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In "Words With Friends" you are listening to me chat with some of my favorite people about one of my favorite things “words”. Each episode delivers an insightful conversation between Phil and a very impressive individual, all framed around a singular word and its impact and influence on the world. The best part is, you get to listen in.

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In "Words With Friends" you are listening to me chat with some of my favorite people about one of my favorite things “words”. Each episode delivers an insightful conversation between Phil and a very impressive individual, all framed around a singular word and its impact and influence on the world. The best part is, you get to listen in.

    6 | Crystal Washington Talks "Future"

    6 | Crystal Washington Talks "Future"

    In today’s show of Words with Friends, Phil interviews futurist, technology strategist, and author, Crystal Washington.
    Our main theme for today’s show is the word, “future”.
    Crystal studied hospitality before gravitating towards digital marketing, and then futurism. So what exactly is futurism? And what is the role of a futurist? Crystal explains how she uses data to drum up possible future scenarios. Her work helps organizations and people keep pace with the changing times. 
    While most of us are aware that the shift towards newer technology is inevitable, we are still afraid of change. Can a focused effort to learn about our future help us eliminate this fear? Is our fear justified? In the distant future, what is the likelihood of robots taking over the world?
    In an interesting segue, Crystal also talks about our past. Contrary to what we normally think, our future is deeply rooted in the past. In this segment of the show, Crystal goes on to share her family history and reveals how it has shaped her thinking and her career.
    You cannot erect a strong building on a faulty foundation. 
    And this philosophy is certainly relevant right now as we are witnessing a worldwide human rights movement triggered by George Floyd’s tragic death.
    But, do we have the foundational beliefs to facilitate an honest conversation? And then do we have the wherewithal to follow through and implement?    
    The current human rights movement has again highlighted how our world is sharply divided into “haves” and “have-nots”. If you are fortunate enough to be among the more privileged, how can you do your bit to uplift the have-nots?
    Tune in for some thought-provoking insights on how to build a more harmonious future. We hope you enjoy this show!
    What You Will Learn In This Show
    What does a futurist precisely do? How does our past affect our future? Do our foundational beliefs enable us to have a safe and honest conversation And so much more…

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    5 | Lex Gillette Talks "Vision"

    5 | Lex Gillette Talks "Vision"

    In today’s show, Phil interviews Lex Gillette, a blind paralympic athlete and motivational speaker from Raleigh, North Carolina.
    Our main theme for today’s show is the word, “vision”.
    When Lex was just 8, he lost his eyesight in a freak accident.
    But this did not stop him from pursuing his first love - sports. Of course, Lex’s mother and coach helped him a great deal along the way.
    Lex shares his initial apprehensions when he first started competing as a member of the middle-school track team. For most of us, it is difficult to fathom the difficulties that a blind person faces…let alone, a blind athlete competing at the highest levels. In this segment of the show, Lex shares his training regimen and reveals how he learned to confidently navigate the environment around him. 
    In line with the main theme of the show, we talk quite a bit about seeing the big picture…a vision that will allow you to architect your own success. If you are at a low point in your life and are grappling with seemingly insurmountable challenges, how can you see hope and a different future? And, if you do see a different future, how can you muster up the ability to put your thoughts into action?
    Listeners will learn the importance of surrounding yourself with well-meaning friends and mentors who strongly believe in you.
    Hearing Lex shares all the practical difficulties that he faces on a daily basis will also make you realize how much you take for granted.
    What You Will Learn In This Show
    How surrounding yourself with well-meaning mentors and peers can help you overcome your biggest challenges How to develop a strong vision for your future and follow through on it The practical difficulties that blind people face on a day-to-day basis And so much more… Resources
    Lex Gillette

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    4 | Chris Lambert Talks "Competition"

    4 | Chris Lambert Talks "Competition"

    In today’s show of Words with Friends, Phil interviews Chris Lambert, a former professional sprinter from England. Chris, a Harvard graduate is also an Olympian.
    Our main topic for today’s show is the word, “competition”.
    We start this show by attempting to define what competition truly means. Athletes, professionals, and entrepreneurs have to deal with competition daily. But, are you really competing with your peers? Or are YOU your biggest competitor? Chris who managed to compete at the highest levels in professional sports has some interesting insights to share on this topic.
    The ONE thing that makes the difference between winning and losing is often how you handle the pressure. While some people cave in, others relish high-pressure situations. So, how can you develop the mental fortitude to handle pressure and give your 110% every time? Topics discussed here include tips for overcoming your fear of losing and the importance of enjoying some downtime.
    We talk a great deal about racism in sports. Are elite athletes discriminated against based on their race and color? Is a black man or woman more likely to encounter unfair treatment? And, can you overcome inequality through superlative performance?  
    Chris also goes on to share his take on the Black Lives Matter moment and some of his experiences from the corporate world.
     Tune in for some thought-provoking insights!
    What You Will Learn In This Show
    Why your true competition is with your own self How to handle the high-pressure situation and perform at your peak level Racial inequality in professional sports Can you overcome bias and racial inequality through superlative performance? And much, much more...

