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Want to create your best year yet? Well, when is NOW a good time to start? It doesn't matter if it is 1 January, 19 November or ANY other day of the year, this podcast will make sure Your Best Year Starts Here!

Your Best Year Starts Here! with Nigel Risner and Neil Martin Neil Martin

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Want to create your best year yet? Well, when is NOW a good time to start? It doesn't matter if it is 1 January, 19 November or ANY other day of the year, this podcast will make sure Your Best Year Starts Here!

    218 - The Power of Saying No

    218 - The Power of Saying No

    Welcome back to "Your Best Year Starts Here" with your hosts, Neil and Nigel! In this energising episode, we delve into the transformative journey from exhaustion to exhilaration, illustrating the profound impact of self-care and strategic decision-making on personal and professional performance.

    Recovery and Performance: Nigel shares his remarkable turnaround from a state of energy depletion to delivering an outstanding presentation skills day. His experience underscores the critical importance of listening to our bodies and the undeniable connection between well-being and peak performance.
    The Art of Saying No: Discover the liberating power of saying no to good opportunities to make room for great ones. Nigel's personal anecdotes reveal how this practice opened doors to phenomenal opportunities, highlighting the significance of prioritising and making space for what truly matters.
    Time Investment: Neil and Nigel discuss the common challenge of managing time effectively, emphasizing the necessity of declining requests that detract from our primary goals. They offer insights into overcoming the fear of disappointment and the importance of committing fully to chosen endeavours.
    Self-Trust and Reflection: The conversation explores the importance of trusting one's instincts and the value of reflecting on past decisions. By examining where our attention has been most fruitful, we can make informed choices about where to focus our energies moving forward.
    Setting Boundaries: Nigel shares candid examples from his personal and professional life, demonstrating how setting boundaries and asserting oneself can lead to increased self-esteem and respect from others.
    Value vs. Price: A discussion on the delicate balance between the value we provide and the fees we charge. Neil and Nigel encourage listeners to stand firm on their worth and not to undermine their value through discounts, drawing a compelling analogy with the cost of refreshments at conferences.

    Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to your physical and mental health; it's the foundation of your ability to perform at your best.
    Prioritise Wisely: Learn to say no to opportunities that don't align with your goals or values, freeing you up to pursue what truly excites you.
    Invest Your Time: Treat your time like the precious resource it is. Say no to time-stealers and yes to activities that contribute to your growth and happiness.
    Trust Yourself: Have faith in your instincts and experiences. They are powerful guides in making decisions that serve your best interests.
    Maintain Your Value: Stand by the value you bring. Compromising on your worth not only affects your income but can also diminish the perceived value of your work.

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    217 - The Importance of Self-Care in Performance

    217 - The Importance of Self-Care in Performance

    In this heartfelt episode of "Your Best Year Starts Here," Neil Martin and Nigel Risner delve into a critical aspect of professional and personal life: the imperative of self-care and its direct impact on our performance. Join us as we navigate through Nigel's personal anecdote about confronting his limitations and the profound lessons it unfolds for all of us.

    Nigel's Candid Experience: Nigel opens up about his recent struggle with low iron levels, necessitating iron infusions, and how this physical ailment significantly impacted his professional obligations. Despite feeling unwell, he proceeded with a scheduled presentation, which, while well-received, was not up to his usual standard.

    The Interplay of Health and Performance: The episode underscores the often overlooked connection between our physical well-being and our professional output. Nigel's story illustrates how health issues can subtly undermine our capabilities, affecting the energy and quality we bring to our work.

    Acknowledging and Acting on Limitations: A pivotal takeaway from Nigel's experience is the courage it takes to acknowledge when we are not at our best and the wisdom in taking necessary steps to address it, even if it means rescheduling important commitments.

    The Ripple Effect of Compromised Performance: Nigel's reflection on his decision to push through his commitments serves as a reminder of the broader implications of not being in top form. It's not just about individual performance but also about how our state affects those around us, including colleagues, clients, and in Nigel's case, his audience.

    Self-Care as a Priority: This episode serves as a poignant reminder that taking care of oneself is not just a personal necessity but a professional responsibility. Ignoring early warning signs of fatigue or illness can lead to diminished quality of work and potentially more significant consequences.

    A Universal Lesson: While Nigel's story is rooted in his experiences as a speaker, the underlying message resonates across all professions. Recognizing and respecting our physical and mental limits is crucial, irrespective of our field of work.

    As we wrap up this episode, we are reminded of the critical balance between pushing through challenges and recognizing when to step back for our well-being. Let this episode be a reminder to listen to our bodies, prioritize self-care, and ensure that we are always performing at our best, not just for ourselves but for everyone around us.

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    216 - The One About Embracing Adventure and Growth

    216 - The One About Embracing Adventure and Growth

    Welcome to another insightful episode of "Your Best Year Starts Here," featuring your host, Neil Martin, and the ever-enthusiastic Nigel Risner. This week, we dive deep into the realms of personal growth, the spirit of adventure, and how embracing the unexpected can lead to a fulfilling life.

