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Clipped brings you podcast production tips, resources, education, and podcast industry insights to teach you how to become a more efficient podcaster. We're on a mission to help you start, grow, and monetize your show.

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Clipped brings you podcast production tips, resources, education, and podcast industry insights to teach you how to become a more efficient podcaster. We're on a mission to help you start, grow, and monetize your show.

    Podcast Studio Setup: Creating The Perfect Creative Space

    Podcast Studio Setup: Creating The Perfect Creative Space

    Welcome back to CLIPPED, the go-to podcast for all things podcasting - from production tips and resources to insightful discussions with fellow podcast enthusiasts. I'm Eric, your guide on this journey to making your podcasting dreams a reality. Our mission? To empower you to kickstart, enhance, and monetize your podcast.
    How To Setup a Podcast Studio Welcome and Apologies: I kick off the episode with a warm welcome back and a slight apology for missing last week's episode. 
    The reason? A big life update! 
    My wife and I have finally bought a house in the San Fernando Valley, about 20 minutes from our previous place in Burbank. After renting for around seven years, we're excited to set roots in our own home. And yes, the new podcast studio is in the making, right here in my garage!
    Creating Your Perfect Podcast Studio The heart of today's episode is all about carving out that ideal space for podcasting, YouTube, or any form of content creation. I share my recent experience of setting up a new studio, the challenges I faced, and valuable lessons learned along the way. Whether it's your first time setting up a home studio or you're a seasoned pro, there's always something new to tackle.
    Top 5 Tips for Setting Up Your Podcast Studio The Ideal Workstation: The importance of a dedicated space cannot be overstated. A comfortable desk and chair (consider a sit-stand desk) can significantly impact your creativity and productivity. Avoid cramped spaces if possible; your workstation should inspire you.
    Room Acoustics Matter: Pay attention to how your room sounds. Hard surfaces can cause echoes, so adding carpets, curtains, or even sound panels can make a huge difference in achieving that crisp, clear podcast sound we all strive for.
    External Noise: Be mindful of noises outside your studio. Timing your recordings around external factors like neighborhood gardeners can save you a lot of post-editing hassle.
    Visual Appeal: Especially important for YouTubers or anyone creating video content. Your background and lighting should reflect your podcast's vibe and personality. Invest in good lighting to enhance your video quality.
    The Importance of Headphones: A good pair of headphones is crucial for monitoring your audio quality. They help you catch and adjust for room sound and external noise, ensuring your recordings are top-notch.
    Sponsor Shout Out A big thanks to Riverside for sponsoring this episode. Riverside offers an incredible platform for recording podcasts remotely, in 4K video and high-fidelity audio. Their innovative features, including AI for show notes and video clipping, make podcasting a breeze. Check them out at riverside.fm and use our promo code CLIPPED for 20% off any individual plan.
    Links To Studio Equipment Mentioned: Vari Desk - https://amzn.to/48pRnF0
    Auralex Acoustic Foam - https://amzn.to/4bAwMRg
    Phillips Hue Go - https://amzn.to/3SMbeZn
    Govee Floor Lamp Basic - https://amzn.to/42HZxHR
    Sony MDR 7506 Headphones - https://amzn.to/3UMdXF0

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    Starting a Podcast in 2024? Follow These 12 Tips for Success

