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Creating and maintaining a magical culture in any organization takes dedication and commitment. Dan Cockerell, a 27-year Disney veteran and retired Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, and host Jody Maberry share stories and insight to help you build the mindset you need to develop a strong organizational culture. Come Rain or Shine will equip any leader with the tools to influence the weather in your kingdom for years to come.

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Creating and maintaining a magical culture in any organization takes dedication and commitment. Dan Cockerell, a 27-year Disney veteran and retired Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, and host Jody Maberry share stories and insight to help you build the mindset you need to develop a strong organizational culture. Come Rain or Shine will equip any leader with the tools to influence the weather in your kingdom for years to come.

    Creating a Life of Excellence

    Creating a Life of Excellence

    The essence of truth is not what someone says, it's what they do. Behavior never lies. Every day, prepare yourself to be the person that someone else may need. - Richard Flint
    Richard Flint, the CEO of Richard Flint International, joins to share his extraordinary life story. Our conversation dives deep into Richard's personal turning points, the importance of confronting challenges, and the power of personal growth. His journey has been one of incredible highs and lows, from  challenges he faced from even the earliest years of his upbringing to the success of becoming a renowned public speaker
    Richard's story begins with a difficult childhood. He was born to a mother who didn't want him, then was adopted by a mother who also didn't fully accept him. Growing up, Richard faced constant criticism and was told he would never amount to anything. At 16, he was abruptly kicked out of his home by his adoptive mother, leading him to contemplate suicide. However, Richard found the strength to persevere, refusing to let his circumstances define him.
    One of the key turning points in Richard's life occurred when he realized that he didn't need to prove himself to his mother. Her abandonment freed him from the chains of seeking validation from others. Richard discovered the importance of self-belief, learning that he was capable of creating the life he desired. This experience fueled Richard's passion to help others recognize their potential and embrace their brilliance.
    Richard's journey also provides valuable insights into effective leadership. He emphasizes the importance of communication and confrontation in a leadership role. True leaders, he asserts, do not shy away from difficult conversations but rather address them head-on. It is through these confrontations that growth and progress are achieved, both individually and within an organization.
    For the past 35 years, Richard has dedicated his life to sharing his research and insights with people all around the world. Through his work, he aims to inspire individuals to strive for exceptionalism beyond average or greatness. Richard encourages others to embrace belief, trust, and faith in oneself, propelling them towards a life that is better, smarter, and more purposeful.
    Richard Flint's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of personal growth. From a troubled upbringing to becoming a renowned speaker, his journey is filled with valuable lessons for everyone seeking to overcome adversity. This episode of  "Come Rain or Shine" is an inspiring reminder that even in the darkest moments, we have the capacity to rise above and create the life we desire.
    Connect with Richard: https://www.richardflint.com/
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    Connect with Dan: www.dancockerell.com
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    Episode Highlights

    00:01:16 - Richard's Background

    00:05:47 - Finding Freedom

    00:06:38 - Richard's Mission

    00:09:05 - The Importance of Honesty

    00:12:45 - Balancing Commitment and Conviction

    00:15:10 - Types of Workers: Sponges, Spectators, and Camels

    00:18:00 - Challenges of Spectators and Camels

    00:20:36 - Lack of Leadership and Respect

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    The Art of Effective Communication

    The Art of Effective Communication

    "What can I do today that my future self will thank me for 20 years from now?"— Ray Edwards
    In this episode of "Come Rain or Shine," I have an incredible conversation with Ray Edwards, a renowned copywriter and author. Ray opens up about his journey that has been filled with both success and setbacks. His resilience in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. Throughout our conversation, Ray shares about his career successes, lifechanging medical news, his latest book, and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.
    Ray's passion for radio broadcasting began at a young age and ultimately led him to a successful career spanning over 30 years. However, he made a pivotal decision to transition into the world of copywriting online. With the ability to harness the power of words and persuasion, Ray became highly sought after and worked with influential figures like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield.
    In 2011, Ray received a life-altering diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Initially keeping it hidden, he eventually had to face the reality and challenges it presented. As his health declined rapidly during the pandemic, Ray found himself in a dark place, questioning his beliefs and struggling to find solace in the methods that had once motivated him.
    It was during this low point that Ray made a profound decision to change his perspective and take ownership of his circumstances. He realized that reality couldn't be altered, but his response to it could. Drawing on his expertise as a copywriter, he wrote a sales letter to himself titled, "Read this or die a failure." This powerful letter became a catalyst for Ray's personal transformation.
    Throughout our conversation, Ray emphasized the importance of reevaluating our beliefs and finding better ones when faced with adversity. He challenged the conventional sources of motivation that had failed him and encouraged listeners to seek meaningful change within themselves. Ray notes that true transformation occurs when we change our response to circumstances rather than trying to change the circumstances themselves.
    Ray Edward's story is one of resilience, introspection, and personal growth. His ability to turn his darkest moments into opportunities for self-reflection and change is truly remarkable. His latest book, "Read this or Die," encapsulates his journey and serves as an inspiring call-to-action for those facing their own trials. If you're in need of a fresh perspective, this episode with Ray is a must-listen.
    Connect with Ray Edwards
    Order the Book Read This or Die
    Ray Edwards Website
    Connect with Dan: www.dancockerell.com
    About Dan - https://dancockerell.com/about/
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    Episode Highlights
    [00:02:09] Radio career, Parkinson's diagnosis, mental struggle, transformation
    [00:10:58] Humans tend to get caught up in the current of life. Remember to take action
    [00:12:43] Doing things now that future you appreciates.
    [00:17:54] Using empathy to help with the pain, pressure, and comments.
    [00:19:33] Open-mindedness and listening bring peace to disagreements
    [00:23:30] useful beliefs and appreciate life.

