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Here You Will See List Of All Best Podcasts You Must Listen.

    Forex là gì? 101 điều cơ bản cần biết về forex

    Forex là gì? 101 điều cơ bản cần biết về forex

    Forex là gì? 101 điều cơ bản cần biết về forex

    Forex là thị trường giao dịch tài chính lớn nhất trên thế giới. Khối lượng giao dịch forex hàng ngày ước tính là hơn 6 nghìn tỷ đô la Mỹ, hoạt động 24/5.

    Mục đích ban đầu của Forex – chỉ là trao đổi tiền tệ, nhưng theo thời gian mọi người đã học được cách kiếm tiền trên sự khác biệt của tỷ giá hối đoái và những sự đầu tư này đã trở thành nguồn thu nhập không nhỏ đối với nhiều người. Đơn giản vì tỷ giá hối đoái là rất không ổn định, làm cho việc mua và bán các loại tiền tệ là rất có lợi nhuận. Chúng ta chỉ là những Trader nhỏ lẻ, đặt cược vào việc thay đổi tỷ giá đó để kiếm lợi nhuận.

    Giao dịch forex là việc mua và bán các đồng tiền. Thị trường phi tập trung nơi các loại tiền tệ quốc tế được giao dịch là thị trường tự do (OTC), có nghĩa là các giao dịch ở đây nhanh, tiết kiệm chi phí và được hoàn thành mà không có sự giám sát của bên thứ ba.

    Forex là thị trường tài chính lớn nhất thế giới, thanh khoản khoảng 5 – 6 ngàn tỷ đô/ ngày. Chính vì vậy, việc mua bán kiếm lợi nhuận của bạn cực kỳ nhanh chóng và thuận tiện. Để có cái nhìn tương quan, mời bạn xem biểu đồ sau để so sánh và nhận thấy khối lượng giao dịch của thị trường Forex khổng lồ như thế nào nhé.


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    All about Multipurpose UV Curing UV Adhesive

    All about Multipurpose UV Curing UV Adhesive

    DeepMaterial's multi-purpose UV-curing adhesive can quickly polymerize and cure under ultraviolet radiation, which helps to greatly improve production efficiency. Widely used in bonding, wrapping, sealing, reinforcing, covering and sealing purposes. DeepMaterial multi-purpose UV curing adhesive is a one-component solvent-free product, which can be cured in a few seconds under UV or visible light. It has a fast curing speed, high bonding strength, large curing depth, good toughness, and anti-yellowing.
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    DeepMaterial adheres to the research and development concept of "market priority, close to the scene", and strives to fully meet the current rapid development of electronic products, update the current situation of itera- tion, and continuously improve products, fully meet the requirements of high-speed assembly process of electronic products, and be compatible with solvent-free environmental protection technology, To ensure that customer's production cost and efficiency are improved and the production concept of environmental protection and high efficiency is realized. The DeepMaterial multi-purpose UV curing adhesive product line covers the main applications of structural bonding. DeepMaterial multi-purpose UV curing adhesive in electronic compo- nents for temporary fixation, PCBA and port sealing, line coating and reinforcement, chip mount, protection and fixing coating, metal and glass high strength bonding, medical industry device bonding, component solder joints, LED Lamp strip bonding, horn film and coil bonding, camera focal length positioning /LENS bonding and other scenarios are widely used.

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    Best Websites The best website to watch anime for free

    Best Websites The best website to watch anime for free

    9Anime is a notable free anime streaming site. It is easy to find and watch anime films with English subtitles on this website. It is totally advertisement-free and has loads of amazing anime series. This site has various sorts of Anime, such as Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Romance, and lots of others. Furthermore, every class involves various options that are ordinary updates with new and latest anime streaming. 
    In clear words, 9Anime is a streaming films site that hosts associate with secured anime shows which are currently airing on TV or premium sites. 9Anime has a nice measure of anime content.
    Many videos are presented in 1080p HD quality, whereas some are in SD quality. Most proposition a choice of streaming objectives so customers can zero in on quality or speed/data usage depending mostly on the web access rate. 
    Maybe the most exciting and charming thing about 9Anime is that it grants you to figure out the movies or series by class, season, language, status, and quite a while. It also has a search bar so that you can find your destined series by putting the series title, or other associated things. 9Anime needn't bother with enlistment for other individual information to participate in the streaming.

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    The Chevrolet Corvette C8 is being a success

    The Chevrolet Corvette C8 is being a success

    C8CorvetteBlog.com is the #1 online resource for information about the Mid Engine Corvette C8 including the C8 Corvette Stingray, Eray, C8 Corvette Z06, ZR1 and electric Corvettes. We post information from social media, C8 Corvette forums, Facebook Groups and YouTube all in one place to make it easy for people to learn everything they want to know about the Corvette C8.

