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Join the eternally curious, interested, and interesting hosts, Mike Koenigs of the SuperPower Accelerator and Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®, to amplify your capabilities, value, status, and authority on the Capability Amplifier podcast. Ever episode focuses on a new mindset, shortcut or deep thinking exercise that will improve your performance and lifespan. Learn more at: https://www.CapabilityAmplifier.com

Capability Amplifier Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach

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Join the eternally curious, interested, and interesting hosts, Mike Koenigs of the SuperPower Accelerator and Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®, to amplify your capabilities, value, status, and authority on the Capability Amplifier podcast. Ever episode focuses on a new mindset, shortcut or deep thinking exercise that will improve your performance and lifespan. Learn more at: https://www.CapabilityAmplifier.com

    The Secret To Auditioning Your Dream Team and Why You Need to Start "Casting, Not Hiring"

    The Secret To Auditioning Your Dream Team and Why You Need to Start "Casting, Not Hiring"

    Today’s podcast is going to completely shift how you think about hiring and building teams.
    Dan dropped a major revelation during the conversation - instead of "hiring" people, we should be CASTING them like a theater director casts actors for roles.
    Dan and Jeff Madoff are working on a new book called "Casting, Not Hiring" and the core concept is brilliant: Don't just evaluate skills and experience. AUDITION people to find the perfect ensemble with the right chemistry, charisma and compatibility to create MAGIC together.
    Imagine judging potential hires not just on their resume, but on how well they perform and gel with your existing cast. No more ill-fitting "employees" - just an energetic group unified to co-create an incredible performance.
    Dan and Mike talked about how this casting mindset can infuse work with meaning, excitement and a sense of being part of something bigger than just a job. They explored:
    Using "box office," critics, fans and peers to evaluate talentBringing "backstage" and "onstage" metaphors to your teamCreating an environment of collaboration vs. cut-throat competitionMaking work feel like being part of a theatrical story instead of a corporate grindThere is so much insight in this vision, Mike can't wait for you to experience the "aha!" moments Dan sparked in him.
    Give the episode a listen and you'll be dreaming of playwright bios and marquee lights for your company in no time.
    Key Takeaways
    (05:40) Refusal to hire smokers and strong scents.(06:34) People's responses to service varied greatly.(12:43) Personalized casting descriptions, impactful in theater world.(16:12) HR process dehumanizes human beings, stifles creativity.(25:32) Box office critics, fans, peers, cast.(29:27) Casablanca film magic in quick production.(32:16) Changing business conversation with metaphors and teamwork.(34:56) Desire to expand stage play's potential.(38:30) Positive mindset, mental tools, theater, films, conversations.(41:19) Ai tools will transcribe and summarize content.Additional Resources
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    The Birth of the "Clear Collar" Worker (Are You One?)

    The Birth of the "Clear Collar" Worker (Are You One?)

    Mike can't wait for you to hear this week’s podcast. It's going to change the way you think and live in today’s world.
    Mike & Dan explored the massive shifts happening as Artificial Intelligence goes mainstream - destroying some jobs and creating incredible new opportunities for others.
    Dan dropped a genius new concept that Mike thinks will redefine the workforce: the "Clear Collar" worker.
    What is a clear collar worker? It's someone who has total clarity - clear skills, clear value, clear mindset - to thrive in this new age of Capability Amplification through Ai.
    You don't need fancy credentials. You just need to be a learner, an innovator, someone who can adapt and augment yourself with these new tools.
    They get real about the big changes coming and what it means for your wealth, your productivity, your career, your sense of self-worth.
    Mike admits that parts of the conversation rocked him a bit. Dan's brutally-honest insights have a way of doing that - stripping away delusion to reveal deeper truths.
    But that's why Mike cherishes every download from Dan's extraordinary mind. Dan has been ahead of every major shift for decades, and his perspectives could be life-changing for you right now.
    You'll hear all about:
    The birth of the "clear collar" movement (are you part of the revolution?)Why credentials are increasingly meaningless in an Ai worldHow to "clone your smartest employee" and 10x your productivityMike's real-life example of using Ai to create an entire new brand practically overnightDan's compelling (and controversial) views on society's future productivityThe mindsets of "learners" vs "non-learners" and which one you need to embraceWhether you're an entrepreneur, an executive, or someone pondering your next career move, this is an episode you don't want to miss.
    It's candid, it's profound, it's a glimpse into the future of work and life in an Ai-powered reality.
    Key Takeaways
    (05:49) Technology blurs reality and Ai, creating opportunities.(14:15) Opus three: advanced model with IQ 101.(16:38) Six geniuses for the price of one.(22:52) Effectiveness valued over credentials in the job market.(27:10) Digital Cafe Ai builds trust for faster deals.(36:13) Peptides and stem cells lead to medical breakthroughs.(42:02) Rising costs post-COVID impact.(52:54) Period of uncredentialed skilled productive workers emerging.(56:04) College costs vs. quick welding income.(01:00:34) Ai platform revolutionizes business with flawless performance.Additional Resources
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    3 Steps To Achieving Optimal Health and Performance At ANY Age

