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Welcome to Island Influencers, where we share stories of successful business owners, experienced professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders based or with influence in the Isle of Man.

This podcast is brought to you by Thornton Chartered Financial Planners, because great Financial Planning has the power to change your life.

Island Influencers Sharon Sutton

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Welcome to Island Influencers, where we share stories of successful business owners, experienced professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders based or with influence in the Isle of Man.

This podcast is brought to you by Thornton Chartered Financial Planners, because great Financial Planning has the power to change your life.

    Island Influencer Jamie Lewis

    Island Influencer Jamie Lewis

    This week’s Island Influencer is Jamie Lewis, Founder at COURTESY, helping hospitality brands build, transform and communicate.
    In addition, Jamie is the Managing Director of Extra Fancy, Co-Founder of Table of Two and Director & Trustee of Isle of Pride.
    Jamie grew up in Chesterfield during the “new Labour years” with a big focus on education and a big focus on getting people from disadvantaged backgrounds into University. He went to Sheffield University, admitting he “burnt the wick at both ends”, working 20-30 hours a week and partying, Jamie still graduated with a 1st degree in
    sociology and politics.
    Although he was (and still is) fascinated by politics and what is happening in the world, most of Jamie’s experience is in the hospitality industry. Jamie has created businesses today steeped in values learnt through working for McDonald’s
    and Disney in his teens and twenties.
    Like many of my Island Influencers, Jamie thought he would come to the Isle of Man for a few months and ended up settling here!
    I particularly enjoyed his chicken nugget – Usain Bolt at the Beijing Olympics, yarn…
    Here is my conversation with Jamie Lewis in episode 84* of Island Influencers.
    Apologies for the sound quality throughout Jamie’s episode. Jamie is a very busy man, and I had been trying to chat with him for a long time, the easiest way to arrange this sooner
    rather than later was over Zoom. Unfortunately, the sound quality is a little different from what you’d expect from the Island Influencers podcast, however, it is not an episode to be

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    Island Influencer Shelley Langan-Newton

    Island Influencer Shelley Langan-Newton

    This week’s Island Influencer Shelley Langan-Newton grew up in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where she passed her 11 plus one year early. She moved to the Isle of Man when her son (now 18) was six years old.
    Shelley admits that she has a going-with-the-flow philosophy which has permeated throughout her career, describing herself as “a strategic, organised, and collaborative executive leader with a passion for empowering people, clients, and partners to achieve their potential.”
    Her LinkedIn profile reads, “Building kinder organisations to grow with conscience and purpose in the digital world.”
    This really intrigued me. So I want you now to know what I do about who Shelley is and how she got to where she is today and then share it with you.
    So here’s my conversation with Shelley Langan-Newton in episode 83 of Island Influencers!

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    Island Influencer Tracey Brodie

    Island Influencer Tracey Brodie

    Kicking off season 4 and our first podcast episode of 2023 is Island Influencer Tracey Brodie, Belief Coding® Trainer & Coach.
    Tracey Brodie grew up in North Wales, her Dad died when she was just 14. From 16, Tracey trained and worked as a beauty therapist for many years, before obtaining a teaching degree and teaching beauty.
    Her husband Tom’s job enticed them to the Isle of Man and although they were initially only coming for two years they have stayed for over 20, raising three children on the island. I can say that Tracey “arrived here with bells on.”
    In episode 82, Tracey explains how belief coding changed and saved her life forever. She admits that she was “lost and broken” a year ago and how at 51 she has become her own best friend. Starting out trying to heal herself, and then, along the way, she realised she had a “superpower” to gift to others. It is glaringly obvious that making people happy makes Tracey happy.
    This week’s conversation with Tracey Brodie will get you thinking and inspire you to turn the mirror on yourself and try to live your best life every day.

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    Island Influencer Emma Lings

    Island Influencer Emma Lings

    This week my Island Influencer is a pretty rare find especially on the Isle of Man. Emma Lings is a furniture maker creating bespoke handcrafted furniture and naturally dyed textiles.
    Emma explains that she has only just become self employed since returning to the island from Melbourne, Australia as the pandemic hit.
    Throughout our conversation it became apparent that if Emma doesn’t know it, she learns it. Emma isn’t afraid to ask questions and shows great determination and hard work in everything she turns her hand to.
    Do listen to Emma Lings amazing story in episode 81 of Island Influencers!

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    Island Influencer Jo Cutsforth

    Island Influencer Jo Cutsforth

    My Island Influencer this week is self-funded entrepreneur Jo Cutsforth, her desire in life is to make ‘you and your people shine’.
    Jo left her home in Warrington at the age of 17 with just £25 in her pocket and a desire to ‘go off and do her own thing’. So she took a ‘hop skip and a jump’ one-way ticket to the Isle of Man.
    Her story is one huge life lesson for us all. There is no doubt that Jo has suffered hardship, she talks of living at a homeless refuge with her two small children and only being able to start her career at the age of 32. However, Jo doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her she says, “I'm not getting the violins out. I'm just telling you the story.”
    She just wants to encourage everyone to keep learning and get behind people and help them be valued. Jo’s independence, resilience and positive attitude have helped her survive.
    Do listen to this week’s conversation with Jo Cutsforth in episode 80 of Island Influencers!

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    Island Influencer David Wilkinson

    Island Influencer David Wilkinson

    David Wilkinson has worked in the financial services market for 40 years, the last 30 of which have seen him and his family based on the Isle of Man.
    He joined NFU Mutual in 2012 to lead the Isle of Man office going forward and personally provide and ensure the team continues to offer the highest level of service possible to new and existing clients alike for their personal and commercial queries.
    He reminisces about life growing up in Singapore and the North East of England and shares how he ended up settling on the island and raising a family. David’s great passions are football and golf.
    Do listen to this week’s conversation with David Wilkinson in episode 79 of Island Influencers!

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4.9 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Lrciom ,

Brilliant podcast showcasing local talent

Love this podcast - it’s so positive and uplifting, and I love how it showcases some of the brilliant people doing amazing things on our little island! Thank you Sharon for putting this together.

LoafLover ,

Loving it!

Island Influencers features a really diverse and Interesting mix of interviews, Sharon Sutton has a lovely and natural way of guiding an insightful and lively podcast. really loving the series

Nellieneal ,

Island Influencers

Thoroughly enjoy these podcasts.. fascinating information on how each person ticks and how they have got to where they are... Sharon is a very skilled interviewer who seems to get the best out of people.
Would highly recommend.

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