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Two friends get together every week to talk three topics across pop culture current events and whatever is on their minds

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Two friends get together every week to talk three topics across pop culture current events and whatever is on their minds

    Episode 11 - Instant Karma

    Episode 11 - Instant Karma

    The boys are slurring words and talking nonsense in this episode of 3withZee. The discuss the 90's, what caused Christian to skip school, and a preview of a Christmas special. Christian also says so heinous shit about Anthony Bourdain

    This weeks' topics are Death Note, Anthony Bourdain, and Solo: A Star Wars Story

    • 57 min
    Episode 10 - She Took It Bad Pretty Much

    Episode 10 - She Took It Bad Pretty Much

    The guys return with special guest Sarkastic Desperado!

    Is it ever a good time to make fun of your wife? What documentary puts the guys in a bad mood? Where are those jet engines?! Would you lie about a cat?

    Questions and arguments abound in the longest episode yet when topics include Evil Genius, God of War and Top 5 Favorite Conspiracies

    5:18 - John makes a joke
    7:10 - The guys explain the name of this podcast
    11:05 - Evil Genius
    23:47 - Barry season finale
    25:50 - God of War
    34:45 - Zee's analysis of Rob
    36:30 - Sports movies
    40:00 - Top 5 Favorite Mount Rushmore of Conspiracy Theories
    1:28:50 - Listener advice

    • 1 hr 31 min
    Episode 9 - Disrespecting Moth Man

    Episode 9 - Disrespecting Moth Man


    This week the guys gather to talk about the merits of Flat Earth vs Hollow Earth, the capture of the Golden State Killer (This gets pretty dark.)

    At 58 minutes in, The guys talk about their reaction to Avengers: Infinity War. FULL BLOWN SPOILERS

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Episode 8 - Hard To Get Through

    Episode 8 - Hard To Get Through

    The guys return to discuss three topics (and cover 30.) This week topics include Westworld, a News Roundup, and Infinity Wars predictions.

    They end up talking about Zee's big date, Zee's dissatisfaction with drone technology, Nakamura's new music, a bad movie trailer, who should die in the MCU and adequate size for a TV. How do you like your Hot Sauce?

    01:30 - Zee's Date
    13:50 - West World
    23:34 - First Sponser
    25:25 - Round up
    25:30 - WrestleMania
    33:25 - Bill Cosby
    34:50 - Trump makes a phone call
    36:04 - Venom Trailer
    36:55 - Infinity War predictions (no spoilers, neither had seen the movie yet)
    40:20 - Rob's Hawkeye movie
    44:40 - Supernatural
    46:28 - New Segment
    47:46 - The Greatest Email Ever Written

    • 55 min
    Episode 7 - Who is Lily?

    Episode 7 - Who is Lily?

    It's episode 7 of 3withZee! This weeks topics are the new HBO show Barry, Fallout 4, and Geek War! Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. The guys go international discussing accents in sci fi, shopping addiction, and peculiar gaming habits. It's a riot.

    11:17 HBO's Barry
    21:23 Fallout 4
    32:20 Zee tells a sad sad story
    44:08 Nerdfight/Geek WAR! What is better: Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings

    email us at 3withZee@gmail.com to complain or comment

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Episode 6 - Hot Ants

    Episode 6 - Hot Ants

    Welcome to Episode 6, the most tangent filled episode yet! This week topics are Better: Book or Moive; Stormy Daniels, and the Marvel Universe. Tim joins the guys to talk Macho Man, Chivalry, and Zee's poor choices in love, tattoos and meeting celebrities.

    5:30 Book or Movie
    30:45 Spoilers for Murder on the Orient Express
    33:10 Stormy Daniels
    40:32 Marvel
    41:22 Zee embarrasses himself in front of his favorite actor
    44:42 Back to Marvel

    • 1 hr 9 min

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