    Recap and Resolution: We kick off by revisiting a previous promise made by Nigel concerning the three crucial elements for a fulfilling life. Having momentarily forgotten the latter two in the previous episode, Nigel comes back with clarity and enthusiasm to share his insights.

    The Three Essential Elements:

    Sense of Purpose: Reiterated as the foundational element, having a clear sense of purpose guides all actions and decisions, serving as a compass for personal and professional growth.
    Capacity for Growth: Emphasized in the previous discussions, the ability and willingness to grow and evolve are vital in facing life's curveballs and embracing change.
    Spirit of Adventure: Introduced as the key element this episode, Nigel shares his personal take on the importance of seeking new experiences, pushing boundaries, and finding joy in the unexpected.

    Adventures and Experiences: Nigel shares personal anecdotes, from his transformative experience in the Masai Mara to planning future escapades in Botswana. These stories highlight the importance of stepping out of comfort zones and injecting fun and adventure into life.

    Planning and Flexibility: A significant portion of the discussion revolves around the balance between having a plan and being open to life's unpredictability. Neil and Nigel discuss the limitations of overly detailed long-term planning and advocate for a more flexible, goal-oriented approach.

    Comfort Zones and Growth: The conversation delves into the concept of comfort zones, the inevitability of facing challenges, and how growth often requires stepping into the unknown and embracing fear as a catalyst for development.

    Behavior and Alignment: Closing the episode, the duo touches on the importance of aligning actions with goals and values. They discuss the transformation of disciplines into habits and the impact of consistent, aligned behavior on achieving desired outcomes.

    Embrace the spirit of adventure and be open to new experiences as a pathway to growth.
    Balance planning with flexibility to navigate life's uncertainties effectively.
    Growth lies beyond comfort zones; facing and embracing challenges is essential for personal development.
    Align daily behaviors with long-term goals and values for a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

    Reflect on your sense of purpose and how it guides your actions and decisions.
    Identify areas for growth and consider new adventures or experiences that could contribute to your personal development.
    Review your planning approach and ensure it allows for flexibility and adaptation to unforeseen circumstances.
    Assess your daily behaviors and routines to ensure they align with your long-term vision and values.

    Join us next week for more insights and actionable advice to make this your best year yet. Remember, life is an adventure—embrace it, grow with it, and let your actions reflect your purpose.

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    215 - From Self-Worth to Speaking Out: The One About Authenticity and Support

    215 - From Self-Worth to Speaking Out: The One About Authenticity and Support

    Welcome to another enlightening episode of "Your Best Year Starts Here" with your hosts Neil Martin and Nigel Risner. Dive into a candid conversation filled with wit, wisdom, and the occasional jump in tonality. In this episode, we explore the importance of intuition, the continuous journey of learning, and the art of sharing knowledge and experiences.


    The Power of Podcasting and Friendship: Neil and Nigel kick off the episode reflecting on their dynamic partnership and the joy of reuniting for the podcast. They discuss how their intuitive understanding of each other and their banter makes the podcast special.

    Unremembered Plans: The duo acknowledges the plans they had made in previous episodes but humorously admit to forgetting them, leading to a spontaneous and organic discussion.

    A Lifelong Learning Journey: Nigel shares insights from a seminar by Jack Canfield, emphasizing the importance of always being open to learning. He introduces an acronym for LIFE: Letting Intuition Free Every Day, and discusses how trusting our intuition can simplify life.

    The Importance of Authenticity in Speaking: Nigel talks about his experiences speaking to diverse audiences without notes, relying on his intuition and genuine desire to help others. He stresses the importance of sharing one's truth and knowledge freely to make a positive impact.

    The Challenge of Continuous Learning: Both Neil and Nigel emphasize the danger of thinking we know everything. They encourage listeners to remain students of life, constantly seeking new knowledge and perspectives.

    The Value of Support and Community: The conversation shifts to the importance of supporting others, especially highlighting the need for more women speakers and the challenges they face. They discuss the nuances of support within communities and the importance of not undermining one's value.

    Self-Worth and Compensation: A candid discussion on the importance of valuing oneself and one's services. Nigel shares personal anecdotes about setting fees and the challenges of balancing generosity with self-respect.

    Closing Thoughts: The episode wraps up with a reminder of the importance of never stopping the learning process and always being open to new ideas and perspectives.

    Key Takeaway: This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom on the power of intuition, the never-ending journey of learning, and the importance of sharing knowledge. Neil and Nigel remind us that by staying true to ourselves, continuously seeking growth, and supporting one another, we can navigate life and business more effectively and compassionately.

    Join us next week for more insights and inspiration as we continue to explore the pathways to making this your best year yet. Don't forget to share your thoughts and takeaways with us!

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    214 - From Scrambled Eggs to Life's Mission

    214 - From Scrambled Eggs to Life's Mission

    In this heartfelt episode of "Your Best Year Starts Here," Neil Martin and Nigel Risner delve into the profound topic of finding and following one's sense of purpose. Nigel, with his captivating storytelling, shares insights from his own life and professional journey, emphasizing the importance of purpose, adventure, and growth.

