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The Aww Shift Podcast was created specifically to focus on the critical area of any success or failure in life. Our identity. Identities don’t change in life, but they do make shifts that lead to good or bad endings.

There are two pivotal types of moments that shift everything in life. Moments that make us say, “Aww shift, this is awesome” or “Aww shift, this horrible.” Either moment is followed by major shifts in our lives that are hard to navigate alone. Bottom line is, we have to deal with them whether we want to or not. My passion is to share stories, insights, and ideas on how to handle these “Aww Shift” moments in life like a pro.

Having grown up in foster care and enduring countless “Aww Shift” moments on the road to the NFL and eventually becoming a 7 figure serial entrepreneur, Anthony now teaches others how make “shift” happen in life and business through his coaching programs and speeches.

Each weekly podcast episode is filled with off the cuff ideas, strategies, action steps, and case studies from Anthony or his guest with one goal in mind. Take you to and through your next “Aww Shift” moment with purpose and power.

It’s time to take “shift” seriously, stop the overwhelm and uncertainty, and make “shift” happen in The Aww Shift Podcast.

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The Aww Shift Podcast was created specifically to focus on the critical area of any success or failure in life. Our identity. Identities don’t change in life, but they do make shifts that lead to good or bad endings.

There are two pivotal types of moments that shift everything in life. Moments that make us say, “Aww shift, this is awesome” or “Aww shift, this horrible.” Either moment is followed by major shifts in our lives that are hard to navigate alone. Bottom line is, we have to deal with them whether we want to or not. My passion is to share stories, insights, and ideas on how to handle these “Aww Shift” moments in life like a pro.

Having grown up in foster care and enduring countless “Aww Shift” moments on the road to the NFL and eventually becoming a 7 figure serial entrepreneur, Anthony now teaches others how make “shift” happen in life and business through his coaching programs and speeches.

Each weekly podcast episode is filled with off the cuff ideas, strategies, action steps, and case studies from Anthony or his guest with one goal in mind. Take you to and through your next “Aww Shift” moment with purpose and power.

It’s time to take “shift” seriously, stop the overwhelm and uncertainty, and make “shift” happen in The Aww Shift Podcast.

    How to be a Great Leader with Ken Eslick

    How to be a Great Leader with Ken Eslick

    Today's guest is Ken Eslick, someone who's achieved remarkable success, including making the Inc 5000 list this year. He's excelled in the corporate world, climbed the leadership ladder, and trained countless leaders globally. What sets him apart is his willingness to share a story of imperfection. You might wonder, how does this connect with someone who's a top-notch trainer? Well, Ken's journey has taken him through challenging times behind the scenes, despite his external success. Today, he's here to candidly discuss these experiences, extracting valuable lessons we can all apply to our lives. 
    [1:55] Why should I listen to you? 
    Why you might find value in listening to me is because I've delved into the dark work, and I can share insights gained from elevating one's identity for peak performance.
    [3:40] Do you mind sharing some of your darkest moments?
    I find it amusing because the darkest moments often stem from ongoing issues, not isolated events you can neatly package and move past. It's when these issues steer your identity away from who you truly are that things become challenging. Let me illustrate this with my personal experience. As a child, my family grappled with problems like addiction and my mother's suicidal tendencies. I turned to alcohol, and to some extent, drugs, as a coping mechanism, and this pattern persisted for years. People with addictive tendencies often become adept at managing their vices to maintain them in their lives. When people think of substance abuse problems, they tend to envision someone who has lost everything. However, it's more about the erosion of your potential self. Do we need to hit rock bottom to rediscover our true selves? I'm framing this within my context of alcohol addiction, but addiction can manifest in various forms like food, behavior, anger, or anything that pulls you away from your core values and purpose.
    [7:28] What was the catalyst for your success? 
    Well, you and I crossed paths back in 2018 or 2019 at Brendon Burchard's Influencer event. At that time, I was already on the path to sobriety, but a few years earlier, my journey into personal development started with Tony Robbins. The reason I ventured into this field was that life wasn't unfolding the way I expected, so I thought personal development might hold the answer. While it did help in some aspects, I was still sidestepping a significant issue: my drinking problem. In 2017, I was about to take on a leadership role in Tony Robbins' environment, attending a course and meeting fellow ex-military individuals the night before the program. I got heavily intoxicated. The morning after, I woke up with a profound sense of misalignment with my integrity and ethics. It felt awful, like the aftermath of telling a small lie but on a much grander scale. I couldn't stand it any longer and gave myself an ultimatum: address this issue head-on or walk away. I realized that pursuing a leadership role while battling alcoholism couldn't coexist. So, that marked the beginning of my journey to sobriety. I reached out to a friend in Alcoholics Anonymous, and that moment served as a clear catalyst, even though there were other significant moments before. It's crucial to note that readiness varies for each individual. You may not be ready until you hit that point where change becomes a non-negotiable choice.
    [11:50] How did you know you were ready? 
    The turning point for me came when I finally had enough leverage on myself. In the Tony Robbins community, we often discuss the "Dickens Process," which draws inspiration from Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." It's a process of envisioning the potential consequences of continuing with one's current behaviors. You start to ask yourself, "What if I keep going down this path?" and, more importantly, "What does that mean for my children and my family?" During that period, I was overwhelmed, though I didn't initially label it as fear. Looking back, I can see it was pure fe