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    3 | Denise Jacobs Talks "Criticism"

    3 | Denise Jacobs Talks "Criticism"

    In today’s show of Words with Friends, Phil interviews author, speaker, and creativity evangelist Denise Jacobs.
    Our main theme is the word, “criticism”.
    Most people are not receptive to criticism. When criticized, most of us tend to become defensive and look for faults in other people instead of looking inwards.
    This is because pointing a finger is way easier than indulging in painful introspection.
    When others criticize us or we are brave enough to do some self-criticism, often we question our deep-set beliefs that we had for many years.
    But, is criticism really necessary for self-improvement?
    Another school of thought suggests that criticism gets in the way of creativity and prevents us from performing at a peak level. Those who have an extreme fear of criticism are even paralyzed into total inaction.
    In the next segment of the show, we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, and how it is forcing us to question and rethink our deeply ingrained beliefs and our actions.
    Racial inequality has existed in our society for ages.
    It is surprising how often inequality tends to rear its ugly head – and often in subtle ways.
    While George Floyd’s tragic death has sparked a much-needed debate, as a society, are we really ready for an honest, no-holds barred conversation?
    Denise shares her own experiences to reveal how she has experienced racism at different junctures in her life.
    We hope you enjoy this show!
    What You Will Learn In This Show
    Is criticism really necessary for self-improvement? Does criticism hinder growth and creativity? Racial inequality in the workplace Are we really ready to have an honest, no-holds barred conversation on racial inequality? And much, much more…. Resources
    Banish the Inner Critic

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    2 | Tony Chatman Talks "Bias"

    2 | Tony Chatman Talks "Bias"

    In today’s show of Words with Friends, Phil interviews Tony Chatman. As a much sought-after speaker, Tony helps organizations and individuals facilitate complex conversations around diversity and inclusion both at work and in personal life.
    Our topic for today's show is the word, “Bias”.
    For the longest time, Tony deliberately steered away from talking about unconscious bias and diversity & inclusion. Being a Black guy, Tony was not sure how he would be perceived – and whether he would be able to get the right message across to his audience.
    Since he was a young boy, Tony has encountered bias that comes with being a Black man. From being told by parents that he had to dress better and be smarter than the crowd to make it in life to being constantly judged by total strangers, Tony shares various incidents that showcase our insensitive and flawed attitude.
    Tony points out that, contrary to our perception, we are not nearly as objective as we think when we are dealing with people of a different color, gender, religion, and race. We have some deeply ingrained prejudices that tend to manifest in some form of fashion.
    When you go out on the street, how often do you think that someone is safe simply because they “look safe”? Are you more likely to hire someone just because they “look like you”? Or, when you see a woman in a high position, is your first thought that she was hired because of affirmative action?
    So, how can we realize our flaws and make decisions that are correct from a scientific and human standpoint?
    “If you want to make a difference, you need our voice and not just our face”
    At this juncture, we also talk a bit about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it is affecting our behavior and decision making.
    Given the intense conversations triggered by this movement, there are many leaders and organizations that want to be seen doing the right thing. But, this box-ticking approach does not help us get closer to our objective of creating a truly inclusive workplace. 
    So, how can leadership approach unconscious bias in a truly authentic way? Is it really possible to eliminate bias completely?
    We discuss the importance of creating a safe work environment where people of color feel comfortable giving feedback.
    Other topics discussed in today’s show include increased exposure for eliminating bias, affinity bias, and cultivating accountability at the workplace.
    Listen to this thought-provoking show now! 
    What You Will Learn In This Show
    How to make people more aware of their biases How to make a conscious effort to overcome your bias How can leadership approach unconscious bias in a truly authentic way And so much more… Resources
    Tony Chatman

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    1 | Welcome To Season 4

    1 | Welcome To Season 4

    This season is different. In this season, we're going to tackle BIG topics, BIG conversations, things that matter right now, speaking to some people that really get it.
    They really understand what it's like. To be coming from a different position.
    Now, I am not exactly sure how this season is going to shape up.
    This show is for you, to give you access to people you may not be aware of and to deliver you some information that perhaps you weren't aware of.
    This podcast has always had one simple goal.
    The goal is for you to show up in the world with more empathy, to understand that there are other perspectives. And as you start to learn these other perspectives, about the way of the world right now, then what you might have is the ability to be able to shape the world differently.
    This journey starts as early as right now.
    I hope you not only learn something. I hope you do something with what you learn.
    Thank you for being a part of this journey. Thank you for listening.
    Let's get started in the first episode.

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2 Ratings

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