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Join the eternally curious, interested, and interesting hosts, Mike Koenigs of the SuperBeing Accelerator and Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®, to amplify your capabilities, value, status, and authority on the Capability Amplifier podcast.

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Join the eternally curious, interested, and interesting hosts, Mike Koenigs of the SuperBeing Accelerator and Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®, to amplify your capabilities, value, status, and authority on the Capability Amplifier podcast.

    How to Add an Extra 5-10 Quality Years to Your Life

    How to Add an Extra 5-10 Quality Years to Your Life

    According to the Alzheimer's Association, more than 5 Million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s and by 2050 that number is projected to rise to nearly 14 Million.

    It’s the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and it kills more than Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer combined.

    Those are some pretty scary numbers and statistically-speaking someone you know or love has been affected by Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

    Mike Koenigs can say that with confidence because it’s directly affected his family (and many of his mentors.) His dad has late stage 5 Dementia. He's watched him go from a strong, smart, capable guy to a shell. He can’t talk, walk or recognize any of his family. His mom has mid-stage Alzheimer’s.

    Watching someone you love turn into a vegetable is his most painful life experience.

    What if there was a cure or prevention for dementia or Alzheimers?

    This is an extremely emotional episode for Mike but one that he's really looked forward to doing because of the exciting, preventative information he's about to share. If you're interested in extending your life and increasing your productivity, OR if someone you love has been affected by these horrific diseases, keep reading, listen and watch.

    A wise man once said; "A healthy man has many wishes, a sick man, only one."

    If you look at Mike's genetic profile, he's going to get either Alzheimer's or Dementia. It runs in his family so he's on a search to stop it. Honestly, he's more afraid of getting old than he is of dying. As a cancer survivor… he knows what dying slowly and painfully feels like and it’s no fun.

    Mike met our guest, Dr. David Haase 7 years ago. He’s a double board-certified expert in regenerative medicine, (trained and practiced at Vanderbilt and the Mayo Clinic) and he's found a way to turn back your clock. His work is based on cutting-edge research in plasma exchange, and in the last 20 years, he's taught over 10,000 physicians his systems.

    “The worst corresponding disease to dementia is denial.” - Dr. Hasse

    We live in an information economy. We ARE our minds and when we have memory loss, we feel a threat to our identity and may believe there’s nothing we can do about it. Naturally, we go into “fight or flight” mode but if there's not an obvious enemy, the natural cognitive response is to deny there’s a problem. We shut it down to stop the stress and make excuses like “I'm just getting older, or I'm having a senior moment.”

    According to Dr. Haase, after the age of 28, all of us are “Dementing and Alzheimering.” It just depends on the rate you're doing it at and when your brain is going to degenerate faster than your body can maintain the rest of you.

    Haase believes we are entering a time where it doesn’t need to be this way. He says that most pharma drugs are just well-dosed poisons, but with Regenerative Plasma Exchange, they’re creating an environment where the body does its natural job of healing, with less inhibition.

    Regenerative Plasma Exchange is a technology, based in science that has shown remarkable success in both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients. It provides a longer, higher quality of life, improves mental acuity,

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    Think About Your Thinking to Achieve Financial Freedom

    Think About Your Thinking to Achieve Financial Freedom

    Are you clueless about financial planning?

    Do you have a 401k, sitting there, wondering what it’s doing?

    Do you even know what it’s supposed to be doing for your future?

    Are you still under the impression that you shouldn’t touch your 401k until it’s time to retire?

    Do you think you’ll have no money to retire unless your home is paid off?

    Our guest is on a mission to make the word “retirement” disappear and change the mindset of every working American. Rather than working your entire life trying to save enough money to hopefully live a life you love… instead living a life where you get to do all of the things you desire, starting TODAY!

    His name is Charlie Epstein. He’s a good friend, a client and a 26 year member of Strategic Coach. He’s going to show you how he’s able to make something as dull as paste (i.e: financial planning) interesting.

    Charlie’s in a highly commoditized, very challenging market that is governed by all sorts of rules and regulations but he also happens to be the only financial advisor in the world with a one man show, called “Yield of Dreams, Paychecks for Life.” He has the unique ability to get outside of his “box.” He's open, creative, and expansive, all rolled up in a charismatic personality.

    Like Mike, Charlie has always been fascinated with the entertainment world. Growing up, his mother was an opera singer, and her father was a starving artist. His father and grandfather were both entrepreneurs, so he was always torn between two worlds.

    It was that convergence of the right and left brains that made him question everything growing up. If he didn't think somebody knew what they were doing, he questioned it, so when he started his first business, he didn't know any better. He thought it was up to him to find creative ways to sell commoditized products.

