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A show that highlights people with ideas, to help solve the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss the business of making the world a better place with guests from far and wide.

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A show that highlights people with ideas, to help solve the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss the business of making the world a better place with guests from far and wide.

    A new start in the UK with Shadia

    A new start in the UK with Shadia

    This one is something special. Shadia M joins Jon and Ollie to share what her new start in the UK has been like and her plans for the future.
    We learn about her background, the journey her family took to get to the UK and how much the Breadwinners team have come to mean to her. Shadia shares her love of learning across a surprising mix of subjects and her current career trajectory.
    We hear first-hand what being a Mentee in the Breadwinners programme means, how important Shadia's relationship with her Mentor has been and what she's learned in 2.5 years in the programme.
    Shadia is eloquent, passionate and most of all inspiring.
    This episode is a great reminder of the energy newcomers to any place bring with them, and the opportunities for the local community to be enriched by their presence.
    Image credit: Shadia M

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    Martin Cosarinsky Campos and a warm welcome for refugees

    Martin Cosarinsky Campos and a warm welcome for refugees

    Guest: Martin Cosarinsky, Director of Breadwinners and Board Member at Praxis
    Martin Cosarinsky Campos joins Jon and Ollie to share his story and how he came to be Director of Breadwinners, an inspiring Social Enterprise that provides young refugees both work experience and training on arrival into the UK. Refugees and their journeys from home country to new home is a topic close to many of our hearts, and this is a great opportunity to hear in detail from someone who has deep insight into what that journey is like. Breadwinners is an amazing organisation and this episode will certainly leave you inspired and enlightened.
    Show Notes:Introduction to Martin Cosarinsky:
    Martin is introduced as the Director of Breadwinners, a social enterprise providing work experience and training to young refugees in the UK.He is also a board member at Praxis and has deep insight into the journey of refugees.
    Mission of Breadwinners:
    Breadwinners supports refugees by offering them employment opportunities and training upon arrival in the UK.The organization aims to empower refugees and help them integrate into society.
    Impact of Breadwinners:
    90% of Breadwinners graduates have progressed into further paid work.The organization provides tools such as CV writing, networking, and interview skills to make refugees job-ready.
    Key Moments in the Conversation:
    06:00 - Martin shares his personal journey and how he became involved with Breadwinners.13:30 - Insights into the challenges refugees face during their journey.23:30 - Overview of Breadwinners' programs and their impact on refugees.36:00 - Discussion on mentoring and its benefits for refugees.48:00 - Martin's vision for changing the world.
    Additional Information:
    Martin was highly commended as an "Impact Management Champion" at the 2023 NatWest SE100 Social Business Awards.Breadwinners' website: www.breadwinners.org.uk
    This podcast episode delves into Martin Cosarinsky's impactful work with Breadwinners, showcasing how the organization empowers refugees through employment opportunities and support services. Join hosts Ollie and Jon as they explore Martin's journey, the challenges faced by refugees, and the transformative power of community and mentorship. #WeAreBreadwinners #RefugeeEmpowerment #ImpactfulLeadership

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    The Art of Giving with Graham Cullis

    The Art of Giving with Graham Cullis

    Hosts: Ollie and Jon
    Guest: Graham Cullis, Founder of the #karmacardproject
    Join hosts Ollie and Jon as they sit down with Graham Cullis, the passionate founder of the #karmacardproject, a movement dedicated to raising awareness for mental health through art and collaboration. Graham shares his inspiring journey of leaving his 9-5 job to pursue his passion for helping people with their mental health. Through interviews and collaborations with artists and charities, Graham spreads positivity and creativity while offering holistic methods for managing mental health. Tune in to hear about his globe-trotting adventures, his unique projects, and his mission to touch as many lives as possible through art.
    Show Notes:Introduction to Graham Cullis:Graham introduces himself as the founder of the #karmacardproject.He discusses his background and his decision to leave his 9-5 job to pursue his passion for helping people with mental health.Mission of the Karma Card Project:Graham explains that the project aims to raise awareness for mental health through interviews and collaborations with artists and charities.He highlights the importance of spreading positivity and creativity as tools for healing.Globe-Trotting Adventures:Graham shares stories of his travels around the world, painting and collaborating with amazing people.He mentions projects he's initiated, such as art therapy, support groups, and cold water therapy through sea swimming.Giving Away Artwork for Free:Graham discusses his decision to give away his artwork for free, aiming to connect with more people and spread his messages of positivity and creativity.He hopes that by sharing his art, he can make a positive impact on people's lives and possibly lead to future collaborations or purchases.Graham expresses his desire to make a great first impression through his art and encourages listeners to try his artwork for free.He invites them to connect with him and join the movement to raise awareness for mental health through art and collaboration.
    Links and Resources Mentioned:Graham Cullis Artist WebsitePatreon -Graham CullisGraham's Vlog: Experience Bali ArtThe Karma Card ProjectGraham Cullis Karma Club Podcast - Listen to the latest episode Documentary: There once was an island
    This podcast episode offers a glimpse into Graham's inspiring journey and his mission to make a positive impact on the world through art and advocacy for mental health awareness. Join us as we explore the power of creativity and collaboration in making a difference.

