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Dive into the forefront of artificial intelligence with the AI DAILY podcast. Our human-curated selection ensures you're always in the loop with the most riveting and ahead-of-the-curve AI news. And, with our AI newsreaders, Cassie Bishop, and Ray Turing, delivering the updates, you're guaranteed an engaging listening experience. Join us and be the first to know the breakthroughs and insights in the ever-evolving world of AI, before anyone else! JOIN US ON TELEGRAM: https://t.me/aidailyus

AI DAILY: Breaking News in AI: Curated By Humans Chris Kalaboukis

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Dive into the forefront of artificial intelligence with the AI DAILY podcast. Our human-curated selection ensures you're always in the loop with the most riveting and ahead-of-the-curve AI news. And, with our AI newsreaders, Cassie Bishop, and Ray Turing, delivering the updates, you're guaranteed an engaging listening experience. Join us and be the first to know the breakthroughs and insights in the ever-evolving world of AI, before anyone else! JOIN US ON TELEGRAM: https://t.me/aidailyus



    Plus Most People Prefer Human Customer Service (subscribe below)

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    Survey: Most People Prefer Human Customer Service Over AI

    A Gartner survey of 5,728 respondents found that 64% prefer companies not implement AI in customer service, with 53% willing to switch companies if AI is used. Concerns include difficulty reaching human agents, job losses, incorrect information, and data security. Companies face challenges in balancing AI efficiency with customer satisfaction.

    AI Boom Relies on Exploited Human Labor

    The AI industry, worth $200 billion in 2023 and projected to grow, relies heavily on low-paid workers performing repetitive tasks to train AI models. These workers, often in poor conditions, are integral to AI’s function. Advocates call for better worker rights, fair wages, and global regulations to ensure just practices in the AI sector. 

    Could AI Save My Marriage?

    Attending an AI and wine conference, I discovered AI’s potential in wine tasting and consumer tasks. Professor Oguz Acar suggested future AI could handle daily chores, prompting me to imagine AI resolving marital disputes. While such technology is still far off, I hope chardonnay suffices for now.

    EU's AI Act Published, Compliance Begins in August

    The EU has published its AI Act, establishing a regulatory framework for AI development. Implementation starts August 2, 2024, with full compliance required by August 2026. The Act categorizes AI systems by risk, with stricter rules for high-risk applications. It also creates new bodies to ensure regulation adherence across member states. 

    AI Textbooks Revolutionize Student Learning

    AI-powered textbooks are transforming education, with 70,000 students across 1,000 institutions using Pearson's AI-integrated science textbooks. These tools, equipped with chatbots and interactive practice questions, enhance learning by mimicking one-on-one professor interactions. Pearson reports doubled student engagement and plans to expand AI features, ensuring equitable access for all students.

    AI-Generated Ads Show Advancements and Eerie Realism

    A recent experiment by a London agency reveals significant advancements in AI image generation. Two years after their initial attempt to create ads for famous brands using AI, the new results are impressively realistic yet still unsettling. The experiment highlights the rapid progress in AI art, demonstrating both its potential and its eerie precision. 

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    AI Discovers Massive Copper Deposit. (subscribe below)

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    AI's Energy Demands Are Out of Control

    Generative AI's rapid adoption is driving massive energy and water consumption, outstripping traditional computing demands. AI models, like those powering ChatGPT, require far more resources, leading to significant environmental concerns. Companies are racing to balance AI development with sustainable practices, yet energy consumption and water usage continue to rise.

    AI Uncovers Massive Copper Deposit in Zambia

    AI technology has led to the discovery of a substantial copper lode in Zambia, predicted to be the largest find in over a decade. This site, identified by KoBold Metals, could yield 300,000 tons of copper annually, worth billions, and is crucial for the tech industry and clean energy initiatives.

    AI-Powered Tools Expected to Save Professionals 12 Hours Per Week

    A Thomson Reuters survey of 2,200 professionals found that AI could save them 12 hours weekly, with 77% predicting a "transformational" impact on their careers. Most hope to use the time for well-being and hobbies. Despite excitement, concerns about AI safety and data privacy remain. 

    Personalized AI Movies: A Glimpse into the Future

    AI is transforming the film industry, enabling viewers to become creators. Ashton Kutcher’s vision of generating personalized movies from a simple text prompt is becoming a reality. With tools like OpenAI’s Sora and Lightricks' LTX Studio, AI-generated videos are gaining traction. Despite challenges, the technology promises to revolutionize entertainment.  

    Etsy's New Policy on Selling AI Art

    Etsy has announced a new policy allowing AI-generated art to be sold on its platform. Sellers must label AI-generated artwork as "designed" rather than "handmade." This move aims to balance the platform’s handmade ethos with evolving art forms. However, selling AI prompts is no longer permitted. Etsy believes this approach supports artists while embracing new technologies.

