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Pure punk for punk people

    Episode 123 - More Japanese Punk

    Episode 123 - More Japanese Punk

    The Rabbits - Meiken Bataakenkun Gou Den (Mesh-Key)

    Phil & The Tiles - The Watcher (Legless)
    Drill - Within Reason (Abandon Everything)
    Sacred Product - Angry Red Planet (Wormwood Grasshopper)
    Chaos OK - Expected Value (Sorry State)
    Why Bother? - Some Don't Dance (Feel It)

    Bog People - Constant Torture (Iron Lung)
    Bog Imp - Pinch & Hurry (Keeper)
    Model Workers - Cry (Sealed)
    Love Child - Greedy (12XU)

    Dendö Marionette - Frozen Edge (Bitter Lake)
    M.A.Z.E. - She Left this Town (Lumpy)
    Boys Boys - Monkey Monkey (Pass)
    サボテン (Saboten) - Knee Guitar (Floor)
    Radical - Disorder (City Rocker)

    Milk - Bricks (Hysteria)
    Mirrors - Shōgeki-X (Gozira)
    Nurse - またたび (1984) (ADK / La Vida Es Un Mus)

    Angel Face - I Can't Go Back (Slovenly)
    Friction - Automatic Fula (Pass)
    The See-Saw - Get A Chance! (Secret Mission)
    The Nailclippers - Spit Us (Rock N Roll Parasite)
    Sadistic Mika Band - Picnic Boogie (Doughnut)

    J.A.シーザー - 首吊りの木 (Hanging Tree) (CBS)

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Episode 122 - Tango Whiskyman

    Episode 122 - Tango Whiskyman

    Hick Tracy - Solution (Deluxe Bias)

    Itchy and the Nits - Square (Total Punk)
    The Celebrities - Party in My Chevrolet (Total Punk)
    Chain Gang - Gary Gilmore And The Island Of Dr. Moreau (Kapitalist Music Ltd)
    Keks - Hasch Mich, Mädchen (Amiga)
    Cruelster - It Would Be So Easy (Drunken Sailor)

    Purpur Spytt - Painkiller II (Mini Distro Label)
    Richard Papiercuts - How it Really Begins (Ever/Never)
    Chrome - Perfumed Metal (Don't Fall off the Mountain)
    Brute Spring - Blood on Sand (Swimming Faith)

    Trashies - Science Sucks (Bubbledumb)
    Zondar - The Chain (Goodbye Boozy)
    Vita Noctis - Alone (Dark Entries)

    Private Ways - She Said (Razz)
    The Stalin - Stop Girl (Climax)
    Gaseneta - 社会復帰 (Shakai Fukki) (PSF)
    Wotzit - Eyes Of Pervert (Debauch Mood)
    Vodovo - Ataraxian (Killer Boy)
    Mikan Mukku - ちんダン (Chin Dan) (Bitter Lake)

    feedtime - MotorbikeGirl (Abberant)
    Doc Flippers - Human Pork (Phantom)
    The Devil Dogs - Cheescake (Crypt)
    Functional Blackouts - Raw Dawg, Raw Deal (Wrench)

    Can - Tango Whiskyman (Liberty)

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 121 - I Need New Friends

    Episode 121 - I Need New Friends

    Counter Intuits - His Master's Voice (Pyramid Scheme)

    Studs - Copper (Under the Gun)
    Elvis 2 - Livin with the A.P.P. (self-released)
    Wetflix - Fish Brain= (RIP)
    Knowso - Heavy Hauler (Sorry State)

    Comateens (Romona Jan) - Danger Zone (TeenMaster / Left for Dead)
    Bonies - Oss (Leisure World)
    Heather the Jerk - Du it Again (Goodbye Boozy)
    Kosmetika - House (Spoilsport)
    Terry - Gold Duck (Anti Fade)

    PUFF! - I Need New Friends (Aarght! / Static Age)
    Non Band - Vibration Army (Tal)
    rocky - Blackout (Lulu's Sonic Disc Club)
    XV - Tasmanian Angels (Ginkgo)

    Performing Ferret Band - Howler Monkey (Pig)
    Warm Red - Super Bowl (State Laughter)
    A Frames - Crutches (Royal)
    During - Mallman (Chunklet)
    Nusidm (Glen Schenau) - Arm Unemployed (Bruit Direct)

    The Vibrators - Into the Future (Epic)
    Oblivians - She's a Hole (Crypt)
    Loli and the Chones - Nazi Death Camp (Rip Off)
    The Blowtops - Cannibal Lust (Big Neck)

    µ-Ziq - Belt & Carpet (Balmat)

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Episode 120 - Best of 2023

    Episode 120 - Best of 2023

    Playing 2023's best shit:

    Best Intro Shit
    Primitive F*****g Ballers - A.A.P. (Earth Girl)

    Best Punk Shit
    Romance - XYZ (Self-released)
    Sweepers - This Dirty House (Self-released)
    Nag - Camouflage (Convulse)
    Burnt Envelope - I'm Immature (Hozac)

    More Best Punk Shit
    Itchy and the Nits - Parasites (Warttmann Inc)
    Tee Vee Repairmann - Bus Stop (Total Punk)
    Data Unknown - EZ Pawn (Self Released)
    Spiral Dub - Orgy of Swans (Sanctuary Moon)

