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Here You Will See List Of All Best Podcasts You Must Listen.

    Advantages of Li-Ion batteries for UPSs

    Advantages of Li-Ion batteries for UPSs

    Lithium-ion batteries, also called Lithium-Ion or Li-Ion, may be familiar to us due to their already extensive use among mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. These batteries offer many advantages over traditional batteries, such as more energy storage capacity, lighter weight and smaller size . However, its use in larger applications, such as UPSs, backups or electric vehicles, is relatively new: its performance and cost optimization is becoming more and more evident, and manufacturers are beginning to prepare their equipment for this type of battery.

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    The constant and uninterrupted flow of power is a necessity in the management of data centers and IT infrastructures . For these cases, the most recommended are three-phase UPSs, with capacities greater than 10kVA. Using lithium ion batteries instead of the usual VLRA can improve some of the challenging aspects of UPS management, such as space, storage capacity, etc.
    The main difference between a Li-ion battery and a sealed and regulated lead-acid, or VRLA, which is the most common in UPS-type equipment , is the chemical composition of the materials used in the electrodes and electrolytes. Most current lithium-ion batteries use a metal oxide for the cathode and a carbon-based material for the anode. The electrolytic solution is a lithium salt dissolved in an organic solvent. A lead-acid battery, on the other hand, uses a lead dioxide for the cathode, a lead anode, and a form of sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. This chemistry largely determines the performance capacity of the battery.
    In reality, there are a wide variety of lithium-based batteries on the market , varying in chemistries, sizes, voltage ranges, shapes, and connector types. In this sense, manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies must choose the appropriate design and quality according to the application and must make the characteristics of their system openly available.
    Its distinctive chemistry and structure offer advantages over more traditional batteries. Li-ion batteries are smaller, lighter, recharge faster, and have a lifespan twice as long as lead acid batteries . Of course, they are more expensive (from 1.5 to 3 times more), but their profitability right now is more than evident: a lithium ion battery can last up to 10-15 years, against 4-6 years of batteries usual. So a device prepared for Li-Ion will only need one or no replacement practically throughout its life cycle , also reducing maintenance costs, while with traditional batteries it will need at least 2-3 changes.

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    Why learn Python and what are its advantages

    Why learn Python and what are its advantages

    Python is a platform-independent, object-oriented scripting programming language whose philosophy emphasizes readability in that source code does not need to be compiled in order to run, which offers advantages such as speed of development. With Python you can make any type of program, from Windows applications to network servers or even web pages. It is an interpreted language.

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    Python Beginnings

    Python was born by Guido Van Rossum, a Dutch programmer who was then working at the Computer Science Research Center (CWI) in Amsterdam. This programming language has its beginnings at the end of the 80's, it began to be implemented in December 1989 and in February 1991 the first public version (version 0.9.0) was published.

    It was born as a free software project and its success is due to the decision to make it open source. Since then the degree of popularity has been so great that it is one of the 5 most used languages ​​today.
    Why name it Python?

    Its logo is related to a kind of snake, contrary to what one might think, its creator was inspired by his favorite comic group called Monty Python.

    Python Features

    Now that we know the beginnings of Python, let's get down to business:
    High-level programming language : This refers to the fact that it is a language that expresses its algorithms taking into account the cognitive abilities of human beings. It is made so that people understand it without difficulty.
    It is an interpreted language: It runs in real time on any platform that has an interpreter, a great advantage when we make small changes to an application and we do not have to recompile the entire application each time we make a change, which allows us to be more efficient when it comes to to program.

    It is multi-paradigm: You can create more than one program with several different development styles. Python allows us to use modular, structured, object-oriented programming depending on what is most efficient to create our need.

    It's free:The source code is available to know, analyze and study it in depth. Also, Python has a great community on its portal for any kind of help. Additionally it has some really good documentation freely available. https://www.python.org/community/
    Advantages of Python

    1. Python is easy and simple to learn. If you understand Python, you can more easily understand other programming languages. This means that it is an excellent option if you are just getting into the world of developers.

    2. Python refers to its cleanliness and readability. It can be seen in the following 3 examples that show Hello World on the screen. The first example is in C++, the second in Java, and the third in Python.

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    Easy Way To Create a dictionary in C++

    Easy Way To Create a dictionary in C++

    This podcast will introduce how to create a dictionary in C++.

    Using the Initialization List Builder to create a dictionary in C++

    In the C++ standard wrapper library, a dictionary is called std::map, which implements ordered key-value pairs with unique keys. Operations on elements map such as find, remove, and insert pairs have logarithmic complexity. This method uses square brackets to initialize the object map with literal values. Notice that each pair of elements is separated by a comma, as shown in the following code example.

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    Use Default Constructor to create a dictionary in C++

    Alternatively, we can declare an object of type map with given parameters and then initialize each key-value pair using a separate declaration. In this example, we demonstrate a map with keys of int and the values ​​of string-s. We can always put these statements in the loop or take values ​​from user input, whichever would be better suited to a real-world application scenario.

    Use the Constructor copy to create a dictionary in C++

    Another solution to create a new object map is to use a constructor copy, which takes another existing variable map as an argument and copies the key-value pairs to the newly initialized object. Note that this method does not move the map existing object and can be reused later during program execution.

    Use the Range-Based Constructor to create a dictionary in C++

    The scope-based constructor is another alternative to the above methods. This solution can be used to initialize a new variable map with the key-value pairs of the subset of some map existing object. In this example, we use the method find to specify the first key-value pair in the range. Therefore, a new variable map2contains pairs starting from the key value 2to the last element of the object map1.

