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Christian life coaching for weight loss. All of the tips, tools, and techniques to help you stop conforming to the patterns of this world, as you renew your mind, and transform your body!

Christian Life Coaching for weight loss Sherrie Kapala

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Christian life coaching for weight loss. All of the tips, tools, and techniques to help you stop conforming to the patterns of this world, as you renew your mind, and transform your body!

    God will do this for you if you will do that.

    God will do this for you if you will do that.

    Matthew 11:28 & 29 and Psalm 37:4&5 could change your LIFE right now...even in weight loss...if you will just take them to heart and LET THEM direct your steps!

    If you're finally ready to LEARN how to walk by faith in such a profoundly physical way, you are welcome to partner with me now in TSM. The personal journey version of this LIFE CHANGING/LIFE GIVING program is now open. So many women are telling me their stories of transformation. It's time for yours to begin too! I'll see you inside of TSM. Here's the link. LEARN MORE! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: A Free Weight loss Masterclass is about to be dropped ONLY on Youtube! Don't miss it! Subscribe to Sherrie's YouTube Channel here.

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    What trapped me and kept me from losing weight!

    What trapped me and kept me from losing weight!

    This world makes weight loss hard. Mostly because of how it's TAUGHT you to lose weight and keep God out of your weight loss journey. This episode of the podcast WILL BLESS you if you keep noticing your old patterns showing up and keeping you from walking in obedience to the meal plan that you know you're supposed to be following. Hit play and be encouraged!

    If you'd like start taking your health seriously and working with me to reclaim it, here's the link you're looking for to join me TODAY in The Seeker's Method-the personal journey.

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    Weight Loss Rx that works!

    Weight Loss Rx that works!

    The weight loss Rx that works! Imagine having THE EXACT solution to your weight loss problems!? HOW WOULD IT FEEL to finally fit in your clothes? How would it feel to HAVE YOUR HEALTH BACK? Or, to be able to DO things again? Or to FEEL like you have 'your old self' back again!?There's a way to get there. I'm SO excited to share it with you. I've laid out all the details IN THIS episode of my podcast. RUN NOW and listen to it!


    If you'd like to get in Christian Weight Loss Radio: here's the link.

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    YOUR weight loss breakthrough!

    YOUR weight loss breakthrough!

    You're ready now to break up with who you've been and how you've been sabotaging your weight loss, aren't you? I know I was. I came to the end of BEING who I was in order to step into my weight loss breakthrough. It required that I become aware of a few changes I needed to make in my life.

    I pray this episode of the Podcast MEETS you where you may be right now, on your weight loss journey.

    To learn more about how you can start your CHRISTIAN WEIGHT LOSS journey and step into your breakthrough, click the link below. DURING THE MONTH of May ONLY I will be allowing all new clients who work with me in The personal journey version of TSM to TEST out the new community that I've created. It's NOT on Facebook. It's only available to new clients and it's hosted on the teachable platform. This is where you find me as YOUR christian life coach in your pocket, sending you emails daily and helping you to stop conforming to wrong/old habits so you can make way for your breakthrough INTO the new version of you who is waiting!


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    LOSE WEIGHT DIFFERENTLY than the world.

    LOSE WEIGHT DIFFERENTLY than the world.


    • 14 min
    Fear of the hard effort required.

    Fear of the hard effort required.

    What are you thinking about and focusing on? What is the impact that THAT has on your success? What impact would having a Guarantee that you would lose the weight have on your success? Girl, hit play!!!


    • 9 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

nonamefoundhere ,

Im a yo-yo dieter

This podcast really encourages me. Not just in my need to lose weight and honor my body but in my spiritual walk with Jesus. Everything Sherrie talks about relates to my spiritual journey. And I appreciate it so much.

chestnutclifffarm ,


Sherrie drops some serious truth bombs. This is exactly what I was looking for. I bought her journaling book just for the scriptures she has picked out to inspire us. She is really on fire for the Lord and her mission to help other women learn to master themselves. What a pro.

TiffanyLovesBreakfast ,

Wow! Thank you

What a testimony. My ladies bible study memory verse is 1 Sam 15:22 to obey is better than sacrifice

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