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Welcome to the Accessible Yoga Podcast, where we explore how to make space for everyone in the yoga community. This podcast is brought to you by the Accessible Yoga Association, a nonprofit organization focused on accessibility and equity in yoga. Hosted by Jivana Heyman and Amber Karnes

Accessible Yoga Podcast Jivana Heyman & Amber Karnes

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Welcome to the Accessible Yoga Podcast, where we explore how to make space for everyone in the yoga community. This podcast is brought to you by the Accessible Yoga Association, a nonprofit organization focused on accessibility and equity in yoga. Hosted by Jivana Heyman and Amber Karnes

    044. Yoga Revolution

    044. Yoga Revolution

    In episode 42, Amber Karnes interviews Jivana Heyman about his upcoming book, Yoga Revolution: Building a Practice of Courage and Compassion. We discuss what a “yoga revolution” means, the relationship between yoga and social justice, the role of self-care in our work, and much more. This interview invites us to take a look at the “why” behind our personal yoga practice and consider possibilities for expanding how we use our yoga in the world on and off the mat.

    *Note: Yoga Revolution's publishing date has been pushed back to December 7, 2021.

    In Episode 42:

    Why Jivana chose “Yoga Revolution” for the title of his book and what he means by a yoga revolution
    What does it mean to build a practice of courage and compassion?
    What is the relationship between yoga and social justice? 
    How your inner practice affects your actions in the world (activism) and helps us see humanity and honor wholeness
    The different traditions in yoga on and off the map and a renewed look at the tradition of yoga as a path of service 
    How Jivana took inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement to fuel his current activism
    What it means to have a “rainbow mind” or a Queer approach to yoga
    The role of self care in our service / justice work
    A question we are sitting with this week: What is the goal or focus of your personal practice (enlightenment, less stress, strength & flexibility, physical healing)? How does that show up in your life?

    Links from the episode:

    Learn more and order Yoga Revolution by Jivana Heyman
    Yoga Revolution free practices
    Aarti Inamdar
    Untitled [I talk to my inner lover] by Kabir
    AY Conference

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    043. Yoga in Prison with Bill Brown

    043. Yoga in Prison with Bill Brown

    In episode 43, Jivana interviews Bill Brown from Prison Yoga Project. 

    In this episode, Jivana and Bill discuss:

    Bill’s background and personal interests
    How Bill started his yoga practice
    How Bill ended up volunteering teaching in prison
    Childhood trauma
    How trauma is stored in the body
    What teaching in prison is like
    Society failing to care for people
    COVID disrupting Prison Yoga Project’s work
    The business back end for people who want to teach yoga in prisons
    Yoga as shamanistic soul retrieval and relationship building
    Accessible Yoga Training
    Prison and disenfranchised people
    Bill’s experience facilitating classes
    Supporting students with grounding and emotional release
    Subtlety in yoga practice
    Hierarchy and empowerment
    Neuroscience perspective
    Letting go of fear and moving into love and connection

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    042. Yoga is Political: Let's Discuss...

    042. Yoga is Political: Let's Discuss...

    In episode 42, we're sharing a recording of Reggie Hubbard's powerful closing keynote from this year's Accessible Yoga Conference online.

    There are some within the yoga community that think politics and yoga should not mix. That the purpose of yoga is to escape from the pressures of the outside world and find inner peace.

    But yoga at its essence is the refinement of conscious awareness to meet life circumstances with more clarity, courage and compassion. To find inner peace and then engage with the world more fully - serving from that sense of peace.

    This talk will explore how to merge yogic practice and civic engagement, as well as why it is important to do so. Reggie will share from his personal experience and teaching practice how yogic practice and civic engagement have become inextricably bound, and how we might better serve our communities, students and society through forming such a union.

    Connect with Reggie:

    Practice Makes Purpose podcast

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    041. Community and Collaboration

    041. Community and Collaboration

    In episode 41, Amber and Jivana discuss community building and collaboration. As we gear up for the upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference, community is on our mind. In this episode we’ll talk a little bit about our history with community building including Amber’s time in the hardcore punk scene and Jivana’s AIDS activism. We talk about the “how” of collaboration, things to think about when joining a community, and discuss the benefits and challenges of being in community with others. We’ll also talk about why it’s crucial for community builders to unlearn cultural conditioning and examine unconscious bias. 

