poise when it comes to how their present themselves and their business.  She understands how vital it is to be able to communicate confidently and effectively if you want to develop and grow your organisation.  And if you want to make things happen.  She’s been helping leaders, managers, business owners, trainers and consultants with their communications, and specifically presentation skills for over 21 years.
    You can contact Catherine here:

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    013 Great, you've got a job interview - what next?

    013 Great, you've got a job interview - what next?

    So you’ve managed to get yourself that elusive opportunity – a job interview!  How are you going to give yourself the best chance of success?  By listening to our chat with Interview Cheerleader, Tamzin Louise, that’s how!  She has a fantastic track record in supporting people to achieve their dream job through honing your interview skills.  So whether the interview is for a career-defining position, or a temporary role to keep you going, it is always worth preparing and giving yourself the best chance of success.  Today we cover a wide range of topics including:

    What to consider when preparing for online interviews
    What if you’re just starting without much relevant experience?
    What about career changes?
    Confidence-building strategies
    What does the interviewer look for?

    We do of course touch on typical interview questions too!  Job interviews have changed over the years, so if you haven’t been to one in a while this episode is well worth a listen to ensure you are bang up to date with what your interviewers are looking for.
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    Simply use this code: iworksuccess
    which is redeemable on the Interview Cheerleader website https://tamzinlouise.vipmembervault.com
    About Tamzin Louise, the Interview Cheerleader
    Tamzin is an author with over 20 years of experience on both sides of the table, being interviewed, and interviewing.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experience of interviewing and the interview process – whether you are a business or an individual, Tamzin wants to support you.
    You can contact her here:

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    012 What is happening within the jobs market right now?

    012 What is happening within the jobs market right now?

    With so many different official statistics and varied opinions about the jobs market, we decided to bring you an overview of what is really happening in the UK’s jobs market and where the opportunities are.  We talk to Belinda Johnson, founder of Worklab, who has for many years been deciphering government statistics, data and market intelligence into useful insights on the UK’s workforce.  This episode is essential listening for all UK job seekers who want to know:

    What the latest official figures tell us;
    What are the trends in employment rate and redundancies?
    Are job vacancies really on the increase, and is it just for temporary placements?
    Which sectors are growing, where are the bright spots?
    What is the outlook for UK employment post-COVID?

    Let this episode help you understand the trends, where there might be opportunities, and the longer term outlook.
    About Belinda Johnson
    Belinda’s business is a workforce market intelligence consultancy, so it’s her business to monitor and understand everything that is going on in relation to jobs and employment.  The UK’s workforce is constantly changing and evolving, it’s difficult to keep up – and that’s why Belinda enjoys her job!  You can contact her on social media here:

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    011 Why is the recruitment industry often vilified, and does it matter?

    011 Why is the recruitment industry often vilified, and does it matter?

    Recruitment is often a vilified profession, much-maligned by candidates who feel they are poorly treated.  And as our audience (you!) consists of agency workers we thought we should examine why.  To help us do that, we spoke to Tim Jacob who has some 25 years experience as a recruiter and now advises recruitment firms on how to grow, increase profitability and deliver value.
    In considering how tensions arise, we first need to understand that the role of recruitment is much much broader than simply placing candidates into vacancies, yet ultimately it is getting such placements right that drive profits.  We also need to understand that recruiters have two different audiences: clients who pay for the service, and candidates who might go on to work for the clients.  The needs of these two audiences are not always aligned, and occasionally there are unrealistic expectations from either or both parties.  Join us for lots of eyeopeners about how recruitment actually works in practice, why it is important to understand this, and how you can use the insights to your advantage.
    About Tim Jacob

    Tim began his career in Technology Recruitment with Computer People in 1995 as part of their Graduate Recruitment Scheme.
    Spent 13 years as Commercial Director at Rethink Group a Technology Talent Solutions company making circa 8,000 placements (contract and perm) per year into to media, tech and digital space.
    Sat for 2 years on the board of the REC, the largest trade body for the recruitment profession.
    Now works at Squadrato which provides the practice advice, senior counsel and action-led consulting that businesses need to develop from transactional recruitment agencies in to professional providers of staffing services.
    Squadrato’s website is here
    Squadrato’s LinkedIn page is here

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    010 Be Inspired to Boost Your Job Search and Get Hired!

    010 Be Inspired to Boost Your Job Search and Get Hired!

    We know the jobs market is really tough at the moment, so let us bring you some inspiration from careers expert Sarah Taylor Phillips to boost your job search and get hired!  This packed episode is full of uplifting practical advice that will definitely get you on the right track, including:

    which sectors are growing and recruiting currently
    retraining and upskilling opportunities
    how to take a strategic approach to the job search
    the importance of “brand you” to finding your dream role
    how to keep motivated during the job search process

    Following success with her interim recruitment business, Sarah set up Career Voyage to help businesses and individuals navigate this new world of work and achieve competitive edge.  She has a passion for different ways of working and tipping existing resourcing thinking on its head, and Sarah also runs BeInspiredGetHired, an online job seeking community hosted on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Sarah has both marketing and business qualifications, and remains a brand marketeer at heart – as job searching is all about marketing yourself she is ideally placed to help!
    LinkedIn’s jobs on the rise article is here
    Brand You Compass is here
    Wellbeing Wheel is here
    Contact details
    Career Voyage website is here
    Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn here
    BeInspiredGetHired Facebook Group is here
    BeInspiredGetHired LinkedIn Group is here

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Trigger Inside ,

A welcome addition to the store

Thanks to the pandemic, I've recently changed from full time employment into short-term contract based employment. I'd not been a temp for nearly 30 years, so my expectations & understanding was a little dated.
This podcast has helped me to become more aware of the marketplace and has developed my knowledge of what is acceptable & more importantly not acceptable in the short term employment workplace.
The host is clearly well versed on the subject & is able to convey the message clearly & concisely.

JMC mini ,

Empowering Agency Workers

This is definitely worth a listen if you’re on a temporary contract, or considering going temping, I shall certainly listen to future ones as a range of topics will be covered.

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