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Join the eternally curious, interested, and interesting hosts, Mike Koenigs of the SuperBeing Accelerator and Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®, to amplify your capabilities, value, status, and authority on the Capability Amplifier podcast.

Capability Amplifier Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan

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Join the eternally curious, interested, and interesting hosts, Mike Koenigs of the SuperBeing Accelerator and Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®, to amplify your capabilities, value, status, and authority on the Capability Amplifier podcast.

    Favorite Historical Figures

    Favorite Historical Figures

    You know what they say -- “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    It’s very important to know where things came from and who created them.

    Today Mike and Dan are going to go back in history because this is one of Dan's very favorite topics.

    Mike is going to ask him three questions:
    Who are his favorite historical figures?
    #1 a business builder
    #2 a leader
    #3 a woman
    and why for each question.

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    A Hero Mindset and Scorecards

    A Hero Mindset and Scorecards

    Imagine being able to attract a perfect, right fit client (what we call a “hero”) into your business.

    How do you communicate to get anyone who's around you, whether it's an employee, a friend, or a spouse to get on the same page in the shortest period of time?

    Today you’ll learn one of Dan Sullivan’s greatest “intellectual shortcuts”, the “scorecard.”

    Every single one of Dan's 30+ books includes a scorecard with 8 mindsets. You look at the mindset, read some text and score yourself from 1 - 12. There are dozens of scorecards to measure every aspect of your life or business.

    You can use scorecards to attract “right fit”, compatible people into your life. Whether they’re customers, spouses or partners.

    In this episode, you’ll learn how Dan makes them and how you can adapt your brain so you can make them quickly too.

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    David Horsager; The Most Researched Expert on Trust

    David Horsager; The Most Researched Expert on Trust

    What is the best way to drive results in all areas of your life?

    Do you struggle with your employees, clients, marketing or your net promoter score?

    Maybe you’re struggling with your marriage, or your relationship with your kids?

    There is a KEY CHALLENGE that you have and it's one simple word… TRUST.

    The question to ask yourself is “how do you create trust in the most effective way?”

    Mike has a very special guest today. He's a fellow Minnesotan from a small town, not too far from where Mike grew up. His name is David Horsager and he's the most research expert on trust, organizational trust and leadership in business.

    He's also the author of many books, with his latest out now, called “Trusted Leader, Eight Pillars That Drive Results.” John C. Maxwell calls it “A pivotal guide for today's leader!”

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    Presentism; Understanding History

    Presentism; Understanding History

    What is “Presentism?”

    It’s defined as: uncritical adherence to present-day attitudes, especially the tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts.

    Let’s put it in terms that might be easier to understand in 2021.

    Today there is a general lack of understanding of history and geography.

    Generation Z has been raised with their phones in their hands so history for them (unless it was forced on them by school) is based on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

    Mike knows this from experience. His son, Zak, is 18. He was the last kid in his class to have a phone. Mike and his wife acquiesced because he couldn’t do his schoolwork without one. His entire generation communicates in ways Mike still doesn’t understand.

    They learn through accidental browsing. The algorithm drives the content that is in front of them and whatever they see, they believe. At the same time, they don’t trust traditional “anything”. They trust themselves and only certain kinds of media.

    Today Dan and Mike deep dive into what “presentism” is, why it’s happening and why it’s really important that we don’t forget our own history in order to be successful entrepreneurs.

    Dan went to school in the 1950’s when they studied history, geography, civics, and religion. Part of your education was to learn things that happened centuries ago, in this country and around the world.

    In talking to parents who are entrepreneurs - his Strategic Coach clients and their children really don't get history, geography, or the things that provide context for why things are they way they are. Most of their images of history comes through television, movies, and video games.

    Their understanding of history is that things that happened before today are deficient versions of what they have now and therefore they can stand in judgment of how things were 100, 200, or 500 years ago.

    On the other hand, when Hollywood does history, they give people who are depicted as living 500 years ago, modern emotions, modern attitudes, and modern thoughts.

