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Nigel Howitt; philosopher, writer, musician and lifestyle design pioneer, discusses a wide range of issues that are either ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. This podcast follows the evidence, not public opinion, and aims at discovering truthful information to guide your lifestyle choices. Nigel deconstructs the modern myths of our time by questioning the many bundled up assumptions in each issue he explores.

Living Outside the Matrix Nigel Howitt

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Nigel Howitt; philosopher, writer, musician and lifestyle design pioneer, discusses a wide range of issues that are either ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. This podcast follows the evidence, not public opinion, and aims at discovering truthful information to guide your lifestyle choices. Nigel deconstructs the modern myths of our time by questioning the many bundled up assumptions in each issue he explores.

    Ep 175 Uncovering the psuedoscience of viroLIEgy – with Mike Stone

    Ep 175 Uncovering the psuedoscience of viroLIEgy – with Mike Stone

    We are told to follow the science, and amazingly, we are even told NOT to do our own research, but Mike Stone from Ohio, in the states, is a shining example of a lay person doing his own research and uncovering in incredible detail the many false ideas in the pseudo-science that is virology. In this Episode of “living outside the Matrix”, Mike joins me once again to share with us some of the information he has uncovered that gives the lie to the pandemic, and the need to be fearful of catching any disease.

    According the Wikipedia, that repository of the official version of everything, “Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that claim to be both scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method. Wikipedia From the ‘official’ understanding of the word virology is pseudoscience.

    Many people do not know that since way back in 1918, during “the deadliest pandemic ever” when Spanish flu was allegedly sweeping across the world killing millions of people, rigorous experiments were performed to try and prove the hypothesis of contagion, and they have ALL failed. Another little known fact is that there is no scientific proof of the existence of any virus, in spite of the universal claim that a deadly corona virus was killing millions in the alleged pandemic of 2020.

    Mike’s main message is that anyone can understand virology if they apply themselves to the task, and thus uncover the fraud that this psuedoscience represents. So many salaries and positions of power and influence depend on maintaining the silence that few are prepared to speak out. But the bottom line is that only evidence facts and logical reasoning can determine the truth, and not the say-so of however many thousands of virologists protecting their profession. Virology, as Mike Stone reveals, is a pseudoscience that is out of touch with reality. Your challenge, if you are a serious truth seeker, is to arrive at this conclusion yourself. Do not outsource your thinking to others. Do not defer to authority in this crucial subject. The only way to know what is going on in the world, and fully understand the political ramifications, is to think this issue through for yourself. Mike Stone is a shining example of this and he leads the way.

    From my perspective, the most important takeaway point is that you do not need to fear viruses, or contagion. There is nothing to fear from other people, only from your own lifestyle choices. What you eat, and how careful you are to avoid poisoning yourself are the most important factors in safeguarding your own health.

    Please share this information and have the conversation with friends and associates. Its the only way to get our present culture to move beyond the limiting and false belief in the germ hypothesis and the existence of dangerous pathogens.


    Mike’s website can be found here at viroLIEgy.com The site has a comprehensive set of categories that enable you to explore every aspect of this modern pseudoscience.

    Dr Tom Cowan is another inspirational questioner of the assumptions of virology. His website can be found here, at drtomcown.com

    A farewell to virology by Dr Marc Bailey can be found here at a href="https://drsambailey.

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    Ep 174 Pushing back against the Bio-Security State – with Dr Tess Lawrie

    Ep 174 Pushing back against the Bio-Security State – with Dr Tess Lawrie

    There is an alternative to the medical tyranny being imposed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and it starts with each one of us individually. According to Dr Tess Lawrie, of the World Council for Health, we have an opportunity to start again from the ground up, with individuals taking responsibility for their health and their freedom in the Great Free-set.

    In this Episode of “Living outside the Matrix” Tess Lawrie, founder of the World Council for Health, acknowledges that the ‘pandemic’ was a man-made crisis brought into being to further a political agenda. It was all about rolling out vaccines and implementing the bio-security state right from the start. From her position working as an advisor to the WHO, she was already disillusioned with the corruption she has seen from the inside. It was the refusal to endorse Ivermectin in the treatment of ‘COVID-19’ that convinced her that an evidence based approach was being deliberately rejected!

    The good news is that the World Council for Health represents an alternative approach to health, and, although it seems that we are powerless in the face of WHO dictates, there is fact much we can do.

    Who is Dr Tess Lawrie?

