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A podcast focussing on the importance and power of the personal connection in marketing your business. Talking to leading industry professionals every fortnight, we delve into why the personal connection is so powerful, and discuss ways to deploy within your marketing strategies to better reach your target audience.

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A podcast focussing on the importance and power of the personal connection in marketing your business. Talking to leading industry professionals every fortnight, we delve into why the personal connection is so powerful, and discuss ways to deploy within your marketing strategies to better reach your target audience.

    Strategy for stratospheric change - it's time to super scale

    Strategy for stratospheric change - it's time to super scale

    This episode is about one seriously exciting topic and we’re connecting to a personal story to inspire and indeed educate, the story of Alvin Poh and digging in to his stratospheric growth strategy and model.
    Let’s face it - we’re not in this world of business for fun, we are entrepreneurs and leaders that want to take our businesses places. 
    Alvin’s story is an inspirational and exciting one, and I bought in to his ethos and approach from the outset. 
    This is not an episode to celebrate one man’s achievements, or even to provide Alvin Poh the author a stage, this episode is here to inspire and excite you to unlock your own potential, giving you the skills to scale your business to unfathomable heights. 
    Through this conversation with Alvin we dive keep in to key strategies that you can employ straight away to be the vehicle of change within your business.
    There’s nothing crazy about superscaling - anyone can do it! It’s about unblocking the barriers, removing the stumbling blocks, and putting a strategy in place. 
    If after the episode you’re inspired to find out more, or indeed get your hands on your own copy of Super Scaling, click on the links below:
    Website: https://superscaling.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alvinpohofficial
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alvinp
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alvinpoh/
    Get your hands on Alvin’s book on Amazon: Super Scaling!

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    Presentation Skills and Taking It To The Next Level - Whether In Person or Online

    Presentation Skills and Taking It To The Next Level - Whether In Person or Online

    Knowing how to truly present to a variety of audiences is a skill - whilst some people are born natural presenters, we can all learn and improve and take our presentations to the next level. 
    Whilst considering how to present better with client pitches and indeed online meetings, I came across the work of Andrea and Ideas on Stage and just had to bring him to the podcast. 
    Ideas on Stage are based in the UK, US, France, Spain and Italy and are the communication experts with a full range of solutions to help individuals and organisations improve the presentation.
    From helping leaders deliver powerful presentations, create inspiring events and empower their organisations with high-quality public speaking coaching and training, Ideas On Stage are there to help. 
    This interview with Andrea Pacini is absolutely packed with information and key takeaways that can empower you to take your presentation to the next level. 
    From realising the three key areas of what makes a great presentation:
    Craft a compelling and captivating messageAvoid death by PowerPointConnect with the audience and deliverTo understand some of the key elements that craft a presentation - including only using that slide deck to amplify your message, one of the greatest lines I’ve taken from the interview is this simple idea when crafting your message:
    Keep the message simple - do not try to pack in everything - if you do, you will end up saying nothing!
    Simply ask:
    What? So what? What next?
    Want to understand that further? Hit play and hear from the man himself. 
    Finally, if you want to see Andrea in action, check out his event on How to Deliver a Powerful Presentation.
    If you only do one thing after listening to this podcast episode, take the Impactful Presenter Scorecard to assess your presentation skills in less than 5 mins: https://ideasonstage.com/score
    You can connect with Andrea and Ideas on Stage at the following:

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    Transitioning the lessons from home into the boardroom, and vice versa!

    Transitioning the lessons from home into the boardroom, and vice versa!

    This episode is a little different, but will hopefully get you thinking…
    We’ve discussed emotional intelligence a few times on The Personal Connection podcast, but Joanne H Light has a totally different angle - emotional intelligence when it comes to parenting. 
    When I first spoke with Joanne, I wasn’t sure if the topic of parenting would really fit into the podcast, but the lessons that even I took (as a non-parent) resonated greatly - plus, as we dive into things in more detail, there is so much that you can take straight in to your business or to the boardroom. 
    Plus, if you’re building your empire whilst juggling parenthood, battling through the time pressures of life whilst also facing the challenges of transitions in your children’s lives, this episode is for you. 