    Starting a Podcast in 2024? Follow These 12 Tips for Success

    In this episode, we share valuable lessons and advice that we’ve gathered over the past 88 episodes of our podcasting journey. If you’re starting a podcast in 2024 we highly recommend you listen, learn and implement some of the tips mentioned in this episode. 
    By doing so, you’ll save time, avoid our mistakes, and set yourself up for an easier podcast adventure.
    Sponsor Alert:
    This episode is sponsored by Riverside.fm. Looking for a remote recording solution? With Riverside you can record up to 4k video and high-fidelity audio all from your web browser. 
    New Riverside users can get 20% off by using promo code CLIPPED at checkout.
    Follow These 12 Steps 1. Prepping is Key: First and foremost, remember that podcast prepping takes time. Don't underestimate the importance of thorough preparation. Whether you're scripting your content or creating bullet points, putting in the effort upfront will result in smoother recordings and less editing in post-production.
    2. Avoid Interrupting Your Guests: If you're conducting interviews, practice not interrupting your guests. Let them have the floor to share their insights. It may take some time and patience, but this approach ensures a more natural and engaging conversation.
    3. Finding Your Podcasting Voice: Getting comfortable with your podcasting voice and style can take time—perhaps 50 or 60 episodes or more. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and strive to maintain a consistent and engaging presence on the microphone.
    4. Effective Use of AI: While AI tools like ChatGPT can be valuable, be cautious not to over-rely on them. They should complement your skills, not replace them. Hone your editing, writing, and other podcast-related skills to ensure AI enhances your workflow, rather than becoming a crutch.
    5. The Importance of Lighting: If your podcast involves video, invest time in perfecting your lighting setup. Good lighting can significantly impact the quality of your content, often more than the choice of camera. Experiment with different lighting setups to find what works best for you.
    6. Booking Quality Guests: Change your mindset about booking guests. You'll be surprised how many potential guests are willing to join your show, even if you're just starting. Focus on building your show's reputation before reaching out to high-profile guests.
    7. Consistent Planning: Plan your podcast content thoroughly and recognize that consistently coming up with fresh ideas can be challenging. Don't underestimate the effort required to keep your show engaging week after week.
    8. Stay Ahead in Production: Stay ahead in your production schedule. Aim to have several episodes ready before launching your podcast. This practice helps reduce stress and ensures a consistent release schedule.
    9. Engage in the Podcasting Community: Get involved in the podcasting community early. Attend conferences, connect with peers on LinkedIn, and participate in local meetups. The podcasting community is supportive and can provide valuable insights and networking opportunities.
    10. Embrace Editing: Editing is your friend. Don't hesitate to edit out filler words, tangents, and unnecessary content to keep your episodes concise and engaging. A well-edited episode can make a significant difference in listener retention.
    11. Social Media vs. Podcast Growth: Remember that social media following doesn't necessarily translate into podcast growth. While it's essential to build your brand on social platforms, focus your podcast growth efforts within the podcasting ecosystem, such as advertising on other shows and podcast swaps.
    12. Finding the Right Microphone: Lastly, finding the right microphone for your voice is crucial. Expensive doesn't always mean better. Test various microphones and configurations to discover what suits your voice best.
    Closing Thoughts So, there you have it—12 essential steps to consider if you're thinking about starting a podcast in 2024. Remember, podcasting is a journey,

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    Discovering Rephonic: Innovations in Podcast Collaboration and Insights ft. Becca Butcher | Marketing Lead at Rephonic

    Discovering Rephonic: Innovations in Podcast Collaboration and Insights ft. Becca Butcher | Marketing Lead at Rephonic

    In this episode, we're diving into an exciting conversation with Becca Butcher, the Marketing Lead at Rephonic. She's here to share her insights into the world of podcasting and how Rephonic's unique tool can help podcasters connect and collaborate. Becca's background in marketing and content shines as we discuss the power of AI in podcasting and the strategies behind content creation.
    Becca discusses her journey into marketing and how she found her way to Rephonic. She provides valuable insights into the Rephonic platform, which boasts a vast database of over two and a half million podcasts, offering essential data like listener numbers, audience demographics, and more. Becca explains how Rephonic is a valuable tool for brands, agencies, and podcasters looking to collaborate and find the right shows to feature on or promote.
    Sponsored By Riverside.fm - Use promo code CLIPPED for 20% off
    Episode Highlights: Becca highlights the usefulness of SEMrush, a tool that allows users to analyze keywords, assess search volume, and evaluate competition. 
    Becca introduces Rephonic's innovative spider web tool, which allows podcasters to connect with listeners of their shows and discover related podcasts. This feature is valuable for finding potential guests and expanding your podcasting network.
    Becca shares her responsibilities as the Marketing Lead at Rephonic, which include SEO optimization, industry articles, and finding new ways to promote the platform effectively.
    Becca discusses Rephonic's new venture into YouTube, where they create educational content related to podcasting. The goal is to provide valuable information and engage with the podcasting community.
     Becca talks about how she incorporates AI tools like ChatGPT into her writing process. While she starts by writing content as she would explain it to someone, AI assists in refining and optimizing the text for publication.
    Becca explains the importance of backlinks in SEO and how they affect a website's ranking on search engines. Rephonic focuses on organic backlinks and building authority within the industry.
    Episode Resources: SEM Rush
    Becca’s Article Featuring an Episode of Clipped
    Connect With Becca: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-butcher1/

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    How I Made $1,334.59 As a Content Creator In December 2023

    How I Made $1,334.59 As a Content Creator In December 2023

    In this episode, we break down Eric's December 2023 content creation earnings. 
    From affiliate marketing and sponsorships, The Podcast Haven generated $1,334.59 from content in December 2023. This is separate from the main podcast production business, this is strictly from content creation.
    The goal with these income reports is two fold:
    1. It's to show other small creators that it is possible to make money from your content even with a small audience.
    2. To hold ourselves accountable and share our  journey with you as we work toward our goal of making $3,000 a month strictly from content.
    Listen To Past Episodes: Harnessing AI to Create Effective Short Form Podcast Video Clips The Podcast Launch Playbook Mastering The Art of The Podcast Trailer The Art of Repurposing Old Podcast Episodes Boost Your Brand Growth By Attending Podcast Conferences  Read Our Blog For Podcast Tips and Insights How To Get The Best Lighting For YouTube Videos Shure SM7B Review: Why Top Podcasters Love This Iconic Microphone Start a Podcast on YouTube: The Complete How-To Guide Follow Us on Social Instagram YouTube LinkedIn

