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Bringing God's Word to Life

CrossTalk CrossTalk Global, Brian French, Vicki Hitzges, Nathan Norman, Kent Edwards

    • Religion & Spirituality
    • 5.0 • 18 Ratings

Bringing God's Word to Life

    Matthew 5:1-16, 31-32 - Ditching Divorce

    Matthew 5:1-16, 31-32 - Ditching Divorce

    Why stay in a difficult marriage when it's easier to just walk away?

    • 29 min
    Matthew 5:1-16, 27-30 - Adultery

    Matthew 5:1-16, 27-30 - Adultery

    How can we avoid sexual sin?

    • 34 min
    Greg Leith Interview

    Greg Leith Interview

    How can Christians in the business world have in impact for the Kingdom of God?

    • 24 min
    Matthew 5:1-16, 21-26 - Murdering Murder

    Matthew 5:1-16, 21-26 - Murdering Murder

    Most of us have met a murderer...

    • 27 min
    Matthew 5:17-20 - Change Agents

    Matthew 5:17-20 - Change Agents

    How can ordinary Christians change the world?

    • 21 min
    Matthew 5:13-16 - Job Description

    Matthew 5:13-16 - Job Description

    What is the job description of a Christian?

    • 31 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

SteveMcCune ,

From information to transformation...

I’m only up to podcast #7 but I look forward to Friday each week to listen, takes notes, and look for information to continue my transformation.

Each podcast sounds authentic. They’re the right length for me. The speakers sound like they are veterans of more than just a few battles who are still upright in the fight to win the battle.

Thanks 😊 for your efforts on our behalf. We will look for ways to pay it forward.

We thank 💙 God for you and will pray 💜 for your continued ministry.

Ps1a3l3m1 ,

Careful what you wish for especially more $

A very good reminder - try it - not long very worth your time!

decayintodust ,

So What?

Designed not only to feed you spiritually and stimulate you intellectually, but also to challenge you to apply the message of the Bible in your daily life. I really appreciate both learning more about God’s word and also being given a simple practical tool to apply what I’ve learned to my actions. The simple tool is this: ask yourself “so what?” Asking that of my Bible learning allows me to turn it from something on a page into something to apply to my life going forward. Two episodes in and in each I’m given an easy to remember answer to the question “so what do I do with what I just heard?” I really enjoy this podcast and can’t wait to hear more.

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