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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

    Josh Quigley (returns) – Finding the Path & Dreaming Big – EP170

    Josh Quigley (returns) – Finding the Path & Dreaming Big – EP170

    In this episode, I welcome back Josh Quigley to the show.

    Our first chat was in Feb/March 2018. Now, two years on, I wanted to check back in with you to see what’s been going on since. As you will hear, it’s been an eventful 2 years.

    We cover a lot. Here’s a summary:
    •A quick recap on Josh’s background.
    •Successful Young Employee,
    •Suicide Attempt – 2015 - survived
    •Video went viral…talking about it…5 years ago – Just on that – talking about mental health…a a lot of progress since!
    •A Turning Point for you…
    •Life since early 2018?
    oDecisions to go, stay, write, and more..
    oGoals of Health and Happiness of yourself and others
    •Helping to inspire others…
    •Detaching more from tech
    •Spending a lot of 2018 up and down and trying to find his path
    •On the 14th of April 2019, starting out on his 7th attempt to cycle around the world
    •This time I never looked back and cycled 14,500 miles crossing the entire length of Europe, Asia, and Australia
    •Learnings for you…
    oBike stole in London
    •Each time – learning from them?
    •Disaster in Josh’s words:
    oWith just 3,500 miles to go I was cycling across America when I was hit by a car.
    o21st December 2019 – an angel on your shoulder!
    o16k complete…
    oKnocked. Off the bike,
    oHit in Texas late in the evening
    oThe list of injuries…
    oLuckiest guy in the world!!
    oBanned from flying
    oAnother Turning Point?
    oMore determined than before..
    oResilience – what is it that drives you to go keep going
    oMindset now…
    oMentally – impact – resilience…get back up again

    Now – May 2020:
    •Goal setting – how has this changed
    •Lessons learned
    •Planning to complete the trip?
    •Future plans
    oProfessional cycling
    oHow do your levels compare?
    oWhat time would it take to get to this level?

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    About Self-Confidence & 9 Ways to Develop it! Me, mySELF, & EI Part 8 - EP169

    About Self-Confidence & 9 Ways to Develop it! Me, mySELF, & EI Part 8 - EP169

    Hi again & welcome to the series on Emotional Intelligence.
    In this one on Self-Confidence, I cover:
    •0 – 8:10 – The Introduction and definitions on Self-confidence, Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem
    •8:10sec – Self-Confidence & Confidence – Same or different and inward v outward
    •11:15 – The role of Self-Confidence in Emotional Intelligence - Am I taking a strong position?
    •18:20 – The importance of Self-Confidence, Benefits & links to Happiness
    •23:30 – People lacking Self-Confidence leave clues & low self-confidence
    •28:30 - People with High Self-Confidence & taking on a positive view
    •31:30 – 9 Approaches on How To Develop Greater Self-Confidence
    Books mentioned:
    •Emotional Intelligence – by Daniel Goleman
    Links to follow:
    •An Episode & Blog post that I put together about Self-confidence last year
    •Podcast - https://robofthegreen.ie/episodes/confidenceuncovered-ep112/
    •Blog - https://robofthegreen.ie/2019/05/27/confidence-uncovered/
    •Overall Self-Confidence Deep Dive - https://positivepsychology.com/self-confidence/
    •Self-Efficacy - self-efficacy
    •Practice Perseverance -- http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/psp/84/4/822/

    If you’re interested in more details on what was covered in this episode, would like to explore your own Emotional Intelligence deeper, I’d be happy to discuss this further and look at coaching opportunities.
    Please do get in touch via email at Rob@robofthegreen.ie or connect in over any of the social channels - @robofthegreen

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    Paidi O'Reilly - 1% Better Live - Innovation, Mindsets, & 7 Year Cycles - EP168

    Paidi O'Reilly - 1% Better Live - Innovation, Mindsets, & 7 Year Cycles - EP168

    This was the first live in a while and the first where we had a decent audience over zoom.

    Thanks to all that attended.

    A brief outline of what we covered below. Enjoy the interview.

    What was the most recent thing you’ve learned that has been useful?
    What was your earliest memory?
    What did / do you want to be when you GROW UP?
    Growing up, who was your biggest influence?
    Up to the age of say 18 – is there a standout moment / choice / decision you made – that worked out or regret? What is it?
    PhD – Higher Ed – Was that a big decision?
    Alexander Osterwalder’s myths of Innovation
    Learned skill v born innovative
    Tools that can be used in this area?
    You and COVID19 – as an innovator, thinker, lecturer,

    How has this challenged your thinking
    How do you avoid common biases?
    What has changed for you?
    Habits / Practices?
    What’s not?
    General Wrap up:

    What is your superpower?
    Questions from audience

    Connect with Paidi on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/paidioreilly/

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    Lorraine Shine - How to be Successful in the Interview Process? - EP167

    Lorraine Shine - How to be Successful in the Interview Process? - EP167

    This one is definitely for the times we’re in where so many people are now back on the job marketing looking for work. It many cases, they have not had to ‘do up’ their CV/resume in a long time or have had to prepare for an interview either.