    Dr Tess Lawrie (MBBCh, phD) is the Director of the Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd, EbMCsquared CIC, a non-profit community interest company. Tess worked as an external consultant to the WHO from 2012 to 2021. Her clinical and research expertise and experience, derived from both developing and developed countries, uniquely positions her to envision a Better Way for global health. Tess is a co-founder of the World Council for Health www.worldcouncilforhealth.org, founder of BIRD International www.birdgroup.org and convenor of the Better Way Conference.

    Resources and Links

    This short film shows the start of her journey aired on 4th March 2022 https://www.oraclefilms.com/alettertoandrewhill

    The poem ‘Mistakes Were Not Made’ written by Margaret Ann Alice read by Tess went viral when aired on 16th March 2023 https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem-57a

    Dr Lawrie’s peer reviewed scientific publications :- https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=lawrie-ta

    * Telegram :- https://t.me/DrTessLawrie

    * Twitter :- https://twitter.com/lawrie_dr

    * Substack :- https://drtesslawrie.substack.com

    More From World Council for Health

    Over 500 Videos from live streamed Monday meetings – https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/

    * Over 100 Statements – https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/category/news/statements/

    * Over 100 live meetings streamed to the public featuring 200+ health experts and other guests https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/video-series/general-assembly-meetings/full-meetings/

    * Over 210+ coalition partners in 52+ countries – https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/about/#coalition-partners

    Viral Graphics – https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/get-involved/


    * Exit the WHO

    * Be a warrior, not a worrier

    * Don’t worry, there are solutions!

    * 10 Ethical Principles of the Nuremberg Code

    * The Better Way Charter

    * When things go out of control don’t go with them

    * Strengthen your immune system

    * Spike Protein Detox Guide https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/spike-protein-detox-guide/

    * Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report – https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/covid-19-vaccine-pharmacovigilance-report/

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    Ep 173 The Paleo-Ketogenic diet with Dr Sarah Myhill

    Ep 173 The Paleo-Ketogenic diet with Dr Sarah Myhill

    What we choose to put in our mouths is the most powerful driver of our health outcomes. For those interested in maintaining functionality of mind and body and slowing the ageing process, eating the correct diet must become a primary concern. The problem is that the waters of this debate are muddied by the often heard mantra that there is no one perfect diet for everyone because we are all different. Choosing your diet can be an immensely complicated thing without the guidance of principles. It is far too difficult to decide in the moment whether or not this (or that) is good (or harmful) for you. But when you identify just a few principles to follow, the whole thing becomes achievable.

    This is the benefit of the Paleo-Ketogenic approach, because it conveniently integrates several basic principles of eating into one strategy. By focusing on the foods our ancestors ate, you can eliminate most harmful foods in one hit. Processed foods containing seed oils, preservatives, flavour enhancers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, glyphosate and a host of other toxic substances, are perhaps the most health destroying foods, and the paleo approach avoids them all. It rejects processed food, along with dairy, and focuses on whole foods. Nutritional ketosis is something I have previously written about, and  have been advocating for several years. The benefits are too numerous to repeat here, but check out this post if you are interested.

    In this Podcast Episode, Dr Sarah Myhill speaks about her approach to health and healing with specific reference to the paleo-ketogenic diet. Combining the advantages of both the paleo and ketogenic components and the principles they subsume, Dr Myhill explains how the diet sits within her naturopathic approach to health as a whole. Sarah is a mine of information on health and this interview is packed with helpful tips and clear explanations.

    Dr Myhill has a website that is packed with an incredible amount of useful information. She can be found at www.drmyhill.co.uk

    She has also written  several books including,

    * “Ecological Medicine — The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Foods”

    * “The under active Thyroid”

    * “Paleo-ketogenic — the why and the how”.

    These can be found on her website along with many of her own health products and supplements including the ‘sun salt’ mentioned in the interview.

    There are few details I would add for the serious health enthusiast, and these I have covered elsewhere on the site. I strongly recommend keeping your exposure to electromagnetic fields to a minimum, by avoiding Wi-Fi and SMART phone radiation as much as possible. You can check this out here. Another strategy I recommend is to incorporate electrical grounding into your lifestyle. You can read about it and listen to the podcast here.

    Lastly, for those who want to avoid all the natural plant toxins that are part of their natural defense against being eaten, I recommend learning about Oxalates and Lectins. Check out this recent podcast conversation with Sally Norton on the dangers of Oxalates lurking in what are considered super foods!