    • 27 min
    Achieving Success Through Effective Execution

    Achieving Success Through Effective Execution

    The key to successful execution is having focus, clarity, alignment, and accountability. These four things will help you get your strategies executed. - Patrick Thean
    Identifying core values, achieving clarity, and fostering accountability is undeniably important within organizations. My conversation with Patrick Thean, an expert in helping CEOs and teams overcome barriers to success, emphasizes their significance. Those things should not merely be words on a wall but rather true behavioral patterns that are believed in and practiced.
    As shared in Jim Collins' book, "Good to Great," there is a need for a small set of core values to avoid excessive bureaucracy and processes. We talk about the way companies can have practical implementation of core values on a daily basis. Patrick shares the ways he utilizes them within his own company, Rhythm Systems. Core values like "go the second mile" and "keep smart" are ingrained into their everyday language and actions.
    Clarity and effective communication are also keys to effective execution. At Walt Disney World there is a high level of focus on creating magical memories. This focus empowers employees to think about their purpose before executing their role. Clarity within an organization not only helps in goal-setting but also in holding people accountable.
    Patrick also debunks the notion that accountability is merely about punishment. It is actually about ensuring that the organization's objectives are achieved and addressing issues collectively rather than covering them up. We talk about the "gift of red" feedback. That emphasizes the significance of providing early feedback on unacceptable performance or issues to allow for timely resolution.
    Throughout our conversation, Patrick emphasizes the importance of empathy, repetition, and self-awareness in effectively executing strategies. There are always going to be challenges with maintaining focus, alignment with other teams, and the accountability of both individuals and teams. Planning and organization are among the crucial factors in avoiding unnecessary interruptions and disruptions in workflow.
    Make sure to listen to this conversation Patrick Thean to learn more about the secrets to achieving business success through effective execution. There is no doubt that you will hear strategies that can really work for you.
    Connect with Patrick
    Order the Book, Rhythm
    Visit Patrick's Website
    Patrick on LinkedIn
    Connect with Dan: www.dancockerell.com
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    Episode Highlights
    00:01:08 - Patrick's Background

    00:03:10 - Lack of Execution

    00:05:51 - Focus and Execution at Disney

    00:09:02 - Clarity, Accountability, and Setting Goals

    00:16:27 - Creating a Culture of Transparency

    00:19:47 - Using Core Values in Daily Language

    00:21:14 - Effective Communication and Accountability

    00:25:39 - The Importance of Collaboration and Rhythm

    00:26:30 - The Challenges of Sharing Ideas

    00:27:23 - The Importance of Self-Awareness and Compartmentalization

    00:32:55 - Transforming Status Meetings into Adjustment Meetings

    00:33:40 - The Value of Strategic Thinking and Planning

    • 36 min
    The Freedom of Doing Something Different

    The Freedom of Doing Something Different

    Just change your mind and do something differently. Changing your beliefs and assumptions can lead to different results in your life. - Dan Cockerell
    During our time in California, my wife Valerie and I took a 20-mile hike. I relished the challenge, but as the miles accumulated, so did the discomfort. My body protested, my mind amplified the pain, and I found myself questioning why I had put myself in this situation. However, a phrase started to resonate with me: pain is temporary.
    Over and over, I repeated it. The more I said it I noticed that my mindset began to shift. Each step became less a hardship and more a triumph. I stopped focusing on the immediate discomfort and started enjoying the scenery, the weather, the company. I realized that just changing my thoughts had a profound effect on my experience.
    This has since become a guiding principle for me. Pain is temporary. However, the lessons you learn and the experiences you have are permanent. Shifting your mindset isn't easy and it certainly does not happen overnight. The the learning, the growth, the joy that come from the temporary discomfort make it worth it. Do not dismiss the power of positive mindset and the profound impact it can have on our experiences.
    Many time we limit our own personal growth by holding on to existing beliefs and assumptions. Emergencies and challenges aren't always expected, but it is smart to have a plan to guide you through them. This is the same for our personal and professional life. Be proactive when planning the direction you want your business to go and be prepared to adapt to new opportunities.
    Make sure to listen to this conversation between Jody and I, especially if you are navigating a bit of discomfort in life. We talk about the power of mindset and beliefs and the ways they can help you overcome challenges and create new opportunities.
    Connect with Dan: www.dancockerell.com
    About Dan - https://dancockerell.com/about/
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dancockerell/
    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dancockerell/
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    Episode Highlights