    So, I thought it would be very worthwhile to have Lorraine Shine, Founder and CEO Career and Interview Success, to come on to the show and walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

    Lorraine provides complete career management support from A-Z ranging from Career Direction/ Career Transition Coaching to the practicalities of CV updating and tailoring, Job Search Strategies and Interview skills.

    While we tried to cover as much as we could in the time allotted, I’m sure you’ll still have some questions I didn’t ask. No worries. Lorraine’s details are at the end of the notes and how to connect in with her. We could also do a live Q&A follow up if that’s something of interest. Do get in touch.

    Outlined below is the main sections and topics covered during the interview with Lorraine. I hope you find it useful and actionable.

    About Lorraine & her coaching journey
    •A bit about how you got into the field you’re now into?
    •Your own journey to become an expert in this area
    •A deep dive into the Self & Self-awareness
    •Taking control of your own career and where you wanted to take it?
    •Always focused on People
    •Takeaways and learning from the coaching journey
    •How Emotional Intelligence played an important part in her career
    •Making the decision to go out on her own and set up her business

    Key Point #1 – Get into the right physical & mental sides right
    oThe importance of looking after yourself as you step into the job search process
    oFocus on what is within your control – physically and mentally
    oEnsure exercise is a daily priority
    oMake sleep a key focus – even if you don’t have to commute or travel as much
    oBuilding a routine is crucial
    oBuild out a social media plan so you’re not being overwhelmed with too much information
    oSetting yourself NOVID days
    oMute WhatsApp Groups
    oDelete Apps from your phones
    oUse the Screen time reports
    oSet competitions or gamify how little you spend on your social media tools

    Key Point #2 – How to apply for positions and roles
    •Make a simple plan for you
    •Pick top 3 things – a level, industry, and website (where to go)
    •Look at job websites that are relevant
    •Set up email job alerts so you get updates daily based on these preferences
    •Let your friends and family know you’re looking and specifying what you would consider in a role – they will be listening posts for you in your search
    •Be specific in the information you share so they don’t make assumptions
    •What are the best sites to look at?
    oLinkedIn is the best – use this
    •Don’t forget to tap into your network – ex-clients and colleagues
    •Work on creating your daily of good connections / potential future colleagues

    Key Point #3 – Getting the CV / Resume into good shape
    •The CV hasn’t changed a lot over the last 18 years
    •Job seekers are much more savvy in how they tailor their CV for a role and make them less generic
    •It’s very easy to spot a generic CV – avoid this at all costs
    •Look at the job spec and go through it with a close eye
    •Spend time thinking about what the hiring manage might look for?
    •Put yourself in their shoes!!!
    •Only 20-30% stand out in general
    •What is the recommended length of a CV? – depend on experience & role?
    •What do employers regard as an impressive or stand out CV?
    •What are the tactics to get your CV noticed?
    •Cover letter? Or Cover Video?
    •How to stand out?
    •Cover letter that has graphics on it – showing skill levels in specific areas,...

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    Dr. Tasha Eurich - Internal & External Self-Awareness & The Dinner of Truth - Me, mySELF, & EI Part 7 - EP166

    Dr. Tasha Eurich - Internal & External Self-Awareness & The Dinner of Truth - Me, mySELF, & EI Part 7 - EP166

    Tasha Eurich, Ph.D., is an Organisational Psychologist, researcher, and New York Times bestseller. She’s the author of two awesome books (Bankable Leadership and Insights) and her TED talks have been viewed in the tens of millions of times.
    So, I was thrilled when she agreed to be a guest on the show. It was without a doubt one of my favorite conversations I’ve had in this entire podcasting learning journey so far. The timing was perfect too as it aligns up excellently with the Me, mySELF, & EI series as we continue to deep dive into the area of Self-Awareness.
    The interview is absolutely packed with insights Tasha has discovered from her own career journey as well as from the research she’s done for her books and from her consulting and executive coaching practice that she’s been running for the last decade.
    I could have written a small book from the notes I took during the edit of this one but here are some of the key points & takeaways:
    •Earliest Memory from the age of 6 with her mother following her around and seeing how much of a positive impact business and leaders can make on the people's lives…
    •Having a very clear moment of discovering her life purpose – thinking of business psychology – moved to NY and took a small summer school course – the heavens opened up – knew straight away this was it!
    •The role of luck in success, with Hard work & paying attention!!
    •The power of paying attention
    •First book – Bankable Leadership from 2013 – codify what she learned about leadership!
    •Key learning - finding the tension between making people happy v driving results – most leaders had a preference
    oA cool parent leader
    oA trail of dead bodies leader
    oDoing dozens of research to see best leaders are good at both
    •3 steps to becoming a better leader?
    1.Knowing one's self
    2.Picking one thing
    3.Practicing every day!!
    •First Ted talk focused on this and the self-awareness piece emerged
    •The rise of Self-Awareness and why it’s become so important
    1.Know thyself has been there forever – philosophy
    2.Really on started in the last half of 1900 – but not good research is done on it
    •Business leaders started to look at self-awareness more in the last decade to deal with the speed of change
    •Leaders can’t rely on what got them where they are today
    •Why Tasha believes Self-Awareness is the Meta skill of the 21st Leader….
    •The deep focus on data and research
    •Ted Talk on Self-Awareness….
    3.How to get more of it!

