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Welcome to Womanhood, The Podcast – a beautiful, casual conversational podcast exploring real, honest, and liberating conversations about womanhood. **Kinda like to a warm cup of tea and meandering conversations with girlfriends.

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Welcome to Womanhood, The Podcast – a beautiful, casual conversational podcast exploring real, honest, and liberating conversations about womanhood. **Kinda like to a warm cup of tea and meandering conversations with girlfriends.

    An Exploration Of Women & Nature With Claire Baker

    An Exploration Of Women & Nature With Claire Baker

    Hello gorgeous lady,
    This is episode 16 with Claire Baker.
    This conversation is everything that I dreamt of when I imagined having conversations about our Womanhood. Over the years Claire and I have had many deep and beautiful chats – and what I know for certain is that there is something very special and unique about her. Claire has such an evident, and genuine care of our collective womanhood – and a way of deeply honouring women. I admire that about her so much.
    Many years ago Claire Baker started talking about periods on the internet. And in my opinion lead the way in revolutionizing how we live and thrive as menstruating women. Claire’s teaching and friendship has been beautifully instrumental in reacquainting me with my own menstrual cycle and what it truly means to live as a forever changing, always evolving cyclic woman.
    If as a collective we continue to look in all the places, we are told to fear as women – I know Claire will be there holding the torch and lovingly bringing our menstruation out into the light for our reclaiming – and for that I am so SO grateful.
    It is my absolute pleasure to welcome the exquisite, Claire Baker to Womanhood.

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    An Identity Crisis & My Life Offline

    An Identity Crisis & My Life Offline

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    The Feminine Mother

    The Feminine Mother

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    Finding Your Personal Power

    Finding Your Personal Power

    Hi my love,
    This is episode 13 with Anna Richards.
    Anna was the first beautiful woman I reached out to for this new season as I knew her voice and her fire were needed as we continue to broaden the conversation of Womanhood. To use Anna's words, she roars. She stands big and loud and passionately for women – and humanity for that matter.
    Her ability to advocate for the claiming of our power as woman has taught me so much over the past 12 months - as the world continues to shape shift, I continue to turn toward Anna for guidance and wisdom.
    Her political insight, ability to inspire liberated action and stand for her truth over and over again is truly something else. Being in Anna's online vortex has certainly created such a deeper conviction within me - in my understanding of my human rights, how to successfully advocate for what I truly stand for and believe in or simply kicking my butt out of bed to get moving each day.
    Anna is the kind of woman I look to with such admiration and deep gratitude for the way she chooses to remind women every single day of their power.
    Starting her first online business at the age of 18, an online dating platform for 18 to 30 year olds, Anna got her first taste of the entrepreneurial spirit which hasn’t left her since.
    Life then took a different turn when she got head hunted at age 21 into Federal Politics where she would spend the next 4 years of her life working for a Federal Member of Parliament, learning the in’s and out’s of the Australian Political landscape and the walls of our nations Federal Parliament house.
    Anna’s passion for business proved too strong and at the age of 25 she found the Network Marketing model and in 5 short years, Anna earned her first million dollars in Network Marketing.
    Anna is the host of her own podcast ‘Anything Goes’ and the creator of Self Love School where she teaches the principles of thinking, moving, speaking, earning, and self-caring like you love yourself.
    Today she lives on the Gold Coast living her boldest, most unapologetic life imaginable.
    It is my absolute pleasure to welcome Anna Richardson to Womanhood.

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    The Full Spectrum Woman with Meg O'Sullivan

    The Full Spectrum Woman with Meg O'Sullivan

    Hi beautiful,
    This is episode eleven with Meg O’Sullivan.
    Meg would be best described as a woman beautifully willing to show you all of herself. A woman committed to allowing you to peak behind the curtain and the worn-out illusion of a women needing to appear to have it all together and instead you see this full, big and beautiful spectrum of her and her incredibly unique feminine nature.
    Meg is a real vibe.
    Her boldness and embodiment invite you into more pleasure, sexiness, messiness, realness and acceptance simply being in her presence.
    I admire Meg’s generous heart in sharing herself so intimately particularly through the lens of social media all in the name of our collective liberation as women.
    To me a reclamation of our womanhood feels synonymous with a claiming of our full spectrum – all the parts that make us up – all that make us whole. Today’s conversation is a beautiful opportunity and opening to feeling and being it all.
    Meg O'Sullivan. Is a Pleasure, Relationship & Embodiment Coach.-
    Helping ‘good girls’ own their WILD, reclaim their POWER & take up the space they’re here to inhabit.
    Once a people-pleasing-straight-A-good-girl who went red in the face with any kind of conversation about sex or pleasure. Meg’s journey started with food, then yoga, then plant medicine and then – her sexuality. With nothing as transformative or life changing than a reclamation of her saucy, sex-ed up and sensual self.
    Today Meg leads a life dripping in pleasure, sensuality, connection, play, love, intimacy, abundance & authenticity. Committed to supporting you to say ‘good bye’ to your ‘good girl’ & remember your WILD WOMAN.

    It is my absolute pleasure to welcome Meg O’Sullivan to womanhood.

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    A Reclamation Of Your Nature with Brittany Eastman

    A Reclamation Of Your Nature with Brittany Eastman

    Hi my love,
    This is episode eleven with Brittany Eastman.
    There is no better way to start a new season then with a conversation about free-thinking, originality and liberated living all through the unique lens of Brittany Eastman.
    In my humble opinion Brit is one of the best things on the internet with her ability to just be herself – so exquisitely and so unapologetically. Her words are like medicine, her wisdom so aged and effortless and her fierce alignment to self honour and personal liberation palpable in everything she touches.
    I believe to truly open up a conversation about our reclamation of womanhood it requires insight from women that doing it – day in, day out. In the mess, in mundane and the monumental. Women unafraid to be on the journey.
    And there are few women that fly that flag like Brit does.
    I ask my guests to provide a bio for me to prepare the opening intro – to which I received this. The most perfect, articulate and beautiful representation of the woman she is.
    She writes:
    As for a bio. Oooooph. That's a toughie for me - I don't normally provide bios or indulge in them too much.  Honestly, I'm not one for fancy descriptions of who I am and what I do, but I do consider myself a human first, then a mother and a maker.  I make and mother everything in my life with the same intentions - liberation and as little interference as possible.  This goes for my daughters, my relationships, my home, my health and my company.  I will admit, I do things in a fiery, sassy and a usually rebellious way and that suits me just fine.  So that's me - a sassy human, mother and maker.

    It is my absolute pleasure to welcome Brittany Eastman to womanhood.

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

vanesvibes ,

I felt connected & supported by the convo.

Jodi thank you for creating this magical podcast. I totally felt like I was part of the convo drinking my coffee. It felt refreshing, light, graceful and sooo embodied.

I appreciate you. Also, I love Hayley!

sukha11 ,

Intriguing & Rich

Heard the first podcast today. Provides the opportunity not only to grow, but to let go. Looking forward to more. Thank you Jody!

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