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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.


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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.

    Episode 322

    Episode 322

    Another total normal show hosted by a normal human person playing regular style punk music for the quiet masses of normal waiting people. If you are one of these particular regular normal human people and you enjoyed one, any or all of these musical acts make a point to support them by buying their record albums, going to experience them live and telling your friends about them. Please but also thank you.
    Bootlicker - Mercy Dog
    Bato - Useless Debt
    Woodstock 99 - Hotter Than A Half Fucked Fox In A Forest Fire
    Chaos OK - last yr
    Valtatyhjiö - Kuristusleikki
    Hollow Point - Discourse
    OSBO - Say It To My Face
    The Dark - Dragged To Hell
    Vaxine - No Right To Take
    Cruciform - Become Dumb
    Peace Talks - Last Chance Out Of Texas
    Illiterates - Born Here
    Negatives - Whole Lotta Skin
    Plastic Idols - I.U.D. 
    The Skuds - Dead Dogs
    Control - Nightmare In My Closet
    Barry Kooda - So Sorry
    Soup Activists - I Don't Care What Gilchrist Says
    Why Bother - Feckless World
    Uranium Club - Big Guitar Jackoff in the Sky
    Sheer Mag - Tea On The Kettle 
    Hotline TNT - I Thought You'd Change

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Episode 321

    Episode 321

    Support these bands by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends about them. 
    Paprika - Buzzzz
    Bad Breeding - Discipline
    Reek Minds - Swine
    Lysol - Grease Paint
    Lexicon - Rapture
    Xui - Ego
    Human - Bastard
    Gurs - Anna
    Innuendo - Poison Pill
    Desintegracion Violenta - Presidio
    Z-Pak - Whiplash
    Poison Ruin - Torture Chamber
    Cross - Faith
    Why Bother - Never The Machine
    Uranium Club - 2600-Lullaby
    Collate - Numbers 
    Clarko - Social Psychic Vampire
    Lal - Signs
    At Night - Haunted House
    Peace Talks - I Didn't Do It
    Sick Things - Bondage Boy
    Usch - Ditt Eget Liv
    The Stripes - Weekend Love
    Electric Deads - 30 Years
    The Slits - Vindictive
    Anouschka Et Les Prives - Controle
    Ici Paris - Le centre du monde
    Masshysteri - Valkommen til verkligheten
    Clocked In - Wasted Words
    Creem - Wasted Time
    Ajax - Intro/Drag Down
    Warthog - Expiration
    Crazy Spirit - I'm Dead
    Torso - Waster of Time
    Eel - Pacifism Won't Win Fight
    Impalers - Psychedelic Snutskallar
    Condor - Que Jeunesse Se Passe
    Ice 9 - Revolting Mess
    Sado Nation - Mom And Pop Democracy
    Poison Idea - Cop An Attitude
    Dead Moon - Cast Will Change
    Nikki and The Corvettes - I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
    The Shivvers - No Substitue

    • 2 hr 8 min
    Episode 320

    Episode 320

    buy these bands records and go see them live and tell your friends about them and drink plenty of water
    Gylt - Shoved
    Reek Minds - Host
    De Rodillas - Rigged
    Traumatizer - Bulldozer
    Paprika - Let's Kill Punk
    Why Bother - Feckless World
    JJ and the A's - Generation
    Z-Pak - Beef Buffet
    Innuendo - Hate the State
    Planet On A Chain - Culture of Death
    Argh - Dungeon Crisis
    Public Acid - Ignorance
    Bloodstains - When Men Were Men...
    Headache - No Reason For Your Call
    Le-Ritz - What A Sucker
    Johnny Du Cann - Where's The Show?
    The Features - Drab City
    Kursaal Flyers - Television Generation
    Anti Social - Teacher, Teacher
    Dogs - No Way
    Four Mandarines - Silver son Johnnie
    The Alan Milman Sect - Teen Tour
    Jerks - Hold My Hand
    Babeez - Hate
    Richard Hell - Another World
    Blinder - Empty Fists
    Gina Gory - TV Star
    Rex Tycoon - Skin
    Ex Pilots - Sailing Stone
    Painted Dog - Midnight City
    Silver Car Crash - Tee Vee

    • 1 hr 43 min
    Episode 319

    Episode 319

    Buy these bands records go see them live and tell your friends about them
    Innuendo - Nuke This Place
    Bloodstains - Nuclear Age 
    Bad Breeding - Survival
    Reek Minds - Rant
    Paprika - Peace Talks
    Peace Talks - Pull The Plug
    Public Acid - Slow Bleed
    Sexpill - Victims of a Glue Bag
    Stress Positions - No Sympathy(For the Police)
    Pyrex - Cool Television
    Sultry - Love Dog
    Lysol - Padded Cell
    The Losers - Fear is a Weapon
    Hollow Point - No Friend Of Mine
    Vidro - Förstör det som förstör dig
    Deletar - Coup de schlass
    Xarkov7 - Ignorance is Bliss
    Extortion - Snare
    Lip Cream - Night Rider More Than Fight
    Zouo - Making Love With Devil
    Laughin Nose - Piss'N'Ass
    Outo - Death of Victims
    Mobs - Charisma 
    Cobra - 1984 
    Baws - G.I. Joe
    Cosey Muller - Parallel Gekreuzt
    Split System - Anything
    Industry - Human Realm 
    Vaguess - Cease To Grieve
    Why Bother - Some Don't Dance
    Uranium Club - Game Show
    Sheer Mag - Golden Hour
    Rex Tycoon - What's Good
    Blinder - Drugs Of The Sun
    R.M.F.C. - The Trap
    Clarko - I Just Wanna Pay
    Soup Activists - The Times

