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Buckle Up: Exploring the World of Ultrarunning

Strap on your virtual shoes and join us on a journey beyond the trail. This is Buckle Up, your one-stop shop for everything ultrarunning.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran crushing 100-milers or a curious beginner eyeing your first 50k, we've got something for you.

Buckle Up with Simon and Brian Brian Passenti

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Buckle Up: Exploring the World of Ultrarunning

Strap on your virtual shoes and join us on a journey beyond the trail. This is Buckle Up, your one-stop shop for everything ultrarunning.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran crushing 100-milers or a curious beginner eyeing your first 50k, we've got something for you.

    Ep. #16 with Bryce Thatcher

    Ep. #16 with Bryce Thatcher

    Bryce Thatcher, the president of UltrAspire, shares his journey of how he started the company and his passion for creating gear for ultra athletes. UltrAspire is known for its running vests, waist bags, and lighting systems. Bryce's love for mountain running and the need to carry essentials led him to create his own backpacks. He started the company in 2012 and has since focused on providing high-quality gear for athletes of all levels. UltrAspire is a small company with a family-like atmosphere, and Bryce is actively involved in the design and development process. He values the connection with athletes and strives to help them achieve their goals. Bryce Thatcher shares two personal stories of his experiences in the mountains: setting a record on the Grand Teton and completing the Wind River Range in a day. He emphasizes the importance of safety and the need to listen to customer feedback. UltrAspire.com is the website to follow and contact the company.

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    Ep. #15 with Chad Lasater- The Cocodona Debrief

    Ep. #15 with Chad Lasater- The Cocodona Debrief

    Cocodona 250: A Not-So-Serious Debrief

    Strap on your virtual running shoes because we're diving headfirst into the Cocodona 250! This episode is all about our epic adventure across Arizona's stunning landscapes, complete with the highs, the lows, and maybe a few hallucinations (we're looking at you, Chad!).

    We'll chat about our original goals, the crazy course that threw a few detours our way (thanks, bad navigation!), and the amazing trail community that kept us going. Sure, there were some struggles with climbs, hydration, and those pesky blisters, but hey, that's all part of the journey, right?

    We'll hear from Chad, who discovered the power of a good nap , Brian, who battled cramps like a champ, and Simon, who got more trail magic than he bargained for.

    So, buckle up and get ready to laugh, cringe, and maybe even feel a little inspired as we relive the Cocodona 250, one wrong turn and blister at a time!

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    Ep. #14 with Wes Plate

    Ep. #14 with Wes Plate

    Buckle Up with Simon and Brian: An Ultrarunning Conversation.

    This week we have the honor of talking with Wes Plate. Wes shares his journey into ultra running, starting from his unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain to rediscovering running and eventually falling in love with the idea of running ultras. He talks about his progression from 50Ks to longer distances and his decision to challenge himself by running 200-plus milers. Wes also discusses the emotional highs and lows of ultra running, the importance of aid stations, and the strategy of planned sleep during races. Wes shares his experience with crew and pacers in his 200-mile races. He started with a crew of two people and three pacers in his first 200-mile race. Since then, he has mostly done races without pacers due to the complexity of logistics. Wes enjoys being on the trail by himself but also values having a crew, especially his fiancé, at aid stations. He believes that having a crew is emotionally motivating and creates special memories. Wes also highlights the different ways people approach 200-mile races, with some using pacers, some doing it solo, and others running with family and friends.