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    How to Grow into Greatness with Kash Hasworth

    How to Grow into Greatness with Kash Hasworth

    In today’s episode, our guest is Kash Hasworth. He is a disruptive sales leader, entrepreneur, and author of "Selling Keeps You Broke". After scaling a wireless franchise to 28 locations in his early 20s, he emerged as a formidable force in the renewable energy arena. He arms his readers with the tools to learn, elevate, and disrupt. 
    [3:15] Why should I listen to you? 
    I believe life is profoundly influenced by one's perspective. The key to my ability to attract exceptional individuals and navigate my journey from a challenging past to boardroom success, scaling multiple businesses, and achieving personal breakthroughs, lies in my perspective. I view everything as working in my favor, even during failures or setbacks. Regardless of the intensity of adversity or difficulty, I see it as ultimately benefiting me rather than working against me. When you encounter someone with such a perspective, I strongly recommend welcoming them into your circle.
    [5:00] Where did this skill set come from? 
    Regarding many of the skills I possess, such as sales and leadership, I can confidently say they weren't innate abilities. However, when it comes to perspective, I've always been more of an introvert. From as far back as I can remember, I've had a sharp perspective. What truly defined it for me, though, was experiencing the loss of very close friends. When you lose someone who feels like a brother, it hits you hard, and you realize that life shouldn't be taken so seriously. I believe it all stems from that experience, which was a pivotal point in my life. It made me understand that if I wanted to change my destination, I had to change my course. 
    [7:28] Can you share more about your journey during that period?
    Before changing my path and coming home, my father was a notorious drug dealer, and I essentially inherited that business when I was around 14. However, when the state kicked in and took him away, he ended up serving six years in prison. Meanwhile, my mother was dealing with some health issues. I'm not making excuses, but I was the only one who could step up and be a provider. People often act based on the information they're exposed to, and our reality is a reflection of our surroundings. That was my environment. So I found myself deeply involved in the drug game at the age of 14 or 15. My father had a tough life himself, and I tried to live up to his legacy, which led to aggressive behaviors and associating with the wrong crowd. One thing led to another, and I ended up in a shootout where someone got shot. As a result, I went to prison for two years. It's crazy how life can thrust you into situations you never imagined, like when I was in foster care, completely removed from the life I once knew.
    [10:30] Did you reach a point where you felt like you were finished with your previous pursuits and needed to move on? Or did you experience moments when you shifted gears abruptly, saying, 'I'm done with this'? 
    After my release, one thing was clear: I couldn't return to my former life. My mother still struggled, my father remained in prison, and many close friends were incarcerated, including my best friend, stationed in Germany. I initially fell back into selling drugs but soon distanced myself from friends and headed down a destructive path. One day, during my long walks to clear my head, I stumbled upon an abandoned elementary school. At a picnic table, I sat, unsure of what to ask for; I only sought a life of normalcy and a different environment. I sat there in tears, having a candid conversation with God, pleading for connections to the right people, information, and resources to escape my tumultuous past. My prayer was answered, and opportunities started to surface. The right people entered my life, offering the guidance I needed. With newfound hope and determination, I was on a path to change, leaving behind a life I knew all too well for one filled with promise and potential.
    [12:56] What were the initial opportun

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    How to Enjoy The Other Side of Success with Jeremy Delk

