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Co-hosted by AWS Solution Architects and Evangelists, Shai Perednik, Dean Samuels and guest hosts!

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Co-hosted by AWS Solution Architects and Evangelists, Shai Perednik, Dean Samuels and guest hosts!

    Episode 87 - Cloud Adoption Framework v3.0

    Episode 87 - Cloud Adoption Framework v3.0

    In this episode of AWS TechChat, we talk about how leveraging the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) can help you accelerate your digital transformation efforts and business outcomes. We highlight the potential value that cloud transformation can bring to organizations, identify some of the key challenges that organizations may face along their journey, and discuss how the AWS CAF can help you overcome those.

    We unpack the key components of the AWS CAF, including 4 categories of business outcomes, 4 transformation domains, 6 perspectives, 47 foundational capabilities, and 4 incremental & iterative transformation phases that the AWS CAF recommends.

    And finally, we talk about the AWS CAF Envisioning and Alignment workshops and how they can be leveraged to help you identify and prioritize transformation opportunities, assess your organizational cloud readiness, and evolve your transformation roadmap.

    • Shai Perednik - (www.linkedin.com/in/shaiperednik/) - Global Tech Lead – Blockchain, AWS
    • Dr. Saša Baškarada (www.linkedin.com/in/baskarada/) - Worldwide Lead, AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, AWS
    • Jason Turse (www.linkedin.com/in/turse-262/) - Senior Practice Manager, Advisory (Defense), AWS

    • AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) eBook https://d1.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/aws-caf-ebook.pdf
    • An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework https://docs.aws.amazon.com/whitepapers/latest/overview-aws-cloud-adoption-framework/welcome.html
    • AWS CAF Public Page https://aws.amazon.com/professional-services/CAF/
    • AWS CAF Whitepaper - Kindle Edition https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X9DBL4V/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_49MV5ZHXJBAAXRNS4VZ9

    • 45 min
    Episode 86 - Amazon EventBridge

    Episode 86 - Amazon EventBridge

    In this episode of AWS Techchat, we start the show by talking about foundations - an overview of Amazon EventBridge and how it is different from Amazon CloudWatch Events. Then we talk about some of the features such as Archive and Replay Events, Schema Registry, Global Endpoints, and API Destinations.

    Finally, we dive into architecture patterns to touch on the need to spend time modeling your logical architecture to get a good foundation for your event-driven architecture and explored event bus topologies and best practices.

    Shai Perednik - Global Tech Lead - Blockchain
    Cheryl Joseph - Solutions Architect, AWS
    Stephen Liedig - Principal SA - Serverless, AWS

    *Amazon EventBridge resource policy samples*

    *AWS re:Invent 2020 session*
    Building event-driven applications with Amazon EventBridge (https://youtu.be/Wk0FoXTUEjo)

    *Introducing global endpoints for Amazon EventBridge*

    *ANZ Summit: Design event-driven integrations using Amazon EventBridge (Day 2)*

    * AWS Summit regisration (https://aws.amazon.com/events/summits/anz/)
    * Agenda at a glance (https://pages.awscloud.com/rs/112-TZM-766/images/AWS-Summit-ANZ-2022-Agenda.pdf)

    Blog Post
    * Building an event-driven application with Amazon EventBridge (https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/building-an-event-driven-application-with-amazon-eventbridge/)

    • 55 min
    Episode 85 - Amazon EC2 Mac Special

    Episode 85 - Amazon EC2 Mac Special

    In this episode of AWS TechChat, we take a journey into Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Mac instances. I interview two Amazon EC2 Mac Specialists, Muhammad and Scott, who help us deep dive into the depths of Amazon EC2 and supporting services and features.

    We start the show by setting foundations as we talk about the single tenancy model and how that relates to billing. We then discuss the differences between instances and hosts and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) storage as well as building a CI/CD pipeline with Amazon EC2 MAC for your build servers.

    We wrap that all up with some use cases we’ve heard and by looking at where customers should start their Amazon EC2 Mac journey.

    Shai Perednik - Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
    Muhammad Mansoor - Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
    Scott Malki - Senior EC2/Graviton Specialist, AWS

    AWS Events:
    AWS Builders Online Series https://aws.amazon.com/events/builders-online-series/
    AWS Innovate – AI/ML Edition https://aws.amazon.com/events/aws-innovate/machine-learning/
    AWS Events and Webinars - http://aws.amazon.com/events/

    Use Amazon EC2 Mac Instances to Build & Test macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS Apps https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-use-mac-instances-to-build-test-macos-ios-ipados-tvos-and-watchos-apps/

    • 31 min
    Episode 84 - Blockchain Special

    Episode 84 - Blockchain Special

    In this episode of AWS TechChat, we take a journey into Amazon Managed Blockchain and Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). I interview a blockchain specialist - Forrest, who help us deep dive into the depths of blockchain technologies and terminologies.

    We start the show by setting foundations, diving into cryptocurrencies, tokenization, and smart contracts before walking through the difference between layer 1, layer 2, and sidechains.

    We then pivot the discussion to private and public blockchain, Hyperledger as well as Ethereum. We close out this segment by answering some of the frequently asked questions - “Is there only one blockchain? Why do we need multiple blockchains?”

    We also discuss about blockchain versus databases and how to decide between Amazon Managed Blockchain and Amazon QLDB.

    Finally, we wrap up the show with some exciting use cases and share how you should start your blockchain journey.

