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Pure punk for punk people

    Episode 106 - Too Wise To Crack

    Episode 106 - Too Wise To Crack

    Warm Red - Animal (State Laughter)

    Judy and the Jerks - Good Time (Earth Girl)
    Helta Skelta - Son of Man (Bad Habit)
    Out With A Bang! - Punches In The Face (Proud to Be Idiot / Fashionable Idiots)
    Chicks on Speed - For All the Boys in the World (Chicks on Speed)
    D.L.I.M.C. - S.O.S. (Self Released)
    Mr. Epp And The Calculations - Out of Control (Green Monkey)

    Liquid Generation - I Love You (Green Monkey)
    Suicide Squad - I Hate School (Doublethink)
    Narcosis - La Peste (Self-released)
    Meine Katze Und Ich - La Gran Masa (Buh)

    Autobahns - Full of Dogs (Cuerdas Fuera)
    Whiffs - It's Not Over (Dig)
    Johnny Palermo - Saturday Night (Hans)
    Sadistic Mika Band - Picnic Boogie (Doughnut)

    Lafff Box - Satisfaction (Turbo Discos / Neon Taste)
    Wayne Pain & the Shit Stains - Gimme Suction (Sludge People)
    Wild Billy Childish & CTMF - Walk of the Sasquatch (Damaged Goods)
    Cheater Slicks - Reaching Through (In The Red)

    I'm Gonna Stab You - The Slide (Tiger Suit)
    Glittering Insects - Calicified Time (Mind Meld)
    Benni - Diamond Man (Savage)
    Spot - Too Wise To Crack (Sinecure)

    Witness K - How Do We Count Your Poses (Ever/Never)

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 105 - Clam Up!

    Episode 105 - Clam Up!

    Algebra Mothers - Carsick (Third Man)

    Toeheads - Mixed Up (Big Neck)
    Sharizza - Oma (Turbo Discos)
    Hot Chicks - Ariel (Uticaria)
    Phil & The Tiles - Health/Body (Anti-Fade)

    Hibachi Stranglers - Livin' The Nite Lite (Jeth-row)
    The Zodiac Killers - Die Tonight (Rip Off)
    Fuck-Ups - Once I Had a Brother (Fowl / Punk N Vomit)
    ISS - Puttin' on the Blitz (remix) (Sorry State)
    Przepych - Final Warning (V2) (Fonoradar)

    Cheap Time - Exit Smiles (In The Red)
    Shocked Minds - Confusion (Hozac)
    Rosie - Rosie's Coming to Town (Reminder)
    Alvilda - Kylie (Alien Snatch)
    Class - No News Could Please (Feel It)
    Tee Vee Repairman - Time 2 Kill (Total Punk)

    Retainers - Zombie Caliente (Fashionable Idiots)
    The Signals - Clam Up (Invasion)
    Thee Shatners - Warp Drive (Planet Pimp)
    Les Papyvores - Le Psychedelique Badge (Polydor)
    The Liminanas - Je Ne Suis Pas Trés Drogue (Trouble in Mind)
    Strapping Fieldhands - Battle Down the 1/4 Mile (Omphalos)
    Vashti Bunyan - Girl's Song in Winter (John Bunyan Tape) (Dicristina Stair Builders)

    Eternal Dust - Absinthe (Lulu's Sonic Disc Club)

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Episode 104 - Rocket To The Crotch

    Episode 104 - Rocket To The Crotch

    Body Cam - Quota (Self-released)

    Qinqs - Edgar Allen Poe (Goodbye Boozy)
    Utah Jazz - Florida (Feral Kid)
    Limecrush - Timewaster (Fettkakao)
    The Arch Villains - She's a Hunchback (Sigma Phi)
    Teenage Rejects - Don't Care About Anything (Rip Off)
    Brain F≠ - Restraining Order (Static Shock)

    Atol Atol Atol - Koniec sosu tysi​ą​ca wysp (self-released)
    Imperial Leather - Lewis Lee (Rack Off)
    Property - Dance Flaw (Self-released)

    The Slags - Sally Sue (Orgone Toilet)
    No Bails - Skate or Die (Orgone Toilet)
    Buck Biloxi and the Fucks - CIA (Ultrahumans) (Orgone Toilet)

    Lullabies - Cops in the Street (Pseudonym / Rock Against)
    The Panik - Modern Politics (Rainy City/2.13.61)
    Garage Psychiatrique Suburbain - Quand Revient l'ete (Cameleon)
    Alvida - Cinema (Paris)
    Teenage Lovers - Number One (Randy Records)
    The Revelons - Red Hot Woman (Hozac)

    Hibachi Stranglers - Rocket To The Crotch (Jeth-row)
    Dead Luke - Running Scared (Sweet Rot)
    Lux Decay - Psychic Mirror (Self-released)
    Kilynn Lunsford - Freshest Taste (Ever/Never)

