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AGC of America produces a monthly podcast, the ConstructorCast, a source for all the news, views, and interviews relevant to your construction business.

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AGC of America produces a monthly podcast, the ConstructorCast, a source for all the news, views, and interviews relevant to your construction business.

    ConstructorCast SHORT - Celebrating Construction Safety Week with TDIndustries

    ConstructorCast SHORT - Celebrating Construction Safety Week with TDIndustries

    Take a quick listen to this special ConstructorCast SHORT to hear how member company TDIndustries, a mechanical contractor based out of Dallas, Texas is celebrating Construction Safety Week this year featuring Jamie Dabbs - Vice President of Safety, Health & Environmental and this year's Construction Safety Professional of the Year!

    Jamie Dabbs
    Vice President | Safety, Health & Environmental

    • 12 min
    ConstructorCast - Behind the Bench: AGC's Litigation Strategy

    ConstructorCast - Behind the Bench: AGC's Litigation Strategy

    In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of the Associated General Contractors of America's (AGC) litigation program, which serves as a crucial component of its broader advocacy efforts. We explore how AGC strategically engages in judicial matters to safeguard and improve the business environment for construction contractors, aligning with its overarching goal of advancing industry interests and protecting against disruption.

    AGC’s legal staff discuss the decision-making process behind legal action, the importance of partnerships, updates on current judicial actions, and the vital role of funding through the Construction Advocacy Fund (CAF). Additionally, we outline guidelines for AGC chapters and members to request support for impactful cases, emphasizing the significance of national impact and broader industry implications in AGC's decision-making.

    Stephen Sandherr
    CEO – AGC of America

    Jimmy Christianson
    Vice President, Government Relations – AGC of America

    Leah Pilconis
    General Counsel and ConstructorCast Host – AGC of America

    For details on current issues visit https://advocacy.agc.org

    The Construction Advocacy Fund:
    The Fund helps finance a host of critical campaigns, including AGC’s ongoing efforts to fight for federal infrastructure investments, push back against costly and needless regulatory burdens, promote workforce development and workplace safety, and enhance construction technology. Visit https://constructionadvocacyfund.agc.org to learn more.

    Timestamped Topics:
    • 00:00 - Introduction
    • 01:35 - Overview of AGC's litigation program and its alignment with advocacy goals
    • 05:37 - Goals and strategies for challenging government regulations
    • 8:08 - Decision-making process for legal action
    • 10:25 - Partnerships and collaborations within the industry
    • 11:58 - Updates on current judicial actions and recent US Supreme Court victories
    • 36:27 - AGC’s litigation program funding
    • 39:53 - Guidelines for AGC chapters and members to request support for impactful cases
    • 41:22 - Conclusion

    • 42 min
    ConstructorCast - Value Every Voice: Construction Safety Week 2024

    ConstructorCast - Value Every Voice: Construction Safety Week 2024

    In this special episode of AGC's ConstructorCast, host Max Nelson sits down with industry leaders Dan Johnson, CEO of Mortenson, and Mike Choutka, Chairman and CEO of Hensel Phelps, to dive deep into the upcoming 10th-anniversary celebration of Construction Safety Week.
    As this year's Chair and Co-chair, Dan and Mike share their insights on the growth and evolution of Construction Safety Week over the past decade, and discuss the theme for this year, "Value Every Voice."

    Dan Johnson
    Chief Executive Officer

    Mike Choutka
    Chairman | Chief Executive Officer
    Hensel Phelps


    2024 Construction Safety Week Slide Deck

    • 18 min
    ConstructorCast - Concrete Commitments: How to Create a Culture of CARE

    ConstructorCast - Concrete Commitments: How to Create a Culture of CARE

    The Culture of CARE is an program created by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and the AGC of Washington to support companies in creating diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive job sites and promote diversity and inclusion in the construction industry. Culture of CARE is more than just caring about people; it is asking companies to commit to building work environments where every employee feels valued, respected, and heard through the programs four pillars: Commit, Attract, Retain and Empower.

    This episode of AGC’s ConstructorCast podcast highlights the partnership between AGC and FMI in developing a series of articles that explore how construction firms are successfully implementing the four pillars of Culture of CARE. In this podcast episode, we spotlight the transformative impact of a Culture of CARE's two pivotal pillars: Commit and Empower, specifically in the context of fostering leadership and accountability within construction firms. You will hear from two leading construction firms who share how a steadfast commitment from leadership sets the stage for a culture of inclusion and belonging. We explore how empowering employees at all levels contributes to a sense of responsibility, aligning individual actions with organizational values. Join us to understand how cultivating leadership and accountability through a Culture of CARE not only enhances workplace inclusivity but also propels construction companies toward sustained success.

    Michelle Thompson
    Senior Consultant | FMI Consulting - https://fmicorp.com

    Bill Aalerud
    Executive Vice President | Columbia Construction Co. - https://www.columbiacc.com
    Chair, Board of Directors - AGC of Massachusetts

    Stephanie Roldan
    Vice President Learning & Development, Director of Lean Culture | Rosendin Electric - https://www.rosendin.com
    Co-host Construction DEI Talks: https://constructiondeitalks.com

    • Visit www.BuildCulture.org and find out more.
    • Take the Culture of CARE pledge: https://buildculture.org/commit
    • See the list of Impact Champions who have already taken the pledge:
    • Take the AGC Diversity & Inclusion Assessment -

    2023 FMI Talent Study: https://fmicorp.com/insights/industry-insights/2023-fmi-talent-study
    HERstory Emerging Managers Institute: https://fmicorp.com/consulting/training/herstory-emerging-managers-institute

    See the article in the latest issue of Constructor Magazine: https://constuctorjanfeb24.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=811684
    Direct link to the article at Culture of CARE:

    • 26 min
    ConstructorCast - 2024 Outlook: Economic Insights for Builders

    ConstructorCast - 2024 Outlook: Economic Insights for Builders

    In this episode, AGC of America’s chief economist, Ken Simonson becomes your guide through the bustling landscape of construction economics, trends shaping the industry, sound projections for the upcoming year, and how all of the above can impact builders and stakeholders. Tune in to see what contractors can expect in 2024!

    Ken Simonson
    Chief Economist
    AGC of America

    Subscribe to the DataDIGest: https://marketplace.agc.org/Store/ItemDetail?iProductCode=4401

    • 17 min
    ConstructorCast - Constructing Cyber Resilience

    ConstructorCast - Constructing Cyber Resilience

    Join us as we explore the dynamic intersection of cybersecurity and the commercial construction industry. Our guest, CJ Dietzman at Alliant Insurance Services, talks about the latest trends in cyber threats, risk management strategies, and innovative solutions shaping the future of digital resilience on construction sites. Don't miss this insightful episode for a blueprint for safeguarding your projects against evolving cyber challenges.
    #ConstructorCast #Cybersecurity #ConstructionTech #AlliantInsurance #TheMoreRewardingWay

    CJ Dietzman
    Senior Vice President, Alliant Cyber
    Alliant Insurance Services

    Read Cyber Risk & Security Considerations in the Construction Industry: https://alliant.com/news-resources/article-cyber-risk-security-considerations-in-the-construction-industry/
    Learn more about Alliant Cyber: https://alliant.com/risk-management/risk-solutions/cyber/
    The NIST Cybersecurity Framework: https://www.nist.gov/cyberframework
    ISO/IEC 27001: https://www.iso.org/standard/27001
    Contact Alliant Cyber at alliantcyber@alliant.com

    • 33 min

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4.9 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

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Best Construction Podcast

This podcast is very informative, enriching and amusing. The host is so awesome and the guests are amazing, enjoy!

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