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Phillip and Katie talk about snacks as they snack

Attack Of The Snack www.DVMPE.com

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Phillip and Katie talk about snacks as they snack

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Podthusiast243 ,

Ice Cream is a Snack!

Katie and Phillip are the two friendliest hosts on the Planet Earth. They are both just so energetic and joyous. I coul literally listen to them talk about anything. That being said, I'm glad they talk about snacks (even if Phillip can't properly define them). The episodes are a perfect lenght, the energy is fantastic, and I always have someone I agree with (almost always Katie because she understands that treats are a subsect of snacks, not a different category altogether). Listen to the show!

GhostlyPodcast.com ,

Great Podcast with Short Episodes

I've been seeing people talking about this podcast, but didn't think it was for me. You see I'm on a diet and don't need to think about food at this time. I was surprised when I finally listened to it that it was so funny and amazing! The hosts are great and make everything fun. I haven't listened to all the episodes yet... but I now know that I need to binge listen to this.

Realbigant ,


I listened to this while driving. I'll be sure to listen to the next episode while snacking, becuase it really did make my hungry. I really like that the hosts carefully review the snack foods, while also taking time to converse with eachother and show off their personaliities.

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