    00:01:26 - Mindset and Dealing with Pain

    00:04:57 - Magical Vacation Planner and Hiking

    00:08:26 - Changing Beliefs and Mindset Shifts

    00:10:26 - Focusing on the United States Market

    00:12:15 - Taking Action and Finding Solutions

    00:13:27 - Changing Mindsets and Being Proactive

    00:14:42 - The Power of Action and Learning

    00:16:03 - Changing Habits and Creating Success

    00:18:15 - Addressing Worries and Overcoming Challenges

    • 21 min
    The Transformative Power of Authentic Human Connections

    The Transformative Power of Authentic Human Connections

    Technology may bring us closer in some ways, but nothing can replace the depth and significance of real, in-person human connection. - Judd Shaw
    Human connection has been a crucial aspect of survival throughout history. Over the last few years there was a stark reminder of the importance of authentic relationships. Today I welcome Judd Shaw, CEO of Judd Shaw Injury Law, who shares his insights on the transformative power of authentic human connections.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic Judd went from running a successful law firm to experiencing emotional and professional struggles. In all that was going well there was a pull telling him that something was missing. This sense of unfulfillment sparked a journey that led Judd to a new passion project - understanding and fostering human connection.

    Like many, he had been living in a world veiled by technological advancements, where authentic relationships were often overshadowed by a flood of digital interactions. Now, he knows the importance of finding a sense of belonging and connecting with others who accept us for who we are. Social media has lead to unhealthy comparisons, which is why it is crucial to define our own success and prioritize genuine connections over superficial ones.

    There are a few ways you can make more meaningful connections.

    spending quality time with family without distractions
    being fully present in conversations
    being accessible and approachable as a leader
    Technology is evolving faster than humans, and it's crucial to get back to our roots and prioritize authentic connections for a better future. Measure the connection with yourself and ensure authenticity and alignment with your core values. By reconnecting with oneself, it becomes easier to build connections with others and create a better world for oneself and others.

    Connect with Judd:
    Judd Shaw Website
    Get the Book Sterling and Nugget the Dragon
    Listen to Working the Wow Podcast
    Connect with Dan: www.dancockerell.com
    About Dan - https://dancockerell.com/about/
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dancockerell/
    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dancockerell/
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    Episode Highlights

    00:01:32 - Judd's Story and the Power of Connection,

    00:03:57 - The Impact of Technology on Connection,

    00:07:29 - Loneliness as an Epidemic,

    00:11:24 - The Need for Connection and Belonging,

    00:14:48 - Finding Authentic Connections,

    00:17:14 - Creating Meaningful Connections,

    00:19:33 - The Power of Genuine Interactions,

    00:20:15 - Connecting with Yourself,

    00:21:26 - Taking Action and Appreciating Connection

    • 22 min
    Achieving Success Through Accountability and Clear Expectations

    Achieving Success Through Accountability and Clear Expectations

    Holding people accountable and setting clear expectations brings value to any role. - Mark Manukas
    Mark learned early on in his naval career about the power of accountability and clear expectations. During his four years at the Naval Academy he encountered a number of surprises. The most impactful things are the ones he still talks about today;  hard work, focus on ethics, and the sense of relief and accomplishment upon graduation.
    Mark and Gaurav Bhatnagar, Founder of Co Creation Partners, co-authored the book "Unfear: Transform Your Business to Create Breakthrough Performance and Well Being". The book was written to help leaders understand how fear impacts organizational culture. They aim to change leaders' relationship with fear to promote positive transformation and well-being.
    Take a moment to reflect on your organization's culture and identify any areas where fear may be hindering performance and well-being. Consider how you can start addressing these issues within your own team or organization. Reach out to Mark at mark@cocreationpartners.com or visit cocreationpartners.com.
    Connect with Mark & Co Creation Partners
    Order the Book Unfear: Transform Your Business to Create Breakthrough Performance and Well Being
    Co-Creation Partners Website

    Connect with Dan: www.dancockerell.com
    About Dan - https://dancockerell.com/about/
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dancockerell/
    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dancockerell/
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/dancockerellspeaker
     Episode Highlights
    00:01:20 - Naval Academy Experience

    00:03:49 - Co Creation Partners

    00:08:11 - Book Purpose

    00:09:08 - Evaluating Culture

    00:12:37 - Accountability and Clear Expectations

    00:12:57 - The Path of Unfear

    00:13:26 - Working with Different Industries

    00:14:21 - Contact Information and Collaboration

    • 16 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
91 Ratings

91 Ratings

MsKC2007 ,

The Interviews are a perfect compliment to Dan’s insights!

The diverse guests keep each episode fresh with incredibly unique perspectives. Love the way Dan adds in his experiences from his time working for Disney, but does not use that as the key driver. His questions come from genuine curiosity. Great show!

3ric H ,

Learning never stops

Dan has a talent for turning his learning and leadership experiences into very helpful stories that anyone can consider and use in their business.

I also recommend his book “how’s the culture in your kingdom”.

Zamalama69 ,

July 7, 2022, episode is woke CRT. Go woke, go broke.

Extremely upset over the total garbage episode of July 7, 2022. Go woke with CRT and other leftist garbage and go broke. Unsubscribed. You chose poorly.

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