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Nigel Howitt; philosopher, writer, musician and lifestyle design pioneer, discusses a wide range of issues that are either ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. This podcast follows the evidence, not public opinion, and aims at discovering truthful information to guide your lifestyle choices. Nigel deconstructs the modern myths of our time by questioning the many bundled up assumptions in each issue he explores.

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Nigel Howitt; philosopher, writer, musician and lifestyle design pioneer, discusses a wide range of issues that are either ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. This podcast follows the evidence, not public opinion, and aims at discovering truthful information to guide your lifestyle choices. Nigel deconstructs the modern myths of our time by questioning the many bundled up assumptions in each issue he explores.

    Ep 129 Health, truth and taking responsibility – with researcher and writer Adrian

    Ep 129 Health, truth and taking responsibility – with researcher and writer Adrian

    For many years now there have been a growing number of Doctors questioning the mainstream medical paradigm and the allopathic model of health care. This mainstream paradigm views the world as dangerous and full of pathogens that ‘threaten’ human health. It is a kind of military model where the body is considered to be continually under threat of invasion from the outside. The allopathic health care model simply treats symptoms with drugs never really asking the fundamental question “why is this person sick in this way?”

    There are a growing number of labels for alternative health practices, such as alternative medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine, integrative medicine, etc. All of these share the characteristic of following an alternative set of principles and seeing health in a different way. The fundamental cornerstone of the mainstream medical paradigm with its military view is the concept of contagion. This concept also known as germ theory, is sadly also shared by many of the alternative practices.

    My guest on this weeks podcast is a man called Adrian who has spent the past several years studying health and wellness and who follows his own set of alternative principles for health, and what I love about him is that he doesn’t accept the idea of contagion. He asks fundamental questions and has exploded many of the myths of modern medicine. Adrian has published a book called ‘Alternative Principles for Health‘ and it has an interesting twist. When you get a copy it doesn’t ever go out-of-date because Adrian keeps updating it as he learns more.

    In this weeks Podcast Adrian tells me about his journey of discovery into health and along the way we discuss a whole range of topics. The myth of contagion is just one of the controversial topics we touch on. And here at lawfulrebel.com we are no stranger to controversy for one simple reason. To discern the truth you have to listen to all the arguments for competing stories/explanations and evaluate their logical strength and consistency with the rest of your carefully

    Check out Adrian’s website fortheloveoftruth.co.uk  where you can find his podcasts and a whole lot of information on health. Also you can check out his book at alternativeprinciplesforhealth.info.

    Adrian can also be followed on these social media platforms.

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyIhHTLqM1noQbdFuX45EaA

    lbry: https://lbry.tv/@adrianr:8

    Odysee: https://odysee.com/@adrianr:8

    Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/BN35jpJIyixx/

    Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/adrianr

    I hope you enjoy the podcast and please feel free to join the conversation and leave a comment.

    Nigel Howitt, Treehouse Farm,

    March 3rd 2021

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    Ep 128 Why Don’t Pop Stars Speak out? with DJ Mark Devlin

    Ep 128 Why Don’t Pop Stars Speak out? with DJ Mark Devlin

    We are living through the greatest hoax in human history. The alleged pandemic narrative can easily be dismantled by anyone capable of rational thinking. But the mainstream media are not concerned with facts and proof, but with waging a propaganda war to support a long planned agenda of collectivism and global governance modeled on China.

    There has never been a greater need for dissenters to speak out! We are losing what freedoms we still have at a gathering pace. all around the world economies are being sacrificed by government decree. The handbrake has been applied to Western culture, with young musicians and performers effectively advised to retrain. But where are the voices of reason from within our youth culture? Where are the thinkers, the rebels, the politically aware?

    It seems very strange to me that so many people who could command a large audience remain silent? What ever happened to all the rock ‘n’ roll rebels? It seems that all the big rock stars who used to fill stadiums have gone silent and have nothing to say.

    OK the dissenting population is a small minority – percentage wise. But given the huge number of rock and pop culture celebrities from across the years, you would expect to see some high profile representation of that dissent. Why are all the rock stars so deafeningly silent?

    This was the question I wanted answered when I spoke to ex DJ and researcher/truther Mark Devlin. He has written a couple of books on the corruption and control of the music industry, and is openly critical of the alleged pandemic. I had a great conversation with him and I am sure you will enjoy it too.

    You can find out more from Mark at his website djmarkdevlin.com and his Good Vibrations podcast.