    • 1 hr 54 min
    Episode 318

    Episode 318

    Buy these bands records and go see them live and tell your friends about them. All of those things are equally important with the exception of when one takes prominence. Use you best judgement. Drink water. Etc. 
    Public Acid - Psychedelic Depression
    Ulitmate Disaster - Ruination
    Sultry - The Gargoyle 
    Sexpill - Bag Life
    Canal Irreal - Stuff To Dodge
    Stress Positions - Hand to Mouth
    Hollow Point - Perfect People
    The Losers - Mosquito 
    Crucified Class - Deception
    Bozone - Enter the Bozone
    Tozcos - ¿Quién Te Va Enterrar?
    Abyecta - Anti Carta
    Haren - Asquerosa Humanidad
    Vidro - Aldrig mer fred
    Split System - Temporary Freeze
    Dannys Favorite - Silent Movies
    Phagocyte - Son Of A Pig
    Cruelster - Makemake Watchwatch
    Xarkov7 - Choke on the Spite
    Bad Image - Big Deal
    Siege - Grim Reaper
    NDT - Schwarzer Vogel
    Metro Decay - Σκιές
    IDENTITÉ - Le Garçon D'Ascenceur
    Half Life - Yeah I Hate
    Mental Abuse - Electric Chair 
    Stukas Over Bedrock - Car Good
    D.R.I. - Violent Pacification
    Don't Know - Time
    Poison Idea - Legalize Freedom
    Scared Straight - School
    Third World Chaos - You
    Sado Nation - Front Row Chaos
    Suburban Mutilation - Daddy Was A Nazi
    V.O.A. - Popularity
    Special Forces - Savage Penguins
    Afu - My Scene
    Massacre Guys - The Hunted
    Riki - SAS
    Blinder - Dose Makes The Poison/Fast Crunch
    Edhochuli - I'll Never Forget 'Ol What's His Name

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Episode 317

    Episode 317

    No Genocide: A Benefit for Mutual Aid in Gaza https://thedissidents.bandcamp.com/album/no-genocide-a-benefit-for-mutual-aid-in-gaza
    As always if you like these bands buy their records go see them live and tell your friends about them.
    Scarecrow - Rabid Dogs
    Rat Cage - Another Religion, Another War
    Peace Talks - Instigate
    The Pist - Justified?
    Zowiso - F.A.O. Show
    UZU اوزو - Akhtanik أختنق
    Zanjeer زنجیر - Na Un Moghe, Na Hala  نه ان موقع نه حالا
    Ikhras - El Nahr
    Khassarat - the crossing حرقة
    Pure Terror - ٣. لا أقل ولا أكثر (No More No Less)
    Haram - قنبلة بي السماء - Bomb in the Sky
    Eteraz - No One Left to Die
    Taqbir - Aisha Qandisha
    Kuolleet Kukat - Vihollinen on Systeemi
    Partners in Crime - I Wanna Drive You
    Kalashnikov - Odelaeg og haerg
    Lip Cream - Yellow Beauty
    MG-15 - derecho a la vida
    Special Forces - Gung Ho
    Saccharaine Trust - The Giver Takes
    Suburban Mutilation - Twilight Zone
    Reagan Youth - Degenerated
    Siege - Drop Dead
    RPA - Shoot The Pope
    Mental Abuse - Security Guard
    The Losers - Mosquito 
    Bozone - Googling the Enemy
    Hollow Point - Discourse
    Junk - It's My Duty
    Vidro - Allt brinner
    Goop! - Quota
    Sacricide - Ritual
    Potere Negativo - Vendetta
    Abyecta - La Plaga
    Spazzys - I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone
    Regulations - My Future 
    The Marked Men - Gone Away 
    Annihilation Time - The Worm
    Caustic Christ - Sadist Society
    Warzone Womyn - Magma Digestor
    Look Back and Laugh - Blinders
    Cold Sweat - Gun in My Head
    Righteous Jams - Rage of Discipline
    No F****r - Sunshine
    Disclose - Murdering Bombs
    Aus - Der Sch​ö​ne Schein
    Industry  - Extract Wealth and Die
    Alien Nosejob - West Side Story
    Split System - The Wheel
    COEUR À L'INDEX - Rattrapez-moi
    Sheer Mag - Eat It and Beat It
    Dollhouse - Be Nice To Me

    • 1 hr 59 min

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4.9 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

little jerry thumor ,



bubblebathbobby ,

Best show intros ever.

Yep. And plenty more reasons, really. Just listen.

Brendon S. PB ,

From Rhode Island

Love the podcast and look forward to every new episode. I always walk away with something new to listen to.

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