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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.


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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.

    Episode 242

    Episode 242

    Support these bands by buying their records, going to see them live(when applicable) and telling your friends about them! 
    Sweeping Promises - Pain Without a Touch
    Classics of Love - Future Shock
    Socio La Difekta - Nur uno ekzisto
    Dishuman - Punk's No Fairytale
    Yleiset Syyt - Huuotoa Ioukosta
    Direct Threat - Alone in This World
    Discreet - Dead Man's Line
    Mr. Node - Vaccinate Me!
    Safety Net - Johnny Wholesome
    SQK Fromme - (Hell Of Powers)
    Tramadol - Soulless Vessels
    Peoples Temple - Punishers
    Kontaminate - Blood Hunger Forever
    Game - Shard
    Broken Talent - I'm Dead
    Wasp Women - Kill Me
    Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue - Kill Me
    Bad Brains - Pay To Cum
    The Damned - I Fall
    Flux of Pink Indians - Blinded by Science
    Raging Fire - Beware A Man With Manners
    The End - Before I'm Done
    391 - Kids Gonna Do It
    Varaus - Vitun orja
    Kaaos - kytat on natsiskoja
    Alambres - Palos y Cascos
    Anxiety - Human Hell
    Bad Noids - Into The Future
    Blazing Eye - Brain
    Booji Boys - I Dream Of Booji
    Bulsch - tartington/pon toeleen
    Citric Dummies - Cops On Bikes
    Cruz de Navajas - Suna
    Erik Nervous - I'm A Brick
    Exotica - Pesadilla
    Fex Urbis - What's Going On With You?
    Generacion Suicida - Generacion Suicida
    Hairlong N Freeky - Untitled 1
    Impalers - Cellar Dweller II
    Krimewatch - Coward
    Liquids - I Killed Donald Trump
    Machine Gun - Enemy
    Marbled Eye - Corners
    No Time - You'll Get Yours
    Nosferatu - No Army
    The Roobydocks - Life is Joke
    Rixe - Hexagone
    S.H.I.T. - Incorporation
    S-21 - Brass Gavel
    The Safeties - Evidence
    Sheer Mag - Nobody's Baby
    SLIP - Cruel Noise
    Sunshine Ward - Order
    Tyrannamen - I Can't Read Your Mind
    Warthog - Culture?

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    Episode 241

    Episode 241

    Support these bands by buying their albums and going to see them live when plausible and telling your friends about them! 
    Tantrum - Easy Action
    Anti-Machine - Mateo's Room
    Scalple - Courtesy Professionalism Respect
    Peoples Temple - LSD & Anarchy
    Hysteric Polemix - Urtication
    Acaustix - Crucifixion
    Porvenir Oscuro - Inadaptado
    Mundo Primitivo - Duelo
    Turbia - El Final
    Algara - Tedio Eterno
    Unidad Ideologica - Guerra Y Negocio
    Strong Boys - UB2FU
    Twompsax - Stitches
    Game - Atomowa Reckonstrukcja
    Pest Control - Infestation
    VAMPS - Talkin' Shit/I Live For Danger
    Invader Lars - Stickman
    Cody Cody Jones - Unglue
    Scoot ft. Banga Cyss - Parade
    The Crowd - Right Time
    Simpletones - California
    Shattered Faith - I Love America
    U.X.A. - No Time
    Redd Kross - Cover Band
    Rik L Rik - Graveyard Girls
    The Ire - Rahu
    The Cowboy - Virtual Traveler
    Alien Nosejob - King's Gambit
    The Mark Vodka Group - Everybody's Punk Now
    Good Throb - Acid House
    Ratface - Kingdom Of Light
    Tenement - Violent Outlet
    Culo - Anti-Social Creep/Victim Of The Normal Life
    Big Zit - Goin' Blind
    D.L.I.M.C. - Wicker Park

