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In the Coaching Life Podcast internationally renowned coach, speaker and author Phil Goddard interviews coaches and clients to give a real-life, no-filter look at the coaching profession and what it really takes to be a coach.

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In the Coaching Life Podcast internationally renowned coach, speaker and author Phil Goddard interviews coaches and clients to give a real-life, no-filter look at the coaching profession and what it really takes to be a coach.

    088 Phil Goddard - Questions & Answers Unleashed

    088 Phil Goddard - Questions & Answers Unleashed

    Questions & Answers Unleashed

    In this solo episode Phil covers a duet of topics - the principle elements of building a prosperous practice that form the foundation of Coaching Life Unleashed, and his responses to an ‘Ask Me Anything’ invitation made on social media.

    In sharing the 5 principle elements, Phil explains why income should be your area of least focus, and what actually is the most potent force for your practice creation.

    Some of the questions & topics covers in the Q&A are:
    * How to get started as a coach
    * What would Phil do differently, as a coach and a client?
    * What does Phil still struggle with?
    * What to do with all the b******t & embellishment apparent in the coaching profession.

    Here’s a little more about Phil
    Phil Goddard helps business owners and leaders throw out their conditioned rule books on life, liberating them to enjoy intimate and fruitful personal and professional relationships, and creating a world of love & compassion, fun & easy-success.

    His clients typically end their tireless quest for self-improvement, and instead find themselves feeling free, simply enjoying life in harmony with nature and their own wellbeing.

    He is a coach, speaker, leadership consultant, and lover of life and humanity, and has coached Hollywood actors, international models, journalists, artists, authors, film directors, corporate executives, and numerous business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. A prolific writer, ghostwriter and published author, he is also the host of both The Coaching Life and Naked Hearts Podcasts.

    Phil’s work centres around transforming relationships and leadership through developing a deeply grounded understanding of the principles behind our human experience and the nature of how our experience of life is created.

    With much humour and sincerity, he draws on over 30 years coaching experience and over 20 years in corporate leadership, to help organisations build harmonious and highly productive teams, and help individuals maximise their wellbeing to live their most loving and joyous lives.

    He is a digital nomad, recently returned from living in Bali for 1½ years, and can often be found on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, where he holds exclusive coaching immersion retreats for individual clients.

    He challenges his work on happiness by following a few English sports teams.

    You can find out more about Phil at philg.com and following him on Facebook via fbphil.com

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    087 Hugh Osborne

    087 Hugh Osborne

    The Simplicity of Being Happy

    A former addict, hairdresser, and Harley Street therapist, Hugh now lives in Switzerland, is the author of 3 books, and works as a coach and therapist, helping people overcome their addictions.

    In this conversation we discuss:

    * At his lowest point, what came to mind to help him move forward?
    * How the losing of control gave an artificial sense of control.
    * Some of the steps he took to set up his therapy practice in a way that enabled him to support his family.
    * The value of imperfection and embracing being human.
    * What we would like to be different about ourselves.
    * Playing the game, and reflect on some coaching trainings.

    Hugh gives one of my favourite answers ever to my final question!

    Here’s a little more about Hugh, in his own words:

    “In 1997, after a long period of drug abuse, my life fell apart in a way that it could never be the same again. This turned out to be a good thing!

    As my addictions ended, I knew I had an opportunity to re-build my life. I am so grateful I had that choice, and that I took it!

    Since the re-build began, I worked hard on becoming better at being myself. This has not always been easy. Aside from my many and varied addictions, I have struggled with anxiety, confidence, and relationship issues. I have also had times where my life seemed to lack meaning and purpose.

    Along the way, I have worked with some really great coaches, therapists, and guides, who have helped me get clear about who I am and what my life stands for.

    These days my life is primarily guided by my core values, two of which are kindness and imperfection.

    Kindness because, for me, this is one of the most important human qualities. The world needs more of it, so I am doing my part!

