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Navigating your next chapter after traditional work requires a new kind of bravery—especially for men. Michael and his guests speak straight to how to overcome the conditioning of our hard-charging career years and explore what will bring us fulfillment.

Chapter X with Michael Kay Michael F Kay

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Navigating your next chapter after traditional work requires a new kind of bravery—especially for men. Michael and his guests speak straight to how to overcome the conditioning of our hard-charging career years and explore what will bring us fulfillment.

    The 9 Pillars of Resilience with Dr. Stephen Sideroff

    The 9 Pillars of Resilience with Dr. Stephen Sideroff

    What if stress isn't the enemy we thought it was? Our guest today suggests that certain aspects of stress can actually be powerful motivators. But here's the catch: there's a sweet spot, and most of us tend to overshoot it.
    Today I'm speaking with Dr. Stephen Sideroff. This is a conversation you will want to listen to multiple times, or at least have a notepad with you so you can jot down some notes. In fact, you're going to want to listen to this multiple times because it's packed with incredible information and things that I think are essentials in our lives.
    Dr. Sideroff is an internationally recognized expert in psychology and resilience. Not only has he published groundbreaking research, but he has served as an associate professor at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine. Now, he's sharing his expertise in his new book, "The 9 Pillars of Resilience," offering insights into mastering stress, aging gracefully, and enhancing vitality.
    In this episode, we discussed:
    Why stress is the master hallmark of aging 
    The power of confronting unfinished emotional business in Chapter X
    How we can get past the discomfort of exploring our buried feelings
    Discovering the starting point for challenging our inner critic 
    Dr. Stephen Sideroff breaks down the nine pillars of resilience 
    How our presence can impact each other unconsciously 
    Connect with Dr. Stephen Sideroff  
    The 9 Pillars of Resilience Book
    Purpose: The Ultimate in “Use It or Lose It” on Psychology Today

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    A Call to Purpose with Jeff Eamers

    A Call to Purpose with Jeff Eamers

    How does one reach the pivotal moment that propels them into the next chapter of their life? For our guest today, that moment unfolded in a Starbucks, where Jeff Eamers stumbled upon a newspaper ad seeking volunteers for suicide prevention. Having battled his own demons for years, Jeff saw this not just as an opportunity, but as a calling.
    In his past life, Jeff wore many hats—writer, director, producer, counselor—all while battling the tumultuous challenges of bipolar disorder. Now, he's found peace and purpose as a practicing psychotherapist and the voice behind the upcoming Three Moments in Time podcast. He lives in the California desert with his two dogs and 11 chickens.
    Jeff's journey is one marked by resilience, vulnerability, and the unwavering determination to confront the darkest aspects of the human experience. But a word of caution: Jeff's story is unfiltered and may touch on themes of mental illness that could trigger some listeners.
    We discussed:
    The first hospitalization at 21 marked the onset of a series of mental health challenges for Jeff
    How a major film opportunity brought Jeff from the advertising world to Los Angeles
    Jeff reflects on the experience of navigating manic highs and depressive lows
    Why he transitioned from Hollywood to suicide prevention counseling
    How the sudden loss of his best friend served as a wake-up call 
    Why Jeff decided to pursue a new academic journey at 55 
    Jeff shares his understanding of the single most crucial factor in healing 
    Connect with Jeff Mental health in the high desert: A Yucca Valley man, animal rescue and the open landscape via Desert Sun 

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    Your True Purpose with Ian Chamandy

    Your True Purpose with Ian Chamandy

    What could be more crucial as we enter Chapter X than knowing our purpose? Today, I’m happy to have Ian Chamandy on board. He’s developed a groundbreaking program aimed at helping people define their purpose. 
    Ian is no stranger to purpose-driven work. As a founding partner of Blueprint Business Architecture, he's helped hundreds of companies define their unique essence in seven words or less. But Ian's mission goes beyond corporate boardrooms. He firmly believes that every single one of us has a unique purpose waiting to be discovered.
    In this episode, Ian walks us through his method for defining purpose, showing us how it can transform not only our decision-making but also our personal fulfillment. Through stories and practical advice, he shines a light on the power of aligning our purpose with our values, talents, and aspirations.
    We discussed:
    The impact of a simple reminder Ian taped to the wall above his typewriter
    How we can apply a key business principle to develop our own purpose
    The magic of defining what makes you uniquely remarkable (in seven words or less)
    Why discovering your purpose can help you make better decisions
    Three things that defining your purpose will do as you transition into Chapter X
    Connect with Ian Visit Purpose(U) at purposeu.co
    Ian Chamandy on LinkedIn

