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Emmy-winning game show legend Chuck Woolery joins forces with polymath and serial entrepreneur Mark Young to tackle the toughest issues of the day, without the usual angry white guy banter. Part talk show, part Ted Talk, the show features Chuck and Mark exploring topics one at a time by pulling back the curtain, setting aside the political rhetoric and laying out the truth using science, research and hard facts.

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Emmy-winning game show legend Chuck Woolery joins forces with polymath and serial entrepreneur Mark Young to tackle the toughest issues of the day, without the usual angry white guy banter. Part talk show, part Ted Talk, the show features Chuck and Mark exploring topics one at a time by pulling back the curtain, setting aside the political rhetoric and laying out the truth using science, research and hard facts.

    Joe Manchin Really is a Democrat After All

    Joe Manchin Really is a Democrat After All

    Today’s show rundown: 
    Joe Manchin really is a Democrat isn't he everyone. "The Inflation Reduction Act" has been approved by Manchin...wanna know why???? - well it seems that pipelines are not popular anywhere except West Virginia...but boom...pipeline from West Virginia to Virginia was approved and Manchin flips on Build Back Better "light". It is impossible to lower inflation by spending more money. There is a historical precedence for this set by FDR. In the 30's he raised taxes, and spent money - pushing us into The Depression.
    Lets go through the lies - Whatever a bill is called, it is the OPPOSITE of what it is called. So the Inflation Reduction Act isn't going to reduce anything. The Wharton School of Business says that this bill will have NO IMPACT on lowering inflation. 313 Billion is supposed to be collected on tax fraud with this new bill...so why now? They have to pass something to make you think they are worthy of electing them into office. 9 times out of 10 it is destructive, but they try to spin it like they are doing something.
    Biden says he will not raise taxes on ANYONE who makes less that 400K per year. But you know this isn't true. They always blame the rich, and go after the middle class. Manchin says the same thing with his pipeline bill, but if you read the bill, it shows that every single tax payer will have their taxes increased even at 10K. 1-2 percent increases on people making under 20 thousand dollars?  

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    The People's Attorney General - an Interview with Rodney Glassman

    The People's Attorney General - an Interview with Rodney Glassman

    Today’s show rundown: 
    Mark wants to follow up about George Soros - crime goes up significantly every place Soros installs on of his puppets. These prosecutors are letting out people who have been arrested 21 times. Crimnals are on a revolving door, allowed back on the street, come back again, over and over. It has NOTHING to do Soros defending the black community. The Democratic Party could care less about blacks and hispanics.  
    We meet Rodney Glassman who is running for Attorney General in Arizona. He is a Major in the US Air Force JAG Corps. We are thinking Rodney is NOT being backed by George Soros. Rodney goes into a little bit of his background. County Offices and AG offices are being weaponized by the Left, who are calling anyone who voted for Trump now days a domestic terrorist.  
    Glassman is running for AG to protect the people FROM the Government. The average family has been beaten down by the government...from mask mandates to CRT being taught in schools. The border down in Arizona - what happens at the border doesn't stop at the border. Its less of a border issue than an illegal immigration issue. 1.7 million Fentanyl pills in Scottsdale. Arizona is under invasion. Listen in for more of what Rodney Glassman has to say.

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    Rodney Glassman moved to Tucson over twenty years ago to run his family business and study at the University of Arizona. Prior to graduating from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law and joining the United States Air Force JAG Corps Reserve, Rodney worked full time while earning his undergraduate degree in agricultural economics and a PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences. While in law school, at age 29, Rodney met his future wife and was elected to the Tucson City Council. He currently lives in Phoenix with his wife, Sasha and their two daughters.
    In 2009, Rodney applied to the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps Reserve. He obtained his commission in March of 2009, and after completing Air Force officer and JAG training at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, was assigned to the office of the 355th Fighter Wing, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. At Davis-Monthan, Rodney prosecuted sexual assault, financial crimes, drugs, and DUIs, while providing legal assistance to service members and their families.
    In 2014, Rodney was reassigned to the 56th Fighter Wing, Luke Air Force Base, as well as providing operational law support for 612th Air Operations Center and 12th Numbered Air Force in Tucson. Rodney also served in several quasi-judicial roles – as a legal advisor for discharge boards ruling on the admissibility of evidence; and as a preliminary hearing officer where he heard witness testimony and reviewed the government’s evidence to determine if probable cause for the charges existed while providing the commander recommendations on charging and case resolution.
    In 2018, Rodney was reassigned to the 354th Fighter Wing, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, where he served as the Acting Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, providing comprehensive legal support to commanders, first sergeants, and organizational leaders responsible for 4,000 personnel. Eielson AFB is home to the F-35A Lightning II and F-16 Fighting Falcon Aggressor Air as well as RED FLAG-Alaska, promoting U.S. interests across the Asia-Pacific region and ensuring the ability to project US airpower in the arctic and Asia-Pacific.
    Rodney is currently assigned as the Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) to the Staff Judge Advocate for the 17th Training Wing, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas where he serves as Acting Staff Judge Advocate. Goodfellow is the home for the Department...

