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Spanning the many decades of Video Game Music. The Messenger will share music from the 8 Bit Era to today of bite sized episodes with amazing Video Game Music

A VGM Journey The Messenger

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Spanning the many decades of Video Game Music. The Messenger will share music from the 8 Bit Era to today of bite sized episodes with amazing Video Game Music

    Level 144

    Level 144

    Track Listing

    Main Theme - Fallout 3 - Inon Zur

    Red Hot Skull - Sonic Adventure - Jun Senoue

    Final Boss Final Challenge - Stinkoman 20X6 - U.Z. Inu

    Apartment Theme - Style Savvy - Atsuhiro Motoyama

    Let’s Play Hockey - Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage - Stewart Copeland

    Credits - Mole Mania - Taro Bando

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    • 23 min
    Level 143

    Level 143

    Track Listing

    Penny in a Pinch - Penny's Big Breakaway - Sean Bialo

    Heat Theme 3 - Final Lap Twin - Katsuhiro Hayashi

    Midday Majesty - Chibi Robo - Hirofumi Taniguchi

    Spooky House II - Mario VS Donkey Kong - Lawrence Schwedler

    Shop till You Drop - No One Can Stop Mr Domino - Shingo Murakami

    Ending - Harvest Moon - Tsuyoshi Tanaka

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    • 24 min
    Level 142

    Level 142

    Track Listing

    Grabbag (Duke Nukem theme) - Duke Nukem 3D - Lee Jackson

    Waikiki Down Beat - Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Chihiro Aoki

    EGO 24-7 - Paradise Killer - Barry Topping

    Otherside - Minecraft (Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

    Breath of the City - Dying Light 2 - Olivier Deriviere

    Music Room - Game & Watch Gallery 3 - Noriko Nishizaka

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    • 25 min
    Level 141

    Level 141

    Track Listing

    It Doesn’t Matter - Metropolis Street Racer - Composed by Richard Jacques and Vocals by TJ Davis

    Reinvent The Game - Street Fighter 6 - Composed by Yoshiya Terayama and Vocals by Randy Marx

    The Spine - Transistor - Composed by Darren Korb and Vocals by Ashley Barrett

    The Moon and The Prince - Katamari Damacy - Composed by Akitaka Tohyama and Vocals by Kenji Ninuma & Fumina

    Invitation to Freedom - Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth - Composed by Atsushi Kitajoh and Vocals by Lyn

    Herald of Darkness - Alan Wake II - Composed by Old Gods of Asgard

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    • 41 min
    Level 140

    Level 140

    Track Listing

    Wakakusa GCC Spring theme - Swingerz Golf -Shinji Tamura

    My Ranch Day - My Pokémon Ranch - Miki Obata

    Jungle - Contra - Hidenori Maezawa and Kiyohiro Sada

    Boss - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Iku Mizutani

    Diving - Waterworld - Dean Evans

    Staff Roll (Booster Course Pass) - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Originally by Soyo Oka and arranged by the Mario Kart 8 Band

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    • 26 min
    Level 139: Secret Santa Special IV

    Level 139: Secret Santa Special IV

    Track Listing

    The Messenger for the Listeners

    Snow Theme - Super Mario Bros Wonder - Shiho Fujii, Sayako Doi and Chisaki Shimazu

    Professor Tom for Chris Murray

    The Startup Sound of Reminiscence - KOF: Maximum Impact 2 - Toshikazu Tanaka

    Carlos for Martyrus

    Title Theme - Godzilla: Monster of Monsters - Originally composed by Masatomo Miyamoto and arranged by Autoscroll

    Scott for Muddle Madness

    Pro Tip - Dead State - Lena Raine

    Ryan Steel for Last Rican

    BGM 4 - Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty - Seiichi Hamada

    UtopiaNemo for Ed

    Chase For The Avatar - Bzzzt - Martin Linda

    Bedroth for UtopiaNemo

    Underground Castle - Soul Blazer - Yukihide Takekawa and Kazz Tomoya

    Last Rican for HeatOverride

    Gunloc theme - Saturday Night Slam Masters - Masaki Izutani and Setsuo Yamamoto

    Muddle Madness for Carlos

    Rain of Blossoms - Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm - Ken Nakagawa

    Martyrus for Scott

    Title Screen Intro Theme Dark Industrial Cover - Metroid Prime - originally by Kenji Yamamoto and remixed by Ace Waters

    Chris Murray for Bedroth

    To Make the End of Battle - YS II - Originally by Yuzo Koshiro and arranged by Yukihiro Jindo

    Ed for Professor Tom

    Rydeen (Main BGM) - Super Locomotive - originally composed by Yukiharo Takahashi and arranged by Unknown

    HeatOverride for Ryan Steel

    Adventure Kitten - Cat Quest - Zminusone

    Carly for the listeners

    Powder Hill - Coolboarders 3 - Chuck Doud

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    • 1 hr 4 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

notthisproduct ,

Amazing Podcast

I love this podcast a lot

riddikuluspatronus1 ,


The music and guitar rifts on this podcast are awesome! Cool conversation and topics on this show! Great detail on soundtracks, looking forward to more episodes!

mommalabs ,

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!

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