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Blocks Paper Scissors is a podcast for teachers interested in TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). Hosts Clark Fralick and Clyde Gaw have over 50 years experience teaching art in K-12 schools.

Blocks Paper Scissors Clark Fralick and Clyde Gaw

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Blocks Paper Scissors is a podcast for teachers interested in TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). Hosts Clark Fralick and Clyde Gaw have over 50 years experience teaching art in K-12 schools.

    Am I TAB enough?

    Am I TAB enough?

    As we continue to work remotely, we are trying to bring you interesting content related to Teaching for Artistic Behavior. Please excuse some of the audio. Zoom sometimes does not play well.
    In this episode, Clyde and I are joined by Roni Rohr to talk about the idea of "Am I TAB enough? It's a question many of us ask ourselves when beginning this journey. 
    Roni Rohr (she, her, hers) teaches at El Dorado Community School K-8 in Santa Fe, NM. She serves as the Santa Fe Public Schools Visual Arts Mentor and is a faculty member of the TAB Institute at MassArt... advocating for student voice.  Roni is a designer and artist and is passionate about collaboration, social justice, and advocacy within her own work and that of her students. 
    As an educational consultant, she collaborates on professional development for the New Mexico Museums, Meow Wolf, and others. Roni presents locally and nationally on topics of TAB, choice-based and play education, Design Thinking, and creating community; she was the 2020 keynote speaker for Colorado TAB. Roni is Nationally Board Certified in early and middle school art, a 2016 NM Golden Apple Fellow, the 2015 NM Middle School Art Educator of the Year, and the 2011 NM Art Educator of the Year.

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    DEI+J (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice) in the TAB Studio with Julie Toole

    DEI+J (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice) in the TAB Studio with Julie Toole

    Today Clyde and I welcome a very special guest: Julie Toole. During our conversation, we look at what is white privilege and how we can practice DEI+J in the TAB studio,  

    Julie has been a teacher for 30 years, 20+ in Chicago Public schools and is currently teaching art at a private progressive school, pre-k-8th grade. She has been a TAB teacher and TAB mentor for the last 10 years and co-lead at the elementary level group at the TAB Summer Institute at MassArt and part of the Executive Board for TAB, INC. As a transracially adoptive mother of two children of color, She has been on a personal journey on understanding her whiteness and privilege in order to be actively anti-racist in her work and life. This has led her to participate in SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) cohorts and then to do the training to become a SEED facilitator at her school. She has co-led groups for parents and for staff. She is also part of the EQaT (equate) team at her school (Equity in Action), the parent EqAT group, and teaches an elective course for her middle schoolers called Artist as Activist. Five years ago she started a GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) club at her school and together they do school-wide events such as Day of Silence and Ally Week. 
    Show Notes:
    White Privilege
     Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
    Windows and Mirrors of Your Child's Bookshelf - Ted Talk
    William Pinar - What is Curriculum Theory?
    Johan Huizinga - Homo Ludens - A Study of the Play Element in Culture
    Leading Equity Podcast

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    Teaching for Artistic Behavior during the COVID19 Pandemic.

    Teaching for Artistic Behavior during the COVID19 Pandemic.

    Hello everyone!! In this podcast, Clyde and I talk about remote teaching and trying to keep the spirit of Teaching for Artistic Behavior.  We felt it was necessary to make a podcast during this time. We couldn't meet in the regular studio, so we recorded this using Zoom. The sound isn't perfect. Enjoy everyone. Stay Safe.

    Software Mentioned in this episode
    Flip Grid

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    Supporting a Trauma Informed Curriculum through TAB

    Supporting a Trauma Informed Curriculum through TAB

    Hello listeners, we are back with another episode of the Blocks, Paper Scissors Podcast. In this episode, Clyde and I discuss Trauma-informed education through the lens of a TAB studio. This is a very current and deep subject that we dip our toes into. 

    Other things mentioned in this episode.
    Yoyoi Kusama - Read this great article about her here. If you have Hulu you can watch an awesome documentary about her life titled KUSAMA: Infinity 
    Judith Scott
    The Teaching for Artistic Behavior Summer Institute 
    Trauma-Informed Education: Teaching for Artistic Behavior Curriculum Experience by Clyde Gaw

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    Organic Collaboration

    Organic Collaboration

    In this episode, Clyde and I get back to what we love: talking about our TAB studios. More specifically the phenomenon called organic collaboration and the observations we make. What happens when we work together for a common cause? What are we learning? Why is it a good idea to promote collaboration in your classroom?

    Theories of Childhood, Second Edition: An Introduction to Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, Piaget & Vygotsky
    Lev Vygotsky
    Jean Piaget
    David Ausubel
    Special thank you for the Easthills for allowing me to improve this podcast through the use of their music!

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    TAB Institute 2019

    TAB Institute 2019

    In this episode, Clyde and I have a fun little conversation about our experience at TAB institute in Boston. I thought it would be nice to sit down and decompress all that happened over the week. We got to meet some pretty amazing educators from all over the world. I would like to apologize if the sound isn't that great. My MacBook has been acting up, restarting at random times, so I recorded this on my iPad. When I listened to the recording it had a nasty rumble that I tried to process out. Also, I want to thank Kathy Douglas, Diane Jaquith, Ian Sands, Roni Rohr, Julie Toole, Anne Banning, Christine Phillips and Clyde for putting up with the rookie this year. 
    Classic TAB T-Shirt campaign which runs through August 15th. Get yours while you can!
    Classic TAB T-Shirt
    If you haven't done so, please give us your thoughts on this years conference.
    Post Conference Evaluation

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5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

sp2401 ,

Looking forward to more

I’ve listened to the first two episodes and I’m so happy to have found this through TAB Facebook group. I have jumped into TAB after learning about it this summer. I look forward to continuing to learn more as I continue to listen!

Jill Nettels ,

TAB talk that feeds my art teacher soul

I am so grateful I found this podcast. Clark and Clyde discuss teaching TAB ways that are so incredibly helpful to teachers. They have years of experience to draw from and quote research from not only education but also related fields to support thier points of view.

Bonbondog ,

Breathe of Fresh Air

I was so excited to find your podcast. Listening to both of you and the amazing Kathy Douglas refreshed my enthusiasm for TAB. I can’t wait to listen to the other episodes!!! Thank You. Bonnie (Hopkinton, MA)

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