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Lee Cockerell shares his wisdom and experience from his time as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee discusses how you can apply lessons in leadership, management, and customer service to create magic in your organization.

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Lee Cockerell shares his wisdom and experience from his time as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee discusses how you can apply lessons in leadership, management, and customer service to create magic in your organization.

    How to Handle Disorganized Employees

    How to Handle Disorganized Employees

    If employees are disorganized it can cause problems for you and other employees. 
    As a leader, you need to deal with it. Other people are watching and wondering why you are letting this problem continue. 
    Sit down with the disorganized and explain what you see and why what they are doing is disruptive. And figure out why it is happening. 
    Maybe they need more from you. Maybe you haven't said anything about it so they assume what they are doing is ok. 
    Good leaders are constantly repeating what they want to happen. You have to set expectations and constantly remind people. 
    By the way, if you have good employees leave them alone. Don't adopt a blanket policy that impacts everyone. Deal with the disorganized employees and let the organized employees keep getting work done. 

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    Get Ahead in Your Career By Volunteering to Take on More Work

    Get Ahead in Your Career By Volunteering to Take on More Work

    One of the quickest ways to get ahead in your career is to take on more work and do a great job.
    When the opportunity arises, you should volunteer to take on more responsibility. 
    The people who get ahead in life are the ones who raise their hands when the boss needs someone to take on a project. 
    And, usually, it is the busiest person in the room who raises their hand. 
    This is because they have a system and know what they can get done. They know how to delegate, follow up, track a project
    If you want to get noticed by your boss, volunteer to take on a project. By taking on more work and doing a great job, you are going to get noticed. You are going to get exposed to other high performers. You are going to get experience doing bigger work. 
    Most people will pass on the opportunity to take on more work. But you can't afford to miss the experience and exposure. 
    Even if you don't know what you're doing, take on the project anyway. You will figure it out. And the big secret in life is nobody else knows what they are doing either. Don't hold back because you don't know what to do. 
    Take the challenge this week. Find some more work to volunteer for. 

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    Respect All Employees Not Just the Ones in Nice Suits

    Respect All Employees Not Just the Ones in Nice Suits

    There are times when people of higher positions in an organization feel like they are above other positions. 
    Let me be blunt. Some people feel they are hot stuff and don't appreciate the employees who are really making the business operate. 
    During my career, I was treated as if I wasn't as good as others because I didn't have a college degree. But I know I am not unique. Women have dealt with treatment like this for a long time. So have older employees. And young employees. 
    It becomes a cultural thing. And once it is part of the culture, the only way it can change is through top leadership. 
    A nice suit doesn't make you special. An MBA doesn't make you special. Every employee should be respected. The message, behavior, and culture of appreciation and respect have to come from the top. 
    Making the change won't happen right away. It took time to get the culture you have and it is going to take time to turn it around. 
    If you don't get culture right, you are going to miss more opportunities than you realize.
    If you are a leader, make sure everyone who reports to you is appreciated and respected. If you have the courage to step up. you can try to push it further up. Pushing for change isn't easy. But you can make a difference. 
    Don't underestimate what you can do to help people. 

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    Every Day is a New Opportunity to Get Better

    Every Day is a New Opportunity to Get Better

    When a new year begins, the only shift I make is getting out my January insert for my DayTimer. 
    A new year has no more importance than a new day. 
    Many people make the mistake of having a philosophical approach to a new year. 
    Have you thought to yourself, "well, it's a new year, now is the time to focus on ..." and here is where you might insert losing weight, spending time with family, or finding a new job. 
    If so, you are taking the wrong approach. 
    The better approach is to think about it each day. How can you make today better?
    Get out of the habit of setting resolutions or goals for a new year. Instead, make today better. Then make tomorrow better. 
    Wake up 15 minutes earlier, sit down with the Morning Magic Planner and plan out your day. 
    Every day is a good day to get better. 

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    Your Boss Won't Change

    Your Boss Won't Change

    Many companies focus on results and don't care how you feel. You get a paycheck and they don't owe you anything else, they reason. 
    You don't have to put up with it. 
    If you have a job where you are not respected or appreciated, it is time to move on. Perform as good as you can at your current position while you look for a new job, but begin now looking for a new job. Don't stay in a job where you are not satisfied with what you are doing. 
    People who don't feel they matter tend to make drastic changes. It is why people leave relationships. And it is the number one reason why people leave jobs. 
    There really isn't anything you personally can do if you have a boss who doesn't appreciate people. 
    The odds of you being able to do anything to change the person as slim. Do not fool with fools. Get out of the situation. 
    Basically, there are only two options. Stay and put up with it or leave.
    Leaving is uncomfortable. But life is short, don't put up with a bad situation too long. Your boss won't change. 
    In a few years, what you are going through now will be a little detour. 
    Or, you can stay and put up with it. 
    Your problem is not your situation. Your problem is your decisions. If you stay in a bad work situation it is your decision. 

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    The Power of Persistence

    The Power of Persistence

    In your book, your phone number. What do you do with all the extra phone calls you get?
    Believe it or not, I don't get many phone calls. Sure, I get some spam calls. Even when I was the EVP of Disney World, I made myself available to any cast member. It wasn't often a cast member reached out. And today, not many people reach out. If someone calls me, I want to make sure they get in touch with me. That is how I am able to book presentations and other business. 
    If phone calls are taking away from your business, you still have to find a way to handle the calls. Most businesses make it hard to talk to a real person. Answering the phone is part of taking care of your customers. 
    If I have my own business but want to learn from someone in a different business, how can I ask them to be my mentor?
    Reach out and ask for advice. Find out more about the company, pick someone in the company, explain your situation and ask if you can spend a few minutes asking questions. Keep at it. Don't get discouraged. 
    Persistence is a big problem today. People give up too easily. The power of persistence will take you far in life.

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Customer Reviews

Kent Sanders, Writer ,

A wonderful podcast on leadership, business ... and life!

If you want to become a better leader, communicator, business person ... and generally a more effective human being, Lee's podcast will absolutely help you accomplish that goal! He shares wisdom and practical lessons that will help you soar to new heights and be more successful.

GO Wilder ,

Excellent Leadership & Management Info

Lee provides sage leadership and management wisdom from across his career with the highlight and focus on his time with Disney. I've only listened to about the first 1/4, but have already learned a lot that I'll apply both at work and home. Started reading his Time Mgt book too.

@therealartg ,

Not just for Disney fans

This podcast is perfect for those that are trying to become better leaders. What you learn from Lee Cockerell can be applied to work and home situations. Always quick and straight to the point.

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