    He’s always been enamored with how to create an “experience” for people so they feel special, unique and HEARD. His ministry in life is to ease people's pain and suffering about their money, whether they’re broke or multimillionaires.

    Charlie always focused on “how do you allow people to have a different experience about their financial life?” He finds it always came down to, “what did you want to be when you grew up? What do you do now? What happened? Are you going to live your dreams? How do you get around the obstacles that stand in your way?”

    Those obstacles could be compliance issues, (because every industry and government them.) or life issues. Then it became a balancing act and how to get around them.

    He’s always looked at the entertainment, marketing, and creative worlds and how to combine those with the financial world (in spite of compliance) and look for industry bypasses. One industry bypass he created in 1992 was something he called the 401k Coaching Program, (which came out of working with Dan Sullivan,) and “thinking about his thinking” inside of the financial industry.

    He thought, if he could teach financial advisors how to be better at what they're doing in the 401k retirement world, that would be valuable. People asked him “why would you teach your competitors how to get better? That means they're going to be better than you and you'll be out of business.”

    On the contrary. He was able to get major companies like Nationwide and Fidelity to write him checks for millions of dollars. Today he’s coached over 10,000 advisors around the country. By starting that business, he created a shortcut to not only coach advisors, but consumer too.

    It was an awakening for Charlie when he realized he could live both in the entertainment and financial worlds ...

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    How to Generate Passive Income + Cash Flow Quickly with Justin Donald, the Lifestyle Investor

    How to Generate Passive Income + Cash Flow Quickly with Justin Donald, the Lifestyle Investor

    Imagine if you were able to create enough passive income and cash flow from investments so that you never had to work another day in your life?

    What would you DO with your financial FREEDOM? Travel to exotic places? Buy your dream home? Spend more time with loved ones? Donate lots of $$ to your favorite charities?

    Mike Koenigs has a confession to make. He's made equity investments well over seven figures in lots of businesses. Done poorly, equity investments are basically zero-interest loans for an indefinite period of time in exchange for ownership. Unfortunately for him, very few of them have had liquidation events and a couple tanked - a total loss.

    This interview is just as much a story about how Mike's entire investment strategy changed, but how that happened - and who influenced him.

    Meet Justin Donald, author of the brand new book, “The Lifestyle Investor - The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom.

    In the book and this week’s episode, Justin shares how to transition from earned income or needing to have a job or business to creating passive income that provides for your lifestyle and builds equity. He’ll also talk about “invisible deals” that aren’t normally available to the public, how to find them and how to use his “strategy stack” to improve deal terms, and reduce risk.

    Whether you've never invested or are a sophisticated investor, this episode will change the way you think about money and investing. If you are looking for financial freedom to live life on your terms, without a job or a business, this episode is for YOU.

    PLUS you’ll find out how to get a copy of Justin’s brand new book FREE and when you decide to order the book, all the proceeds are going to charity so no matter what… everyone wins.

    Mike met Justin a year and a half ago and in minutes, he changed the way Mike thought about investing forever. He has a really unique strategy and investing methodology. He’s a brilliant guy and adheres to strong family values. He is an action-taking MACHINE and we connected deeply.

    Justin has been investing since he was 18 years old starting with a Roth IRA after hearing a talk that he should start saving for his future. After that, he was hooked and invested every year since (he’s 40 now). In the beginning, it wasn't a lot. He was making money and paying his way through college so he decided to just put his money somewhere and get it to work for him.

    His first big win came when he started generating enough cash flow income from an investment so his wife could quit her job. She was a teacher at that time, earning $36,000 a year. She had a rigid Monday through Friday schedule with weekends and summers off. Justin often had to work weekends and summer was his busiest season. They wanted to be able to travel together and live life on their terms so he thought, “if I can replace her income with passive income, then she won't have to work if she doesn’t want to.”

    He found a mobile home park for sale, ran the numbers, and knew that by buying it he’d generate the cash flow to be able to replace her income. He also likes cash flow investments that pay TODAY. He doesn’t want to invest in real estate and hope that appreciation kicks in and he makes money in the future.

    The cash flow from that very first purchase was able to replace her $36,000 a year income. They bought her freedom and started their family. Shortly after that, he replaced his income and what it cost them to pay their bills and live comfortably. It was a huge sense of relief, knowing that he technically didn’t have to work.

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    10 Post Pandemic Opportunities to Grow Your Business in 2021

    10 Post Pandemic Opportunities to Grow Your Business in 2021

    What are the TOP 10 Opportunities hidden in plain sight or available right now to grow and scale your business now EVEN IF you were affected by the pandemic?

