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The Wee Flea - David Robertson - discusses faith, culture and politics.

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The Wee Flea - David Robertson - discusses faith, culture and politics.

    Quantum 292 - Once in a Lifetime - including Navalny, Mongolia and US justice....

    Quantum 292 - Once in a Lifetime - including Navalny, Mongolia and US justice....

    This week we look at the courage and Christianity of Navalny;  Mongolia; France outlaws vaccine criticism; Islamist intimidation in the House of Commons; Steve Wright no more; Fani WIllis, Mark Steyn and US justice; Virgin Island; John Lewis's Identity; Dr Phil on Trans; BBC promotes male 'breastfeeding'; Multiple Sclerosis Society bans elderly woman for saying men can't become women; Lyles and the Lion; The Lying Celebrity Vicar; Rave in the Nave; and the funeral of Glen Millburn with music from Talking Heads, The Hu, Del Amitri, Borodin, Planxty; Jean Baptiste Lully and Corey Voss

    • 44 min
    Quantum 291 - Super Bowl, Superstar

    Quantum 291 - Super Bowl, Superstar

    This week we examine the news/culture through the eyes of the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift - including John Cleese; French farmers; Sensationalist weather reporting; Rotterdam's coal imports; genocide in the Congo;  500 Christians murdered in Nigeria; The Rohingya; Country of the week - Indonesia; Biden's memory;   Boris Johnson, Tucker Carlson and Ukraine;  Rafah, hostages and billionaire Hamas leaders;  Parental Rights in Canada; Clare Rewcastle Brown and Malaysia; Messi upsets China; Comedian expels Jew from theatre; the Aromantic flag; trans male sures for return of genitals from fridge; British countryside is racist; Peta and carousel horses; Doctor who calls for Hammersmith to be 'Jew free' is not racist; trans Anglo Saxons; Crossroads church kicks bible into touch; Regis banqueting; and SEEK - the Iphone Bible; with music from Taylor Swift, Bryan Ferry, Pink Floyd; Mahler; Albinoni and Sons of Korah

    • 42 min
    Quantum 290 - Ecocide, Genocide, Transocide, Geordicide

    Quantum 290 - Ecocide, Genocide, Transocide, Geordicide

    This week we look at the positives about Scotland, King Charles's Cancer; EU caves into farmers; Biden and 'Mitterand'; Nicky Haley in Nevada; Michelle O'Neill; Corruption in the EU parliament; Ecocide;  the growth of BRICS; El Salvador's NAyib Bukele; James Marriot on egalitarian, elitist, education; Woke Comedy; 'Gas the Jews', BBC 'Holohoax' employee fired; Police ban singing Christian songs outside church; Newcastle ban lesbian Terf;  'Don't tell them Pike'; The misinformation of Prof Dame Juliet Gerrard; Environment Agency bans 'mother and father';  Electricity; The Church and fake asylum seekers; SEEK 22; with music from Big Country, the Wurzels, Led Zeppelin; Simon and Garfunkel; the Magpie Geordie; Lindisfarne;  OMD; and the Spooky Mens' Chorale. 

    • 41 min
    Quantum 289 - The Scottish Special

    Quantum 289 - The Scottish Special

    This week we look at the history, culture, and politics of Scotland.  There are lessons for all of us in seeing how Scotland has changed, been blessed and declined.   We look at Scottish influence on the world; from psalms to paganism; Braveheart; the history of Scotland;  John Knox; Education; Abortion; Sir James MacMillan; The Chief Apologises; Woke Scotland; Nicola Sturgeon; Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre; Pregnant Men; Conversion Therapy; Authoritarian Scotland; The New Highland Clearances; Eilish McColgan and Andy Murray; the decline of the Church; and hope for the future.With music from the Peat Bog Faeries, Slim Dusty, St Peters Free Church, the Battlefield Band; Sir James MacMillan; the Average White Band; Deacon Blue; RunRig; Nazareth; and Steph Macleod. 

    • 56 min
    Quantum 288 - The Promise or the End of America?

    Quantum 288 - The Promise or the End of America?

    This week we look at the most chilling political campaign in recent decades; Chinese censorship and Dr K in the UK; No human rights says Harari; Jo Pheonix wins Trans discrimination case; the ignorance of anti-Semitism; Bach's Coffee Cantata;  Port Talbot - a casualty of Net Zero; 'Drill Baby Drill"; Norman Jewison 'Fiddler on the Roof"; Russell Brand; IHOPKC, Mick Bickle, John Paul Jones and eating grass in St Andrews; SEEK 21 - the Book of Job; I know that my Redeemer Liveth...with music from the Beatles, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Bach and Handal

    • 39 min
    Quantum 287 - What really matters - including Denmark, Dawkins, Coffee and TB Joshua....

    Quantum 287 - What really matters - including Denmark, Dawkins, Coffee and TB Joshua....

    This week we look at volcanos in Iceland; climate change as the word of the year; the Panama Canal; Country of the Week - Denmark - immigration policy, religion, Babette's Feast, economy;  Taiwanese, Bangladeshi, Azerbaijani, Russian, American and North Korean elections;  John Cleese on liberalism;   Five Coffee facts;  Turks arrest Israeli footballer; Gary Linekar calls for ban on Israel in football; South Africa suspends cricket captain because he is Jewish; The World at War; Religion and Wars;  Richard Dawkins, Atheists and Augustine; 'Prophet' TB Joshua; SEEK 20 and Nothing Else Matters with music from Jefferson Airplane, the Danish National Anthem, Neil Young, U2 and BB King, Dire Straits, Dave Alvin, the Who and Metallica...

    • 45 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
95 Ratings

95 Ratings

GACT123 ,


I listen to this podcast every week. It gives an alternative, Christian, view on the weeks news. It includes music and clips. Very stimulating & thought provoking!

Ezra Buckley ,


Listen to this with my dad and brother every week. Really interesting and nice not to see everything from the media’s lens, nice to know that there are other believers out there and that I’m not the only one with these views on what will soon be ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ+ it’s really opened my eyes thank you

Brendanpfox1me ,

Most informative global news podcast

A Christian world view !! Most certainly an insightful, intelligent and illuminating podcast. Music’s no bad either. Just love the mix of stories from around the world. Astounding just how incredibly bad it is out here - and we’re all frogs simmering away at the moment. Despite this there is humour, hope and an uplifting message interwoven throughout. That Jesus is king and he’s coming back soon and we’ve got to be ready. Need to buy Seek sometime soon!
I used to live in Step Row just off thee Perth Road, so close to his old church - and I never knew or visited. Wasn’t a Christian then really - I am now. Thank you for the work put into this and the message. Thank you for keeping us well informed. God bless.

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