    In Episode 41:

    Amber and Jivana each share about their history with community building, including Amber’s time in the hardcore punk scene and Jivana’s AIDS activism 
    Jivana talks about how the Accessible Yoga Conference was born
    What “Jivana’s homework” is and why everyone should do it, even if you’re not at the conference
    The “how” of collaboration - how to reach out or make a request to someone you’d like to collaborate with
    Why community is about contribution and mutual support and what questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to fit in
    Using discernment when joining a community 
    Challenges of being within community community - normalizing abuse or unhealthy dynamics, requires perspective, discernment, and information gathering
    How Jivana got started building community with yoga and what keeps students coming back
    What the Accessible Yoga Ambassador program is and how you can get involved
    Looking at our unconscious bias as community builders and showing up as an ally in community space
    How mistakes are actually an opportunity for growth

    Links: Cheri Clampett’s Therapeutic Yoga Training

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    040. We’re Back: What We’ve Been Up To & Where We’re Going

    040. We’re Back: What We’ve Been Up To & Where We’re Going

    In episode 40, we’re back! Amber and Jivana catch up about what they’ve been doing while the podcast has been on break and update you with all the latest of what’s to come. We’ll discuss what Accessible Yoga Association is up to, plus give you a sneak preview of the upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference Online. 

    In this episode...

    Amber & Jivana check in and catch up about the time we’ve been away
    We discuss some changes to the podcast: it is now part of Accessible Yoga Association’s monthly programming
    Topic of the podcast correlates to our theme in our monthly programming, for September the theme is Cultural Appropriation in Yoga, October is Conference, November is Yoga in Prisons, December is Yoga for Pain Care. 
    What the nonprofit has been up to, plus a big thank you to our board and staff
    All about our Ambassador program, plus a chance to be featured on the podcast
    We are planning to release episodes twice a month, subscribe wherever you get your podcast
    Jivana shares about the upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference
    We’ll hear from some of our Ambassadors about their Conference experiences or aspirations

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    039. The Connection Between Yoga & Activism

    039. The Connection Between Yoga & Activism

    In Episode 39 of the Accessible Yoga Podcast, Amber Karnes sits down with Anjali Rao to discuss the connection between yoga and activism. Anjali Rao is a yoga teacher, social justice activist, multi-cultural training specialist, and a cancer survivor. She is an Indian American immigrant from Bangalore, India. Her work explores yoga philosophy and history integrating marginalized voices using storytelling, imagery and poetry. In this interview, Amber and Anjali discuss the history of activism in yoga, including how yoga philosophy and social justice are connected. For folks who are hesitant to step into the space of activism or call themselves an activist, this interview is for you. Anjali addresses the role of the activist and discusses how we can build capacity for resilience using our practice. Finally, she discusses her new course with the Accessible Yoga Training School, Yoga & Activism: A Blueprint for Collective Transformation, which is open for enrollment now!

    In this episode:

    Anjali introduces herself and talks about her work in the world
    How are yoga and activism connected historically? What is the lineage of yoga and activism?
    Yoga Is a container of practices, thoughts, concepts which can build capacity & resilience for activism
    Yoga helps us be aligned with our deepest dharma
    Yoga is about expansion of consciousness: what are you using your expanded consciousness to accomplish?
    How your social location is connected to your dharma
    Who is an activist? What “counts” as activism?
    How perfectionism and black-and-white thinking hold us back
    Rituals and practices that can anchor us in our purpose
    The importance of community for activists
    Anjali’s course, Yoga & Activism: A Blueprint for Collective Transformation, which is open for enrollment through June 19
    A call to action for all of us

    Show notes and links can be found at accessibleyogatraining.com.

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4.8 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

&167 ,

Thank you

Thank you so much for the pod addressing transphobia. Maybe I should preface this by saying I present as a straight, cis-gendered white woman, but a more accurate description would be pansexual, gender fluid, feminist, neurodiverse white person who has always found the societal construct of gender arbitrary, confusing, and frustrating.
I was caught completely off guard by the transphobic podcast you mention. The evening before, I'd watched the doc "Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She" and was in the middle of an ongoing respectful and curious exchange with friends on the topic of sex and gender. So when I saw the title of the pod while looking for something to listen to, I excitedly pressed play expecting to hear an intelligent, thoughtful conversation. That is NOT what I got. It took several hours of pausing and breathing and then coming back to listen until I was so dis-regulated I needed yet another break to actually get through the entire podcast. 
I'm so grateful for your response. I feel like it's a super helpful resource for anyone who felt shaken up by this instance of transphobia masquerading as feminism and open dialogue. Thank you a million times over!

Gooseby ,

Time for a Re-Interpretation

I’ve learned something from every episode of this podcast, but I absolutely LOVED this episode with Justin Michael Williams, who I wasn’t familiar with until this podcast. It spoke to me and hit me in ways that really touched me and left me introspective and curious and hopeful all at the same time. His guided meditation at the end had me in tears - but in a good and beautiful way! Much gratitude & appreciation for this and for all the Accessible Yoga community does to broaden the scope of the yoga practice.

kerirock ,

More chair yoga, please.

So informative, welcoming. Yoga for the rest of us...all of us. I enjoy all the different topics you cover on your podcast, specially chair yoga it speaks to me, so more please. Thanks.

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