    3 Steps To Achieving Optimal Health and Performance At ANY Age

    If you care at all about your health and longevity, drop whatever you're doing and listen to today’s podcast with Mike's good friend Regan Archibald. 

    It's a mind-expanding ride into the latest breakthroughs for dramatic life extension and age reversal that you do NOT want to miss. 
    Imagine doubling your energy levels, increasing your sleep quality by 80%, packing on 5+ pounds of lean muscle mass and losing 30 lbs of stubborn fat in under 6 months…
    That's just the average results Regan's clients achieve after following his protocols. 
    Today he pulls back the curtain on the cutting-edge treatments and at-home regimens responsible for these astonishing transformations.
    You'll hear incredible stories of people in their 60s, 70s and beyond reclaiming the physical vitality and mental clarity of their youth. Mike's 91-year-old mother-in-law lost 35 lbs and went from shuffling with a walker to traveling internationally with ease.
    Regan reveals the new frontiers of longevity science, like the cord plasma treatment that spurred an average 93% boost in wellbeing for his clients. He's cracked the code to rapidly increase deep sleep, eliminate inflammation, and activate full-body stem cell regeneration - all from the comfort of your home.
    This episode is a tour of the future of personalized medicine. You'll learn why 94 biomarkers provide a crystal ball into your health, how to find your unfair advantage against aging and become the unapologetic owner of your mind and body.
    If you're ready to go all-in on your personal evolution and radically upgrade your human experience, then hit play NOW.
    Key Takeaways:
    (00:00) Latest breakthroughs in longevity and health optimization.(06:32) Promoting a better lifestyle for long, healthy lives.(11:42) Brain inflammation led to improved focus and memory.(15:20) The importance of comprehensive blood work.(19:52) Clients share health transformation..(23:21) Skepticism about government intervention in health choices.(27:46) Protein structures in plasma help regenerate the body.(31:54) Plasmapheresis and cord plasma activate stem cells.(36:47) Safe and simple treatment for aging challenges.(39:08) Educational insights from analyzing blood reports.(44:10) Personalized medical approach, unique success stories shared.(48:21) Regan talks about hosting fun longevity retreats.Additional Resources:
    Visit CapabilityAmplifier.com/Labs to watch the “Your Blood Doesn’t Lie” video with Regan and a copy of his book, “The Peptide Blueprint.”Visit www.AgelessMedicine.co/Invite to get your invitation for your FREE blood lab test.Listen to the Podcast on iTunes at www.MikeKoenigs.com/CATry out Mike's Ai new tool www.DigitalCafe.Ai

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    How To Double Your Revenue By Selling To High-Value, Conservative Customers