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    Actively Unwoke - an Interview with Karlyn Borysenko

    Actively Unwoke - an Interview with Karlyn Borysenko

    Today’s show rundown: 
    Chuck knows people are depressed and tired of what we are seeing every day...but the cavalry is on the way. Everybody tells mark "Ive never seen it this bad, Ive never seen it so decided". This has been going on in America since our country was founded Jefferson and Adams claimed some things we can't even type here. You have to take it upon yourself to save yourself.
    People are afraid that they are going to be cancelled, but Karlyn's book has a whole chapter in it to help if you are. Mark asks Karlyn what is driving the insanity of the Marxist Cultural Revolution. Social emotional learning is even more dangerous than CRT. 4 Points the woke left hits on at all times are gain as much political power as possible to destabilize the system to end capitalism, to usher in a marxist utopia.  
    There is a different between true believers and people who are going along with it. Most of the people who we would consider woke are just doing it because they are being taught they need to do this to be a good person. We need to start waking up more people to show them they have been lied to. These people are a victim of group think, its a real thing.
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    The Race to the Bottom

    The Race to the Bottom

    Today’s show rundown: 
    Chuck starts us out with a question - Who is in charge of protecting the Capitol Grounds. Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the Capitol Police who do this job. Trump requested National Guard on Jan 6th, and requested Capitol Police. Trump is however, being blamed for the Jan 6th riot, but was turned down by Pelosi on the ground of bad optics. We have the old switch-a-roo yet again. This is not a bi-partisan committee, with rules set by her, that she would never be allowed to be questioned...this is plainly unconstitutional.
    Hunter Biden, lies on gun forms, his father wants to ban all guns except his son's apparently. Hunter has violated multiple laws over the years. The grand jury has been convening on him for months - where are the indictments. Mark thinks they are going to say - yeah he didn't pay some taxes on some money, so he will have to pay taxes. The Gun charge, the foreign solicitations will go away.  
    Chuck mentioned the show on Amazon he has been watching "The Offer" which is about the making of The Godfather. It shows the infighting and back stabbing that goes on in Hollywood. It reminds Chuck of Washington DC, these people all just want to keep their job and make themselves look good. Most of these people don't have enough sense to be nice to people on the way up, because they are going to see all the same people on he way down.



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    The Business Owner's Dilemma - an Interview with Ali Nasser

    The Business Owner's Dilemma - an Interview with Ali Nasser

    Today’s show rundown: 
    Mark starts us out with The Left going out of their minds. The big problem is over the past weekend there were 2 shooting events, where legally armed citizens brought the encounter to a halt. These were mass shootings that were stopped before anything escalated. Coverage of these shootings have been spun in a negative light, and twisted. This killed the narrative of the Left for legal carry in this country.
    Why can't people on the left figure out that their policies are failing. Illinois lost the equivalent of the entire population of Springfield Illinois. San Fran has lost hundreds of thousands of people. There is an exodus out of Blue Cities, and they are moving to Red Cities. People with their feet, they vote with their money. They are leaving these loony cities by the car loads.
    Mark introduces us to Ali Nasser, a friend of his through Strategic Coach. Ali has a new book called "The Business Owner's Dilemma". Ali tells us a little about his background and the guys get into Entrepreneurship. Listen in for all the chats.

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    The American People are Paying for The Left's Agenda

    The American People are Paying for The Left's Agenda

    Today’s show rundown: 
    Chuck starts us out talking about England's "climate disaster". Biden is just a one demented breath away from declaring a crisis emergency / or will try to do it. This is part of what they tested during COVID - even the Left was surprised how quickly the nation buckled under the COVID Shut Down. Chuck suggests humbly - just don't do it, just don't go places where they are enforcing these ridiculous mask mandates.
    Biden was hoisted on us by the Democratic Party - and the American people are paying the price for it. People who know nothing about energy, transportation - his cabinet is filled with unqualified failures. They live in a fantasy world, thinking that we as a modern society can exist on ONLY renewable energy. Over 70 percent of all electricity created, is made from FOSSIL FUELS.  
    Just look at how the media has turned on the Left...they are turning on each other. We know that there are multiple people in congress taking these dementia medication. Mark believes that they are dosing him up with Armodafinil and Namenda - both cognitive meds to help him just be normal - and he still shakes hands with people who are not there.

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
928 Ratings

928 Ratings

melenda48 ,

Love both of them!

I listen to the guys at night. Love the information that they share. I would suggest updating the information from Afghanistan to be more than 23 rescued. I did donate to the project and hopefully there’s been more rescued since I donated. Please update your information. You would get more donations.

Toylyn54 ,

Smug white men

A soft core Fox News satire, actually a bit more mean spirited targeted for white soccer moms and golf club dad alcoholics on second marriage with step children (blended families)

However, very high production values and good microphones but episodes could be edited down to 15 min episodes

Spigabitz ,

Wise, funny and adorable!

Love this pod…Dr. Mark and Chuck are a great team and I wish more people had their pragmatic approach to life. Common sense and true life experiences make for a wonderful guide to living. Sadly, our current population is too narcissistic to listen to anyone but their own “I’m a WINNER”! voice’s in their heads. Ya, I know. Everyone is SPECIAL…..

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