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Inspiring you with bold stories from Christian activists - people who have embraced the ancient call to action and who will inspire us to do the same.

From the Praxis Centre for Hope and Activism.

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Music used with permission, thank you Dr J and Mira.

The Hopeful Activists' Podcast Rich Gower and Abigail Thomas

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Inspiring you with bold stories from Christian activists - people who have embraced the ancient call to action and who will inspire us to do the same.

From the Praxis Centre for Hope and Activism.

twitter @hopefulactivism
facebook @hopefulactivists

Music used with permission, thank you Dr J and Mira.

    God With Us: Christmas Special 2022

    God With Us: Christmas Special 2022

    Abi is joined by Elaine Storkey, philosopher, sociologist and theologian and author of “Meeting God in Matthew”. Also Helen Syrop, founder of Hope Housing and homelessness expert and Jen, an adoptive parent and currently researching faith group responses to hardship in the UK.
    We take a beautiful walk through Matthew and along the way talk about that John Lewis advert, the sentimentality around Homelessness at Christmas and how to find beauty in the mess.
    A HUGE thank you to Dr J for allowing us to use his track Immanuel (God With Us), you can support him and say thanks by buying his latest music at Bandcamp.
    A very happy Christmas to all of you, and thanks for being with us this year. See you in 2023!

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    BONUS EP: Churches That Change Communities

    BONUS EP: Churches That Change Communities

    Can churches really change communities? Where is Jesus in the permacrisis? Where are the signs of hope?
    Abi had a special treat a few weeks ago...to visit the Jubilee+ Churches That Change Communities Conference. Abi interviewed several of the contributors to the conference and you can find the full interviews on the Jubilee Plus Podcast, but here at The Hopeful Activists we get to hear some highlights from:
    Kat Osborne is the CEO of Safe Families.
    Sam Ward is the Directory of Ministry at The Message Trust in Manchester.
    Natalie Williams from Jubilee+
    Charlie MacDonald from Jubilee+, author of Overflow.

    • 23 min
    Where do worship and justice meet?

    Where do worship and justice meet?

    Questioning allegiance outside St Paul's Cathedral and worship that changes a government: powerful interviews today from Jon Swales and Andy Flannagan and we hear about Rich's work with waste pickers: Fair Circularity Initiative.
    Jon Swales shares his liturgy for the climate crisis and tells us about Lighthouse, a church for people "battered and bruised by the storms of life". We also hear why he was re-affirming people's baptismal vows in a paddling pool at a protest outside St Paul's Cathedral one week, and another week going into the Cathedral for Queen Elizabeth's funeral. Where should a Christian pledge their allegiance?
    Free access to Jon's book here:
    Lament and Hope: Prayers for the Climate and Ecological EmergencyTwitter: @jonswales77
    For more on the climate action visit Christian Climate Action.
    Andy Flannagan, singer songwriter and Executive Director of Christians in Politics shares his passion for truthful worship, lament and getting involved in making a difference. How can worship leaders avoid just leading to the holy climactic moment, but instead lead people into lament, righteous anger and intercession?
    We also talk about Changing the Soundtrack and Those Who Show Up.
    Andy Flannagan's music, "You are God and We are not" and "Your Spirit Groans for Peace" used with permission, and with our thanks.

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    A message from COP27

    A message from COP27

    Straight from COP27, the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt this week two climate campaigners help us to pray for good outcomes:
    Jessica Bwali, climate campaigner at Tearfund
    Laura Young, climate campaigner and Tearfund AmbassadorThey  have taken some time out to give us some things to pray about this week.

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    Shameless Plug!

    Shameless Plug!

    We'd love you to join us on our next Praxis Labs 1. You can hear the experience of two people who have done Praxis Labs 1 in this episode and then sign up here!
    Thanks to Lau Ciocan and Jen Horne!
    Lau Ciocan is the Director of Mentoring Advocacy Network (MAN), a platform raising awareness on men's issues and mental health, shaping the conversation on masculinity. 
    For MAN, Lau hosted several webinars and published numerous blog posts. Recently he launched the Mentality Podcast as a place to explore what healthy masculinities are about. 
    You can connect with Lau on Instagram or Twitter @man_mentoring
    You can connect with Jen on Instagram @jenstudiesdevelopment

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    The Worship One

    The Worship One

    Hi everyone and welcome to the 101st episode of The Hopeful Activists’ Podcast! Thanks for being with us on our journey of learning, worship, prayer and action, it’s been an absolute privilege to hear your stories and to bring you the stories of others over the last 100 episodes. 
    We have decided to use this episode to do what we are constantly recommended to do by the amazing activists we get to speak to on the podcast, to recenter ourselves on God, to worship, to be honest before him and to pray. 
    Some incredible activists, some known to you, some unknown, have brought us prayers, bible readings and reflections for this episode. This episode is all about the love of Jesus, about the wonder of God, about the power of the Holy Spirit. I hope you find space to worship, to reflect and to pray, and this is an episode that you can come back to.
    We are originally putting this out in a period of national mourning, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. For some people this is a time of sadness and grief, others are sad and aggrieved by the inequality, or limits to protests, or other unjust events. Wherever you are right now we hope that you will find this episode a place to rest, to recenter, to remember who you are and who God is, and to worship.
    If you would like to listen to any of the music again (and more worship and protest music) here is a Spotify playlist:
    With grateful thanks to:
    Musicians and Spoken Word:
    Salt of the Sound licensed via Echoes Blue Music
    Lucy Grimble and band
    Katie Dowds
    Micah Bournes
    Prayers and Reflections from:
    Poppy Williams from 24/7 Prayer Ibiza
    Victoria Armstrong from Oasis Gorton
    Natalie Williams from Jubilee+ and author of Invisible Divides
    Ruth Valerio from Tearfund and author of Saying Yes to Life
    Lisa Sharon Harper speaker, activist, artist and author of a href="https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/9781587435270?gC=5a105e8b&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmouZBhDSARIsALYcouo7H57R7nPGMdzax354Ah0iTIkzHhNKf5afpaNH8GwWLNBntHKCfmMaAgs7EALw_wcB" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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4.8 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

Ouston girl ,

Always interesting

It’s great to hear Christians engaging with the needs of the world and facing some tough questions with integrity. I always come away with something to think about.

Tabunak ,

Relevant, inspiring and challenging!

So good to hear how people around the world are marrying their faith with activism. Inspiring stuff!

Christian Creative Network ,

A fascinating podcast

I love how this podcast delves into some great subject areas and really opens up discussion.

It’s very well produced and balanced.

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