    How To Double Your Revenue By Selling To High-Value, Conservative Customers

    If you’re a business owner or founder, Mike has an eye-opening episode to share with you today.
    Mike sat down with his friends, Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt, who have a super unique approach for rapidly growing your business by tapping into what they call "Liberty Spenders" - a lucrative market of 40% of the U.S. population that most businesses completely overlook.
    Between them, they've raised over $500 million from over 1 million transactions working on political campaigns. They've helped elect 1 president, 14 governors, and over 100 members of Congress by mastering the psychology of connecting with this hyper-engaged audience.
    And now they've adapted their system to help businesses access and resonate with these fiercely loyal buyers in any industry - financial services, consumer products, you name it.
    During the conversation, they dove deep into their 5-step process for identifying and speaking the "language" of Liberty Spenders, including:
    How to instantly analyze your existing customer base to see what percentage are potential Liberty Spenders (the numbers will shock you)The 3 positioning boxes you can choose from to authentically connect with this market - from full ideological stance to neutrality.Crafting a magnetic narrative that taps straight into the passion center of these buyers' minds.Proving your messaging before spending a dime through laser-accurate testing and focus groups.Rolling out an air-tight multi-channel game plan to put your offers in front of this massive, underserved audience.Kurt and Kristen dropped countless, incredibly valuable case studies and tactics from their two decades in the trenches. Like the beer company that did $1 million in sales overnight by hitting the right emotional chord and taking advantage of the $27 BILLION dollar Bud Light debacle.
    You're going to want to take notes on this one when you hear how much low-hanging fruit is sitting there waiting to be picked.
    Key Takeaways
    (00:00) Discover untapped markets for business growth.(03:55) Faith-based buyers: the holy grail of loyal spenders.(09:31) Timing, relevance, and strategy in marketing.(15:44) Kurt's organizational genius and leadership in business.(19:15) Accessing data leads to more targeted marketing.(21:17) Position to market, ideology, issue-oriented approach choices.(28:20) Small budget, bold message effectively captures audience.(32:26) Authentic belief, marketing to conservative audience success.(34:00) Promoted movie, turned losses into profit. Audience connection.(37:57) Creating a product rollout plan with a secret ecosystem.(41:09) Excited about amplifying small businesses, American dream.(46:43) Success relies on effort and collaboration.(48:24) Delivering quick results and scaling businesses fast.Additional Resources
    Get all of Kurt + Kristen’s FREE GIFTS by visiting: www.LibertySpender.comTry out Mike's Ai new tool www.DigitalCafe.AiGrab your copy of Mike's new #1 Best Selling Book and leave a review here: The Ai AcceleratorIf you’re ready to grow your business in just 90 days, book a Discovery Session with Mike's Team: https://www.MikeKoenigs.com/Talk

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    English as a Second Language (It Powers the Planet)

    English as a Second Language (It Powers the Planet)

    Grab your headphones and get comfy because today’s podcast with Dan Sullivan is another must-listen episode!
    It was one of the most fascinating conversations Mike has had in a while — all about the rise of English as the global language and how it's shaped culture, business, and even our individual mindsets.
    Dan makes a bold claim that English is the "Latin of the 21st century" and shares insightful stories about his experiences with people from all over the world who learned English as a second language to unlock greater opportunities.
    Mike and Dan discuss how English's simplicity and adaptability allowed it to overtake other languages and how its dominance in entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurship encouraged billions to adopt it for fame, fortune, and a better life.
    But here's the real mind-bender: Dan argues that non-native English speakers are often BETTER communicators because they instinctively check for understanding in a way native speakers don't.
    You'll hear firsthand examples of this from Dan's powerful interactions in Buenos Aires that inspired ideas for creating multilingual podcasts, audiobooks and more!
    You don't want to miss this one! Let's hear your biggest takeaways! Mike is really curious to hear perspectives from non-native English speakers.
    Key Takeaways
    (00:00) How people worldwide learn English(08:55) How American culture affects language barriers in travel(16:59) English rules in global entertainment and media, with Hollywood and music setting the trend(18:12) Multilingual communicators are really good at engaging audiences(23:58) Learning English in Canada by watching TV(26:05) Ai making instant language translation easier(35:03) Using Ai to turn this podcast into a multilingual podcast(37:56) Entrepreneurs are into quick audio consumption, leaning towards more podcasts than audiobooksAdditional Resources
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    The Top 5 Fractional Ai Tools to 10X Your Profits