    You can pick up a copy of his books “Musical Truth” and “Musical Truth Volume 2” from Amazon. Or if you fancy a signed copy drop him an email at markdevlinuk@gmail.com.

    Nigel Howitt

    Treehouse Farm, February 17, 2021


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    Ep 127 Andreas Kalcker discusses Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

    Ep 127 Andreas Kalcker discusses Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

    Chlorine Dioxide is a very interesting substance. It is championed by some as having amazing healing properties due a considerable accumulation of anecdotal evidence. And at the same time it is fiercely rubbished by the establishment and even censored by the mainstream (social) media! Why?

    Many people have reported that Chlorine Dioxide works, in that it brings about healing. I have used it to eradicate tooth infections in my jaw. I have also seen it work with skin conditions such as Psoriasis. But the medical establishment warms me that it is harmful and stops me from discussing the issue lest I harm other people! What is going on?

    In this crazily up-side-down world of 2021 things that heal are demonized and yet many other known poisons and significant human health threats are quietly given the “thumbs up” and allowed to carry on poisoning us. On the face of it this seems absurd. It is only when we remind ourselves that there is a political agenda that is driving the whole show AND the supporting narrative in the mainstream media. Only when we have grasped this does all the information fit together and the world begins to makes sense.

    For example; Glyphosate is a nasty substance. It kills single celled organisms. It’s an antibiotic. It destroys the integrity of the human gut and arguably stays in the food chain causing problems for all sorts of creatures for decades before it breaks down. Mainstream farming uses this substance to the tune of billions of tons a year, but the establishment says nothing in spite of mountains of evidence of its harm!

    Fluoride is another substance similarly enjoying quiet acceptance from the mainstream while posing serious health threats. The whole topic of electromagnetic fields raises serious health questions and again there is convincing evidence of the harm it causes, yet the World Health Organisation (WHO), along with your government and the BIG pharma corporations are not interested in the health consequences. How strange then that they should be so concerned about us all catching the flu from an alleged coronavirus? Its the same with Mercury Amalgam fillings used in dentistry. When these are in your mouth you are assured that it is safe. As soon as the mercury amalgam rests on the dentist workbench it requires special health and safety measures to enable its safe disposal. Think about these contradictions!

    The list goes on and on. The quality of tap water, poor diet, food additives, the dangers of sugar. I could lists dozens of real health issues that are ignored by the medical cartel/establishment. But they want you to believe them when they say that COVID-19 is a deadly virus you should take seriously and get vaccinated against – AND that Chlorine Dioxide Solution is harmful. You may rightly conclude that beyond all reasonable doubt these political organisations are lying to you. The more (contextual) knowledge you acquire the greater the degree of certainty you will achieve in this conviction.

    Chlorine Dioxide Solution

    In this weeks Episode of Living outside the Matrix Andreas Kalcker picks up the story of Chlorine Dioxide, and explains the difference between CDS and what some people might know as Chlorine dioxide mixed with an acid activator – either citric acid or hydrochloric acid. Andreas has a wealth of knowledge gained through many years of biophysical research.


    Andreas explains that any side effects at all, even the slight smell of the chlorine, can be eradicated by dissolving the Chlorine Dioxide into distilled water – hence Chlorine Dioxide solution. There is no upset stomach or diarrhea. In fact there are zero side effects – only healing. This is a substance that you need to know about. According to Dr Stephanie Sennef Chlorine Dioxide may even break down that nast...

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    Ep 126 Dr David Kelley discusses the MOST IMPORTANT LIFE SKILL you will ever need

    Ep 126 Dr David Kelley discusses the MOST IMPORTANT LIFE SKILL you will ever need

    Modern education has abandoned us – by design. Many young people are now functionally illiterate and they have no clue how to spot an argument or construct one. The basic rules of organizing one’s mind and of reasoning with logic is beyond the capability of most grown up people today. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM! The discussion in this weeks podcast will fill you in on a few of the basics, but most importantly point you to an invaluable resource for your own self education.

    Dr David Kelley has written a fantastic book that I consider to be one of the best if not THE best book on how to think. “The Art of Reasoning – An Introduction to Logic” is co-written with Debby Hutchins in its fifth edition. In the style of a textbook, this book takes you through all the basics of reasoning. It is laid out well in three sections and offers all sorts of exercises and practical applications of the things you will learn.

    In the Interview David and I discuss many of the aspects of reasoning that are most important to the truth seeker today. Check it out on the podcast or you can watch the YouTube video below. Please remember to subscribe to my Bitchute Channel as well as my YouTube channel will not be tolerated for much longer.

