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Each episode, I interview innovators in the healthcare industry to extract the strategies, tactics, tools, and/or routines they utilize to generate extraordinary, positive outcomes. We highlight and breakdown these bright spots so you can apply them at your organization. "See a bright spot .... and clone it!"

Bright Spots in Healthcare Eric Glazer

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Each episode, I interview innovators in the healthcare industry to extract the strategies, tactics, tools, and/or routines they utilize to generate extraordinary, positive outcomes. We highlight and breakdown these bright spots so you can apply them at your organization. "See a bright spot .... and clone it!"

    Innovations in Mental Health: A Conversation with Kody Kinsley, North Carolina’s Secretary of Health & Human Services

    Innovations in Mental Health: A Conversation with Kody Kinsley, North Carolina’s Secretary of Health & Human Services

    Kody Kinsley, Secretary of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, joins Eric to discuss how his state is improving the lives of families and children by expanding Medicaid and improving the mental health system. 
    Secretary Kinsley shares strategies for improving behavioral healthcare access and benefit design for North Carolina’s Medicaid and Medicare members, including peer support programs, mental health crisis lines, and data systems to track the availability of beds and individuals in need. 
    The conversation also explores the importance of improving healthcare infrastructure through Medicaid, focusing on preventative measures and addressing social determinants of health. 
    About Secretary Kinsley
    Kody Kinsley serves as North Carolina’s Secretary of Health & Human Services, overseeing a department with over 18,000 staff and a $38 billion budget.
    With experience centered on health policy and operations, Kinsley worked on digital healthcare transformation, national education, and labor policies and served as the COO and CFO of the U.S. Treasury.
    Secretary Kinsley’s three priorities for the department include Investing in behavioral health and resilience, improving child and family well-being, and building a solid and inclusive workforce. Under his leadership, North Carolina expanded Medicaid and received the most significant investment to bolster the mental health system in over a decade.

    Kinsley grew up in Wilmington, earning his bachelor’s degree from Brevard College and his master’s in Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley. 

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    The Evolution of Specialty Value Based Care

    The Evolution of Specialty Value Based Care

    Leaders from Humana, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield of Rhode Island delve into the dynamic landscape of specialty value-based care, sharing valuable insights and actionable strategies for navigating its complexities. 
    Show Guests:
    Alexander Ding, MD, MS, MBA, Associate Vice President for Physician Strategy and Medical Affairs, Humana 
    Nick Lefeber, Senior Vice President, Value-Based Care, Contracting, Data & Analytics, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
    Rachel Winokur, Chief Executive Officer, TailorCare
    This episode is sponsored by TailorCare
    TailorCare is a risk-based care navigation program that provides deeply personal support to patients living with joint, back, and muscle pain. By combining a careful assessment of patients’ symptoms, health history, preferences and goals with predictive data and the latest evidence-based guidelines, TailorCare helps patients choose —and navigate—the most effective treatment pathway for them, every step of the way.

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    Important and Innovative Approaches to Leveraging the Health Equity Index

    Important and Innovative Approaches to Leveraging the Health Equity Index

    Melissa Newton Smith, Founder of Newton Smith, and Keslie Crichton, Chief Sales Officer of BeneLynk, join Eric to discuss the introduction of the CMS Health Equity Index, which will replace the reward factor within the Medicare Advantage Star Rating program measurement. The Health Equity Index will be a seismic change for Medicare Advantage plans and impact revenue associated with Star Ratings. Melissa and Keslie share success stories from plans preparing for the change. 

    "Associations Between Annual Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Loss and Prescription Drug Spending and Use": https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama-health-forum/fullarticle/2814604
    Book Links
    $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America:  https://www.amazon.com/2-00-Day-audiobook/dp/B012E8RDS2/ref=sr_1_1?crid=29MW28TUOFAG0&keywords=%242+a+day&qid=1708126201&s=books&sprefix=2+a+day%2Cstripbooks%2C125&sr=1-1
    Because I Said I Would: https://store.becauseisaidiwould.org/store/thebook/?_gl=1*qfwy3p*_ga*OTY3NTIzNTYzLjE3MDgxMjYyNDc.*_ga_9YFXHXM1VK*MTcwODEyNjI0Ny4xLjAuMTcwODEyNjI1NC41My4wLjA. 
    The Ethical Case Manager: https://www.amazon.com/dp/194388918X/ref=cm_sw_r_apin_dp_GVBYY6XZGAK9RK9VRHE8
    About Melissa
    Melissa is the founder of Newton Smith. She brings over 25 years of experience in Star Ratings, strategy, sales, and marketing for health plans, providers, pharmacy benefit managers, and industry vendors. Most recently, she served as Chief Consulting Officer at Healthmine.
    Melissa is a well-known healthcare strategist with proven success developing enterprise-wide solutions to improve Star Ratings, quality performance, health outcomes, and the member experience. 
    About Keslie
    Keslie has worked in managed care for over 25 years, focusing on SDoH solutions that improve members' lives and provide a return on investment for our clients.
    Keslie drives enterprise growth and innovative partnerships to improve outreach strategies and health outcomes for our client’s members.  Keslie works closely with BeneLynk’s product team to offer differentiated services and capabilities to maintain its market leader position. 
    This episode is sponsored by BeneLynk
    BeneLynk is a national provider of Social Care solutions for Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid health plans. They serve plans and their members by creating a human-to-human connection and providing the assistance a member needs to get the benefits they deserve.

