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Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas

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Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas

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4.6 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
2.2K Ratings
johnmercer ,


This is probalby one of the most important radio series ever conceived. The content is not dumbed down - it is up to date, challenging and thought provoking. The whole series needs to be made available as a national treasure.
Actually here is a request (if anybody reads this) why can we not download all the programmes (since most of us only just got an ipod!) - would love to catch up.

!ntegrator ,

One of the best. This would make it superb

This 20 year series has been one of the great radio and podcast productions. Intelligent, wide ranging, intellectually and topically diverse with strong historical, cultural, and scientific strands. I have heard scores.

Melvyn Bragg prepares rigorously and manages the interviews with three top academics. Always appealing. And he listens.

Two things would help. In the scientific episodes I don’t like the way controversial topics like dark matter don’t consider the controversy. It’s treated like it’s all done and dusted. There’s a bowing to old challenged paradigms. How about Evo Devo and autopoiesis and Noble’s relativity biology and not just the old Darwinists? This means introducing a bit more debate. It’s always structured roughly as a single politely agreed line. On this, listen to the episode on catalysts and the extra minutes where we find the scientists admitting they tell the public an expurgated version. This is less noticeable in the culture and history topics which are Mr Bragg’s strengths.

Secondly, some of the best content is the extra after the radio episode, when the panel say what they want. Mr Bragg’s questions are prepared and steer for the most part. A bit more open “what matters?” might help?

There are the occasional dubious opinions (Newton’s optic experiment was not so brilliant; he missed a crucial detail) but this is still a huge credit to the BBC. And Melvyn Bragg

gds1958 ,


I have listened to this show for years on the radio in the UK and now I have it as a pod cast in France. It really is a weekly must for me. There are many weeks when the subject is totally new to me and I’m always fascinated, the depth into which each episode goes is totally absorbing.

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