    Best Reissued Shit
    Da Slyme - Eat My Shorts if You Love Me (Celluloid Lunch)
    Dogs - Teenage Fever (Reminder)
    INU - Fade Out (Mesh-Key)
    Andy Stratton - I Don't Know (All the Madmen/Sealed)
    The Particles - Truth About You (Chapter Music)

    Best Feel It Shit
    Class - Left in the Sink (Feel It)
    Beef - Beef (Feel It)
    Optic Sink - A Face in the Crowd (Feel It)
    The Drin - Mozart on the Wing (Feel It)

    Best Post-Punk/New Wave Shit
    Disintegration - Make a Wish (Feel It)
    Famous Mammals - Cotton Boy Tuesday (Siltbreeze)
    CDG - Illusion of Choice (Girlsville)
    Atol Atol Atol - Koniec sosu tysi​ą​ca wysp (self-released)

    Best Other Shit
    Onyon - Alien Alien (Trouble in Mind)
    Healing and Peace - Roman à Clef (Self-released)
    Retail Simps - Wrong Direction (Total Punk)
    Cheater Slicks - Reaching Through (In The Red)
    Lavender Flu - Dream Girl (Mind Meld)

    Best Outro Shit
    The Lloyd Pack - I Don't Remember (Digital Regress)

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Episode 119 - What Do You Care

    Episode 119 - What Do You Care

    Tyvek - Return to Format (Ginko)

    The Geros - You Murder Poise Of Me (Killer Boy)
    Frizbee - Defective (Self-released)
    Cel Ray - Bike Fight (Six Tonnes De Chair)
    Ismatic Guru - Mind Fever (Swimming Faith)
    Volt - Testbild (In The Red)

    Suzannes - Hippie (De 1000 Idioten)
    New Buck Biloxi - Frozen Shut (Under the Gun)
    Spoiled Brats - Jackie's Never Coming Back (Rip Off)
    The Arch Villains - We Hate Your Ugly Face (Sigma Phi)
    Taco Leg - Printed Gold (Richie)

    R.M.F.C. - The Trap (Urge / Antifade)
    Spllit - Dorks Tried (Feel It)
    Violent Change - Fabio's Playhaus (Sloth Mate Productions)
    WITCH - Sweet Sixteen (Zambezi)

    Physical Congas - Oh No! (Self Released)
    Romeo Void - Confrontation (415)
    INU - Dumdum Bullet (Mesh-Key)
    Swell Maps - Full Moon in My Pocket / Blam! / Full Moon (Reprise) (Rough Trade)

    Pyrex - Stuck Down (Die Slaughterhaus)
    The Coltranes - Grease Spot (Hip Kid)
    DAF - Der Rauber Und Der Prinze (Virgin)
    Henwee - I Love Cocaine (Toxic State)

    Robert Palmer - What Do You Care (Island)

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Episode 118 - 3rd Annual Covers Show

    Episode 118 - 3rd Annual Covers Show

    Teengenerate - No Reason to Complain (Alarm Clocks) (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

    Retail Simps - Jumpin Jack Off (Stones) (Goodbye Boozy)
    The Spaceshits - The Raging Sea (Gene Maltais) (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
    Quintron - Meet Me at the Clubhouse (Champs) (Rhinestone)
    The Saints - Lipstick on Your Collar (Connie Francis) (Harvest)
    Reatards - Private Affair (Saints) (Empty)
    feedtime - Lightning Girl (Nancy Sinatra) (Abberant)

    The Maytals - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry Over You (Elvis) (Studio One)
    Panty Raid - He Could Be the One (Josie Cotton) (Raw Sugar)
    Carbonas - Move (Plugz) (Self-released/Goner)
    Gentlemen Jesse - Connection (King Tough) (Chunklet)
    Fred Frith - Dancing in the Street (Martha and the Vandellas) (Ralph)
    The Suicide Commandos - She (Monkees) (Blank)

    Head - Spend the Night Alone (Fatal Charm) (Goner)
    Poppets - Burning Hell (Brainbombs) (Burning Hell)
    Blockade - Assault on Precinct 13 Theme (Carpenter) (Televised Suicide)
    Martin Meyer - Electric Hell (Coneheads) (Lumpy)
    Shop Fronts - Frustration (Outcasts) (Rapid Pulse)
    No Bails - Who's A Punk (Your Mother!) (Rokker) (Pelican Pow Wow)

    Midnite Snaxxx - Pull Down the Shades (Toy Love) (Total Punk)
    Pussy Galore - No Count (Ty Wagner) (Shove)
    Alien Nosejob - Flyblown (Jackson Zumdish) (Self-released)
    Tricky - Judas (Depeche Mode) (Durban Poison)

    Joseph Shabason - Ed Templeton (Telephone Explosion)

    • 1 hr 11 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

little jerry thumor ,


This is good

A-dood-fo ,

Punk playlist party!

Miss mixtapes? Miss going to live shows or reading Maximum RocknRoll? This podcast has you covered. It covers punk, it’s many subgenres and isn’t afraid to play other sorts of music as well. Anyone that still plays Wild Thing and Juanita y Los Feos is a righteous person in my book.

Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ,

Thank you for making this!!

I love it and I love you

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