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We bring you visionaries and disruptors who have started, scaled, sold, OR invested in BILLION DOLLAR STARTUP. We also bring you TECH FOUNDERS who are building the NEXT BILLION DOLLAR STARTUP!

Billion Dollar Startup Dan Lok and Ivan Nikkhoo

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We bring you visionaries and disruptors who have started, scaled, sold, OR invested in BILLION DOLLAR STARTUP. We also bring you TECH FOUNDERS who are building the NEXT BILLION DOLLAR STARTUP!

    7 Best Tech Sectors To Invest in 2023

    7 Best Tech Sectors To Invest in 2023

    In this video, we delve into the world of technology and explore the seven most promising tech sectors to consider for investment in 2023. As the tech landscape rapidly evolves, staying informed about emerging trends and potential growth areas is crucial for investors seeking to maximize their returns. Our expert analysis examines each sector's current state, market projections, and underlying factors driving growth. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and cybersecurity, we highlight the sectors poised to thrive in the coming year. Join us as we provide valuable insights and strategic recommendations to help you make informed investment decisions in the dynamic and exciting field of technology. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to capitalize on the best tech investment opportunities in 2023.

    • 7 min
    How startups are dealing with the hardest fundraising climate

    How startups are dealing with the hardest fundraising climate

    In this insightful video, we delve into the challenging fundraising climate that startups are currently facing. Join us as we explore the strategies and tactics employed by innovative entrepreneurs to navigate these difficult times and secure the necessary funding for their ventures. Discover firsthand accounts and expert advice on how startups are adapting, leveraging new opportunities, and overcoming obstacles in their quest for financial support. Whether you're an aspiring founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, this video provides valuable insights and inspiration to help you thrive in the ever-changing landscape of startup fundraising. Don't miss out on discovering the secrets of success amidst the hardest fundraising climate!

    00:00 Introduction and Podcast Overview
    00:34 Fundraising Climate and Challenges
    01:08 Current Investment Trends
    01:41 Changing Growth Expectations
    02:16 Investment Stages and Valuations
    02:47 Realistic Valuations and Market Realities
    03:23 Dry Powder in VC and Capital Deployment
    03:57 Valuation Regression and the Reality Check
    04:29 Extension Rounds and Founder Dilution
    04:57 Necessity of Demonstrating Product-Market Fit
    05:31 Importance of a Path to Profitability
    06:02 Advantages of Not Needing to Raise Money
    06:32 High Burn Rates and Potential Problems
    07:05 The Shift Towards Capital Efficiency
    07:33 The Benefits of Efficiency for Tech Founders
    08:00 Tourist Investors and Inefficient Founders
    08:28 Risks of Overspending and Shutdowns
    09:00 Preventing Mistakes in Fundraising
    09:32 Advice for Founders on Raising Capital
    10:02 The Importance of Survival and Future Raising
    10:33 Outro and Resources

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    How one founder wasted more than 10 years of his life

    How one founder wasted more than 10 years of his life

    In this episode of "Billion Dollar Startup," Ivan Nikhoo shares a cautionary tale of an entrepreneur who wasted more than 10 years of his life chasing a tech dream that never materialized. Despite claiming to have the best technology and high-profile clients, this founder failed to demonstrate product-market fit or generate any revenues, yet continued to attract investors who believed his grandiose promises. Ivan emphasizes the importance of self-assessment and seeking validation from experienced investors, like venture capitalists, to avoid falling into the trap of overconfidence and ego. With insights and war stories from successful tech founders and investors, "Billion Dollar Startup" is the ultimate guide to navigating the complex and exciting world of tech entrepreneurship and venture capital. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge on tech investing, software development, and the role of venture capital in helping startups achieve success. Don't miss out on this insightful podcast and visit dragonx.com for more resources and previous episodes.

    00:36 - The secretive entrepreneur's pitch
    02:16 - The entrepreneur's recurring encounters
    03:26 - Irresponsibility towards investors
    04:27 - Importance of due diligence and institutional capital
    05:33 - Self-assessment and accepting feedback
    06:29 - Value of validation from VCs
    07:01 - Conclusion

    • 7 min
    How much do you want to Raise?

    How much do you want to Raise?