    The past is a foreign country.

    You wouldn't be comfortable living 100 years ago. And if you did, you would bring back diseases that would wipe everyone out in about 30 days because your immune system is better now. You've been immunized to everything people died of back then. You wouldn't be a welcome guest.

    There's a pasteurization of culture going on and we don't want people to have feelings that make them uncomfortable.

    Virtually all of yours, Dan’s and Mike's growth in life has come from encountering things that were uncomfortable, getting used to it and building new insights and capabilities as a result.

    When Mike thinks about presentism, it has to do with collapsing the trust barrier. In other words, a lot of history is being rewritten by present day outrage filters, or a lack of an ability to deal with discomfort.

    Look at what universities have become. People are being banned from speaking and silenced on the left and right because it makes someone uncomfortable. Social Media, the best and most efficient delivery mechanisms we have today are selectively censoring, cancelling, and banning people.

    It’s gotten ridiculous - some of Mike's very non-polarizing and educational videos are being flagged as being inappropriate and they can’t be boosted on YouTube. These are super benign content about health.

    If growth comes from things that make us uncomfortable and building new insights and capabilities, how do we encourage curiosity, loving the discomfort and making that a habit and a discipline?

    The best approach that Dan has found is getting people fam...

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    Everything You Need to Know About NFT’s and Cryptocurrency

    Everything You Need to Know About NFT’s and Cryptocurrency

    Has your news feed been bombarded with articles about NFTs over the last few weeks and months?

    Did you know that one NFT just sold for $69 million dollars at the world famous Christie’s Auction House?

    Wondering what the hell NFTs are and why everyone seems to be obsessed with them?

    No worries… we’ve got you covered.

    Dan and Mike are going to explain exactly what NFTs are and why you should be paying attention to them. They’ll also dive into what blockchain and cryptocurrency are all about because these digital currencies and investments are the wave of the future. Remember when the internet first came out and people thought it wouldn’t last?

    You’ll learn SO much about what the future looks like so make sure to listen and share it with your friends!

    An NFT is a Non Fungible Token. A Non Fungible Token is described as “using relatively nascent technology that certifies the authenticity and ownership of a token through a digital ledger of all its past transactions.” In other words a blockchain, forms the backbone of cryptocurrency.

    This technique is gaining an enormous amount of popularity because it’s so flexible in determining and proving the ownership of an asset.

    The digital world is exactly the same as the physical world in the respect that certain things are more valuable than others. It's also a medium for great creativity. The entire music industry has shifted over to the digital world. Record stores don’t exist anymore because it’s not a convenient way to sample music but with digital platforms like iTunes and Spotify it’s super easy to sample and download whatever you want instantly.

    Here’s the thing… The rules that govern property in the physical world don’t apply in the digital world. The creators of physical things have been at risk in the digital world because it's so easy to copy anything.

    How do you know if things are real or not? NFTs are a digital version of property.

    The word “Non Fungible” means one of a kind. On the other hand, the most fungible thing in the world is an American $100 bill. If you look at world trade, 85% of all transactions are done in American dollars because it's fungible. $1 gets you something, it doesn't matter where you are.

    Non fungible is the opposite because there's just one of them. You can have copies of it, but ownership resides with one person.

    This is how a digital artist sold his NFT at Christie’s for $69 million dollars.

    Then there’s blockchain. Without it you have no non-fungible tokens and assets because you can't prove who the owner is. The blockchain is absolutely crucial. You had to have it in the digital world or there would be chaos because you’d have no way of proving the authenticity of a “one off.”

    Some of the practical applications are if you own a digital asset, now there is a mechanism where you can set up a rule in the blockchain for monetizing contracts.

    For example, every time someone sees a piece of art, the owner could get a fraction of a penny. If someone listens to a song that is owned by someone, they're getting a fraction of a penny. A digital contract in the watching governs the rules and makes this happen automatically.