    Communication and understanding are at the core of this chat with Joanne H Light, a topic I will always enjoy exploring with different people. 
    But HOW do you begin to properly understand your children? It starts with calm, it starts with really listening…sound similar to solving workplace scenarios?
    2020 brought so many challenges for people across the globe, and now we’re releasing restrictions many employees are finding the ‘temporary’ work from home solution a permanent change. There are so many facets to this - one is balancing time between work and parenthood, another is looking after mental health within the family.
    There is a great synergy between business life and home life, and understanding where the same skills can be carried into both arenas can be transformational. 

    If you want to find out more or get your hands on that free hand out, jump on to the links below:
    Free parenting handout to help you get on top of that burnout!
    Website: www.joannehlight.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Joannehlight
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoanneLight12
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/light_joanne_empathy/
    LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/Joanne-Light-b9q22b40/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkvv9vQQBrhBI3zsCEfTVA/videos

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    Outsider to belonging - Human communication and integration and lessons for the workplace

    Outsider to belonging - Human communication and integration and lessons for the workplace

    An outsider to belonging - Human communication and integration and lessons for the workplace 
    Discussing communication and connection and stripping things back to a human level - even when language is a barrier
    In this episode of The Personal Connection Podcast, we welcome Ann Collins to the mic. 
    Ann is a leadership development coach based in France, but her journey and life experiences provided the intrigue and backbone to the interview. 
    Throughout our commissions at Emotive Eye, we work with clients empowering their connection through genuine photographs showing providing authenticity and trust to narratives and stories that compel a viewer to take action. 
    Ann Collins' work within Blue Bottle Coaching focuses on leadership development, inspiring and empowering the new leaders in the global business world. 
    However, rather than explore leadership development, this episode comes from somewhere much more personal - Ann's experiences in multi-national communication and the human connection strategies she has understood, developed, and indeed now brings to the corporate world. 
    Connecting with people is vital in everything we do. We strive for connections as humans, and if the connection is authentic, the relationship is always much more substantial.
    Ann's travels saw her on a journey of language discovery as a young teaching student in Germany, to an enlightening time working as a VSO in Nepal. 
    The lessons that Ann took from these encounters shaped her approach to life and communication, something her whole family took on board when emigrating to rural France 10 years ago. 
    Now feeling genuinely ingrained in the local community through the dedication, care and attention paid in everyday life, the realisation of how relevant this thinking is to the corporate world wasn't lost. 
    Do you want to connect better, communicate on an authentic level and construct robust relationships within your teams?
    Listen to this podcast with Leadership Psychologist Ann Collins and feel enlightened and inspired. 
    Want to find out more after the interview? 
    You can find Ann's podcast, Leaders Who Love What They Do, on all your favourite podcast platforms. 
    Or connect at the links below:

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    5 Key Habits to Build Resilience - give yourself the self-management skills to succeed with Alison Coates

    5 Key Habits to Build Resilience - give yourself the self-management skills to succeed with Alison Coates

    How do you build resilience whilst being a great communicator?
    Discussing the topic of resilience with leading psychologist Alison Coates from Revo Consultancy 