    •2 Types of people – those who think they are v actually are?
    •The most surprising finding – survey 300 people…T=the more people reflect, the more self-aware they’d be?
    1.In truth, it showed the exact opposite – less self-aware?
    •Question – is self-awareness actually good?
    •Introspection is not bad, it’s the HOW it’s done is the issue
    •95% of people believe they are self-aware, 10% are!
    •How can people start doing things differently?
    •Finding 50 people that didn’t start out as self-aware but improved self-awareness – what did they do?
    1.The Paradox that arose – feeling confident but also knowing more they could learn!
    2.Paradox – Confidence and Curiosity!
    •Self-compassionate curiosity – like exploring space…. there is always more to know
    •Key lesson – a braver but wiser mindset
    •Be open to recalibrating the mindset!
    •Don’t put pressure on yourself from 0 to 60 overnight
    •Everyday Insights to improve Self-Awareness is the key
    •What patterns were uncovered with the 50 people that were more self-aware?
    1.None based on demographics
    2.A belief in seeing themselves clearly
    3.A commitment to improving themselves daily
    •Data showed – people who introspected were more stress and less happy / less control
    •The more you introspect, the greater the negative...

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    Me,mySELF, & EI Part 6 - Self-Assessments & Emotional Capital Reports with John Broderick - EP165

    Me,mySELF, & EI Part 6 - Self-Assessments & Emotional Capital Reports with John Broderick - EP165

    Hope you’re enjoying the series so far.

    Up to now, we’ve covered a general primer on EI, an interview on SELF, and then 2 Parts on Self-Awareness (with another interview to come soon on this topic).

    Now today – it’s all about self-assessment – and finding out what your EQ (score) or in this case the ECR is. It’s very important to get a baseline – where you’re at!!

    My Guest is John Broderick, a Founding Director of Roche Martin Ltd.

    John Broderick is a consulting psychologist with considerable experience in assessment, training, coaching and teaching in emotional intelligence assessment, leadership development and psychometrics.

    He is a qualified trainer in a range of psychometric tools, the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and ECR360, the MMPI-2, & NEO personality Inventory. Along with his Australian colleague and business partner, Dr Martyn Newman, he has spearheaded training in Emotional Intelligence, leadership and professional coaching in Ireland.

    He is a founding Director of Roche Martin Ltd, a leadership development company. John has also worked for several years in third level counselling, research and development.

    A registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and founder member of the Division of Counselling Psychology, he is also a member of the Coaching Psychology Group in PSI and the Irish branch of the Association For Coaching. 

    I was delighted to sit with John when he was in Cork in February and talked about his own Emotional Intelligence Journey and deep dived into the area of psychometrics and how these are used in emotional intelligence and assessing clients.

    Topics covered:

    The use of psychometrics in counselling psychologist in his early career
    First discovering emotional intelligence in around 2001
    Finding EI making so much sense when understanding it
    A lovely complement to personality testing work John was doing
    The model John was focused on the Baron EQ-I measurement tool / survey on EI – published in 1997
    Looking at the factors, apart from IQ, that is enabling people get on well in life and helping them to be successful
    Understanding the value of EI assessments
    Benefits of EI assessment tools
    The magic of using a measurement tool in a coaching engagement
    It’s all about standing back from your own experience and discussing the results
    Looking at the different competencies from the Emotional Capital Report
    Graphs from Psychometrics help create a conversation
    Key areas to focus on:
    Having a solid psychometric - ensure the assessment meets rigours testing
    Can you as a coach open up areas of conversation using the results – The ECR gives you a language to explore areas
    The Language of EQi wasn’t well applied to Leadership – this was the gap that John identified
    Paying attention to Emotions in the workplace has a huge benefit leading to success
    A new psychology of leadership using Emotional Capital
    The ECR was normed on Business People
    How the 10 competencies were selected for the ECR Report
    What were the key competencies that distinguished (using 145 papers & 6 PhD thesis used) – rationalized from 20 down to 10 skills – these became the basis of the report
    How to interpret the scores from an Emotional Capital Report
    Dealing with the anxiety from any assessment or test
    Key to remove this type of conversation – this is about what you are trying to achieve
    Define what you want to achieve first and then look at the competencies
    Train coaches to build a conversation with a Coachee before seeing any result
    Identify what are the areas of opportunity before looking at the scores/competencies
    This is key – work on these first and then look at the report and see if there is a mapping (as it relates to the benchmark to others!!!!)
    Eg – self-reliance – what...

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