    That’s what this episode is all about, along with the latest trends, gadgets and investments to focus on to take advantage of the current climate and use it to grow your wealth instead of staying stagnant and waiting to “see what happens next.”

    This episode is all about the post pandemic opportunity and what you're going to do about it.

    In other words, is your business prepared for the post pandemic crash and crisis? Mike will also be giving you his “10 post pandemic growth strategies to make 2021 your most profitable year yet,” but something that is REALLY important about this episode is that it is very, very visual.

    If you listen to this episode, Mike will describe everything that's on screen, but he highly recommends heading over to www.CapabiltyAmplifier.com/2021 where you'll be able to visually see this episode streaming on YouTube. He has lots of props and he's super excited to share them with you.

    We don’t have to tell you that this has been a CRAZY year for most people. We won’t repeat what you already know. We like to stay on the positive side of things. That being said, there are a TON of businesses that have done exceptionally well during this unprecedented pandemic.

    Dan and Mike talk a lot about “future focus,” and what you can do right now and that’s really what this episode is all about.

    The largest wealth transfer in human history is happening right now.

    Professor Scott Galloway talks about how in 2009, ecommerce represented about 6% of all retail sales in the United States. That increased 1% each year up until last year when the pandemic struck. Inside of eight weeks, we went from 16% to 27%.

    The world and business shot ahead about five years due to the usage of Zoom.

    We had no choice. We didn't have travel, the hotel industry or live events. Everything crashed and burned but those who changed have done very well. Those who didn't are struggling to survive. The advancement in mindset, thinking about what has value, shifted dramatically and is a huge part in the preparation for the post pandemic, chaos, crisis and opportunity.

    Through an entrepreneurs lens, Mike asks, “where are the opportunities inside of this chaos and confusion? How can I add value and serve and provide more value?” That's what Mike thinks being a great entrepreneur (at this point in time) is all about.

    Here are Mike's “Top 10 Post Pandemic Growth Strategies”

    These come from a variety of case studies, observations, and thoughts Mike's had this past year. (Watch the Youtube video for links, tools, resources and case studies you can model.)

    1. Craft a Pandemic Proof Offer:

    * Elevate what you already do and move into a big ticket offer targeted at an audience with $$$

    * Virtualize, Digitize, Dematerialize

    * Craft a story that’s tied to your brand that articulates your product experience with social proof

    * Elevate you and your brand properly with authority and status using content marketing

    * Use one or more channel to “bring ‘em in.”

    2. Narrow, Deep and Expensive:

    * Build deep, meaningful relationships with potential clients.

    * Design offers that can exist in any world, any country, any industry

    * Don’t be afraid to double or triple your prices

    * Separate yourself as a “category of one”

    3. ZOOM it up!

    * Sell and deliver with Zoom/video

    * The perception of live vs. virtual is zero

    * The biggest players increased revenue, sales and satisfaction using Zoom

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    REWIND -- Rich Litvin - “The Accidental Entrepreneur”

    REWIND -- Rich Litvin - “The Accidental Entrepreneur”

    WOW. The end of 2020 is here and I, for one am glad to see it go… but I am looking forward to the year ahead and reflecting on all of the GREAT things that happened this past year.

    That’s why we’re gifting you with a REWIND episode of our #1 downloaded podcast episode today!

    Have a listen and enjoy. It’s a great one and I’m super grateful for YOU!

    When you're the most interesting person in the room, you're in the wrong room!

    Mike recently had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Rich Litvin, “The Accidental Entrepreneur,” for this podcast. In case you’re not familiar, Rich is a hugely successful author of three bestselling books, he runs a high level mastermind group, and is a highly sought after business coach who only works with five clients per year and gets $100,000 per client!

    Why is Rich “The Accidental Entrepreneur”? Well ... because his dad was an entrepreneur and did his best to persuade his three sons to do anything BUT become entrepreneurs. But it turns out, many years later, guess what all three sons are! Yup, you guessed it. They’re entrepreneurs!

    He was a high school teacher for 15 years and eventually a vice principal because that is his passion. But he lost his job in 2005 and began a new career as a coach. He didn't know you were supposed to have a business plan or how to write a business plan, so for the last 14 years his one-line business plan has been, “Meet fun and interesting people.”

    During our time together, Rich and I delve into some pretty interesting subjects that I know you’ll get a lot out of. Have a look:

    * The 4% Rule:

    • The way to get better when you're an extraordinary top performer, and in an arena where you could die, is to only push yourself 4% beyond your current capabilities.

    * The Three Traps (that leaders get themselves into in their evolution as business owners, people, and SuperBeings):

    • One – The Isolation Trap: "I'm not lonely, but I feel very alone."