    AI Teaching Assistants: Revolutionizing Student Support?

    Colleges are now employing AI-powered teaching assistants to aid students with queries even at odd hours. A student struggling with chemistry homework can get instant help from an AI TA. While promising, these AI assistants sometimes falter, highlighting the need for continued refinement. Will this technology significantly impact education?

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    Plus AI Decodes Dog Barks. (subscribe below)

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    US Officials Help Dismantle AI-Powered Russian Bot Farm

    US authorities have successfully dismantled an AI-driven Russian bot farm with nearly 1,000 fake X accounts. The bot farm, designed to spread misinformation and manipulate social media discourse, highlights the growing use of advanced AI technologies in cyber operations. This operation marks a significant step in combating AI-enhanced digital threats. 

    AI Tools Decode Dog Barks for Playfulness or Aggression

    University of Michigan researchers are using AI to decode dog barks, determining whether they indicate playfulness or aggression. By leveraging AI models initially trained on human speech, scientists aim to understand canine vocalizations, including age, breed, and sex. This research could enhance dog care and improve human-dog interactions.

    Microsoft’s VALL-E 2 AI Speech Generator Deemed Too Dangerous for Public Release

    Microsoft has developed VALL-E 2, a groundbreaking AI speech generator capable of reproducing human voices with just a few seconds of audio. Achieving "human parity," VALL-E 2 generates speech indistinguishable from real human voices. However, due to potential misuse risks, such as voice cloning and deepfakes, Microsoft will not release it to the public. 

    Knowledge Workers See AI as a Time-Saver, Not a Job Threat

    Thanks to generative AI, knowledge workers foresee significant benefits in their daily tasks, with 63% already using AI for drafting documents, summarizing information, and basic research. A global study revealed that professionals expect AI to save them four hours a week, enhancing work-life balance and allowing more time for strategic tasks. While concerns about over-reliance and accuracy persist, the overall sentiment is positive, viewing AI as a tool to improve efficiency and job satisfaction.

    AI Boosts Fake Job Listings, Leading to Identity Theft Surge

    Scammers are increasingly using AI to create realistic fake job postings, tricking victims into sharing personal information. Reports of job scams rose 118% in 2023. AI tools make scams more convincing, emphasizing the need for direct verification of job offers to protect personal data. 

    AI Could Address Immigration, Low Fertility, and Retirement Challenges

    AI-enabled automation could help solve issues related to immigration, declining fertility rates, and rising retirements by filling labor gaps and maintaining productivity. A public-private partnership, similar to Operation Warp Speed, could accelerate automation investments, ensuring economic growth and stability amid demographic shifts.

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    Plus UK Candidate Not A Bot. (subscribe below)

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    Nicolas Cage Fears AI and Digital Replication

    Nicolas Cage expressed his fear of AI in a New Yorker interview, hoping recent body scans for upcoming projects, including "Spider-Man Noir," won't be used posthumously. Cage prefers roles in indie dramas like "Pig" over $100 million tentpoles, valuing stories about real human experiences. His next project is Osgood Perkins’ horror film “Longlegs.”

    Reform UK Candidate Denies AI Bot Allegations

    Reform UK candidate Mark Matlock faced accusations of being an AI bot after missing election night due to pneumonia. Matlock, recovering from illness, clarified he's a real person and plans to release a video to debunk the rumors. He expressed amusement at the situation, appreciating the unexpected publicity. 

    AI Adoption Among Music Producers Reaches 20-25%

    Surveys by Soundplate and Tracklib reveal that 20-25% of music producers use AI tools. Most use AI for STEM separation and mastering rather than full song creation. Despite fears of AI impacting creators' livelihoods, some see benefits in assistive AI. A new AI model offers royalty-free samples, showing AI's potential to aid rather than harm musicians.

    Weight-Loss Drugs and AI: A Potential Revolution

    The integration of AI with GLP-1 weight-loss drugs, such as Ozempic and Wegovy, is gaining momentum. Companies are leveraging AI to personalize care and manage treatments, helping to address the high demand and diverse applications of these drugs. This convergence may enhance obesity care, track drug availability, and explore new treatment possibilities.

    AI’s Potential to Revolutionize Medical Diagnosis

    AI could significantly enhance medical diagnosis by addressing two key issues: human error and undetected disease patterns. AI systems can detect subtle patterns in medical data, improving the accuracy and speed of diagnoses for conditions like ischemic stroke and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. However, AI’s high cost and need for large-scale data pose challenges, necessitating increased investment and government support. 

    Could AI Help Us Escape the Simulation?

    Roman Yampolskiy, an AI safety researcher, believes we might be living in a simulation. He suggests that super-intelligent AI could confirm this theory and potentially help us escape. Despite the existential risks posed by AI, Yampolskiy sees it as a tool for breaking free from our simulated reality, though philosophical challenges remain.