    Key Highlights:

    Sense of Purpose: Nigel revisits a mantra that has guided him for years, highlighting the necessity of having a sense of purpose, a spirit of adventure, and the capacity for growth in one's life. He elaborates on how a clear sense of purpose has always directed him towards inspiring and empowering others.

    Integrity and Mission: Nigel discusses the challenges of staying true to one's purpose, especially in situations that might not align with one's core values, like speaking engagements where alcohol is involved. This segment underscores the importance of integrity in professional settings.

    Everyday Purpose: The conversation turns to how a sense of purpose influences daily decisions and relationships. Nigel shares personal anecdotes to illustrate how losing sight of one's purpose can lead to dissatisfaction and disconnection.

    Simple Pleasures and Basic Needs: Nigel humorously recounts his experiences with hotel breakfasts, using them as a metaphor for the importance of being heard and understood. These stories serve as a reminder that it's often the simple things in life that matter most.

    The Power of Sharing Purpose: The episode concludes with a reflection on the impact of sharing one's purpose with others. Neil and Nigel encourage listeners to communicate their purpose to those around them, fostering understanding and support.

    Listener Takeaways:

    Reflect on your own sense of purpose and consider how it influences your daily life and decisions.
    Stay true to your values and mission, even when faced with challenges or temptations that might steer you off course.
    Appreciate the simple things in life and recognize their role in fulfilling your sense of purpose.
    Share your purpose with others to build connections and find support in your journey.

    Engage with Us:

    We'd love to hear how you're finding and following your sense of purpose. Share your stories with us on social media or send us a message. If there's a topic you'd like us to discuss in future episodes, let us know!

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    213 - The Art of Waiting: Patience in a 'Now' Economy

    213 - The Art of Waiting: Patience in a 'Now' Economy

    Welcome back to "Your Best Year Starts Here" with Episode 213! In this week’s episode, we dive into the theme of patience and waiting, exploring how these virtues play a crucial role in both our personal and financial lives.

    The Paradox of Patience: We kick off the episode with a discussion on the modern struggle with patience, especially in an age where instant gratification is the norm. The expectation to have everything 'now' has been exacerbated by services like Amazon, making the traditional virtue of patience seem almost obsolete.

    A Personal Bitcoin Story: Nigel shares a fascinating encounter in Barbados, leading to an impromptu investment in Bitcoin. This anecdote serves as a backdrop to discuss the broader theme of waiting and investing in things we might not immediately understand but can offer unexpected returns over time.

    The Concept of T.I.M.E.: We explore the acronym T.I.M.E. ("Things I Must Earn"), emphasizing the importance of investing time and resources into ventures that may require patience but promise potential growth.

    Investment vs. Expenditure: The conversation delves into the distinction between spending money on ephemeral pleasures versus investing in assets like Bitcoin, where the value may fluctuate but also holds the potential for significant returns.

    The Psychology of Waiting: We discuss how the act of waiting can be a strategic and beneficial practice, not just in financial investments but also in personal growth and relationships.

    The Power of Perseverance: The episode concludes with a profound insight into perseverance, defined as the product of patience and persistence. This formula encourages listeners to stay the course, highlighting that success often comes to those who are willing to wait and work for it.

    "Time stands for Things I Must Earn."
    "Patience, particularly around things you are willing to lose anyway, you never know what's going to come back."
    "If you are giving someone attention to get something back from it, you are really taking from the relationship."
    "Perseverance is patience multiplied by persistence."

    Episode 213 is a thoughtful exploration of the lost art of waiting and the strategic patience required in today's fast-paced world. Whether it's a financial investment, personal growth, or nurturing relationships, the ability to wait can lead to unexpected and often rewarding outcomes. Join us as we unpack these themes, share personal anecdotes, and perhaps inspire you to embrace the wait in your journey to making this your best year yet.

    Remember, your best year starts right here!

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
79 Ratings

79 Ratings

Holistic Soulcat ,

A brilliant, motivating blast of positivity!

I heard Neil speaking at an online event and loved his positivity. I was going through a tough time and he helped me re-evaluate my situation and alter my mindset. I sought out his book and this podcast and now I love listening to him and Nigel play off each other, have a laugh and give great advice on how to live your best life. It helps keep me focussed, motivated and up-beat. Thanks N

Craigy Seemon ,

Five Stars - great podcast

I first saw Neil and Nigel at a works conference and both men were glowing on stage dropping knowledge and motivational bombs all over the show! I’m so pleased to say this Podcast is no different, in-fact it’s better as it’s just them.

Can’t wait until we’re out of lockdown to see the crowd these two bring in, it will be powerful. I’ll certainly be one of them.

AmyRowl ,

Podcast which packs a punch!

Really enjoy the dynamic between Nigel and Neil. Great conversational style where they both share their valuable insights and experiences.

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