    How to Enjoy The Other Side of Success with Jeremy Delk

    In today’s episode, our guest is Jeremy Delk. He has a remarkable life story, having lost his father at just seven years old. He's navigated through the ups and downs of business, even exciting companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. What sets him apart is how he's maintained a strong connection to his heart throughout this journey. Today, we'll explore his experiences, from overcoming adversity to achieving success, and the valuable lessons he's learned along the way. We'll also touch on what it means to find true success while balancing family life and passing on those lessons.
    [2:25] Why should I listen to you? 
    I think the 43-year-old me would have a different answer than the 20-year-old me. I have this genuine curiosity that will help me in business so much. But I have a curiosity about people, and I love learning. I really love helping. I think that's the biggest piece. So, you should listen to me because I'm going to come from the right place. I'm not going to try to sell you a pitch or something like that. I'm just going to be genuinely curious. 
    [3:28] When did your curiosity start to build up? 
    I hail from Bardstown, and growing up in this small town, I had a persistent yearning to explore beyond my comfortable surroundings. At the age of seven, my world was shattered when my father tragically lost his life in a motorbike accident. This event, though not unique in the context of loss, catapulted my family into a state of immense instability. My mom, a young single mother, suddenly found herself responsible for two small kids. It was a daunting transition for all of us. This period of instability left an indelible mark on my psyche. It forged in me a fierce determination never to return to such uncertainty. I became driven by the desire for stability and resources, fueling my journey into adulthood. As I matured, I made my fair share of mistakes, experienced both success and failure and evolved into someone with a voracious appetite for learning. I became addicted to the process, relishing in curiosity, listening intently, and eventually becoming a subject matter expert. That curiosity remains the driving force behind my journey.
    [7:12] What would be your desired topic of conversation? 
    Opening a conversation by asking someone about themselves, their aspirations, and ambitions is incredibly powerful. People tend to open up, sharing dreams and goals. The follow-up question, often about actions taken, reveals two distinct profiles: those who've progressed and those making excuses. Entrepreneurs thrive on action, but self-imposed obstacles, like fear of failure or external judgment, frequently obstruct progress. Helping individuals recognize and overcome these mental barriers is transformative. The objective is to encourage them to take that first step, regardless of perceived obstacles, and keep moving forward. These initial actions are the foundation for lasting change.
    [9:35] How do you help somebody navigate past those roadblocks, and barriers such as self-inflicted excuses?
    Helping someone embark on a new venture begins with understanding their "why." Regardless of the industry, this foundational question is pivotal. Many may say they want to start a business to be wealthy, but we dig deeper to uncover their genuine motivations. Is it about financial freedom, quality time with family, or a true calling? The core reason must be visceral and compelling. It's not about buying happiness with material possessions; it's about fulfilling a deeper purpose. Once this authentic drive is found, it becomes the unstoppable force propelling them forward, leaving external opinions and doubts behind.  
    [27:30] Have you ever been worried about losing because the current situation is good? 
    My transition from New York's bustling energy to Kentucky was an eye-opener. It made me realize that some friends hadn't ventured far from their comfort zones. I have a passion for both building and fixing things, bu

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    How to Get Superior Health with Dr. Matt Chalmers

    How to Get Superior Health with Dr. Matt Chalmers

    In today’s episode, our guest is Dr. Matt Chalmers. He is a health and wellness expert, author, and speaker who specializes in the areas of long-term wellness, nutrition, women’s health, weight loss, athlete wellness, and holistic healing. He is also the author of the bestselling book “Pillars of Wellness,” which helps readers cut through the information overload about wellness, exercise, and diet to figure out the actions they can take that will have the greatest impact. 
    [2:30] Why should I listen to you? 
    Typically, the conversations I have with people revolve around important health issues. I specialize in various areas that conventional medicine may not address effectively, such as hormone therapy and cardiac prevention. Currently, my primary goal is to combat the opioid epidemic by leveraging the benefits of cannabis and ketamine. Many people either have misconceptions or limited knowledge about the tools we have to combat this crisis.
    [3:40] How did you arrive at this point? Can you share the journey that led you to confidently discuss this topic on a podcast? 
    It's actually quite amusing. I play the medical role in what's essentially a venture capital (VC) company. Our primary task involves evaluating various deals. We work extensively with NFL athletes because they often come across questionable deals and require someone to tell them when something isn't right. So, when someone brought us a cannabis-related opportunity, it piqued our interest. At first, we didn't pay much heed, assuming it was just another offering. However, it turned out that cannabis has incredible medical potential. In fact, it can alleviate pain in 64% of cases, which rivals opioids. This completely changed my perspective on cannabis. We realized that many people were missing out on its remarkable health benefits, primarily due to misconceptions or concerns about smoking or vaping. To address this, we employ a unique technology that allows users to benefit from cannabis without smoking, vaping, or ingesting it. This method provides pain relief without the psychoactive effects. For instance, I discussed in my TED Talk how I used these cannabis strips to help my 10-year-old son recover from surgery without experiencing a high. We've found great success in using this approach to manage pain for various medical conditions. This journey started as a response to the opioid epidemic, and we believe more people should be aware of these alternatives.
    [5:58] In your journey of doing this work, what sparked your passionate connection to it? Was it driven by personal experiences, childhood influences, or a desire to help a specific demographic in need?
    Interestingly, I have a personal connection to this endeavor, although it's not the primary reason for my involvement. I'll share that connection with you. Back in 2007, I was in a car accident that left me with a broken left foot, a fractured left femur, and my face meeting the car's dashboard, resulting in a severe concussion. To address the pain, I was prescribed opioids. Now, here's where it gets interesting: Due to the concussion, I completely forgot that I had already taken two of those pills, and I ended up taking two more. If I hadn't woken up and realized what happened, I could have been in a dire situation. So that incident is certainly part of my connection to this cause. But the primary reason I'm deeply committed to this mission is my network of connections and driven individuals who share this vision. I firmly believe that if you have the means to make a significant positive impact on people's lives and you choose not to act, it's a tragedy. I have the resources and the drive to make a difference, and I can't let that opportunity slip by. I understand firsthand the challenges faced by individuals in similar situations, and it's a matter of doing our absolute best because there aren't many people with the kind of access we have to make a meaningful change in this field.