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    Fundraising for Kyiv with Sanath de Mel

    Fundraising for Kyiv with Sanath de Mel

    Follow Sanath on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/just_giving_sanath/
    Donate via Just Giving: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sanath-demel
    In this captivating episode of the Problem Busters Podcast, hosts Jon and Ollie dive deep into the extraordinary journey of their guest, Sanath de Mel, a digital nomad who transformed his life to become a humanitarian hero in Ukraine.
    Sanath shares his early career as an engineer and his deep interest in cryptocurrency, exploring the potential of digital currencies and blockchain technology. This fascination with crypto laid the foundation for his future endeavors and set him on a unique path of exploration and problem-solving.
    Living life as a digital nomad, Sanath cherished the freedom of remote work, allowing him to roam the globe while making a living. However, it was his unwavering desire to make a positive impact that eventually led him on an awe-inspiring mission.
    The episode unravels Sanath's decision to purchase and modify a Mitsubishi L200 to deliver essential supplies in Kyiv, Ukraine. Through ingenious modifications, Sanath transformed his vehicle into a versatile resource capable of traversing challenging terrains and reaching those in need.
    As Jon, Ollie, and Sanath recount his journey across Europe, listeners are taken on a virtual adventure, experiencing the trials and triumphs encountered during the testing phase. From navigating rugged Italian landscapes to braving the bustling streets of Kyiv, Sanath's modified Mitsubishi L200 proves to be an invaluable asset, highlighting the significance of innovation and adaptation during times of crisis.
    The conversation then delves into Sanath's life in Ukraine before the country was engulfed in conflict. He offers insights into the local culture, the warm hospitality of the Ukrainian people, and his decision to remain when others chose to leave. Sanath's determination to assist those affected by the conflict becomes apparent as he shares his experiences fundraising and organizing initiatives to purchase and deliver essential supplies to the Ukrainian frontline.
    Through Sanath's accounts, witness his resilience, determination, and selflessness in the face of adversity. His inspiring story serves as a reminder of the profound impact individuals can make, even in the direst circumstances.
    Join Jon, Ollie, and their extraordinary guest, Sanath de Mel, on this episode of the Problem Busters Podcast as they explore the transformative power of crypto, the exhilaration of the digital nomad lifestyle, and the incredible journey of a man who became a true humanitarian, lending a helping hand to those in need on the Ukrainian frontline.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Liz Batalla on Women Levelling Up

