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A comedy pop culture podcasts like no other! Come for the content (Movies, Bingeables, Trailer Talk, Geek News and Top 7 lists) and stay for the hosts! Come join the geek revolution!

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A comedy pop culture podcasts like no other! Come for the content (Movies, Bingeables, Trailer Talk, Geek News and Top 7 lists) and stay for the hosts! Come join the geek revolution!

    Bigger, Thicker, and Uncut: Extended Edition

    Bigger, Thicker, and Uncut: Extended Edition

    The gang returns, kind of, to discuss among many things: A movie about a talking goat that's voiced by Neil Gaiman. Jennifer Lawrence goes full frontal but was it really her? Either way, Cole finds the whole thing very cringe worthy. Natalia Grace gives a curious case on HBO Max. Jay and Grant burned through this documentary with a Tiger King like fury! Also, Grant shares a childhood story of going gay for one night only with some friends which leads us to contemplate the $100 million dollar question of “How much would it take to stray outside of your sexual comfort zone?”. 
    This episode is an extended version of the 5th episode from the Summer Series. 
    Thanks for listening. 
    More to come...

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    Ep 5:Summer Series: The Mysterious Case of Natalia Grace and TK1's Indecent Proposal

    Ep 5:Summer Series: The Mysterious Case of Natalia Grace and TK1's Indecent Proposal

    We're back once again with a very thought provoking episode. First we celebrate our very own TK1 turning 50 years old! Then The Angry Ginger tells the story of a family who adopted a 6 year old special needs child with Dwarfisim that may not be special needs and might be an actual adult disguising herself so she can murder her new family! This is all told on the facinating documentary The Mysterious Case of Natalia Grace! (MAX)
    Kyle Geeks out about the Witcher but swears it's the writing and not her "regions" that keeps her facinated with the show... so far. 
    Grant brings a trailer to the show where Simon Pegg is investigating the story of a small town that has a talking goat. Voiced by Neil Giaman. 
    We also go down a rabbit hole beginning with Grant sharing a story from the late 1980's where he regals the days of hanging out with some friends at the gay bars because they were actual dance clubs before dance clubs were dance clubs... one thing leads to another and suddenly the 100 million dollar question gets asked. Thats all I'm going to say! 
    Wonka is coming and the question of "Did this movie need to get made" gets asked. Also, this takes us into stupid Woke territory and then we move to the second season of The Wheel of Time. Cole loves the books and likes the series, so he shares his issues of what works and what doesn't! 

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    Drinking Through Rose Colored Glasses with Neighbor Cole

    Drinking Through Rose Colored Glasses with Neighbor Cole

    Taking a pause in the "Summer Series" but we'll be back next week with more of that, in the meantime, here is the second half to an episode that began on Deconstructing Dad this week called "Binge Eating and Post Urination Drip with Neighbor Cole" In that episode we discuss among many things, Cole's relationship with food and his fast food order that shouldn't be laughed at... but it's us... so it is! 
    Go listen to Part One over at Deconstructing Dad firstly. 
    In this episode, after a few more drinks, we talk about the slow and quiet death of 7 Days a Geek when he decided to quit the show. Ginger takes blame, Cole just wants to know he was missed. A brief conversation about his time on FACPA and Matt being the Meme God is discussed before we spend the bulk of this episode going down the Weekly Watch Party memory lane. Thank God there's still a spreadsheet cuz we're 17 sheets past 2 sheets in the wind. Quadfather is missed but we wouldn't have changed anything with that reboot.
    Thanks so much for listening. Please Rate and Review this podcast and if you've not subscribed you can do that as well so you won't miss the return of the "Summer Series" next week! 
    Love you and Thankful for you! 

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    Ep 4: Summer Series: Armie Hammer's Two Tiered Safe Words

    Ep 4: Summer Series: Armie Hammer's Two Tiered Safe Words

    The Stream Team returns this week to not only geek out about all things streaming BUT this episode also works as a bit of a Pilot Episode to a new and upcoming podcast coming from Monkey Poo Studios!!! 
    Neighbor Cole brings Lady Villa to the show for the first time, since the last time, to share in all the geeky debachery! And there's a bunch of that this week! 
    In the News:
    Cole questions what it is that an Intamacy Coordinator does, while an actual one gets offended at The Idol using thier profession as a joke in the first episode of MAX's (hit?) show. 
    JLo's MOTHER is now the 6th most watched English language film on Netflix. 
    Marvel and Sony announce more movie dates. Evil Dead Rises is coming to Max and Netflix brings onomatopoeia to thier Tudum summer special! 
    Geeking Out:
    Ginger watches The Idol, and is more shocked at how the world is shocked by it's premise and promiscuous nature. 
    Not Producer Kyle can't wait for The Witcher season 3 so she's preparing to go Nuclear on a new docuseries till it's release next month. 
    Neighbor Cole and Lady Villa discuss him going full R word at Menards. He was a good boy so he got Taco's. 
    We all break down House of Hammer without Grant The Kilted One, which is probably best because the rest of the episode gets so naughty that it needs more than one safe word to get to completion! 