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    Plus AI Bots Battle For Data Dominance. (subscribe below)

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    World's First Miss AI Crowned: Kenza Layli from Morocco

    Kenza Layli, an AI lifestyle influencer from Morocco, has been crowned the world’s first-ever Miss AI. Competing against over 1,500 AI models, Layli won the title, a $20,000 prize, and accolades for her dedication to Moroccan culture and women's empowerment. Layli's creator, Meriam Bessa, celebrates this as a proud moment for Moroccan women in technology. 

    AI Bots Battle for Data Dominance

    AI bots are clashing over data, the most valuable commodity of the AI era. Cloudflare introduced a tool to block data-harvesting bots, intensifying the bot vs. bot conflict. This battle extends to various fields, including social media, cybersecurity, finance, and military applications, reshaping interactions. 

    China Showcases AI Dominance at Shanghai Expo

    The World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai highlighted China’s rapid progress in AI technology. Over 500 companies, including Chinese giants like Alibaba and Tencent and global firms like Amazon and Google, showcased AI innovations. The event underscored China's ambition to rival the US in AI advancements despite facing export restrictions. 

    AI Integration Boosts Project Management ROI by 90%

    According to Capterra’s Most Impactful PM Tools Survey, 63% of project managers report increased productivity and efficiency with AI integration, and 36% plan on increased investment by 2025. AI adoption in project management shows significant returns, with 90% reporting positive ROI, particularly in risk management, task automation, and predictive analytics.

    How AI Can Simplify Your Vacation Planning

    AI tools can streamline vacation planning tasks like choosing destinations, creating itineraries, booking flights, and practicing languages. Use AI models for destination ideas, generate travel itineraries, compare flight prices, and translate languages on the go. These tools enhance the planning process, making it easier and more efficient.

    AI-Powered Super Soldiers Are Here

    AI-enhanced soldiers are becoming a reality with the Hyper-Enabled Operator (HEO) concept. Unlike previous efforts to create physical advantages, HEO focuses on cognitive overmatch, providing soldiers with advanced situational awareness and decision-making tools. Technologies include sophisticated sensors, language translation, and edge computing to enhance battlefield efficiency and safety.

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    Plus Is AI Funnier Than The Onion? (subscribe below)

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    AI Lie Detectors Are Better Than Humans at Spotting Lies

    AI-based lie detectors are outperforming humans, detecting lies with 67% accuracy compared to human accuracy of around 50%. However, reliance on these tools led to increased accusations, potentially undermining trust. While AI offers benefits in identifying misinformation, its widespread use could have significant social impacts and necessitates careful regulation. 

    AI Outshines Humans in Humor: Study Finds ChatGPT is as Funny as The Onion

    A study in PLOS ONE reveals AI-generated humor, using ChatGPT 3.5, is rated as funny or funnier than jokes by humans, including professional satirists from The Onion. ChatGPT excelled in creating humorous acronyms, fill-in-the-blank statements, and roast jokes, posing a potential employment threat to comedy writers.

    Nintendo Boss Says They Won't Use Generative AI for Game Creation

    Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa announced that the company will not use generative AI in developing new games, citing intellectual property concerns and a desire to maintain unique gaming experiences. While acknowledging AI's role in controlling character movements, Furukawa emphasized the importance of creativity that cannot be achieved through AI alone. He noted that longer development cycles are unavoidable due to increasing complexity and advancing technology.

    AI Approach Optimizes Antibody Drugs

    Stanford scientists have developed a method using a ChatGPT-like AI model combined with protein 3D structures to enhance antibody drug development. This approach improves the prediction of beneficial mutations, exemplified by a 25-fold enhancement of a SARS-CoV-2 antibody. By integrating structural constraints, the model accelerates drug optimization, reducing reliance on extensive lab experiments and enabling faster responses to emerging diseases. The research, published in Science, showcases AI's potential to revolutionize protein engineering and drug development. 

    AI Model for Alzheimer's Prediction Using Speech Patterns

    An AI model utilizing speech patterns to predict Alzheimer's progression from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) has shown 78.5% accuracy. Based on data from the Framingham Heart Study, it integrates natural language processing techniques, offering a cost-effective, accessible tool for remote cognitive assessment. This AI model could revolutionize early Alzheimer's diagnosis, making it more inclusive and accessible, particularly through smartphone apps for those in underserved areas. Researchers aim to enhance the model with data from natural conversations and daily life patterns for better accuracy.

    AI Blunders Mar Brands' Reputations

    Brands rushing to embrace AI have faced notable missteps. Examples include Toys "R" Us' creepy AI video, McDonald's AI drive-through failures, Air Canada's erroneous chatbot, and Sports Illustrated's fake author scandal. These incidents highlight the risks of adopting AI hastily without proper oversight.

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