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    Meeting Goals for Chronic Condition Management With Fewer Resources

    Meeting Goals for Chronic Condition Management With Fewer Resources

    Leaders from Independence Blue Cross, Banner| Aetna, and Scene Health share exclusive insights on successfully accomplishing chronic condition management success with fewer resources. 
    Our expert panel explores patient-centered and technology-enabled approaches that elevate chronic care management efficiency and effectiveness. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about strategic solutions tailored to the unique challenges of Medicaid and Medicare health plans.
    Robert Groves, MD, Chief Medical Officer & Executive Vice President, Banner| Aetna
    Reetika Kumar, MD, FACP, Vice President, Market Clinical Solutions and Pharmacy Services, Independence Blue Cross
    Sebastian Seiguer, CEO & Co-Founder, Scene Health
    Bios: https://www.brightspotsinhealthcare.com/events/meeting-goals-for-chronic-condition-management-with-fewer-resources/
    This episode is sponsored by Scene Health
    Meet Scene Health, the industry leader in MedEngagement. They are going beyond traditional medication adherence to transform disease management.
    Scene’s MedEngagement approach uses 1:1 async video to deliver medication support at scale.
    Scene helps members get better fast—getting to the doctor, getting their meds, taking them as prescribed, and getting labs and vitals—driving cost-effective utilization and improving multiple clinical and quality measures in as little as 90 days.
    Scene was commercialized out of Johns Hopkins, and has developed the most extensive catalog of peer-reviewed publications among medication adherence companies. Visit its website at www.scene.health for more information.

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    How Innovators Are Addressing GLP-1s, Obesity and MSK

    How Innovators Are Addressing GLP-1s, Obesity and MSK

    Leaders from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Independent Health, Evry Health and Vori Health
    discuss GP-1s and their role in addressing the global challenge of obesity. The panel shares innovative, multidisciplinary strategies you can implement to complement lifestyle interventions and other therapeutic approaches in your organization.
    * Improving outcomes by pairing GLP-1s with evidence-based behavior change
    * Considering musculoskeletal (MSK) health in obesity treatment
    * Understanding the role of GLP-1s in delivering value-based care
    Shelley Turk, Divisional Senior Vice President of Health Care Delivery, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
    Martin Burruano, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, Independent Health
    Mamata Majmundar, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Evry Health
    Mary O'Connor, MD, FAAOS, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Vori Health
    This episode is sponsored by Vori Health
    Vori Health is a specialty medical practice delivering a virtual-first musculoskeletal (MSK) solution to help members get back to their lives faster. As the only nationwide MSK practice with doctor-led care teams, Vori Health is the most convenient way to access appropriate care for back, neck, and joint pain without bouncing around the healthcare system. Whether members need a diagnosis, non-opioid prescription, personalized physical therapy, or health coaching, they can turn to Vori Health for evidence-based care and effective end-to-end support. This holistic model reduces unnecessary surgeries, enables faster recoveries, and lowers MSK spend with up to a 4:1 ROI. For more information visit www.vorihealth.com.

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    Supporting Innovation and AI in Healthcare

    Supporting Innovation and AI in Healthcare

    Seema Kumar, CEO of Cure, an innovation campus in New York City, joins Eric to discuss how artificial intelligence can positively impact healthcare and lead to more innovation. She shares how AI has been used in healthcare and the promise it holds for the future.
    The conversation also highlights the Cure Xchange Challenge: Health AI For Good, an initiative to incubate innovations by healthcare startups and entrepreneurs across disciplines and sectors to use artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly and equitably. Cure collaborated with MIT Solve for the Challenge and an independent board of judges selected the ten finalists. The winners will be announced later in the First Quarter of 2024.
    Seema shares the stories of several finalists, including Oben Health, an AI-enabled platform that facilitates the delivery of healthcare screenings, education, and treatment via barbershops and salons, and Nutrible, artificially intelligent social workers.
    This episode is part of a series of episodes featuring the Clinton Global Initiative Commitments to Action from the Clinton Global Initiative. Please listen to the previous episode,  Safe Babies Safe Moms: Rethinking Equitable Access and Maternity Care.
    About Cure
    Cure is an innovation campus in NYC boasting laboratories, lecture, and office space, as well as technology and other amenities to set up innovators for success across the healthcare industry, including academic institutions and other nonprofits. Visit the website at: https://cure.345pas.com/

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4.8 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Lily42011 ,

VP, Workforce & Wellness

I listened to 2 of these podcasts this morning and they really got me excited about the possibilities of the HomeMeds product that Partners in Care Foundation offers for doing medication reviews in the home. I got some great ideas about new ways to market our product. The podcasts were excellent and on-point concerning innovations in the current healthcare arena.


Another great episode

Most recent episode w Ashish from Dina and John from SCAN is excellent.

Blue dome ,

No one does it better

With so many problem in healthcare, why not focus on solutions that are working??? This might be the best healthcare podcast available.

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