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    Ep #13 with Leanne & Nora on Crewing & Pacing

    Ep #13 with Leanne & Nora on Crewing & Pacing

    Leanne and Nora engage in a conversation about crewing and pacing in ultra running events. They discuss their backgrounds in the sport and recent achievements. The conversation moves on to explore crewing and pacing, with the hosts questioning Leanne and Nora about the optimal crew size, potential logistical challenges, and strategies to minimize issues. They also touch on the crew's roles and the runner's responsibility in selecting and preparing the crew. The discussion wraps up with ideas on how crew members can keep themselves entertained between aid stations. Crewing and pacing in ultra marathons require thorough planning and communication. Crew members must prioritize self-care to effectively assist their runners. Effective communication and visibility are essential, whether it's locating the runner at aid stations or coordinating with other crews. Wearing distinctive clothing or lights can aid runners in spotting their crew in the dark. Planning for contingencies such as getting lost is vital. Identifying crucial support points and having an emergency plan are key. Pacers are there to support the runner and ensure their safety and well-being. Clear communication of needs and limitations is crucial, with a contingency plan in case they are unable to continue. Being prepared for medical emergencies and understanding race regulations is essential. Crew and pacers are encouraged to enjoy the journey, build connections, and embrace the unique experience of being part of the ultra running community.

    Coach Brian’s Invitation:Considering hiring a coach? I would be delighted to join you on your athletic journey. With over 15 years of specialized ultra experience and certifications from UESCA, USATF level 1, and TrainingPeaks level 2, I can provide valuable expertise. With ten years of coaching history, I possess the necessary tools to assist you in reaching your athletic potential. Feel free to reach out with any questions at:


    Visit our website at:


    Simon Guerard is a successful ultrarunner who has completed more than thirty 100-mile endurance races since discovering ultrarunning in 2020. Check out his channel for an honest perspective on trail and ultrarunning – Simon not only shares the victories but also the challenges. His videos offer a blend of useful tips and motivational content that track his progress. With a casual and lighthearted approach, Simon never fails to keep things light. Follow him on YouTube at:


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    Ep. #12 with Fanny Barrette

    Ep. #12 with Fanny Barrette

    Cocodona 250 Pre-Race Jitters: A Conversation with Brian, Simon, and Fanny

    Three runners, Brian, Simon, and Fanny, gear up for the grueling Cocodona 250. This podcast episode dives into their training plans, crew logistics, and the mental game needed for this ultramarathon.

    Training and Tactics: They discuss their training schedule, pacer strategies, and how they'll tackle the revamped Cocodona course (don't forget to download the update!).
    Lessons Learned: Fanny shares her experience battling through challenges at the Ouray 100, and how those lessons will translate to Cocodona.
    Race Day Essentials: They delve into the nitty-gritty of race prep, including sleep strategies, lighting choices, travel logistics, and even their shoe picks.
    Adaptability is Key: The importance of being flexible and ready for the unexpected is a major theme.
    Feet First: The conversation concludes with blister prevention techniques, sock preferences, and shoe choices (different brands and models are discussed) - all crucial for keeping their feet happy over 250 miles.
    Pacer Power: They wrap up by emphasizing the role of pacers and the importance of clear communication between runner and pacer.

    If you're looking for insights and tips for conquering an ultramarathon, this episode is a must-listen!

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    Ep. #11 with Coach Brian

    Ep. #11 with Coach Brian

    This week on Buckle Up with Simon and Brian: An Ultrarunning Conversation, the spotlight shifts to Coach Brian. Joined by long-time friend and guest host Leanne Evans Bauer, we delve into Coach Brian's personal journey. He opens up about his path to sobriety and the challenges he faced along the way. While this conversation may be different from our usual content, we believe it is an important one to share. If you or someone you know is struggling, please contact the National Crisis Hotline at 988. Thank you for tuning in!

    • 53 min

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Big kludd ,

Big fan

Been watching his YouTube videos and excited to get more long form content

lllevielll ,

It’s about time!

Very excited to follow this show and watch it grow! I have loved Simon’s content on YouTube and I’m sure this podcast will just continue to get better!

jlinnski ,

Great Start

Great start guys, I like how you cover a variety of topics in the running space from ultras to the Olympic marathon trials, from the specter of doping in this growing sport to the average runner wondering if they belong on the starting line. Simon and Brian are positive and supportive, and although they are clearly passionate about the sport, I appreciate that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Keep ‘em coming!

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