    “Raising money” means how much to raise capital, founders need to understand raising venture capital really means offering part of your company in exchange for the money you plan to use to grow your business.

    As a startup for a tech company like SaaS, the process a business goes through in order to raise money, so the business can get off the ground, expand, or transform in some way. Find out in this episode, Dan and Ivan share insights and powerful tips to successfully chart your path to convince your ideal VC.


    [0:28] The determinant factors for Founders to raise?
    [1:44] Monthly Burn rate? Learn the importance and how it will impact your business
    [2:56] Parameters that will influence the pre and seeding stage of VC?
    [3:44] Recommended timeframe for raising funds that VC will consider.
    [4:05] When is the worst time to raise?

    • 5 min
    The Next Salesforce of Shopify? - With Serge Kassardijan CEO of StayTuned

    The Next Salesforce of Shopify? - With Serge Kassardijan CEO of StayTuned

    Join us for an insightful interview with Serge Kassardijan, CEO of Stay Tuned Search, a fast-growing software company that specializes in Shopify app development. With years of experience in the tech industry, Serge has a wealth of knowledge on topics such as SaaS, venture capital, and tech investing.

    In this interview, Serge shares his journey from founding Stay Tuned Search to its successful acquisition by a major player in the industry. He provides valuable insights on how to align with Shopify's culture and mindset, capitalize on market trends, and build a high-margin software business.

    For founders and entrepreneurs in the tech industry, this interview is a must-watch. Serge's advice on taking a non-linear path, understanding the role of venture capital, and leveraging software to scale your business can help you achieve your goals and make your mark in the industry. Tune in to learn more about Stay Tuned Search and gain valuable insights from one of the industry's leading experts.

    [00:51] - What is your Background?
    [03:15] - How big was your previous division? 
    [06:51] - What inspired you to start staytuned?
    [10:50] - What is your growth strategy?
    [16:11] - How did your previous experiences help staytuned?
    [17:07] - Why did you not do choose The acquisition model?
    [19:48] - How do you see the future of e-commerce?
    [21:30] - How does Staytuned attract clients?
    [23:37] - What’s your vision for the company in the next 3 years?
    [24:32] - What are some of the key milestones of staytuned?
    [25:48] - What is your target when you think about more acquisitions?
    [26:37] - What advice would you have for anyone that’s also on the same path?

    • 29 min
    From Public Health to Tech Entrepreneur: How Amanda Greenberg Is Revolutionizing Collaboration

    From Public Health to Tech Entrepreneur: How Amanda Greenberg Is Revolutionizing Collaboration

    Join us in this episode of "The Dan Lok Show - Billion Dollar Startup" as we speak with Amanda Greenberg, the co-founder and CEO of Baloon, a tech startup that provides solutions for collaboration and decision-making in the workplace. With a background in public health research, Amanda shares her journey of transitioning from academia to entrepreneurship and building a successful SaaS business.

    If you're interested in tech, SaaS, venture capital, or software development, this episode is a must-listen. Gain valuable insights and inspiration from Amanda's entrepreneurial journey, and learn how you can apply these lessons to your own business. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a thought leader in the tech industry who is revolutionizing collaboration and decision-making in the workplace.


    [00:00] - Introduction
    [00:30] - Guest introduction: Amanda, Co-founder & CEO of Balloon
    [06:05] - Getting the first big corporate client
    [8:46] - The Full Experience: Using Balloon
    [10:12] - Evolution of the Go-to-Market Strategy
    [11:30] - Creating a Customer Advisory Board
    [13:54] - Getting Your Foot in the Door: Approaching Big Names
    [15:00] - Making It Easy for Influencers to Say Yes
    [16:04] - Expanding Thought Leaders
    [16:52] - Company-Wide Collaboration
    [17:27] - Impact of COVID on Balloon
    [18:00] - Remote Work & Increased Meetings
    [19:57] - Balloon as a Must-Have Tool
    [20:47] - Working with Your Spouse
    [23:30] - Just Start: Learning Quickly and Taking Action
    [24:02] - The Importance of Grit in Entrepreneurship
    [26:26] - Fears as a CEO: Getting in the Way of Success
    [27:44] - Balloon's Vision for the Next Three Years
    [28:50] - How to Learn More About Balloon

    • 30 min

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