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Podcast & magazine featuring first-person stories told by people from around the world that help to broaden our understanding of the human experience.
We believe, now more than ever, that it's imperative we take the time to learn more about the people we share this planet with. And unbiased, first-person storytelling is an excellent place to start.
Storyteller’s portraits and other images from each interview can be found on our website and in our quarterly print magazine.


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Podcast & magazine featuring first-person stories told by people from around the world that help to broaden our understanding of the human experience.
We believe, now more than ever, that it's imperative we take the time to learn more about the people we share this planet with. And unbiased, first-person storytelling is an excellent place to start.
Storyteller’s portraits and other images from each interview can be found on our website and in our quarterly print magazine.

    EP 32: ADAM

    EP 32: ADAM

    SUMMARY: Have you ever contemplated suicide? Do you feel hopeless, unmotivated, and disconnected from the world around you? Do you believe you can turn a bad situation around?
    You are Adam.

    National Institute of Mental Health
    A Face Project, EP 11
    Daniel Zamzow (story)
    Nctrnm (episode)
    [0:00] Adam’s thoughts on things getting better [2:10] Natalie introduces AFP and opens the show [3:15] Suicide & depression might not be appropriate for kids, depending on their age [3:45] NIMH is a good resource if you think you may be depressed [4:45] Major signs & symptoms of depression from NIMH [6:15] If this subject resonates, listen to Chris, EP 11 [8:00] Adam’s story begins [9:30] Adam’s childhood neighbor and the abuse surrounding that household [11:15] Adam describes his self-destructive behaviors [11:45] Adam never revealed to his parents his trigger [12:45] Adam accepts depression as part of who he is despite marriage and a new life [13:40] Adam realized [15:00] Divorce [16:30] Depression gets worse [17:25] Just before suicide [19:00] I can kill myself tomorrow [20:45] Adam starts church and things improve [22:00] Adam gets married again [23:45] I’m a stronger person, I can help others [27:12] Final thoughts

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    EP 31: CHELSEA

    EP 31: CHELSEA

    SUMMARY: Has letting go or surrendering ever been a challenge for you?
    Do you practice yoga?
    Is spiritual connection and growth important to you?
    You are Chelsea.

    Podcast Movement 2017 - http://podcastmovement.com/
    Instagram @jenningsphoto - https://www.instagram.com/jenningsphoto/
    [1:10] Summer vacation, plus the timelessness of our approach [2:25] Natalie talks about new goals for AFP and our first-person storytelling style [3:30] Today’s story is one from the archives [4:15] The difficulty in surrendering [4:45] Natalie talks about selling everything she owns and what it’s like throwing things away that are sentimental or have been a part of your life for a long time [5:45] Join the conversation in our FB group: A Face Project Community - https://www.facebook.com/groups/afaceprojectcommunity/ [6:55] Let’s meet up at Podcast Movement 2017! [7:15] Chelsea’s story [7:45] Spirituality and yoga [8:05] How a basic pose like mountain pose (tadasana) can be subtly difficult [9:12] The beauty of yoga [9:40] The post the Chelsea struggles with the most and why [10:00] “It’s so hard to completely surrender…” [10:40] Start with the breath first [11:12] Get your mind there when you practice [11:45] “I wanted to be of service to something bigger than myself.” [12:00] How yoga has changed her life [12:45] PM17 in Anaheim, CA [13:05] Natalie will be booking head shots for PM17 - https://afaceproject.lpages.co/pm17headshots/

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    EP 30: TEAGUE

    EP 30: TEAGUE

    SUMMARY: Do you struggle with personal identity based on some part of your upbringing? Does it feel like you have a lot to say but don’t know how to get it all out? Have you ever been bothered by something you can’t change about yourself?
    You are Teague.
    The New Folklore: Lyrical Tales for Dreamers & Thinkers http://www.northstarpress.com/store/p622/The_New_Folklore%3A_Lyrical_Tales_for_Dreamers_%26_Thinkers.html
    Circuit Sessions streaming at TeagueAlexy.com
    Wisecracks & Roadside Flats podcast
    [1:30] Natalie introduces Teague and story #30 [2:20] Issue 4 of the magazine is in the store! [3:00] Teague’s conversation with Natalie to catch up and talk shop [4:30] Podcasting as a good avenue for storytelling & music [5:45] The ability to change your name in show biz [8:20] Standing out as an adult vs a kid [9:00] How to find Teague [10:00] Teague’s story: thoughts on his name [10:45] How Teague came to be [11:30] Being Teague in a New Jersey school [12:12] Teague’s name announced on the PA for the first time [13:30] “I want to have something to say. I don’t just wanna be up there singing for the sound of my own voice.” [15:00] Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank [16:25] What Teague likes about playing guitar [17:15] Songwriting process [19:10] How to support us [20:20] Teague: “Don’t Go”

