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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.


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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.

    Episode 225

    Episode 225

    Support these bands by buying their records, tapes, downloads, cd-r's, Sony MiniDisc ETC. ETC. ETC. At least tell your friends your mom your dog your anyone about it please and thank you. 
    Rata Negra - Llorando
    Generacion Suicida - Ilusion
    Morbo - Aqui no hay nadie
    Maladia - Sacred Fires
    Cutter - Futuro Oscuro
    Away - 1
    Alambrada - Muerte Preventiva
    Cobarde - Do Drugs
    Indre Krig - Hypocrite
    Reaski - Punk Asia
    The Chisel - Enough Said
    Crown Court - Sect 59
    Suburban Lawns - Unable
    Legal Weapon - Hostility
    The Cry - Love Is Necessary
    Ana Hausen - Professionials
    Razor Penguins - Indifference
    Saccharine Trust - A Human Certainty
    CCTV - 235U
    UDUSIC - Three
    Big Zit - I am the Filth
    Abi Ooze - TAT
    Research Reactor Corp - Hog Cranker
    Attestor - Preach Love
    Anti-Feds - Dead Generation
    Club Bed - Underwater
    Altar of Eden - Genesis
    Silence - The Angel Hunter and the Fur Collector
    Kronstadt - Les restes
    Peur Bleue - Pourquoi?

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    Episode 224

    Episode 224

    "The mind is a wonderful servant and a lousy master"
    As always support these bands by buying their records if you like them!
    Generacion Suicida - Balas, Siempre Balas
    Mock Execution - Insanity?
    Prision Postumo - Bastardos
    Alambrada - Traicion
    Swab - Hippies Still Exist(And I Still Hate Them)
    De Rodillas - Ilegal
    Peace Talks - Nuclear Family
    Feeble Intent - 9 Months
    Torso - Weightless
    Kombat Sports - Whole Lotta Hate
    Electric Chair - Life Is Hell
    Candy Apple - Sweet Dreams of Nothing
    The Girls - The Elephant Man
    Unnatural Silence - Hiroshima
    Suburban Lawns - Gossip
    Big Boys - Apolitical
    The Dictators - No Tomorrow
    Culo - Victim Of The Normal Life
    Blotter - Nothing Left To Learn
    Impalers - Apparitions
    School Jerks - Guestlist
    Cal and the Calories - My Calorie
    Fried E/M - Inner Peace
    Cruelster - The Pipeline Could Work
    Bad Noids - Bad Vomit
    Common Ignorance - Understand
    Armia - Na Ulice
    Dezerter - Uleglosc
    T.Z.N. Xenna - Co Za Swiat
    Siekiera - Ludzie Wschodu
    Abaddon - Wet Za Wet
    Process - Stroszek
    Alambre De Puas - Sexo Violento
    EGO - Mrtva Buducnost
    U.B.T. - Novo Vrijeme
    Kylma Patja - Verinen Hallinto
    Good Guys - Fading
    Spleen - Toxic
    Celda - Mentira
    Mentira - Vacio
    Public Acid - Rubbernecker

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    Episode 223

    Episode 223

    Like you have been dropped into the middle of a well formed mystery. The structures of society both physical and otherwise scrape the skies around you and you could very well be a mole in a hill but it could also be a mountain depending on which eyes have been brought back from your slumber. Am I no more than a card in the catalog of humanity, a reference point for some piece of information only useful when pulled out of the shelf I was sorted into?
    As always support these bands by buying their albums and going to see them live when that is a thing again. 
    Mock Execution - Shanti Ra Surakxya (Peace & Security)
    Generacion Suicida - Fuego
    Slant - Effigy
    Alambrada - Posible Fugitivo
    Golpe - Propaganda
    The Gobs - Adderall or Nothing
    Cexcrime - Hard and Greasy
    Big Jar of Mayo - Absolute Ripoff
    Electric Chair - Gutter
    Alien Nosejob - Fatal Collision
    Cráneo - Acaba
    Hyena - Plagued
    Mercenary - Urban Decay
    Bukkake Boys - No Power, No Voice
    Empathy Box - Bill
    Glen Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn
    Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose
    T.S.O.L. - The Triangle
    Afterimage - Satellite of Love
    Red Zebra - The Ultimate Stranger
    Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons -Ice Cream to God
    M.A.Z.E. - Spread the Germicide
    The Mind - Tomorrow You Will Find Lonesome
    New Cruelster(Perverts Again) - Hyper With U
    Soup Activists - Jobbers in Motion
    Poison Ruïn - Fog of War
    Couteau Latex - Hostile Environment