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    Navigating Unretirement with Richard Eisenberg

    Navigating Unretirement with Richard Eisenberg

    Today, we're catching up with Richard Eisenberg, who embarked on his "unretirement" journey in 2022 after stepping away from his role as Managing Editor for Next Avenue.
    Over the past two years, Richard has gracefully navigated this new chapter, balancing writing, mentoring, volunteering, and personal exploration alongside his wife. As he continues to carve out his path, he generously shares his insights and experiences with us once again.
    I’m thrilled to reconnect with Richard and dive into his experiences, observations, and ongoing discoveries in Chapter X. From his insights to the latest reads and learnings, it’s a privilege to explore the valuable lessons he's discovered along the way.
    In this episode, we discussed:
    How unretirement looks today for Richard two years in
    What has been the biggest obstacle after leaving his full-time job
    How Richard and his wife are leaning into what’s important to them
    The current topics on aging that Richard is exploring with Next Avenue
    Exploring the ranges of legacies and impact you can leave behind
    Links to Resources  
    Read “Work, Retire, Repeat” by Teresa Ghilarducci
    Read “Unretired” by Mark Walton
    Listen to the Friends Talk Money podcast
    Next Avenue
    Read Richard's stories on Medicare for Fortune.com

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    From Athlete to Advocate with Justin Roethingshoefer

    From Athlete to Advocate with Justin Roethingshoefer

    In 2019, Justin Roethlingshoefer looked like the picture of health from the outside. He was a world championship triathlete and CrossFitter with a successful career in the NHL. But then he started experiencing debilitating headaches combined with stomach issues and insomnia—health challenges he had never faced before.
    Doctors told Justin he was in perfect health, but he knew it was a lie. He continued to push for more tests, eventually receiving a colonoscopy and endoscopy that found four precancerous polyps and a precancerous ulcer the size of a quarter in his stomach.
    The revelation of his impending health crisis was a wake-up call for Justin to take control of his well-being. Now, as the co-founder of OWN IT Coaching, he aims to redeem global health by educating, empowering, and equipping individuals to take ownership of their well-being. Their mission is to reduce the leading cause of death in the United States—chronic illness, currently at 71%—to below 50% by 2030.
    In this episode, we discussed:
    Finding his purpose to redeem the health of the world at age 11
    Why Justin believes we can use data to take ownership of our health
    5 different markers of health that research found can prolong our live
    How we can access data to determine our health decisions
    The ways we can educate ourselves about lifestyle changes and health
    Connect with Justin  
    Read “The Power of Ownership” by Justin Roethingshoefer

    Find out more about testing with Own It Coaching 

    Own It Coaching

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    REPLAY: Living Life on His Terms with Leon Silrulnick

    REPLAY: Living Life on His Terms with Leon Silrulnick

    It’s never too late to adopt an active lifestyle, even in retirement. Today’s guest, Leon Sirulnick, has been retired for 17 years now. His life has been filled with extraordinary adventures—and I can say he’s truly done it on his terms. 
    Today's guest is very special to me. Back in 2002, I met Leon for the first time in my office. He walked into our meeting, threw a stack of papers onto my desk, and firmly announced he was ready to retire. 
    That one meeting was a turning point in my financial life planning career. In this episode, you’ll meet the man who I consider to be the father of the Chapter X project, and today, we're replaying this episode to highlight the impact he had on shaping our approach to retirement. Tune in to hear the complete story.
    When Leon knew it was time to retirement from his career in television

    The unexpected reason why his first few weeks of retirement were the toughest

    How he responds to people when they ask what he does during the days

    How Leon (and his wife Rhonda) stay socially connected with others

    Leon’s secret to being able to enjoy an active life in retirement

    Why one important meeting with him changed Michael’s entire life

    Links The Paper Clips Project

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5.0 out of 5
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50 Ratings

Rand-Thriving! ,

Managing A Career Transition and Thriving

Michael was a superb host. He asked penetrating questions, and my answers might be valuable to listeners. This includes the need for bravery, self-awareness, writing your legacy and living it now, and what’s involved with aging well.

Little Buckster ,


As the population ages, Michael explores key topics to help us understand what post-career life will be like.

@RKWeblog ,

What happens next?

Why is this podcast not only relevant but important? Not enough has been said or questioned about turning the page to “chapter x.” I think many will find refreshment, challenge, and clarity through this podcast.

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