    Imperfection because, for me, we are all fellow strugglers finding our way on this journey through life. Our struggles are not an obstacle to growth. They are our growth!

    I love helping my clients find freedom from addiction and change their lives! I love helping people realise they can have more of what they want, with the strengths and resources that they already have!

    One of the great things about choosing a path of personal growth is that one day you get to look back and tell a different story about the journey you have been on. I love helping people come to that place where the dots join up and they can see their personal history through new eyes.”

    You can find out more about Hugh at https://thehughosborne.com/

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    086 - Michael Fall - Honouring Presence

    086 - Michael Fall - Honouring Presence

    Honouring Presence

    A life-long philosopher, Michael discovered the 3Ps in 2015 in the heyday of running a successful fitness business. This prompted another career change, and just a few years later, after continuing to invest in his own development, he has sold his gym business and is a full time coach.

    In this episode we discuss:

    * Being a cheerleader vs being in knowing
    * The power of honouring your client
    * The nuances of teaching and presence
    * Do people need help?
    * The value of accreditation

    Here’s a little more about Michael

    Michael has been a professional coach since 2007. Helping people realize their possibility and potential is his calling and it began with a conversation with his mother about guidance counseling in 1983. That was the moment he knew why he was here, to awaken the possibility and potential in all of us. Since then, whether working as a personal support worker with disabled kids, as an educational assistant in a special needs class, supply teacher, the owner of a martial arts studio and a CrossFit gym, to being a professional coach, his purpose allows him to help those he serves to flourish.

    You can find out more about Michael at https://insightbasedcoaching.com/

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    085 Nathan Seaward - Flying Into the Unkown

    085 Nathan Seaward - Flying Into the Unkown

    Flying Into the Unknown

    The inherent uncertainty of entrepreneurship can be an uncomfortable experience for anyone, and perhaps much more so for an ex-airline pilot.

    After 16 years of following his boyhood dream of being a pilot, Nathan travelled to over 25 countries while building a coaching practice.

    Recorded in December 2020, in this episode we explored:

    * Dealing with the uncertainty of entrepreneurship.
    * His own trauma and pain that introduced him to coaching.
    * Making a deeper contribution to the world.
    * How the astonishing male suicide figures led to producing a podcast.
    * Minimalism before it was cool, and how it can help us build relationships.
    * What’s next, after the pandemic

    Here’s a little more about Nathan:

    Nathan Seaward enjoyed a successful 16-year career as an airline pilot before becoming a personal coach and host of The Nathan Seaward Show. He believes, through the process of self discovery and self mastery, entrepreneurs can change the world whilst creating extraordinary lives for themselves and their families.

    He supports entrepreneurs to create game changing businesses that help people and the planet in new and innovative ways. From being a successful entrepreneur, to leaving at the height of his piloting career to go on a around the world adventure, he’s always lived at the edge of his comfort zone, taking on new and challenging things in service of being his best self and serving the world.

    You can find out more about Cockpit Coaches at https://www.cockpitcoaches.com/

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    084 Jamie Smart

    084 Jamie Smart

    Clarity of Service

    Jamie epitomises what it is to be of service, providing massive value in his two podcasts, numerous webinars and masterclasses, as well as in his best selling books, coaching, consulting and trainings.

    He is also a serial experimenter, always looking at ways he can help people wake up to what’s true for them and true for everyone.

    In this episode we explore:

    * The 3 insights that changed his life
    * The 2 things that get someone to hire you
    * His transition from full-time employment to entrepreneur
    * What’s missing when people go through a coaching school but fail to create a thriving coaching business.
    * Why ‘The Principles behind Clarity’ and not the 3Ps
    * What’s the secret to being the ‘productive Jamie Smart’?

    Here’s a little more about Jamie

    Jamie Smart is an internationally renowned writer, speaker, coach and consultant. He shows individuals and organizations the unexpected keys to clarity; the ultimate leverage point for creating more time, better decisions and meaningful results.

