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The Wee Flea - David Robertson - discusses faith, culture and politics.

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The Wee Flea - David Robertson - discusses faith, culture and politics.

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4.8 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

Bill Wilberforce ,

Interesting analytical content

Insightful and practical consideration of contemporary issues from a Christian perspective.

thewisethingtodo ,

Foolishness to Those Who Are Perishing

The problem with views from atheists that take a moral position regarding the content of this show is that they have no foundation for their moral outrage. Opinions are expressed with no epistemological authority. The irony is that one has to borrow from the Christian worldview that accounts for uniformity in nature, induction, logical inference and objective morality to give a opinion in the first place. Given that the Creator God, the God of the bible, is the necessary precondition for intelligibility, when an individual would reject His laws, their thinking would naturally be inconsistent such as in the comment below. However, the bible makes it clear this would be the case, it shows us that the cross is foolishness to those perishing, 1 Corinthians 1:18. Foolishness does not mean stupid, it means lacking in judgment or reasonable thinking. I would love a dialogue with someone like this in the hope that they might see the irrationality of denying the God they know exists, Romans 1:18.

The show really is excellent. The content is balanced and delivered in a measured way. It is candid, though fair and highlights some of the absurdity of secular humanism. Those who would condone the killing of babies in the womb have become futile in their thinking, that's Romans 1:21. Murder is the taking of an innocent life and those that would condone such a thing must be warned that It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, Hebrews 10:31. it is my hope that this quality journalistic endeavour will thrive. We want mothers cared for, loved, and treated with dignity, honour and compassion along with their children, within and out of the womb, it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will achieve this. Happy Christmas.

wtbike ,

Outdated views from the wrong side of history

It would be easy to dismiss this podcast as two men whose time has passed, moaning about how things are not as they would like them to be, but unfortunately one of these men has an influence on public life in Scotland that he has absolutely no justifiable right to.
To put up a little background, this is from the Solas Centre for Public Christianity which appears to be little more than a mouthpiece for David Robertson the new moderator for the Free Church of Scotland. The Free Church is old school, fire and brimstone Christianity which has nearly died out completely in modern Scotland, and David Robertson is now the media savvy face of this backward institution.
Episode 9, which is the one I first listened to, starts off innocuously enough with David and his pal Ally discussing declining church numbers. This may seem a little trite from a church whose entire membership measures a paltry 13,000 (or 0.2% of the population), but David seems to ignore this stat and reckons his church’s growing numbers (no evidence given for this) is because people are moving away from the “liberal” churches and moving to the more “biblically faithful”.
For “biblically faithful” read “bigoted”, because David is proud of the fact that women are not allowed in positions of power in his church, because, you know Jesus liked to hang around with only guys.
My own interpretation (again based on no evidence, therefore just as valid is David’s) is that all the church members who have the slightest whisper of intelligence have realised that the whole shebang is a pile of nonsense and have left the church completely, whereas the fundamentalist throwbacks have decided to cast their lot in with the hard liners.
The podcast then takes a rather sinister turn – moving onto the hot topic of abortion. David tells a pretty creepy (and most likely completely fictional) tale of how a non-religious girl at a youth club breaks down and tells him all about her abortion and how she’d been lied to by the people who carried out the procedure. There are so many implausible parts to this tale it is difficult to take it seriously, but the very fact that David wants his brand of Christianity (and attendant views on abortion/gay rights/women’s rights etc). to be taught in schools as fact makes this uncomfortable listening. More chillingly Ally throws in a veiled threat about Christians who have had abortions need to be “keeping their eyes on Jesus” – how very compassionate.
The third part of the podcast dissolves into a fairly unpalatable passage about gay marriage – which David nicely conflates with child abuse (although he goes to great pains to say he doesn’t conflate the two, despite just doing exactly that). His argument being that although Jesus never mentioned anything about gay marriage being wrong, neither did he say that child abuse was wrong – this may have just been a poorly made argument, but the fact that he didn’t edit this out seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to introduce the two thoughts into the mind of the listener.
The theme of gay marriage crops up in some of the other podcasts, these guys are really hung up on it. You would think that if God was so upset about it he would have shown his displeasure in some way, but the big guy seems to have just let it pass without comment, instead letting his feelings be known through two middle aged bores from Dundee.
Technically the podcast sounds fine; perhaps the church coffers have sprung for some decent microphones – just a shame the words and views they record are so outdated. David, Ally – you’re on the wrong side of history, time to grow up and ditch the fairy tales.

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