    Lastly, I am making my podcast bi-monthly. So the next Episode will be published in December, and every other month from then on. This is a necessary temporary change that I am making to make the ad...

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    Ep 172 Intellectual self-defense for truth seekers

    Ep 172 Intellectual self-defense for truth seekers

    Intellectual self-defense is just as important as physical self-defense. We need to be able to protect ourselves from false arguments, so that we are not fooled into acting against our own self-interest. These days it is sad to say that propaganda and false ideas dominate the news narrative, and unless we are equipped to identify the false arguments that underlie these false ideas we avail ourselves to being mind-controlled. Because to control a mind is simply the power to sow ideas, ideas that influence and motivate towards particular behaviours.

    A logical fallacy is a failure in reasoning that renders an argument invalid. In this episode of “Living outside the Matrix”, I present 13 of the most basic logical fallacies. These are taken from Leonard Peikoff’s course ‘Introduction to Logic’  [available on Youtube – link below]. They are very common both in the thinking of individuals, and in the media presentation of ideas. The Latin names are a legacy from Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher who identified most of them over 2000 years ago.

    1 Argumentum Ad Veracundiam — appeal to reverence

    There are two form of this fallacy, the first is the the quantitative form that is often referred to as the appeal to the majority. This is when two or more other people hold an idea to be true, therefore it is considered to be true. It is the fallacy of the intellectually dependent. The reason it’s a fallacy is because of the primacy of existence; things are what they are, A is A independent of anyone’s thoughts, beliefs, or say so. There is no actual reasoning involved when this fallacy is committed, it is an avoidance of reasoning, and an attempt to ride on the thinking of others. The implicit thought is that one or two people could be wrong, but not everyone! However, most people today do not do their own thinking. so following the crowd is a dangerous option. Widespread adoption of an idea means nothing, not logically, and not even on a probability basis.

    The second form of this fallacy is the qualitative form, which is often referred to as the appeal to authority. This is where an assumption is made on the part of the individual that a particular person, institution, or source of information sounds convincing, therefore I will believe what they say. Propagandists play on this by presenting experts and claiming to be following the science. The point to note is that we must defer to authority with great care. Nothing is true just because someone says it is, no matter how clever they may appear to be. In discerning truth you must look for the reasons that validate an idea, listen to the expert and follow the argument. Ask yourself, what evidence is available to back up the claim? Does it make sense? What is the track record of this source? is it reliable and trustworthy? Beware of prestige jargon that can be used to impress you. Focus on the logic, not the presenter, or the delivery.

    2 Argumentum Ad Baculum — the appeal to force

    This is the threat of force or harm in the ‘argument’. Of course, there is no argument in fact, only a threat. This fallacy amounts to ‘might makes right’, or ‘accept this, or suffer the consequences’. But reason and force are opposites, so force can have no place in a process of reasoning!

    The supernatural version of this fallacy is ‘if you don’t believe in God you will go to hell’. In modern schooling we also see an example — ‘accept and learn this, otherwise you will fail your exams’.

    3. Argumentum Ad Hominem — appeal to the man

    This fallacy also comes in two forms, one referred to as abusive, the other circumstantial. In the first case, an idea is being attacked by association with the man of dubious character. In the second case it is because the man (or deliverer of the message) has other contradictory beliefs.

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    Ep 171 What is ‘The Great Reset’ and how can we oppose and defeat it? — with Shannon Rowan

    Ep 171 What is ‘The Great Reset’ and how can we oppose and defeat it? — with Shannon Rowan

    The Great Reset is a proposal put forward by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to fundamentally re-structure the global economy in the light of the recent plandemic/scamdemic COVID nonsense. In reality, if you understand what it means to have a system imposed on you that insists you will have nothing, then you will be able to see that the truth is that the Great Reset is a great PUSH towards collectivism and the global state! It is indicative of the level of confidence enjoyed by the global cabal, that they are being so outrageously open about their plans.

    On their website, they proudly inform us that we will be happy with nothing, and that Capitalism must be re-structured/reformed — which means freedom must be abolished. Tragically, few people still understand that Capitalism is the system of freedom. So well has the propaganda been spun, so relentlessly have we been told that capitalism is the problem, that most people believe this nonsense. And capitalism will be destroyed without people ever knowing it for what it was.

    A large group of banksters, financiers and business people at the top of the heap of corruption, propose to know what is best for humanity, and presume to inflict their plans on us, regardless of our thoughts or interests. It is a plan of exploitation, to lock humanity into servitude, and it is being sold as being ‘for the greater good’.