    The book is on Amazon here. Below are affiliate links. Also you can pick up a copy of David’s pamphlet “7 Habits of highly objective people” too. I am not generally in the business of pushing and selling books and products, but these are very recommended because of the MASSIVE boost to your thinking skills that these books will provide.

    The Art of Reasoning For the UK only

    7 Habits of highly Objective People for the UK only

    Sorry US buyers. I have been having trouble with my US account because it doesn’t get used enough 🙁


    I hope you find this podcast valuable. Please feel free to join the conversation and comment below. If you are interested in how these thinking skills translate into everyday examples of the principles discussed, check out my ongoing series “A Truth Seekers Guide” below.

    Nigel Howitt

    Treehouse Farm, January 20th 2021

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    EP 125 Common Law Solutions in a deceptive legal system with David Adelman

    EP 125 Common Law Solutions in a deceptive legal system with David Adelman

    In the current context of “Operation Coronavirus” there has been a growing interest in the potential of the common law as a means to assert rights and force a court action to hold the British government to account. There have been attempts made by Michael O Bernicia and Simon Dolan. Unsurprisingly, both of these are currently stuck in the quagmire of the UK legal system.

    However it is never too late to learn about the ways and means to act with increased confidence in all your interactions with the state. It is considered a key part of knowing ones rights to be able to distinguish them from Benefit privileges that are handed out by governments and therefore have strings attached. All of this and much more is discussed in this weeks podcast interview with David Adelman.

    Understanding the Common Law

    I would warn against anyone considering any of this stuff a silver bullet, but it is all adds up to a very worth while education. It is crucial to know where you stand with regards to the relationship you find yourself in with your government. It is also essential to understand the nature of commerce, understand the implication of your NAME, and also to be aware of trusts and the advantages of doing things in the private rather than the public.

    The common law is essential knowledge in the current context, but it cannot work against brute force of governments. It can only work in a context of reason. If a burglar breaks into your house using force to steel your stuff will you be able to reason with him? If a foreign invading army is conquering a land can it be reasoned with? Obviously not in either case. this is further proof why mysticism must be rejected. It is the opposite of reason, the belief that reasons are unnecessary.  The best way to support reason is to learn about “Objectivism”, the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

    Find out more

    To check out Debt-less follow this link.

    To see the film “Nature of the cage” follow this link.

    To follow Davids Youtube Channel follow this link.

    Also, here are some useful Links if you are interested to know more about the thinking of Ayn Rand. This is fundamental stuff for the freedom loving truth seeker.

    Who Needs Philosophy? You do!

    The Philosophy of Objectivism – with Dr David Kelley

    The most useful Tool for life on earth

    Objectivism and the State – an open letter to Ayn Rand




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    EP 124 What really Makes you ill – with Dawn Lester and David Parker

    EP 124 What really Makes you ill – with Dawn Lester and David Parker

    There are a great many threats to your health these days but are viruses one of them? There is an almost complacent popular belief that lifespans just keep increasing but is this true? While the list of modern chronic diseases grows and the numbers suffering from them grow exponentially few people are asking the root cause question… What really makes you ill?

    Your GP or medical doctor is clearly not interested in the cause of illness. His medical training has only shown him how to treat symptoms. This is not a rational approach that tells us anything about how to pursue optimal health by avoiding that which compromises it.  Thankfully more and more people are becoming aware of this fundamental flaw in modern medicine and the implicit assumptions it contains.

    In this weeks podcast Dawn Lester and David Parker address the root cause questions of why people get sick. They dare to ask the question that medical Doctors and General Practitioners avoid – what really makes you ill?

    What really Make you ill?

    In there fabulous and comprehensive book Dawn and David distinguish between illness and disease. They also propose that there are essentially 4 categories for the cause of illness. It is a lengthy piece of work running to well over 700 pages, and it took them 10 years to research and write.

    Never before has it been more important to know WHAT REALLY MAKES US ILL. These days viruses are touted as the cause of COVID-19 even though there is plenty of evidence that contradicts the theory of contagion and zero evidence linking a specific virus with any symptoms. We live in a context where health is a political issue used to control populations and yet where increasing levels of EMFs, environmental toxins and poor quality food and water are all ignored as health problems. This is a must know topic and a very interesting subject.

    You can pick up a copy of the book at all major book stores and of course on Amazon.

    Visit their website for more information at whatreallymakesyouill.com

    Check out my 12 strategies for optimal health more a comprehensive look at how to be healthy.

    Nigel Howitt, Treehouse Farm

    December 28th, 2020

    • 1 hr 23 min

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