On the Every Mom Needs a Friend podcast, Anna, a mom of two who is embarking on her 4th cross-country move with her husband, will take up a bite-sized chunk of your day to chat about things that all moms go through and how she’s worked through them. She’s been lonely, she’s had to go through big decisions, and she hasn’t always enjoyed life, but she’s made it to today. So that’s what she’ll talk about, her “today.”

Every Mom Needs a Friend Anna Duffy

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On the Every Mom Needs a Friend podcast, Anna, a mom of two who is embarking on her 4th cross-country move with her husband, will take up a bite-sized chunk of your day to chat about things that all moms go through and how she’s worked through them. She’s been lonely, she’s had to go through big decisions, and she hasn’t always enjoyed life, but she’s made it to today. So that’s what she’ll talk about, her “today.”

    Closing the Loop

    Closing the Loop

    Ever found yourself knee-deep in unfinished tasks, feeling like a browser with far too many tabs open? My latest heart-to-heart explores the amusing irony of my struggle with 'closing the loop,' where I take you through the winding paths of a year's worth of thoughts and the pivotal role of completion in our multifarious lives. 

    Now switch gears with me to the profound impact of communication and the fruits of the Spirit on marriage—an intertwining of personal anecdotes and spiritual guidance. Grasp how a simple act like holding hands amidst discord can be a lifeline of understanding, and get a glimpse of what's brewing with an upcoming series on the transformative power of perspective. So, let's raise our coffee cups to the art of reconnection and the anticipation of where we might be led next; this conversation is one you'll want to circle back to time and again.

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    IF Gathering 2024: Friendships from Around the Country

    IF Gathering 2024: Friendships from Around the Country

    Even though If Gathering celebrated a decade of uplifting women in faith, I have to say it was the tapestry of friendships that shone brightest in my heart. As always the worship and speakers were superb, but it was the fellowship that flourished among old friends and new that I'll remember most.

    I'm super sad that we won't be able to get together in 2025, but rest assured, 2026 we will be back together and I hope all y'all join me!

    Love y'all deep xoxoxoxo

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    The Gift of Gab

    The Gift of Gab

    Even as a self-proclaimed extrovert, I confess to moments of hesitation in my ability to converse effectively, and together, we'll unpack the strategies to not only improve our chit-chat but turn it into an art form.

    Ready to disarm social anxiety and prepare like a pro for any interaction? We're breaking down the Christopher technique of inquiry, a method designed to peel back the layers of one's experiences and forge genuine connections that go beyond surface-level exchanges. From the historical significance of the 'gift of gab' to the contemporary need for finding common ground, our conversation is a treasure chest of anecdotes, humor, and the shared pleasure of human connection. Whether you consider yourself a social butterfly or someone looking to spread their conversational wings, this episode offers insights and techniques that promise to revitalize how you engage with the world around you.

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    Is People Pleasing Good or Bad?

    Is People Pleasing Good or Bad?

    Have you ever found yourself nodding along in agreement, your lips saying 'yes' when your heart screamed 'no'? Join me as I peel back the layers of my own 'yes' habit, revealing the raw struggle of a chronic people pleaser. Together, we embark on a personal odyssey to understand the why's and how's of setting boundaries and the transformative potential of learning to say 'no'. Our conversation leads us down the path of introspection, examining not only my quest for external validation but the deeper spiritual implications that influence our need to be accepted. We strip away the facade of selflessness, bringing to light the true nature of people pleasing – a pursuit often rooted in avoiding conflict and the discomfort that accompanies being authentic.

    Hear me that I am totally working through this alongside you. And I share with you vulnerably how I have struggled bad with this in the past and how there has to be an end at some point. Especially with kids and a marriage at stake. 

    So let's chat about people pleasing! What are your thoughts? Head over to the instagram after today's episode to talk about it with me!

    xoxoxo love y'all deep!

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    Jesus waits with Bated Breath for YOU

    Jesus waits with Bated Breath for YOU

    Feeling overwhelmed by life's relentless pressures, I found myself at a crossroads, questioning the joy in recording our conversations and sharing my journey with you. The raw truth is, like many of you, I've been running through dreamlike mud, feeling stuck, and at times, losing my grip on the spiritual grounding that has always anchored me. Today, I open up about those intimate struggles, the mental barriers, and the transformative power of faith that guides us through. As we discuss the resilience symbolized by a cherished willow tree angel and the Japanese art of kintsugi, I invite you to find solace in the idea that our brokenness can pave the way to a more precious existence, enriched by divine grace.

    This episode also captures the palpable excitement from the annual IF Gathering, an event that never fails to enrich my spirit with insightful wisdom. As I recount the moments that struck a chord with me, I extend an invitation for you to accompany me on this enlightening journey over the coming weeks. We'll navigate the complexities of life's trials together, celebrating small victories and seeking the peace that faith assures us, even when the path ahead seems daunting. Join me, and let's uplift each other with stories of strength, healing, and the shared anticipation of growth that lies within our community. 

    Love y'all DEEP oxoxoxoxox

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    Voicememo #1

    Voicememo #1

    Life's curveballs have a way of testing our mettle, and this past week was no exception. Join me as I recount the rollercoaster of events that began with the excitement of my lifelong best friend's visit, and quickly escalated into a maelstrom of weather woes, household disasters, and health scares. From the laughter-filled anticipation of snow tubing and attending BSF, to the unexpected burst pipe and school cancellations, to my youngest daughter Poppy's alarming illness—this episode is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. As I share our family's journey through these trials, culminating in a contagious bug that swept through the household, you'll hear how we embraced the chaos, finding strength and humor in the face of adversity.

    Looking beyond the tumult, there's a smorgasbord of joy on the horizon. My taste buds are tingling at the thought of bringing Ina Garten's mouthwatering tomato crostata to a gathering of fellow food aficionados. The weeks ahead are brimming with promise—a family reunion of sorts at my cousin's performance in "Frozen," an invitation to don my detective hat at a murder mystery party, and the delights of a Galentine's celebration clashing with Super Bowl Sunday. And let's not forget the warm, engaging discussions to come at the women's conference in Dallas and the personal growth I'm ready to embrace. So, pour yourself a comforting cup and join me in savoring not just the culinary concoctions inspired by the Barefoot Contessa, but the rich tapestry of experiences and changes that lie ahead, all shared with heartfelt gratitude for your companionship on this journey.

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