    Once again, the worn out ‘altruist card’ is played on the people. And because altruism is evil, and yet this is not recognised as such by sufficient numbers of people, this line still has credibility with the vast majority. If you wish to catch up on why altruism is evil (meaning anti-life), read this post.

    The Great Reset is being brought about by 3  means:

    1. Banking and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

    2. Pandemics. We have seen COVID, but there will be more. They are not drawing up a pandemic treaty just in case. It will be used to tighten the grip of control during the next fabricated, bogus health threat. Most likely involving a ‘virus’ contracted through eating meat. Remember they don’t want us eating meat, and getting too healthy!

    3. Climate lock downs. Yes this is the next excuse to keep you and I locked up. The climate scam will be employed since once again, it has been so widely swallowed by an uncritical public.


    In this episode of “Living outside the Matrix”, Researcher and author Shannon Rowan joins me to offer her insights and wisdom on what is coming. and shares her strategy of what to do about it.

    Shannon Rowan is what she refers to as a “WiFi refugee,” as well as being a social critic, a free-thinker, photographer, author and researcher. She has a professional background in photojournalism and editorial writing, and is the author of “Wifi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary”. This book explores the rise of “electromagnetic-sensitivity” among the general population — including her own struggle with EMFs — and the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. She also authored “Shots Fired; Vaccine Weapons, Medical Tyranny and the War against humanity”, and co-authored Welcome to the Masquerade; Prelude to the Coming Reset, with geopolitical author John Hamer.

    Shannon lives off-grid with her partner in the Northern California wilderness. You can check out all of her work and order a copy of her books at her website, wifi-refugee.com

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    15 Common Myths About Thinking

    15 Common Myths About Thinking

    Life within the Matrix is full of myths that are simply misinformation and un-truth masquerading as legitimate different perspectives. It is the challenge of modern living to sift the truth from the un-truth. Thinking is the way out of the Matrix since it is the only way to decypher the many modern myths and discern what is real from what is not. It should come as no surprise to find that the concept of thinking itself has been heavily polluted with untruth.

    There are so many common myths about thinking that it has become difficult to discuss the practice from a common understanding. We have already discussed why thinking is so important, and also 10 tips for clearer thinking. Here, in building up to a useful definition of thinking, let us first take a look at what it isn’t by exploring some of these myths.

    1. That what we personally do is necessarily thinking

    The first common myth about thinking is that everyone assumes that their own mental habits and practices are what constitute thinking. In the absence of education about thinking in schools, and with much of the present (bankrupt) culture actively discouraging it, this is not surprising. The truth is that many people get stuck in mental circles listening to relentless self-denigrating mind chatter, or endlessly worrying. These may be mental activities, but they are not thinking.

    Additionally, some mental activity considered as thoughts are actually emotions. There is often confusion between these two, with little attempt made to distinguish them. In my post ‘Emotions – what are they and what do they mean‘ I explore emotions in more detail. The point here Is that it is crucial to know what we think and to know what we feel, and to know the difference.

    2. That thinking means ‘any mental activity’

    Myth number two follows straight on from the first. Never asking what thinking is, leaves us ignorant of the answer. There is a vast array of mental activities but they are not all thinking. Worrying, remembering, visualising, and brooding are not thinking in its strict sense. [See definition below]

    3. That thinking is automatic

    Mental activity of various kinds can become automatised. In the normal process of learning thought is required to consider and modify actions, but these actions and thought processes become automated in the subconscious to free up the conscious mind for new thought. By definition automatic mental activity is not conscious. Thinking, however, is a volitional activity that requires effort and must be initiated by each individual. Mental activities that keep you awake at night such as aimless mind chatter and worry are not thinking. Thinking is a consciously initiated deliberate activity with its purpose being the acquisition of knowledge.

    4. That we are what we think

    It is more accurate to say that we are what we do. No one remembers what Winston Churchill thought, but we remember what he did, and therefore associate him with his choice of actions. Thought precedes action but does not necessarily lead to it. We are not necessarily our thoughts, but we are necessarily our actions. Thoughts, like words, are cheap. Our actions are what define us because they exist on the record – they are what actually happened. It is only if we act in accordance with our thoughts, and to the extent that we practice integrity, that our thoughts correlate with who we are – or who we choose to be.

    Thinking is a process, its something we do. It’s not what we are but it affects who we become. Thinking is a function of consciousness. Consciousness is the primary, and thinking is the activity of consciousness.

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16 Ratings

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