    Let's pretend you're a musical artist or any kind of creator of intellectual property. You could go out in the digital marketplace and say, "I'm looking for partners. I'm going to create something you can invest in." In the blockchain, every time someone reads it, you're going to get a fraction of a penny. You basically become a business owner.

    This is going to turn the entire world of money raising upside down. You could build this mechanism for paying your partner's dividends and it won't go through Wall Street any longer.

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    Meet the Guy Who Taught Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper How to Sing

    Meet the Guy Who Taught Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper How to Sing

    You’ve heard the expression, “find your voice,” but what does that really mean?

    We all have a “voice” but do you think about using it to get more of what you want out of life?

    Better relationships, better business deals, more exposure, more income...

    Roger Love says we need to think about the sounds we make to have great conversations and move people emotionally, showcasing the very best of who we are in every business, or personal conversation and situation.

    Roger has worked with some of the most famous singers, actors and speakers in the world. People like Reese Witherspoon, Bradley Cooper, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeff Bridges, Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie and many, many more.

    Roger says you are NOT the voice you were born with, but more importantly, he has some great strategies and ideas that will help you find your voice and share it more effectively.

    Today you’ll learn what sounds are working for you and what sounds are not, PLUS… Roger will diagnose Mike and help him become a better speaker, step by step. This is an episode you really need to HEAR or or watch on YouTube.

    Roger believes life doesn't exist without communication so he’s spent his life helping people figure out what sounds they should be making so that they can have communications that create the relationships, influence, and happiness that lead to them having a better life.

    For 17 years, he only taught singers. (people like the Beach Boys, Earth, Wind and Fire and Luther Vandross) Then speakers like Tony Robbins and Suzy Orman started coming to him wanting to work on their speaking voices and that led him to where he is today. 50% of his clients want to sing amazingly. 50% of his clients want to be incredible speakers, influencers and presenters.

    "We live in a world that believes that communication is word-to-word based. If you had the right words, you’d have a great conversation, start a relationship or complete a business deal… if you only had the right words.” But science has proven that the words you say are not effective in the way you should communicate with people.

    The way the brain processes spoken information is first, for emotion, then for logic. Words by themselves have no emotion. You have to attach sounds to the words. Roger has spent years helping people stop speaking from word to word, and become in control over sounds like the pitch, the pace, the tone, the melodies of their voice, so that others will really understand how they feel when they speak and showcase the best of themselves in every communication.

    Roger doesn’t work exclusively with celebrities and singers. When he’s training a superstar singer to sing, he’s helping them sell more tickets and t-shirts, but when he’s helping someone find their speaking voice… it changes their life because it actually influences the way that everyone perceives them.

    People need to know that everyone needs a voice makeover. You’re not “trapped” with the voice you were born with. Most of us hate the way we sound when we hear ourselves on a recording. In fact one of the most popular hashtags in the last 10 years is #ihatemyvoice. We grow up hearing the way our parents and loved ones talk to us and mimic it but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

    Think of it this way. Actors create characters for the roles they play but they’re not that person in real life, are they? Most of us have a work voice and a home voice and we all know what happens if you bring the work voice home to your family… It’s not very well received

    Early on, Roger thought his job was just to teach people how to have great voices. Then he realized that was a small goal and he could use voi...

    • 1 hr 8 min

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4.8 out of 5
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63 Ratings

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Always fresh and insightful

Lots of podcasts share the same topics. I appreciate that in this podcast, Mike and Dan are always one step ahead of me.

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Dan and Mike are two of the most innovative, strategic thinkers on the planet. If any element of your life would benefit from gaining meaningful and constructive compliance of others, you’re going to love this podcast. Mike and Dan have amassed unparalleled knowledge in the understanding of what motivates people, and because they’re both “systems” guys, they deliver in such a way that I come away from every podcast with not only a game changing idea, but a blueprint for implementing it.

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Fantastic for Entrepreneurs

Mike and Dan provides time tested tools to take your biz next level!

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