    • Two – The Imposter Trap: "People admire me, but I feel like a fraud."

    • Three – The Emptiness Trap: "I have everything I ever wanted, but I feel empty.

    * Serving people SO powerfully that they never forget your conversation for the rest of their life.

    * The power of LISTENING and the willingness to sit in the uncomfortable silence.

    * Serving people vs. pleasing people.

    * “The dream behind the dream”: The difference between what people SAY they want vs. what they ACTUALLY want.

    * "When you're the most interesting person in the room, you're in the wrong room."

    * What are you tolerating?

    * Who are you being right now in your life that if your child grew up to be that way, you’d feel like, "How did I miss that?"

    * What's the legacy you would leave today if it were your last day on earth vs. the legacy you’d like to leave?"

    These are just a few of the incredible highlights from our conversation. Rich has some AMAZING stories to share. You DO NOT want to miss this episode!

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    The "Talent Stack" Strategy

    The "Talent Stack" Strategy

    Admittedly the last 8 months have been rough on most of the world. Who could have imagined we’d be here, in a real-life pandemic? It’s straight out of a sci-fi movie.

    We’ve been dealing with restrictions, lockdowns, isolation, and businesses closing, evolving, and changing on a dime. It hasn’t been easy...

    But believe it or not, right NOW is one of the greatest opportunities in human history to actually amplify your capabilities using a concept Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs call “The Talent Stack.”

    Today on the podcast they'll let you in on exactly what “The Talent Stack” is and how you can use it to your advantage, but want they really want to share with you is how to make someone's dream come true by being able to create “stacks” of value that have higher perceived value than you could ever imagine.

    There are a few ways of thinking about this concept. First, imagine if you had the ability to stack value in a way to give your client, what feels like to them, more choices when in fact what you're doing is putting them inside a container so they can only choose you.

    It’s a way of thinking about your talents through the perspective of, how do you take value, put it in a container, then position it so you can charge 10 times more for what you're doing by changing the way your prospective clients think.

    Here's a little backstory to give you some perspective. Recently Mike worked with a new client who designs supplement ingredients and proprietary, patented ingredients. (in the supplement world, if you get someone to use your ingredient, you get paid royalties) In his case, his products have been in billions of dollars of different products and services.

    Come to find out, he’s been scheduled to be on the Joe Rogan podcast! (for anyone who isn't familiar with Joe Rogan, he has about 10 million subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of millions of downloads. It's in the top three of all podcasts in the world right now.)

    It just so happens that Mike's fantasized about being on the Joe Rogan podcast himself and he knew that his client being on Joe's show was going to change his life FOREVER. Mike's studied Joe and his show. He’s a guy who's very specific. He wants great guests but you've really got to earn your way into his world and some of that has to do with having shared experiences, shared relationships, and shared values.

    So Mike and his client sat down and watched some of Joe’s highest-rated episodes that had to do with personal development, personal growth, food, or nutrition and one thing that happens on Joe's podcast with a great guest is they come in with props and gifts.

    One big idea Mike came up with for his client’s appearance on Joe’s show was to order him a custom set of knives with a unique quote (that Joe said) on each one because Joe's a hunter and eats what he kills. Hunting is a spiritual experience for Joe and this unique gift shows that he’s done his homework and has a shared value.

    A deeper, more significant concept is an “artifact.” To explain...

    Mike's client is in the business of creating different kinds of supplements and nutritional products that you consume. So what they designed was a whole bunch of “stacks” that are good for you and meaningful to Joe. (like a longevity or gamer stack.)

    When Mike's client walks in with a box of super fascinating stacks, designed specifically for Joe that aren't available anywhere else… how do you think Joe and his audience will react? It naturally shows off Mike's client’s talents and skill set to the world and creates a deep bond and connection with Joe. It's hyper personalized and packaged in a way that’s meaningful.

    Mike's client truly has a goal to improve the quality of mankind and to develop a relationship with Joe that is not manipulative or yucky.

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4.8 out of 5
63 Ratings

63 Ratings

Sciencemomma ,

Always fresh and insightful

Lots of podcasts share the same topics. I appreciate that in this podcast, Mike and Dan are always one step ahead of me.

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Dan and Mike are two of the most innovative, strategic thinkers on the planet. If any element of your life would benefit from gaining meaningful and constructive compliance of others, you’re going to love this podcast. Mike and Dan have amassed unparalleled knowledge in the understanding of what motivates people, and because they’re both “systems” guys, they deliver in such a way that I come away from every podcast with not only a game changing idea, but a blueprint for implementing it.

Buddha Lounge - Buddha Bass ,

Fantastic for Entrepreneurs

Mike and Dan provides time tested tools to take your biz next level!

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