    Jamie is a gifted speaker, equally engaging in front of large audiences and more intimate groups. He’s passionate about helping individuals and businesses to deepen their understanding of CLARITY® and to create the results that matter to them. In addition to working with a handful of coaching clients and leading selected corporate programmes, Jamie runs professional development workshops for business leaders, trainers, coaches and consultants. He has appeared on Sky TV and on the BBC, as well as in numerous publications including The Daily Telegraph.

    In 2003, Jamie started the company Salad, quickly growing a tribe of over 80,000 people who devoured his articles and personal development products. Salad soon became the world’s leading NLP product business, and he was acknowledged by his peers as one of the world’s finest trainers. Then, in 2008, Jamie shifted his focus to a new paradigm, the principles of CLARITY®. He stopped teaching NLP and in 2012, sold Salad. Prior to starting his own business, Jamie led multi-million pound organizational change programmes and was also brought in as a troubleshooter to rescue struggling projects. His client list includes the Guardian newspaper, Sweet & Maxwell, Payzone and Dun & Bradstreet.

    Jamie lives in London. When he’s not working, he loves travelling, walking, drinking coffee and exploring.

    You can find out more about Jamie at https://www.jamiesmart.com/

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    083 - Simon Crowe - Adventures in Goosebumps

    083 - Simon Crowe - Adventures in Goosebumps

    Adventures in Goosebumps

    Simon takes us on a voyage of his rich experiences in coaching beyond the conventional room, out into a world of adventures, challenges and infinite possibilities.

    Phil and Simon explore:

    * Creating extraordinary adventures beyond 1:1 meetings
    * A powerful premise in enrolling clients & guiding them through their hero’s journey
    * Stepping over thresholds onto paths to what we want to create
    * What it means to cut the bull-crap in a conversation
    * Simon’s biggest lessons from 15 years of client creation
    * Why trying to repeat past success or copying others might not work & what to do instead
    * Creating what we want & the habit of Being-Doing-Having
    * Why is it important to cultivate an intimate relationship with your business

    Here’s a little more about Simon:
    Simon is an artist, an adventurer and educator in the field of personal and spiritual growth, who specializes in connecting men with their deepest purpose.

    He works with creative self-starters who have mastered conventional success and who are now hungry to reappraise their life, to move beyond the frustrations and uncertainty of midlife and to transition into lives that match their deepest values and priorities.

    As a qualified coach for nearly 15 years, he guides courageous male leaders to the achievement of greater self-expression, fulfilment and the experience of deeper meaning in their lives. His work embraces the latest breakthroughs in brain science, positive psychology and energy, and so his clients’ shifts in consciousness become deep-rooted and their results go far beyond what they can currently imagine is possible.

    Above all, Simon loves to take these courageous men on transformational adventures with that bring clarity around their true life-purpose and lead to the realization of extraordinary projects for the benefit of the planet and the people they love, on their on terms and without compromise.

    You can find out more about Simon at https://simoncrowe.com/

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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Tim Downes ,

Peace Shared

Loving listening to these podcasts by Phil. The most recent one I’ve listened to was episode 80 with Steve Chandler, The Lightmaker. A joy to hear that Steve is NOT retiring from creatively writing books, as he’s one of my most favoured authors. So much in here that I could pick out. Let’s just keep it simple; “Curiosity is LOVE.” Thank you from the heart Phil and Steve.

Rachpink27 ,


Never-mind being really informative to a coach wannabe but each a really enjoyable listen. Thank you to Phil for his down to earth and really accessible podcast series.

lorzzz2134567 ,

Informative, Wise and Easy on The Ear

Listening to Phil interview his guests is like being wrapped in a cosy blanket of eternal knowledge and simultaneously shocked backed into consciousness. Both Phil and his guests share not only their coaching experiences but their personal journeys too. Love this podcast!!!!!!

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