    To know more - https://c8corvetteblog.com/

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    Lithium-ion batteries, essential for energy storage

    Lithium-ion batteries, essential for energy storage

    Compared with traditional nickel-hydride or nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery technology, lithium-ion batteries have several advantages: mainly, they charge in less time and take longer to discharge, but they also have a lower energy density. superior, they have no memory effect and practically do not lose charge when not in use, etc.

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    However, like any technology, they have certain disadvantages related mainly to protection (they must incorporate systems to prevent overloading and overheating) and cost (despite the aforementioned reduction in cost, their manufacture continues to be around 40% more expensive than the of nickel-cadmium).

    The advantages of lithium-ion batteries and their decreasing cost have made their use proliferate in many areas:

      emergency power systems
    In critical installations, such as server farms, the batteries of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) protect it from the loss or instability of the electricity supply.

      solar energy storage
    Solar energy is intermittent and these batteries are the ones that best adapt to solar panels due to their way of charging and their speed, especially in self- consumption .

      Consumer electronics and mobile devices
    Mobile devices have become the primary application for these batteries, allowing ever-increasing miniaturization .

      disability assistance
    These types of batteries are present in electric wheelchairs, stair lifts or motorized prostheses, making life easier for people with mobility restrictions.

    Lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles
    The development and growing adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles is largely due to the efficiency and lower cost of lithium-ion batteries. In addition to having a high energy density compared to its size, its mass production has brought the price of electric vehicles closer to those of gasoline. In terms of running costs, the price of electricity to run an electric vehicle is less than the cost of fuel for internal combustion engines. They also provide autonomy for increasingly longer trips.

    Access to the html of Sustainable Mobility.  Internal link, opens in its own window.

    The scarcity of cobalt, an element necessary for its manufacture, and the difficulties in its recycling are driving the investigation of other alternative technologies for batteries. Here are some of the most promising:

    Hydrogen cells: These batteries produce electricity from gaseous hydrogen, but the drawback is not in the technology, but in the ability to make green hydrogen without resorting to fossil fuels.
    Solid State Batteries: They use solid electrolytes instead of liquid or gel electrolytes. They have higher energy density, reduce explosion and fire risks, and take up less space by not requiring as many safety-related components.
    Graphene supercapacitors: the capacitors can be charged and discharged more efficiently than a battery and the use of graphene would allow reaching an energy density similar to that of current batteries.

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    Infallible tricks so that your house sells itself - Fire Cash Buyers

    Infallible tricks so that your house sells itself - Fire Cash Buyers

    Do you want to know the tricks to sell your house quickly and agilely? We tell you all the factors to take into account before putting your property up for sale and a series of tips so that your house sells itself.

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    What factors must be taken into account before selling a house?
    If we want our home to sell well and quickly, there is a series of preliminary work to be done and issues to take into account:

    Analyze the demand and purchase times. Make an analysis of the average time of sale by cities and autonomous communities and also of the type of buyers in the area (age, nationality, marital status, family structure and use of the houses).
    Do a real estate appraisal. The price of your house must be fair and competitive. We recommend that you appraise it to see its mortgage value.
    Observe your competition and differentiate yourself. You must look at the differences and similarities of your house compared to others, the prices that are handled in the area and do a SWOT analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities).
    Make sure you have all the documentation prepared and in order. If we want the sale of our property to be quick, we must have everything ready to do the paperwork once we find a buyer. We will need to have the deeds of the house and the property title at hand .
    Write an attractive ad . Write a description with precise information where you highlight the strengths of the house and with good photographs.
    4 infallible tricks to sell your house
    Once you have everything ready to sell your house, write down these four tricks so that they take your home out of your hands:

    Keep the house clean
    Even if the house you are going to sell has not been inhabited by you for a long time, it is essential that you maintain order and cleanliness, in addition to keeping bad odors at bay.

    Think that, although they may be very convinced by the space, if the buyers perceive a feeling of dirt, this could put them back a lot.

    Repair the house
    If it is a priority for you that the house is sold quickly, think about fixing the maximum number of possible damages to get the best version of the property.

    Obviously, you are not going to do a complete reform, but maybe you can do a standard arrangement of the kitchen or bathroom, depersonalize the house, etc.

    pleasant visits
    Offering your potential buyer a good visit can make the difference between deciding on your property or another that can offer similar characteristics.

    So, try to empathize with your buyer, be friendly, know all the details of the house by heart to be able to answer questions accurately and do not deceive with defects. Maintaining honesty is not only important to look good in front of the buyer, but also to avoid possible legal problems in the future.

    Negotiate with the buyer
    It is normal that before an investment as large and important as the purchase of a property, the potential buyer tries to haggle.

    Don't be offended by it, and don't feel compelled to lower the price if you already think you're selling your home below market value, but be open to listening to your buyers.

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