    How do you show up on a day-to-day basis? Do you even realise? Do you realise the impact this has on those around you and the effect on morale, productivity and responses to a situation? 
    Emotional intelligence is compelling! If you can be truly aware of yourself, have a distinct awareness of others and empathetically appreciate the broader situation, the results can be dramatic. 
    How do you inspire performance? How do you have genuinely successful collaborations? It’s all emotional intelligence. We need to apply time and dedication; we need to learn the habits!
    Through this episode, we cover so much, but principally this episode is to provide 5 Key Habits to build resilience. 
    Resilience is about self-managing, it is the ability to cope with adversity, to adapt during hardship, and most importantly, to thrive. Through this episode, find out how to move beyond the challenge, beyond the difficulty, and outside adversity. Alison helps us understand things more clearly, guide us on those small steps, and start making the changes we need to employ. 
    Change is never linear. We need to have our goal/vision in mind of where we want to get to, be a little flexible about how we get there (and indeed the time scale).
    Resilience is not bouncing back. 
    Resilience is not avoiding challenges or hardship. 
    We only build resilience when we’re courageous enough to move through hardship - moving through that challenge to the other side. 
    Recorded earlier this year, this is a fascinating conversation with Alison Coates, diving into so many topics and brings years of cross-country experience to the table. 
    A degree in industrial psychology, a move to a new county, and the need for a new direction - life does lead us all on exciting paths.
    Alison’s background in management consulting and programming, designing a human-centric solution, focused on the end-user - who knew technology was about people?!
    It was all about helping the technicians understand the user’s journey, drawing on user experience and understanding how people adapt, learn, and engage people. 
    Realising it is vital to take people on the journey with you. Not forcing change, instead to hand-hold and encourage - communicate is critical, as is an understanding in emotional intelligence. The foundations need to be laid as early as possible; one has to earn trust, truly delivering buy-in!
    From discussing industry past and the understanding this provided to the broader topic of psychology in the workplace, we cover a breadth of topics in this episode but focussing primarily on resilience. 
    Building an understanding, discovering the tools to help us, and most importantly, understanding the crucial steps to take. 
    Want to find out more and discover how working with Alison Coates from Revo Consultancy can help you? Check out the links below:
    Website: https://www.revoconsultant.com/
    Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisonjcoates/
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/revoconsultant/
    Private Leadership Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reimaginingleadership

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    Accept Change and Lead to a Balanced Life

    Accept Change and Lead to a Balanced Life

    The permission to be you. It’s about accepting being you. 
    It’s about Freedom / Passion. It’s about taking control of your life. 
    Bringing the conversation forward - bring confidence, truly connect to those around you, by first connecting to yourself!
    Every episode through the podcast, we’ve explored different backgrounds and connected to the stories and the life learnings of our guests. 
    Azmina Jiwa has such a fascinating story, and has so much to share - it really is about giving back. 
    We all need to embrace who we truly are. We have to find ourselves. We need to discover ourselves and reawaken - it’s time top stop “plodding through life” and take control of the journey.
    Azmina’s journey truly started from within - looking at herself and her feelings, her position in her life, and re-evaluating. A real journey of self-discovery that led to a discovery of who she really was, and indeed what she was capable of. It was about stepping off the treadmill, stop focussing on pleasing other people, and believing in herself. 
    2020 saw a realisation for many of us - we were led to step back and take stock, review our lives and our journeys, realise what we had and the simple things we were missing, and indeed realise that being on a crazy journey without focus can lead you to miss so much. 
    Being unique, being special and having your own gifts. There are over 7 billion people on the earth, and if we’re all part of a jigsaw of humanity, we’re all important, all unique, and all have a place and a purpose. It’s being who we truly are, giving ourselves that permission, that allows the jigsaw of humanity, that wonderful tapestry of life, to be complete. 
    Take responsibility for your own happiness - it’s in your hands. You need to ask yourself the question, ‘what can I do here, how can I respond?’ And know that your feelings are from your own thoughts, so to control those thoughts is to have that power truly in your own hands. 
    This episode is really about freedom, about permission, about taking control of life and taking the chances in front of you. 
    You can find out more about Azmina at the links below, and even get a sample of her book, Freedom to be Me on Azmina’s website.
    Website: https://www.azminajiwa.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Azmina-Jiwa-Freedom-To-Be-Me-113354763762428/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/freedom2b_me
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freedom2b_me/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/azmina-jiwa-6a15849/

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5 Ratings

Robin Waite, Fearless Business ,

Jump on, get downloading!

Stuart is an amazing host, he makes you feel very at home at a guest which takes the pressure or. I've since subscribed and listened to other interviews and monologues and absolutely love what Stuart's doing. Do jump on and get downloading, well worth a listen folks.

rwjhr ,

One of the best podcasts out there!

Really enjoy this series of podcasts, soo much useful information and no filler! Highly recommend that everyone subscribes!

Chezlaaa ,

Running A Business? Subscribe To This Podcast!

A great listen. Packed with tips on personal branding and networking. A must-listen to if you run your own business in a relaxed conversational style. Well done to all concerned. I’m ready for Episode 2 now ..... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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