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    Episode 222

    Episode 222

    What's so funny bout peace love and understanding?
    Electric Chair - Pledge of Allegiance
    Alien Nosejob - Beyond the Pale
    Slant - Terminal
    M.A.Z.E. - 311
    Bad Example - White Shooter
    Bad Batch - I Know They're Watching
    Illiterates - Illiterates
    Joukkohauta - Kello kay
    Violent Christians - B******t Junky
    Horrendous 3D - Option?
    Reek Minds - Rabid
    Zig Zag - The Chase
    Nag - Sweeping Observer
    Public Trust - Eyes Without A Face
    Public Acid - Flag Fetish
    Invalid - Court Of Public Opinion
    Bloodstains - Public Hanging
    Illegals - Public Hanging
    Inmates - Skummy/Public Execution
    Vanilla Poppers - Public Circle
    State Of Alert - Public Defender
    Public Zone - Naive
    Lasso - Tempos fracos
    Gimmick - Chalk Board
    Golpe - Sei LA Tua Prigione
    Hustler - Synthetic Christ
    Tetanus - No Excuse
    Mutant Strain - Pt. 1 Born Into Pain (Toofless Doofus / Juice / Dirt)
    The Number Ones - Long Way To Go
    S.L.I.P. - 5:45 A.M.
    Torso - Pigeonholed
    X - The Once Over Twice
    The Cold - Mesmerized
    The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing
    T.S.O.L. - Silent Scream
    Satan 81 - Radioattivita
    Mission of Burma - That's When I Reached for My Revolver
    Sad Loves and Giants - Things We Never Did

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    Episode 221

    Episode 221

    I walk down the stairs and step outside to take in the weather. My feet stir up the dirt from the sidewalk. My feet are familiar with the feeling, the dirt familiar with these very feet. They met long ago in a desert before being blown into the city. 
    Illiterates - LB Scheme
    Electric Chair - Bastards
    Alien Nosejob - The Scene Expands
    Slant - Stagnation
    Horrendous 3D - Inifference
    Reek Minds - Losin' It
    Zig Zag - Zig Zag
    Tizzi - Bird Song
    Turquoise - Si Uniques?
    Fugitive Bubble - Check & Balances
    Adolescents - I Hate Children
    T.S.O.L. - Sounds of Laughter
    Black Flag - Life of Pain
    Descendents - Mr. Bass
    Saccharine Trust - Effort to Waste
    Channel 3 - You Lie
    Social Distortion - 1945
    Dark Web - (Theme from) Dark Web
    Haldol - Fear and Fascination
    Dyatlov - Wound Man
    TORD - Barcelona Crema
    Lux - Battled
    Living World - Fresh
    Big Baby - Big Baby Goes Into Public
    Sniper Culture - Terminators
    Peace Talks - Dancing For The Flame
    Speed Plans - Beyond
    Haircut - Gritona
    The Dark - Empty Prayers
    G.S.B. - Happy People
    Toody - Coming on Strong
    The Rats - Nightline
    Desperate Edge - Frustration
    Wipers - Youth of America
    Ralfi Pagan

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    Episode 220

    Episode 220

    If you like these bands buy their records or tell your friends or do whatever you can to support them! If you want to support this podcast go here https://www.patreon.com/cruelnoise
    Choir - Guilt Trip/Overbite
    Sanguine Eagle - The First Storm
    The Brass - Desperation
    Slant - Enemy
    鏡(KAGAMI) - 鏡
    Taqbir - Al-Zuki Akbar
    Warsh - Hypocrite
    Fairytale - Better off Dead/Damaged
    Tizzi - Same Story, New Monster
    Zig Zag - Burn Out
    Reek Minds - False Future
    Healer - Resurgence EP side B
    Joukkohauta - Toimintaa
    The Massacred - Malign Murder
    Public Trust - Dirt In My Eye
    Torso - You're X'd
    Urban Sprawl - Slaughtered
    Liquids - Think Too Much
    Limp Wrist - What's Up With the Kids
    Crucial Unit - Wigout at Kinkos
    Aus-Rotten - Modern Day Witch Hunt
    Disclose - In Agony
    Totalitar - Vi brutaliseras
    Ruination - Giblets
    Reason Of Insanity - Final Note
    Iron Lung - Body Enclosing
    Spits - S****y World
    Haldol - Taphonomy
    Tord - El món és una merda
    El DESTELLO - Nuevo Centro de Represión
    Loner Statue - Controller
    Kim Phuc - Equinox
    Masochrist - God of Wealth
    Drug Lust - Church Bitch
    Ratface - Fukushima Nightmare
    Ropes - Went Gone/Love Me
    Culo - Toxic Visions
    Hoax - Down
    Crazy Spirit - I'm Dead
    Nuclear Spring - Prose Kinema
    Natural Law - Party Trick
    CREEM - A Mean Day
    Suburbanite - Grateful Nation
    Tenement - Senile

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4.9 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

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Best show intros ever.

Yep. And plenty more reasons, really. Just listen.

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From Rhode Island

Love the podcast and look forward to every new episode. I always walk away with something new to listen to.

trips 68 ,

John’s show 172

Your pod really delivered.Thanks from down in P’cola,Fl.

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