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An Irish podcast about 'Lost Worlds' in lore and literature

The Lost Valley Podcast Cian

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An Irish podcast about 'Lost Worlds' in lore and literature

    Lost Valley Podcast - Episode Zero

    Lost Valley Podcast - Episode Zero

    Cian explains changes coming, a new show, a slight change of theme, and some behind-the-scenes info!

    • 27 min
    The Limits of Flesh-And-Blood Cryptozoology (with Cameron McCormick

    The Limits of Flesh-And-Blood Cryptozoology (with Cameron McCormick

    Cameron McCormick returns to discuss cryptozoological bestiaries that stretch the boundaries of belief with huge numbers of undiscovered critters running around.

    *NOTE: I made an error in referring to The Bigfoot Filmography. The book I actually had in mind was Cryptid Cinema by Stephen Bisette. I’m away from home for a few days but I’ll fix that when I’m back!


    WoW on BuyMeACoffee:


    Cameron on Mastadon:


    Cameron’s blog:


    Trey The Explainer: The Native Bigfoot:


    The Screaming Skulls by Elliot O’Donnell:


    ‘True Giant’ source article, the Straits Times, 196:


    Commendable Commotion Podcast


    Blake Smith’s article on the Kentucky Goblins:


    • 1 hr 10 min
    When The Stars Are Right: Lovecraft & Astronomy (with Dr Edward Guimont

    When The Stars Are Right: Lovecraft & Astronomy (with Dr Edward Guimont

    In celebration of the book 'When The Stars Are Right, HP Lovecraft and Astronomy' by Edward Guimont and Horace A. Smith, Eddie returns to the cabin. We tackle the Old Gent Of Providence and his fascination with turn-of-the-century astronomy, as well as his various connections to the great and good of early planetary science fiction! Including, but not limited to:

    -Teenage Lovecraft meets Percival Lowell, and worries he's been too harsh on the latter's Martian canal theories

    -Lovecraft plays a skeptical Scully when the good people of Providence think they've seen a Christmas mystery airship!

    -Lovecraft writes amateur astronomical columns for various newspapers

    -Lovecraft writes a (rather fantastic) short story set on what we'd now call a charmingly old-fashioned Venus

    -How Lovecraft used elements of old Mars literature to plot At The Mountains Of Madness

    -And HPL's thoughts on Jules Verne, the War of the Worlds, Edison's Conquest Of Mars, and LOADS MORE.


    When The Stars Are Right by Edward Guimont and Horace A Smith

    Edward Guimont on Twitter

    Buy Me A Coffee

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Fragments of Gods: Pagan Survival Theory (with Dr Francis Young)

    Fragments of Gods: Pagan Survival Theory (with Dr Francis Young)

    We chat with Dr Francis Young about that favourite WAW topic, the theory of 'Pagan survivals!' Subtopics include:

    -what we do know about pre-Christian European socities

    -how did the Pagan survival theory come about in Victorian times

    -the significance of yew trees

    -the Green Man

    -connections to alien greys


    Francis Young Twitter (that’s what I’m calling it)


    Twilight Of the Godlings (and other books by Francis Young)


    Buy Me A Coffee


    • 1 hr 20 min
    The Nearest Thing To A Prehistoric Animal: The Loch Ness Road Trip

    The Nearest Thing To A Prehistoric Animal: The Loch Ness Road Trip

    Hit the road with WAW on tour through the highlands of Scotland! We visit the home of Nessie, meet Felicity the Inverness Mystery Big Cat, hear what Lovecraft had to say about the monster of the Loch, go ghost-hunting at Glamis Castle, and have a close call with the Great Grey man of Ben McDhui in a most unexpected location!

    • 46 min
    Cryptofiction - Mystery Animals in Fiction (with Justin Mullis)

    Cryptofiction - Mystery Animals in Fiction (with Justin Mullis)

    From the gilllman of Robert W Chambers' 'The Harbour Master' to the monstrous apes and aquatic dinosaurs of 'King Kong,' fiction has informed the cryptozoologists who went out into the dark corners of the earth seeking 'real' mystery creatures. Justin Mullis returns to talk us through his article 'Cryptofiction.' Get ready for a monster-load of influential stories from writers both familiar and obscure. Talk includes:

    -Famous cryptozoologists who were influenced by monster fiction

    -The influence of ‘The Lost World’ (of course!)

    -Victorians, dinosaurs and ‘real’ dragons

    -Victorian stories of surviving dinosaurs and the origin of Mokele-Mbembe

    -Arthur Conan Doyle’s non-‘Lost World’ cryptids

    -The 1925 Lost World film, King Kong, and novelisations of Kong (with extra dinosaurs!) and connections to Atlantis

    -‘The Monster of Partridge Creek’ a fictitious monster that turned up as a ‘true’ story

    -Lord Dunsany, the ‘Club Story’ and cryptozoology

    -Early fiction featuring Bigfoot-like creatures, including ‘The Cairn’ by HR Wakefield and ‘Rogues In The House’ by Robert E Howard

    -Robert W Chambers and ‘In Search Of The Unknown’ - a template for cryptozoology from 1904?


    -Cryptofiction, Justin Mullis, 2019


    -Justin’s talk on Robert W Chambers for The Last Tuesday Society


    -Justin’s writing at Adventures In Poor Taste:


    -Justin’s academia.edu with links to his writing


    -Wide Atlantic Weird: Fairy Euhemerism with Justin Mullis


    -Lake Monster Traditions, Michel Meurger, 1988


    -Jacques Collin de Plancy, who wrote ‘Voyage To The Centre Of The Earth’


    Brontosaurus, A Faded Star Rises Again, Prehisoric Pulp


    Dinomania, Ulrich Merkl


    -‘Creatures of Another Age’ edited by Richard Fallon (review by Justin Mullis in AIPT) which features ‘The Dragon of St Paul’s’ which prefigures the climax to The Lost World


    Kong Unmade by John Lemay and others


    Kong: An Original Screenplay, Edgar Wallace


    The Monster of Partridge Creek, Georges Dupoy, 1908.


    ‘In Search Of The Unknown,’ Robert W Chambers, 1904


    • 1 hr 49 min

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5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Al_B1 ,


Excellent podcast covering the weird and wonderful - everything from conspiracy theories to weird fiction. Well researched and critical, but not cynical.

ScottPls ,

Great wee show!

Discovered this show a while back and I always have a great time listening to it. Informative and entertaining and the guests are always brilliant

Casablanca Joe ,

Fantastic Forteana and craft beer

Wide Atlantic Weird is a really well-researched and intelligent deep dive into numerous Fortean subjects. Highly recommended indeed.

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