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The Chris Haddad Show, Join Mr Money Fingers and his guest as they talk about traversing life and the thriving while dealing with all the curveballs thrown your way

The Chris Haddad Show Chris Haddad

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The Chris Haddad Show, Join Mr Money Fingers and his guest as they talk about traversing life and the thriving while dealing with all the curveballs thrown your way

    Trolls are the gift that keeps on giving - Ben Settle

    Trolls are the gift that keeps on giving - Ben Settle

    You’re still not making enough money as a copywriter? 
    Let me guess… 
    It started as a lust for freedom. 
    You stumbled upon an ad. A YouTube video. Or maybe a book. And a whole world of opportunity opened up to you! 
    You heard of copywriters making a killing with direct mail… email… VSLs… ClickBank… landing pages… funnels… Facebook Ads… Google Docs… 
    And you wanted in! To all of it! 
    But instead of having the free lifestyle YOU want, you felt the endless options suffocate you.
    Every time you took a stand by narrowing your focus, a new “shiny object” sat you back down. 
    But forget about the past. Because this moment is where it all changes. 
    In this episode, Ben Settle demonstrates how you can unlock the freedom you want by playing YOUR game. 
    So if you want to start experiencing freedom instead of dreaming about it… listen now!

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    Call me the spam queen - Laura Betterly

    Call me the spam queen - Laura Betterly

    Marketing tactics change, but principles never die. 
    You might think tactics from the “Wild West” days of internet marketing don’t apply in 2022. But you’d be wrong. 
    In this episode, “spam queen” Laura Betterly talks music, SaaS and marketing. And if you pay close attention, you’ll discover timeless principles that still crush today. 
    Listen now! 
    Show highlights include: 
    The “music is the star” principle for making big bucks in online marketing (without ever showing your face) (17:33)  Make this tweak to your SaaS marketing and instantly boost profits (without changing your price or attracting new customers) (20:49)  A risqué subject line that practically forces your prospects to open your emails (25:26)  What are you *really* selling? The common advertising mistake which could be killing your conversions. (25:52) The weird way getting attacked by the press makes you millions of dollars (27:04) Why slapping a marketer in the face instantly establishes your credibility as an expert (41:51)  The “taxman” method for doubling your revenue (or getting rid of a**hole clients) (43:49)  Two ways to outcompete HubSpot on a bootstraper’s budget (46:41)

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    Fear is only a dream - Matt Bockenstette

    Fear is only a dream - Matt Bockenstette

    Warning: this episode touches on some dark themes.
    But stick around and you’re bound to find marketing gold. Because you’ll get a glimpse into the human psyche that you won’t find in any copywriting book. 
    Today’s guest is Matt Bockenstette, the man behind Copy Legends. 
    In this episode, we discuss tragedy, suffering and addiction. 
    But it’s not all doom and gloom. Because on the other side of tragedy you’ll discover deep empathy. The kind of empathy that’ll help you build your next blockbuster promotion.  
    Listen now! 
    Show highlights include: 
    How to access a steady flow of high-intent leads for your supplement offer… without investing a cent in ads or posting on social media (1:18)  The “open book” method for honestly & ethically making millions in one of the world’s scummiest industries (4:37)  2 proven strategies to become an effective copywriter from scratch (even if you never pick up a marketing book) (5:22)  From the archives: Chris’ “Kill Your Alarm Clock” letter (steal this angle if you sell to entrepreneurs) (12:03) The weird way suffering is more comfortable than solving your problems (23:45)  How Gary Halbert’s letter-sorting method helps you overcome adversity (35:15)  Why getting your ass kicked lets you effortlessly write high-converting copy (40:30)  How to write world-class copy with the help of hot coal and frog poison!? (48:01) Why bingeing trashy rom-com does more for your marketing skill than re-reading Breakthrough Advertising 12 times (50:06)

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    King of Controversy - Daniel Throssell

    King of Controversy - Daniel Throssell

    Hey, how are you? My name’s “world’s greatest copywriting podcaster” and I’ve been called Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad.
    Oh wait – did I get that backwards?
    Today’s guest is Daniel Throssell. And if you’ve never heard of Daniel, you’re in for a treat. Amongst his accomplishments: 
    Inventor of the parallel welcome sequence Has been banned from mention in r/copywriting AND one of the Facebook’s biggest copywriting groups Once closed down an illegal “group buy” website with a single email In this episode, you’ll discover how to combine storytelling and controversy to print money with your emails. 
    Listen now!

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    The 7 Traits of Highly Paid Copywriter - Brain Kurtz

    The 7 Traits of Highly Paid Copywriter - Brain Kurtz

    Over and over again, you’ll hear how hard it is to land clients as a copywriter. Maybe you even believe it yourself. 
    But the truth is, getting clients is easy. You just need to display the right traits. 
    And if you’re not landing as many clients as you want, it’s because you’re not ticking off the criteria in your prospect’s mental checklist. 
    Today’s guest is Brian Kurtz. After 30+ years at Boardroom Inc, he’s worked with nearly every A-list copywriter you could name. So he’s got plenty of advice for new and experienced copywriters alike. 
    In this wide-ranging conversation, you’ll discover the 7 characteristics direct-response powerhouses look for when they’re hiring a writer. 
    So if you’re ready to get clients on command, listen now! 
    Episode highlights include: 
    Two “weird” books that’ll make you a better copywriter (even though they’ve got nothing to do with marketing)  (13:24)  The “batshit crazy” copywriter’s method for deeply understanding your market (without ever talking to them) (18:26)  The fastest way for a newbie copywriter to close clients on command (24:45) How the “fuzzy yellow balls” principle lets you outcompete A-listers (even if you have half the skill) (25:33)  Understand these principles to go from “starving copywriter” to “trusted advisor” (26:56)  The 40, 40, 20 Rule which determines the success of any campaign (29:18)  How to get 50%+ lifts in your conversions (without changing the offer or list) (31:25)

    • 1 hr 30 min
    Casey “Slaughter” Stanton - The Fractional CMO Method

    Casey “Slaughter” Stanton - The Fractional CMO Method

    If you’re still calling yourself a copywriter in 2022, stop right now. Because you may as well wear a sign around your neck that says “pay me less than I am worth”. 
    You’re more than just a writer. And if you've been in the game a few years, you’ve already got skills that business owners will happily pay top dollar for…
    …even if you never put pen to paper again!
    Today’s guest is Casey “Slaughter” Stanton, author of The Fractional CMO Method. In this episode, he shows you how one subtle positioning tweak can help you:
    Charge more… Keep your pipeline full… And turn your existing skills into a lucrative, sustainable business!  Listen now.
    While we’re here, Casey has a special offer just for The Chris Haddad Show listeners. Head to cmox.co/pig and claim your copy of The Fractional CMO method at a steep discount.

    • 1 hr 27 min

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