    The Top 5 Fractional Ai Tools to 10X Your Profits

    You know how Mike is obsessed with finding new ways to make more money and save time using Ai, right?
    Well, grab a notepad because you're going to want to hear every second of today’s episode.
    Mike grabbed his good friend, Brad Costanzo, and they recorded what can only be described as an Ai money-making master class while sipping on some seriously yummy margaritas. (No limes were harmed in the making of this podcast. 🤣)
    During their conversation, Brad and Mike uncovered multiple ways YOU can start using Ai to:
    Save hours of tedious work every single week (and get your time back)Boost your profits by 3X, 5X, even 10X almost immediatelyCreate entire marketing campaigns and sales funnels in minutesBuild a "digital clone" of yourself to automate customer supportRapidly prototype and validate new product ideas before spending a dime...and so much more. They broke down step-by-step strategies for injecting Ai into every core area of your business.
    Imagine what an extra day or two per week could do for your revenue, personal life, or next big project. That's what embracing Ai can give you.
    This isn't just theories, either. They dropped real-world examples of founders saving $75K+, making $960K in two weeks, and identifying million-dollar opportunities, all by leveraging Ai in smart ways.
    Seriously, if you snooze on Ai any longer, you'll be leaving boat loads of money and opportunity on the table for your competitors to snatch up.
    Don't be that person. Listen to this podcast now, before they do.
    Grab a cocktail, hit play, and let Mike know what you think! He can’t wait to hear your biggest takeaways.
    Key Takeaways
    (00:00) Engaging the audience with Ai to offer diverse benefits like saving time, money, and unlocking creative potential.(10:17) Find where your business is stuck, boost productivity and quality.(12:39) Utilizing Ai to streamline marketing and business strategies.(18:11) Leverage upselling and cross-selling to increase sales. Jumpstart your creative process with ready-made content for marketing.(22:21) Make use of GPT to generate client examples.(36:03) Businesses are looking for a way to automate content creation and customer interaction, wanting a system that captures their brand voice and knowledge base.(40:17) Try out at DigitalCafe.Ai and see how we've used the data inside.(45:31) Dashboard, market analysis, pricing, and Ai for development to create products and monetize.(51:41) Ai can now help with tasks like coming up with blog ideas, doing research, writing, finding images, and publishing on WordPress.(59:29) Evaluate your tasks, look for more efficient methods, and don't shy away from seeking assistance when necessary.(01:02:04) Get set for a 90-day Ai transformation with guaranteed results.Additional Resources
    Try out Mike's new tool www.DigitalCafe.AiGet started with us here: www.MikeKoenigs.com/StartIf you’re ready to grow your business in just 90 days, book a call with Mike's team: https://www.MikeKoenigs.com/Talk

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

ItsWhatYouSee ,

You’ve helped unlock something inside of me!

Ever since high school, I have heard the phrase, “you have so much potential,” which I have viewed as a thinly disguised way of the deliverer telling me I’m not working hard enough. These podcasts, particularly the one with Bryan Howard, CEO of Mercury Performance Group, are helping me understand that it’s less about working hard (although that’s still important) and more about finding the right alignment with values, goals, and perspective.

Specifically, the inchworm concept that Bryan described out resonated with me because I realized I may have been ahead of the curve at one point in my career but my leaders were uncomfortable with my methods and suppressed them—and therefore me. (Spoiler alert—I no longer work for them.) Through Bryan’s description, I had an aha moment that I now have the privilege of leading at least one inchworm right now and that requires a different leadership approach than someone who may still be developing their skills. I owe it to these talented team members to do better than my previous leaders and be open to their ideas, then support and advocate for them as they change the organization for the better.

Thank you for your perspective and vision through these podcasts, and keep bringing the terrific content!

R Happy SE ,

10 Star coaching and insight

So much insight, coaching and content packed into these short conversations. I love the way Mike processes info from Dan and other guests and volleys it back in a way that is more concise and impactful. What a gift!

I always walk away from a listen feeling inspired and motivated.

Sciencemomma ,

Always fresh and insightful

Lots of podcasts share the same topics. I appreciate that in this podcast, Mike and Dan are always one step ahead of me.

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