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The all-things-union podcast from Makes You Think

    Putting education at the heart of the movement - feat. Gawain Little

    Putting education at the heart of the movement - feat. Gawain Little

    in this episode we sit down with Gawain Little, General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions which this year celebrates it’s 125th birthday.  The Federation is possibly best known for its phenomenal education and training programme but that is by no means the only string to its bow.
    Glasgow Univesity’s Professor of Work and Employment, Melanie Simms also has education on her mind as she ponders new academic new work on understanding the importance of effective employment law, in her #thought4theweek
    Run time 39m50s.
    Companion blog for links, signposting, backgroound here
    Music by Scott Holmes. A Makes-You-Think production.

    • 39 min
    Musicians’ Union chief on song in key campaigns

    Musicians’ Union chief on song in key campaigns

    In the latest UnionDues episode, Musicians’ Union General Secretary Naomi Pohl talks us through the big issues facing her union’s 34,000 members.
    Working in a sector worth £7bn,  there should be some scope for everyone to get a reasonable share of the spoils – but of course, the world’s not like that. So the union is keeping the pressure on with their #FixStreaming campaign.
    Naomi also discusses the Work Not Play and Fair Play campaigns, and the increasingly successful efforts to get the better venues to publicise their bona fides in terms of prompt and fair payment to musicians.
    In a top-drawer #thought4theweek  Glasgow University’s Professor of Work and Employment Mel Simms reflects on being taken out of her comfort zone in the search for new understandings on the future of work – and how the Musicians’ union and others are  in front of the curve by some way. 
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    Timestamps:  Mel – 1m37s, Naomi 6m24s, Total runtime 32m42s

    • 32 min
    Special toolkit episode - Minimum Service Levels

    Special toolkit episode - Minimum Service Levels

    In this special “toolkit” episode, we look in detail at the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act – where it has come from, and why it is disproportionate, non-consensual and dangerously ill-conceived.  As the Act moves into the implementation phase,  Simon and leading union lawyer Richard Arthur dissect the issues, place the Act in context, and point out why government hopes for union disempowerment are fundamentally flawed. 
    Ioannis Katsaroumpas’ article on why the Act crosses the Rubicon of authoritarianism is here.  The report from the Parliamentary Transport Committee is here.
    Run time 14m11s.  Music by Scott Holmes.  A Makes-You-Think production.

    • 14 min
    All about StrikeMap - feat. Rob Poole and Henry Fowler

    All about StrikeMap - feat. Rob Poole and Henry Fowler

    StrikeMap is undoubtedly a slam-dunk success.  The brainchild of Rob Poole and Henry Fowler, it is a real time on line map showing industrial action.
    Now over 230 thousand strike actions have been mapped and StrikeMap’s data is sought out by journalists, academics and researchers.
    But how did it all start.  What is the story of Rob and Henry’s journey that led them to StrikeMap? Where did the idea come from and what did it take to put it into practice?  What needs to happen just to keep the project going?
    From being "monstered" by the Daily Mail to an innovative partnership with the GFTU, this is a story not to miss.
    Plus, of course, Professor Mel Simms and her #thought4theweek
    #thought4theweek - 1m42s,
    StrikeMap introduction – 3m57s
    Rob and Henry - How we began – 5m48s
    Rob and Henry – How we met, where did the StrikeMap idea come from – 13m49s
    Red For Key Workers – 14m22s
    StrikeMap  moving on and moving up – 16m15s
    A week in the life of a StrikeMap volunteer – 22m05s
    StrikeMap  - there’s always something new – 29m35s
    StrikeMap and surprising reactions – 30m14s
    That Daily Mail article – 36m37s
    The GFTU deal – 41m05s
    Future hopes and plans – 47m25s
    Total run time – 57m25s
    Companion blog with links, signposting etc at bit.ly/MYTStrikemap.
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    A Makes-You-Think production

    • 57 min
    Forwards and Outwards - feat Becky Wright, Melanie Simms

    Forwards and Outwards - feat Becky Wright, Melanie Simms

    Unions21 Executive Director Becky Wright on why good governance matters to unions,  the role "User Experience Design" (UXD) plays in making things better, forthcoming work on unions and AI and the lessons learned from recent industrial action.  Also, Prof Melanie Simms on why knowledge and social partnership are key ingredients for union effectiveness.  Companion blog at bit.ly/3QznZpe
    Timestamps - Becky 1m31s, Mel 30m52s Total runtime 37m17s.
    A Makes-You-Think production. Music by Scott Holmes. If you like what you hear, buy us a virtual coffee at ko-fi.com/uniondues

    • 37 min
    It’s not just about strikes feat.Alan Jones

    It’s not just about strikes feat.Alan Jones

    In the new UnionDues episode, Alan Jones reflects on what it’s like to be the “last man standing” amongst industrial correspondents, why the Miner’s strike of 1984-5 was a turning point for unions, how the present unrest “is not just about strikes”, and why Julian Assange should be decorated rather than demonised. In her #thought4theweek, Mel Simms urges more public discourse on the role and function of unions – and so say all of us! Companion blog here

    • 30 min

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4 Ratings

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Picking up where the Unions21 podcast left off, this series is made for and by trade unionists and all those who have a connection with or interest in the the labour movement. There’s nothing else quite like it.

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