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    Halloween MMXXI

    Halloween MMXXI

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Episode 240

    Episode 240

    Support the bands you like however you see fit! Buy their records! Go see them live! You are an essential part of punk act like it!
    Ignorantes - Sapos
    Porvenir Oscuro - Sin Control
    Yambag - Seclusion
    De Rodillas - Soga
    Unidad Idealogica - El Miedo
    The Chisel - Retaliation
    Scalpel - Lying Through Your Teeth
    Quarantine - Shadow People
    Nasti - Stud Gods
    Hologram - Gifthorse
    Heavy Discipline - Lockstep
    No Time - Degenerate
    Chronic Abuse - Class Traitor
    Blood Pressure - 6x8
    Concealed Blade - Never Heard
    S.L.I.P. - Mental Abuse
    Empty Beings - Culture Shock
    Heartless - Wrung Out
    VAMPS - Chula805MillionDollarBaby/Al Dente
    Cochonne - Qu-est-ce que t'as fait?
    Soup Activists - Stormy Mornings
    The Cowboy - Our Vision
    The Dark - You Got What You Wanted
    The Guns - Your Mistake
    Zero Boys - High Places
    Violent Tumor - 99 Floors
    Condemned To Death - Dismember Me
    F8 - Rich Get Richer
    Los Crudos - Tiempos De La Miseria
    Arma Contra Arma - Etica En Las Americas
    Limp Wrist - Rainbows
    Harto - ¿Cuanto?
    Tragatelo - Esa Cosa Pequeña Ilamada
    Needles - Their Lord And Land
    N/N - Buitres
    Alambres - Palos y Cascos
    NRRV - The Gaze
    Canal Irreal - Not Tomorrow

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    Episode 239

    Episode 239

    Support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live when applicable. You are an essential cog in the punk machine. 
    The Cowboy - Virtual Traveler
    Liquids - F**k Up
    Alien Nosejob - Leather Gunn
    Hologram - Humiliation Drills
    Nasti - Self Sucker
    Bad Anxiety - Peace
    Bullet Proof Backpack - Useless
    Quarantine - Tired Of You/Tire Of You II
    Bloodsuckers - We Don't Need It
    The Whiffs - Shakin All Over
    Barlow - Makes My Life
    Hotline TNT - Slider
    Smirk - Staring At Screens
    the Mark Vodka Group - Touch Of Grey
    Bad Noids - Stay Off Your Phone/Waiting Around
    Pickle Park - My Mom And Dad(Are Dead)
    Real Regular - Return Of The GRIDS(Again)
    Burnt Envelope - Stuck b/w My Band Sucks
    Dead Moon - Sorrow's Forecast
    Vonbrigði - 6ý
    The Hugh Beaumont Experience - Zyklon B
    Telefones - She's In Love With The Rolling Stones
    The Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend is a Rock
    Stains - John Wayne Was A Nazi
    Stains - Young Nazis
    Vains - School Jerks
    The Kids - Fascist Cops

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Episode 238

    Episode 238

    You know the things I repeat every week. Support the bands you like in the way you feel most comfortable supporting them. 
    Barlow - Object of...
    Chronophage - Passageway
    Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - V.R.
    Zero Boys - Drug Free Youth
    DOC CORBIN DART - debbie (aka suicide no. 1/down at the store/the very thought)
    Cinderblock - Dystopia
    The Exploding Hearts - Throwaway Style(Alternate Mix)
    EyeHateGod - Fake What's Yours
    Fat Stupid Ugly People - No, Robby Callahan IS NOT in EyeHateGod
    Hatred Surge - Rotten To Forgotten
    Warzone Womyn - Magma Digestor
    Slices - Cave Crawl/Bad Mask
    Hyena - War
    Loose Nukes - Rizzo's Dead
    Dark Thoughts - Anything II/Psycho Ward
    Machine Gun - Side B
    The Holidays - Bus Freak
    Bad Side - Bleak Future
    Hologram - Deprivation Fantasy
    Slant - Stagnation
    Smirk - Death To Smirk
    Lysol - Can't Win
    Jalang - Death Inside
    Ideation - My Lai Amusement Park
    Illiterates - Invisible Enemy
    80HD - Perpetual Decay
    BLUTTAT - Ich Will Hier Raus
    No Submission - The Degraded Men
    Headcleaners - Death Threat
    Kraut - Last Chance
    Beaver - Vlademir
    Saccharine Trust - We Don't Need Freedom
    Modern Warfare - No Passion
    Circle One - Destroy Exxon
    Anti - New Underground

    • 1 hr 33 min

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4.9 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

bubblebathbobby ,

Best show intros ever.

Yep. And plenty more reasons, really. Just listen.

Brendon S. PB ,

From Rhode Island

Love the podcast and look forward to every new episode. I always walk away with something new to listen to.

trips 68 ,

John’s show 172

Your pod really delivered.Thanks from down in P’cola,Fl.

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