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    How to Optimize Your Podcast with SEO: The Written Content Advantage

    How to Optimize Your Podcast with SEO: The Written Content Advantage

    Welcome back to another exciting episode of "CLIPPED," where we dive deep into the world of podcasting, sharing tips and insights on how to elevate your podcasting game. 
    In today's episode, we're going to tackle a crucial aspect of podcasting: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. If you're wondering how to get more visibility and attract a larger audience to your podcast, you've come to the right place. SEO isn't just for websites; it's a powerful tool to help your podcast get discovered by more listeners.
    What Is Podcast SEO? Now, let's talk about why podcast SEO matters. In the vast landscape of the internet, your podcast can easily get lost without the right strategies. SEO helps ensure that when someone searches for a topic related to your podcast, it shows up in their search results. We'll delve into strategies and techniques that can get your podcast in front of more eyeballs and ears, making it more accessible to your target audience.
    Written Content Trump's Audio and Video Content In this show we’re focused on the written content that accompanies your podcast. While audio content is essential, written content can help your podcast rank higher and faster. We'll explore how to create effective show notes, transcripts, and even articles or blog posts related to your podcast episodes.
    Episode Highlights: The importance of SEO in podcasting.
    How written content can complement your audio podcast.
    Strategies to find keywords that have low competition but high search volume.
    Tools like Google Trends, SEMrush, and UberSuggest for keyword research.
    Repurposing your podcast transcripts into written content.
    The impact of SEO on lead generation for your services or courses.
    Leveraging affiliate marketing with increased website traffic.
    Optimizing your podcast episode titles for search engines and podcast platforms.
    Implement Keyword SEO For Your Podcast Today It's time to take action and optimize your podcast for better visibility and growth. By implementing SEO strategies, you can make sure your podcast gets the attention it deserves. Don't be intimidated by the idea of creating written content – it's a valuable addition to your podcasting journey. So, start researching those keywords, transcribing your episodes, and crafting engaging show notes. Your podcast will thank you for it!
    Remember, your podcast can be a game-changer with the right SEO techniques. Start applying what you've learned in this episode, and watch your podcast reach new heights. Thanks for tuning in to CLIPPED. 
    Keep Listening, Keep Engaging, and Keep Creating,

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    Boost Your Brand Growth By Attending Podcast Conferences + Outlier Podcast Festival Review

    Boost Your Brand Growth By Attending Podcast Conferences + Outlier Podcast Festival Review

    One element that remains a huge boost for podcasters is attending live events, such as podcast conferences. These gatherings offer podcasters the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and enhance their brand exposure. 
    In this episode, we'll dive into the significance of podcast conferences, drawing from Eric’s recent experience at the Outlier Podcast Conference. 
    Outlier Podcast Conference At the Outlier Podcast Conference, we discovered a thriving ecosystem of podcasters, podcast service providers, and industry enthusiasts, all passionate about the world of podcasting. This environment fostered invaluable networking opportunities.
    Episode Highlights Networking with Purpose Podcast conferences provide the perfect setting to build meaningful connections. Meeting people who share your passion for podcasting can lead to collaborations, friendships, and even professional opportunities. Remember, it's not just about what you can get; it's about what you can give and share with others.
    Learning from the Pros One of the most significant benefits of attending podcast conferences is the opportunity to learn from seasoned podcasters and industry experts. These professionals often share tips, tricks, and insights that can elevate your podcasting game. Eric learned about the importance of crafting engaging email subject lines, which can significantly impact your outreach efforts.
    Inspiration, Affirmation, and Feedback Podcast conferences are inspirational hubs. Hearing success stories from fellow podcasters can fuel your motivation and belief in your own potential. Additionally, receiving affirmation from peers can be a powerful confidence boost. Feedback from experienced podcasters can help you refine your content and strategy.
    Knowledge Sharing  These events are knowledge treasure troves. You'll come across diverse perspectives and strategies that can help you overcome your podcasting challenges. At the Outlier Conference, Eric discovered the importance of addressing his audience's pain points and offering solutions in his content. This is a strategy that can enhance audience engagement and revenue.
    Brand Exposure  Speaking at a podcast conference, as our host Eric did at Outlier, can significantly boost your brand's visibility. Meeting people in person and making a memorable impression can lead to long-term professional relationships and collaborations. For podcasters and service providers alike, this exposure can open doors to exciting opportunities.
    Podcast Conferences Are Huge For Mindset Shifts Don't underestimate the power of in-person connections and the wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered at podcast conferences. These events are not just about growing your network; they're about cultivating your passion, enhancing your skills, and elevating your podcasting journey. 
    So, get out there, connect, learn, and watch your podcast thrive.

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19 Ratings

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