    Liz Batalla on Women Levelling Up

    Liz Batalla shares how she came to realise her dream of helping women level up both individuals, groups and the organisations lucky enough to have them. This is an inspiring episode from an experienced and finely-honed leadership coach.
    We learn how to set about writing a book, what you could expect to learn on Liz' Masterclasses, what issues commonly hold women back at work, and most importantly, how to support the women around you.
    About the show:
    Problem Busters is a show that explores solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss making the world a better place with guests from far and wide.
    About our guest:
    ​​Liz Batalla is the Founder and Executive Director of The Institute for Achievement and Excellence and the author of the book - Level up to move up. Liz helps women level themselves up and helps businesses educate and promote their female talent.
    Show mentions:
    A corporate and academic background2020: create the Institute for Achievement and Excellence to help women level up across 9 life areas so they can better navigate the business world and step into leadership roles. As well as assist organisations better educate and promote their female talent.Working in male-dominated environments, finding women had concerns around personal and professional progress.A common question: how to navigate this space, in order to grow professionally and personally?03:30 three things that worry women in the corporate environment. Lack of confidence, a feeling of overwhelm/imposter syndrome, a lack of flexibility in the organisation (e.g. flexible working hours).Women still tend to be the main carer at home. Having flexibility can really help.Female family members are the women I look up to (grandmothers, mum, god-mother, sisters).06:00 Anything I'd do differently if I had my time again? Starting the process of what I'm doing now, earlier i.e. I'd have set up the Institute for Achievement and Excellence earlier.Providing help as a manager or lecturer is different than running the Institute. I am able to touch many more lives due to making my knowledge and experience available via: online, self-paced masterclasses.09:00 What impact are the 3 challenges women are experiencing having on society? Monumental impace because it affects their contribution to their organisations, family and community. If they are unable to give of their best then the everyone they are in contact with never benefits fully from all she can offer.Article: McKenzie and Company (2020) - Women make up just 15% of executive-team membership, and more than a third of companies have no women at all on their executive teams.This due to not putting themselves forward as well as not being sponsored and supported into it. There are both intrinsic and extrinsic challenges.A man may put himself forward with 50-60% understanding of a role, a woman may require 90% upwards to feel confident to do the same.11:00 How can the Institute help? Assisting companies to better educate and promote their femal talent and also helping the woman herself to take responsibility and level up herself so she can rise to the occasion.12:00 The 3 forces in achieving excellence are: Identity of the individual (improving oneself), connections (relationships with self and others), status (managing one’s standard of living).3 life areas in each of the 3 forces in achieving excellence, there are 9 life areas in total.14:30 Women going through the process of a self-assessment. Easiest way to identify areas of strengths and areas for improvement.The three Cs: Courage, Confidence and Charisma.A lot of women coming into corporate environments are lacking the fundamental skills to navigate...

    • 51 min
    Clare Seek on Repair Cafes

    Clare Seek on Repair Cafes

    Repair Cafe Portsmouth founder Clare Seek opens the Problem Busters' eyes to the Right to Repair. We learn about the growing, global community of Repair Cafes and most importantly - how to start one in your town.
    About the show:
    Problem Busters is a show that explores solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss making the world a better place with guests from far and wide.
    About our guest:
    Clare Seek is all about building community for people and planet. Based in Portsmouth, a city in south west England, she is the founder of Repair Cafe Portsmouth, Green Drinks Portsmouth and other community-based projects besides. Clare lives in Portsmouth UK with her family.
    Show mentions:
    02:00 A bit about Clare and how a move into motherhood coincided with an interest in the environment and our impact on the planet.Repair is at the heart of walking more lightly on the planet.The sheer existence of my children had a lot to do with my becoming interested in treading lightly, and my community04:00 Why Repair Cafe? Started in the Netherlands by a woman who initiated what has become a global movement.What is a Repair cafe? A place that brings together people who fix things with people who have things to fix.05:30 The setting up of a Repair cafe. 200 people showing interest within 1 day!Portsmouth is an island city, one of the most densely populated areas of the UK outside of London.4 months later, we ran our first Repair Cafe.Starting with people who could repair and fix each other's stuff.07:30 What is next for Repair Cafe Portsmouth? We are a pop-up event, we hold it once or twice a month. We've had to stop advertising because we are at capacity.Opening up a space permanently, taking it to the next stepThe library of things concept - we will work it in with that.09:00 Campaign - The right to repair. A global campaign.Most of the carbon in electronics happens before the first use of the item.The right to repair campaign is focusing on manufacturers and policy makers to provide goods that are designed to last longer, can be fixed, have manuals and spare parts available.Right to repair as a justice issue - lobbying to create a fairer way to consume goods and services.11:00 Petition - The restart project. And changing where tax is applied.12:00 Shifting culture from wastage to consumers being able to repair.In France - they have a system that shows on products how repairable they are. Consumers are better informed.[13:00 Jon Coughs]The UK is the second biggest producer of e-waste per capita in the world. It's shocking.14:30 Why is the UK so high on the e-waste scales? We have an appetite for the latest gadgets, Norway is ahead of us, we are second.16:00 There is a pressure in our culture to have the latest thing and the best tech for that.17:00 What do kids learn in school about sustainability? Very little. However, thankfully coming generations are taking more of an interest in the environment anyway.There is very little in schools that leads kids down a repair career path, although elements of sustainability are sprinkled through other career paths.Concept - a href="https://therestartproject.org/petition-right-to-repair/"...

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