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    Makings of a Million Dollar Life with Krista Mashore

    Makings of a Million Dollar Life with Krista Mashore

    In today’s episode, our guest is Krista Mashore. She is in the top 1% of coaches nationwide and has been a Top 1% real estate agent for 20 years. She is also the author of five best-selling books focusing on digital marketing and was named Yahoo Finance’s number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021! Through her coaching, teaching, speaking, and training, Krista is revolutionizing the way agents and professionals market themselves online. 
    [ 2:00] Why should I listen to you?
    I genuinely care about people. Many say, "I want to do good and help others," but I truly want to assist. I have a deep love for humanity, and I'm the type of person who wholeheartedly invests in those I care about. They might describe me as someone who pours everything into them, and I thoroughly enjoy engaging in interviews as well.
    [3:40] Do you mind sharing your story? 
    At one point, I remember sharing a somewhat dramatic story about my husband, which involved drained bank accounts and his new girlfriend picking up our daughters for Thanksgiving. However, the real story I should have been telling was about my childhood. My upbringing felt like living in two separate worlds: one with a loving dad, a close-knit family, and enjoyable vacations, and the other with an abusive mom. My mother was physically abusive, which led me to run away from home at the age of 13. I spent a year on the run, often stealing clothes and lunch money from schoolmates just to survive. Eventually, I ended up in a group home called Hidden Hills for Girls in Cottonwood. The daily bus ride to the group home was marked with a label that essentially branded us as problem children, subjecting us to ridicule. I became the "weird kid" in school. After that year, I went to live with a foster family and haven't lived at home since I was 13. Thankfully, I reconnected with my mom, who played a crucial role in my healing journey. She attended counseling with me and openly acknowledged her actions to the family. However, the scars from physical abuse run deep, requiring extensive mental work on my part to reach the mindset and life I have today. My message is that if I can achieve multimillionaire status coming from a foster home, anyone can overcome their challenges.
    [16:17] At what stage in your journey did you transition into college?
    In 10th grade, I made a pivotal decision to attend college, even though I wasn't sure what I wanted to pursue. My college journey hit a rough patch when I flunked out in my first year, with a measly 1.6 GPA. I returned to Antioch, where we both currently live. To support myself, I took on a full-time job at Costco, working 40 hours a week during the day, while attending evening classes at the University of Hayward extension. During this time, I discovered my passion for teaching and eventually became a third-grade teacher, a role I embraced for six years. However, when my husband had an affair and I needed to care for my children, I made a major shift. I had previously ranked in the top 1% in real estate for 17 consecutive years. Five years ago, I transitioned out of real estate to teach real estate agents, lenders, and entrepreneurs, including individuals like yourself. It's been quite a journey.
    [18:17] Can you share the story of how your life took a significant turn when a woman walked into your life while you were still working as a teacher and a parent, ultimately changing your path?
    I was a teacher when a mom from my classroom shared that she had made $13,000 selling a house. It struck me that $13,000 could take me three months to earn, so I impulsively called the Allied School of Real Estate from my classroom, took the real estate test, and got licensed. However, my life took a challenging turn when my daughter fell seriously ill with spinal meningitis and kidney failure. It was a difficult time as they predicted she might not make it due to multiple strokes. I decided to be a stay-at-home mom to care for her. Around the same time, I dis