    Shai Perednik - Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS
    Forrest Colyer - Blockchain Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

    AWS Events:
    AWS Innovate – Data Edition https://aws.amazon.com/events/aws-innovate/data/
    AWS Events and Webinars - http://aws.amazon.com/events/

    Customer stories
    How Contura Energy built a letter of credit application on Amazon Managed Blockchain https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/database/how-contura-energy-built-a-letter-of-credit-application-on-amazon-managed-blockchain/
    Enterprise solutions with blockchain: Use cases from Nestlé, Sony Music, and Workday https://d1.awsstatic.com/events/reinvent/2019/Enterprise_solutions_with_blockchain_Use_cases_from_Nestle_Sony_Music_and_Workday_BLC204.pdf
    Nestlé brings supply chain transparency with Amazon Managed Blockchain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6vPvZ0-7dY
    Amazon Managed Blockchain Customers https://aws.amazon.com/managed-blockchain/customers/

    Getting started with the Amazon QLDB console https://docs.aws.amazon.com/qldb/latest/developerguide/getting-started.html
    Get Started Creating a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network Using Amazon Managed Blockchain https://docs.aws.amazon.com/managed-blockchain/latest/hyperledger-fabric-dev/managed-blockchain-get-started-tutorial.html
    Deploy an Ethereum node on Amazon Managed Blockchain https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/database/deploy-an-ethereum-node-on-amazon-managed-blockchain/
    Building a serverless blockchain application with Amazon Managed Blockchain https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/database/building-a-serverless-blockchain-application-with-amazon-managed-blockchain/
    Integrate Amazon Managed Blockchain identities with Amazon Cognito https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/database/integrate-amazon-managed-blockchain-identities-with-amazon-cognito/
    Tracking activity in Amazon Managed Blockchain with Amazon CloudWatch Logs https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/database/tracking-activity-in-amazon-managed-blockchain-with-amazon-cloudwatch-logs/
    Automating Hyperledger Fabric chaincode deployment on Amazon Managed Blockchain using AWS CodePipeline https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/database/automating-hyperledger-fabric-chaincode-deployment-on-amazon-managed-blockchain-using-aws-codepipeline/

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Episode 83 - CloudFront Functions Edge Computing Special

    Episode 83 - CloudFront Functions Edge Computing Special

    In this episode of AWS TechChat, we took a journey out the edge, and gave you an in-depth look in to a new product that we have released to market, CloudFront Function. I interviewed 2 special guests from our CloudFront service team, David Brown and Raji Sundararajan who gave me the low down on the major feature release.
    We started the show setting down a foundation of what is Edge Computing, how Edge Computing is changing modern architectures and some of the shortcomings customers face with Lambda @ Edge before introducing CloudFront Functions
    CloudFront Functions, which is a feature of Amazon CloudFront, enables you to write lightweight functions in JavaScript for high-scale, latency-sensitive CDN customizations.
    CloudFront Functions can manipulate the requests and responses that flow through CloudFront, perform basic authentication and authorization, generate HTTP responses at the edge and more.
    I then wore that hat of you, our customer and spend the better half of the show in a Q&A session with Raji and David to which we cover patterns, anti patterns, performance, the developer experience and more.

    Shane Baldacchino - Edge Specialist Solutions Architect, ANZ, AWS
    David Brown - Sr. Product Manager, Cloudfront Service Team
    Raji Sundararajan - Software Development Manager, CloudFront Service Team

    • 50 min
    Episode 82 - Getting Started With Containers

    Episode 82 - Getting Started With Containers

    In this episode of AWS TechChat, we start with an introduction of containers and explain the many terms we often hear about them.

    We then pivot and discuss why the industry is adopting containers, its benefits, and how you can get started by either using your local machine, single board computer, or an Amazon technology. From images through to Docker files, this episode will help you get started on your containers journey.

    We dive into orchestration, talk about when to use containers and serverless, and close off the show with containers development tools and show you how you would deploy and manage them in AWS.

    We just scratched the surface on the tooling we covered and suggest our listeners take a read through some of the links below:

    AWS glossary - AWS General Reference (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/glos-chap.html)
    Glossary | Docker Documentation (https://docs.docker.com/glossary/)
    Container Orchestration
    Amazon ECS vs Amazon EKS: making sense of AWS container services | Con... (https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/containers/amazon-ecs-vs-amazon-eks-making-sense-of-aws-container-services/)
    Lambda Containers:
    New for AWS Lambda – Container Image Support | AWS News Blog (https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-for-aws-lambda-container-image-support/)
    Developing an application based on multiple microservices using AWS Co... (https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/containers/developing-an-application-based-on-multiple-microservices-using-the-aws-copilot-and-aws-fargate/)
    AWS Copilot is now generally available | Containers (https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/containers/aws-copilot-is-now-generally-available/)
    Amazon ECS developer tools overview - Amazon Elastic Container Service (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonECS/latest/developerguide/ecs-developer-tools.html#developer-tools-dockercli)
    Tutorial: Creating a Cluster with an EC2 Task Using the Amazon ECS CLI... (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonECS/latest/developerguide/ecs-cli-tutorial-ec2.html)
    The eksctl command line utility - Amazon EKS (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/eks/latest/userguide/eksctl.html)
    A Docker Tutorial for Beginners (https://docker-curriculum.com/)

    Shane Baldacchino - Edge Specialist Solutions Architect, ANZ, AWS
    Shai Perednik - Solutions Architect, AWS

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Hax4Bux ,

Fair source of news; painful to listen to

I like to run podcasts while I am programming. AWS is a busy place, so I appreciate a podcast which saves me the trouble of reading AWS blogs and product announcements. The gushy delivery and strange vocabulary (i.e. "amy" for AMI) can be difficult to endure, but the content is usually worthwhile (although I would keep the skeptic filters in place). Did you know Dennis Ritchie wrote LINUX? Hahaha...

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