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    EP 29: REBECCA

    EP 29: REBECCA

    SUMMARY: Is education important to you? Have you received mixed-message reviews at work for a job you feel you excel at? Are you a public or private school teacher?
    You are Rebecca.
    Extras & mentions:
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    [3:45] Join our Facebook community! [4:00] What is the hardest part about being a teacher? [5:20] Attention teachers FB post: What is a positive or negative aspect of being a teacher? [5:50] Rebecca’s story [7:55] Really interesting journey and difficult start of the year [8:55] Worked really hard to turn things around [9:25] Teachers are observed around 3 times per year [11:50] Why observations are necessary but tricky [13:35] Everyone but one let go for next year [15:00] Downside of American mentality [17:00] Overabundance of teachers and not enough jobs for all of them [18:15] People become teachers because they want to do this job

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    EP 28: JASON

    EP 28: JASON

    SUMMARY: Have you ever pushed yourself mentally and physically? Do you have a desire to compete–or have you competed–in a triathalon, marathon, or Ironman? Are you interested human anatomy and discovering the limits of the human body?
    You are Jason.
    Mentioned in this episode:
    Ironman official site - www.ironman.com/#axzz4iV40R3ql
    YouTube crowd clip:
    [0:00] No pain [2:05] Today’s episode explores how far you can push your body mentally, physically, & emotionally [3:30] Join us on Facebook and check out Ask the Storyteller! – www.facebook.com/groups/afaceprojectcommunity/ [4:25] We have a magazine to go with this podcast! www.afaceproject.com [6:05] Jason’s story [6:25] The 3 legs of the journey and Jason’s times [6:50] What made Jason want to do this race? [8:50] What happens if you don’t finish in 17 hours? [11:00] About training [11:55] Jason’s background including his PhD [12:45] Jason’s body type was not an endurance type when he started [13:35] How the day starts on race day [16:00] The wetsuit strippers [17:45] The transition from swim to bike [18:40] Mile 35 on the bike [19:30] Age on your calf [21:25] Getting off the bike after nearly 7 hours [23:20] Eating while racing [24:50] Going to the bathroom on the bike [25:35] The suntan lotion clowns [27:20] You just start getting tired [27:40] Racing the sun [29:45] The final stretch [31:20] After you finish [32:40] Why? [34:30] How the race has changed Jason’s approach to treating patients [36:00] Anybody

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    EP 27: EUGENE

    EP 27: EUGENE

    SUMMARY: Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life? Is helping others important to you? Do you value faith, family, friends, and your fellow man?

    You are Eugene.
    Mentioned in this episode:
    Great Commission Outreach - http://greatcommissionoutreach.org/
    Photography - www.nataliechampajennings.com
    1:00 “This can’t be what life is about…” 2:00 Thank you for supporting us & a little about our magazine 3:00 Free copy of our magazine if you sign up at www.afaceproject.com 3:30 Ask the Storyteller in our FB group: A Face Project Community -https://www.facebook.com/groups/afaceprojectcommunity/ 6:00 What is one way that you contribute positively to your community? 8:20 Eugene’s story begins 9:30 Moved from Kenya to Dallas, TX 10:12 “Guatemala is a part of a journey…” 12:00 “What does he have that I don’t have?” 13:20 Friends are lifetime friends. “I have trouble with superficial conversation.” 14:45 Opened third urgent care 15:20 Eugene takes his first mission trip to Armenia 16:16 “We saw 10,000 in five days.” 16:50 We started to get criticism about the mission trips 17:40 Started Great Commission Outreach 17:45 Opened a free clinic with Javier and Larry 18:30 Third criticism about if they are really helping people 19:25 First stop Chuluc, second stop La Pila 20:20 “If you ask and I’m able to do it, I’ll do it.” 21:00 Basket delivered every two weeks 21:40 Our duty is to act. To help those in need unconditionally. 22:40 Original intent of Christianity 22:50 “My big thing is community.” 23:55 My core values: faith, family, friends, and fellow man 24:35 “I’m a flawed individual.” 25:25 What does a life well-lived look like? 26:12 Does God really exist? 26:40 “My gift is seeing the gift in others and drawing it out.” 27:45 See photographs of Eugene and Guatemala - http://www.afaceproject.com/podcasts/

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

JennieSewell ,

Wonderful podcast

I love story telling podcasts and this one is really wonderful. The tone is honest and has a great rhythm. When I hear someone's story I always want to know more about them, so the photographs are a beautiful addition.

TrockfromGrock ,


Great Podcast! Very well done. Love the way the stories are told.

reidmpls51 ,

Job well done by AFP

A Face Project is great! These podcasts are well put together and fun to listen to. I really enjoy hearing the "everyday people's" stories, and listening to something positive and uplifting is a pleasant change from mainstream media. Keep up the good work!

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