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    Tips for online casino beginners in 2022

    Tips for online casino beginners in 2022

    In this podcast we share the best tips for online casino beginners in 2022 to get the most out of your bets.
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    play responsibly
    A great piece of advice for newcomers to online casinos is to control how they play, as playing too much and spending too much time can lead to serious addiction and gambling problems.

    It is important to control the game schedule and that it does not limit us to do other activities in our personal life. For this reason, time limits must be established, which do not put your emotional health at risk.

    Online casinos are committed to and aware of responsible gaming and take various measures to monitor their players and promote safe gaming practices.

    On the other hand, playing responsibility also has to do with the limit of money you bet. It is very common that, when you get a lucky break and a generous prize, the emotion leads you to want to bet more money and lose it. To do this you must set a maximum budget and never exceed it. You have to understand when it is time to withdraw and leave the game, no matter how lucky you have been.

    Research the reputation of the chosen casino
    To deduce if an online casino is trustworthy, search the Internet for the evaluations of it contained in other web pages, as well as the reviews of other users collected in forums, since they will give you a lot of information that will help you decide if that online casino deserves . worth it or not.

    Payment method
    When you register at an online casino, you must choose a payment method with which you will make your deposits, reloads and withdrawals. Online casinos offer different payment options, such as credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers or electronic wallets such as PayPal or Skrill. It is important that, in order not to have subsequent problems, you choose a method in which you control its operation and have used it before, although transactions with any of them are guaranteed by the digital encryption systems used by reliable online casinos.

    Theoretical payment return
    As a beginner it is important that you know some basic concepts of the game. One of them is the theoretical payout return or RTP, which is the average amount of money you get back in a game compared to what you invested in it. Or, put another way, your odds of winning. Knowing the advantage that the house has over you is a concept to take into account when choosing one casino or another.

    Practice a lot
    The best way to learn to play is by practicing and analyzing your mistakes, for this it is very useful to use the free versions of the games, which will also help you to find the most suitable one for you.

    choose simple games
    A perfect choice for beginner online casino players is slots, as their rules are very simple and intuitive. In addition, there is a wide variety with many different themes and you can play without having to make big bets.

    Another option is to play roulette and bet either on the red numbers or on the black numbers. Once the player has more confidence and understands the game better, he can try to bet on the numbers that can give him the biggest profits.

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    What is the useful life of the batteries?

    What is the useful life of the batteries?

    The vast majority of batteries are Lithium-ion, like most portable electronic devices, since it is the current technology with a better balance between energy density and price. The first electric bicycles worked with lead batteries that increased the weight of the bicycle to more than 40kg.

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    According to most manufacturers, the useful life of a Lithium-ion battery ranges between 500 and 1,100 complete charge cycles. In this sense, at a theoretical level, a cyclist who uses the bicycle daily to cover about 15km and performs the equivalent of two full charges per week could use the battery for about 10 years. In practice, but it must be taken into account that just as it happens with other devices, the battery suffers a slight wear annually regardless of the use that some manufacturers quantify in up to 5%, so it is not surprising that it has lost a significant part of its capacity after 4 or 5 years, despite continuing to function.

    What is the charging time of a battery?
    The time of a full charge varies mostly depending on the total capacity of the battery, its voltage and the transformer. As a guide, the charging powers range between 50 and 150W, and charging times between 2.5 and 4 hours. In any case, most manufacturers provide this information. Once the charge is complete, most transformers stop consuming so there is no problem leaving the battery charging overnight.

    How much does a battery weigh?
    Higher capacity batteries also weigh more, with differences that can reach 3 or 4 kg. In this sense, the most recommended is to adjust the size of the battery to the type of majority use that you want to make of the bicycle.

    What maintenance do I have to do to the battery?
    We leave you some maintenance tips, but we recommend consulting the instruction manual provided by each manufacturer to know more precisely what care each battery must receive.

    Before the first use, charge it up to 100%, as long as it is not fully charged from the factory.
    Frequently charge the batteries without waiting for them to discharge completely. You don't have to do it after each use, but keep in mind that the battery works a little better when it is above 50%.
    Always store batteries in dry and ventilated places at a temperature between 10 and 30 °C. During the winter, when it is very cold, it is recommended to store the batteries indoors if the bicycle is parked in a garage or storage room.
    If you plan not to use the battery for a long time, the ideal is to leave it with a charge level between 50 and 60%, neither very empty nor fully charged. In addition, a full charge should be carried out at least every 3 months.

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    Campione Anime Blog - All about anime series

    Campione Anime Blog - All about anime series

    Campione Anime Blog enables anime lovers with content updates and exciting details on new series.

    With the massive boom in the popularity of anime series in the last five years, millions of new viewers have joined the fandom. However, after going through a few famous anime movies and series, it becomes increasingly challenging for new viewers to find good recommendations on online platforms. The majority of community forums are loaded with discussions on a handful of ongoing series.
    Campione Anime Blog addresses this situation with ample space for anime lovers that brings recommendations and insights on vintage and ongoing anime series. The certified team of writers at Campione Anime maintains over a decade of professional experience. This platform went the extra mile to secure writers that are well versed in the anime universe and have previously worked with some of the most established anime websites.
    In the past quarter, thousands of readers have joined Campione to enjoy the extensive range of blogs available on this website. The best thing about this platform is that members can freely interact with other readers through the comment section. Campione also focused extensively on optimizing the UI and minimizing ads to bring a better reading experience to the members.
    As far as user security is concerned, Campione Anime doesn’t ask for any personal information, and it has removed the need to register to access blogs. New members can directly read any update by clicking on the article and keeping themselves updated with new anime movies. With that said, Campione Anime Blogs has made it effortless for anime fans to find series without spending too much time watching trailers and asking community members. To learn more about Campione, visit https://www.campi-anime.com/.

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