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    How to Unlock a Bulletproof Mindset with Craig Siegel

    How to Unlock a Bulletproof Mindset with Craig Siegel

    In today’s episode, our guest is Craig Siegel. He is a value-based and high-energy Global Keynote Speaker and also the co-creator of the CLS experience. His journey is captivating – from growing up without a strong sense of self-confidence to venturing into the world of Wall Street. While he achieved success in certain areas, he realized his heart's desires were unfulfilled. This realization led him to a unique reinvention journey, departing from his Wall Street path to a new world of service. Through this transformation, he not only built a remarkable personal brand but also sparked a movement embraced by countless individuals worldwide. Tune in to this incredible episode where we delve into Craig's journey and explore how you can adapt his reinvention formula to transform your own life.
    [2:24] Why should I listen to you? 
    I have a genuine passion for nurturing relationships. In every interaction I engage in, I aim to leave on a positive and elevated note. This drive stems from the simple desire to raise the energy levels. If someone's at a nine, I want to help them reach a ten; if it's a six, I aim for seven; and even if they're already at ten, I'd love to see them hit fifteen. It brings me a sense of accomplishment to infuse each encounter with vitality, enthusiasm, and positive vibes. 
    [3:54] What is the source of the energy that fuels your positivity?
    Before my transformation during the pandemic, I was entrenched in Wall Street for a solid 13 years. Specifically, in the few years leading up to the pandemic, I hit rock bottom. It was a time marked by a toxic relationship and the weight of my best friend and father's battle with cancer. While I had my own business and was making money, my definition of success back then was rather immature, and yes, money isn't the whole picture, as I've come to realize. I was utterly unhappy. This period of lockdown, though, I viewed as an unprecedented chance to reevaluate my life's direction. I recognized that I had a choice: to stick with the story I was living or to rewrite a new narrative. That's when I decided to put my faith in my purpose and passion, and the pieces began falling into place. People often comment that they've never seen someone build a personal brand so rapidly, and I'm truly humbled by that acknowledgment. But what I always emphasize is that it's not about time; it's about alignment. I've learned that having contrast, experiencing the wilderness of being lost and miserable, and then discovering alignment and purpose, can make all the difference. 
    [9:03] Can you share a specific action you took that enabled you to authentically tap into that state? 
    This holds immense power, and I'm genuinely grateful you brought it up. I've truly delved into the spiritual aspects, like aligning with different frequencies and vibrational energy. Yet, I need to harmonize this with the practical. I've noticed a trend where some individuals, while well-intentioned, can lean too heavily into the spiritual realm, disregarding strategy and tactics. Balancing both is crucial. It's an unspoken truth, and for me, that realization hit during the lockdown. I observed endless distractions like TV shows and negativity, and I made a conscious choice not to be swept away by that tide. Instead, I took immediate action. In my journey, money wasn't my priority at first. I recognized the potency of personal branding and embarked on content creation. I didn't even have a laptop for the initial eight months, yet I persevered. Through Facebook, I utilized lookalike audiences, virtually shaking hands with people, and extending my network. My sole purpose was to build a community, and the excitement I felt when people appreciated my content was unparalleled. 
    [14:38] Did this audacious goal and vision that you're talking about, was it clear to you from the start, or did it evolve and take shape as you progress forward?
    I remember completing a run in Centra

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4.9 out of 5
94 Ratings

94 Ratings

InKredibl3 ,

Love this Podcast!

Realistic advice on how to change your life from successful people in all areas of life. Great topics discussed!

DE Photauge ,

Insigtful & Natural Conversations

Anthony is a natural conversationalist and turly listens to his guestd & iInsightful converstaions evolve naturally.

Sadie Pearl Owens ,

My favorite way to start the day!

What an absolutely amazing, podcast! On today Anthony said he doesn’t even know if his viewers like the first question of “why should I listen to you” that he asks every guest and Anthony, the answer is YES. That’s actually what made me keep listening… and I’ve been creating that answer for myself as I was just so blown away with all the confident answers your guests have been giving. I’ve noticed the new episodes are uploaded every other day so I’m listening to old episodes on the days in-between. Such a brilliant podcast my friend!!!

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