    • 1 hr 54 min
    Ep 3 Summer Series: Death By Treadmill to The Flash Across The Spider-Verse

    Ep 3 Summer Series: Death By Treadmill to The Flash Across The Spider-Verse

    Your favorite neighborhood Stream Team returns this week with so much to geek out about! But firstly Grant (A.K.A. The Kilted One) attempts to bring us the Good G'news with Gary G'new and we just aren't having it! 
    Speaking of the News!
    The Rock announces he's back baby! Back in the Fast and Furious Cinematic Universe! He's announced that he and Vin Deisel have buried the hatchet and he will be returning as Hobb's but it sounds like he will be Hobbless without his Shaw. 
    Tom Cruise waves his HUGE Maverick-like clout at the people of IMAX and demands that Christopher Nolan moves his big 600 pound gorilla of a movie... and while he's at it, he can take Barbie's Pink flick with her as well. 
    In Geeking Out:
    Our Neighbor Cole doesn't wanna close his eyes cuz and he don't wanna miss a thing, when he returns to Micheal Bay's Armaggedon. For his own mental health, he refuses to hold back the floodgate of tears! 
    House of Hammer wasn't watched by all so we decide to hold back for another week or so, so everyone can take in this depravity of a documentary that we question "How much of this is a hit piece?" Though we all agree that Armie Hammer is a real piece of Sh**! Not before Angry Ginger asks if anyone at the table would be willing to wear TEAM HAMMER t-shirts. 
    Grant gives a fantastic spoiler free review for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse and begs us to go see it with him as soon as possible, before all the easter eggs and secrets get out on the internet. Do we agree to be seen in public with him? 
    Not Producer Kyle has Crime docuseries brain with Bama Rush. Is it any good? Should we watch it? Did she reveal too much about her own collage years? Did Neighbor Cole have a sexual awakening during this? 
    In Trailer Talk:
    We geek out about Chris Hemsworth's flaming fistacuffs and the extreamly long takes of action we can't wait to witness once again with Extraction 2. Neighbor Cole calls his bluff on his choice of bullet proof protection, but he's still willing to put eyes on this flick when it hits Netflix. 
    Shockingly, Neighbor Cole is blown away by The Flash trailer. He's not much of a superhero movie guy but he wants to see this one. Ginger and TK1 didn't need any convincing. They were sold on this film June 23rd, 1989 when Keaton's Batman first released. Not Producer Kyle is excited for some popcorn. 
    Like always, this is just a touch of the things we touch apon. Speaking of touching, Al Pacino is having a kid at 83 and we have some thoughts on that as well. Justified is returning with a new limited series this month and Black Mirror is returning after a 4 year hiatus too! 
    Reach us on Twitter:
    Angry Ginger @S7evendaysageek
    NeighborCole @NeighborCole
    Grant @Insta_Grants2
    Not Producer Kyle @KyleMarieWrites
    Email The Show 3Geeks@7Daysageek.net

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    Ep 2: Summer Series: We Be Active Alcoholics, Not Passive Viewers!

    Ep 2: Summer Series: We Be Active Alcoholics, Not Passive Viewers!

    Your favorite Stream Team returns once agian to talk television and film once again. Grant immediatly questions whether we are alcoholics, and we've not even begun to drink! He also questions whether we are passive or active viewers and whether or not we should be. Cole doesn't care, about this or the fact that The Machine wants to be comedy's savior. Ginger brings bupkis, but it holds no audience to this high brow team of mathletes and Dr. Producer Kyle talks terrorism and documentaries. 
    A shocking revelation is revealed about the Summer Movie Fantasy League. Grant may indeed get what he wants. This leaves two movies left vacant on the board so the Angry Ginger is challanged to a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors for the haunted film that may help give a win. 
    In the news:
    Oppenhiemer is this summer's 600lbs... film reel. 
    Barbie uses so much PINK that it creates an international shortage 
    HBOmax loses it's first name causing PEACOCK to make an urgent announcment about it's own name. 
    Geeking Out: 
    Ginger irritates Neighbor Cole with his Hyeana laugh while watching SmartLess: On the Road, and recommends Bupkis on Peacock to tumbleweeds and long faces. 
    Grant The Kilted One recommends Jury Duty once again, as well as Netflix's FUBAR. 
    Not Producer Kyle has not one but two crime documentaries to recommend and Neighbor Cole is really just along for the ride. 
    Summer Movie Fantasy League
    Points are on the board with Week 1 and Week 2. Both Fast X and The Little Mermaid have points on the board for the players. Speaking of points... arguments begin as the opponites begin to challange the score board. 
    Trailer Talk
    The Idol- Neighbor Cole questions how much of Johnny Depp is actually in his daughter. TK1 would rather watch paint dry and Ginger gets the okay to watch it alone. 
    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts- Three of us are at least on board to see this theatrically, two so they can add to the Box Office and score points, one because he's a Unicron enthusisist and Kyle could care less about us boys and our toys. 
    Hidden Strike- This hiddend gem that's been sitting on the shelf, complete, since 2018 stars Jackie Chan and John Cena. Imagine Fast and The Furious meets Mad Max: Fury Road but with a budget of a High School play. None of us are paying to see it... but we had fun hate watching the trailer. 
    TMNT: Mutant Mayhem- This movie doesn't come out till August. We're not sure what to call this type of animation, but we are all in for this Seth Rogan treatment! 

    • 1 hr 42 min

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4.9 out of 5
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97 Ratings

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Great ‘cast

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3 guys geeking out about what’s streaming

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
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a three hour pod tour.The topics started getting rough,
the tiny pod was tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
the Monkeypoo would be lost.
The Monkeypoo would be lost.

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Sing it Quad!

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