    Terry - Gold Duck (Anti-Fade)

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Episode 103 - Pleasure Rush

    Episode 103 - Pleasure Rush

    Product of Reason - Active Repetition (Stark Productions / Dark Entries)

    Shux - Not a Not-Nazi (A.T. Field)
    D.B.R. - Nuclear Dreams (Urticaria)
    Snatch - All I Want (Lightning)
    Todotodo - Completamente De Rollo (Domestica)

    Beef - DNA (Feel It)
    Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - You Can Have It (Toxic State)
    Fumes - Fumes (Feral Kid)
    Dream Shake - Metallica Killed Lou Reed (Rescued from Life)
    The Drin - Stonewallin' (Feel It)
    Kitchen's Floor - Before Dawn (Petty Bunco)

    Tee Vee Repairman - Bus Stop (Total Punk)
    The Raydios - Teacher's Pet (Secret Mission)
    Ingrates - Leather Lover (No Norms)

    The Cosmopolitans - (How To Keep Your) Husband Happy (Beloved)
    Straight Arrows - Running Wild (Juvenile Records)
    The Haunted - 1-2-5 (Amy Version) (Quality/Amy)
    The Bo-Weevils - That Girl (Kavern 7)
    Los Spitfires - Ven Cerca (Columbia)

    Nag - Repulsion (Convulse)
    Vanilla Poppers - Pleasure Rush (Negative Jazz)
    Pyrex - Conditioner (Filth Pot)
    Pampers - Right Tonight (In The Red)
    The Hospitals - Airplanes There (Load)

    Carla dal Forno - Side by Side (Kallista)

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Episode 102 - Best of 2022

    Episode 102 - Best of 2022

    First Shit
    Savageheads - Scapegoats (Social Napalm)

    Best Aussie  Shit
    Thatcher's Snatch - Taxes (Hardcore Victim)
    The Wilful Boys - Heaven (Big Neck)
    Gee Tee - Stuck Down (Goner)
    The Prize - Wrong Side of Town (Anti-Fade)

    Best Reissued Shit
    Rudementary Peni - Teenage Time Killer (Outer Himalayan / Sealed)
    Antler Joe and the Accidents - Dogshit (Feral Kid)
    The Welders - Baby Don't Go (BDR / Bachelor)
    The Wild Boys - We're Only Monsters (Reminder)

    Best Post-punk Shit
    Rose Mercie - Chais Pas (Celluloid Lunch)
    The Drin - Reach Through Midnight (Future Shock / Mangel)
    Crime of Passing - Off My Shoulder (Future Shock / Feel It)
    The Serfs - The Orator (Dream)

    Best Punk-punk Shit
    Schizos - Fuck Music City (Goodbye Boozy)
    Sniffany and the Nits - Chicken Liver (Prah)
    Curleys - What I Like (Total Punk)
    CML - Run in Blood (Rotten Apple)

    Best Other Shit
    Class - Oh! The Nerve (Feel It)
    Vision 3D - Avril 18 (Six Tonnes de Chair)
    Spodee Boy - The Plan (Goodbye Boozy)
    Tha Retail Simps - Love without Friction (Total Punk)
    Spread Joy - Chatter (Feel It)
    Germ House - Stacking Mistakes (Chunklet)

    Best Weird Shit
    Kilynn Lunsford - Reality Testing (Ever/Never)
    Richard Papiercuts - Alma (Ever/Never)
    Flex TMG - Sideways (Domestic Departure)
    The Lloyd Pack - Sue Ryder (Low Company)

    Last Shit
    Safety Trance (ft. Arca) - El Alma Que te Trajo (Self-released)

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Episode 101 - No Pity for the Pigs

    Episode 101 - No Pity for the Pigs

    Glitter - Wash Up (Lumpy)

    Flea Collar - Flea Bump (Feel It)
    Kitchen's Floor - Thirty-Five (Petty Bunco)
    Zero Percent APR - Midnight (Spared Flesh)
    Kilynn Lunsford - Tammy and Her Friends (Ever/Never)
    Hot Tubs Time Machine - Eclipstrella (Spoilsport / Trouble in Mind)

    Ervin Berlin - Junior's Got Brain Damage (Total Punk)
    The Jim Carroll Band - Three Sisters (Fat Possum)
    The Comets - See it In Writing (Reminder)
    Nasty Facts - Crazy 'bout You (Left For Dead)

    The Dance - Do Dada (Go Go)
    Flex TMG - Ghost (Domestic Departure)
    Non Plus Temps - Continuous Hinge (Post Present Medium)
    Colonel Elliot & the Lunatics - Jumping Jupiter (Rhino)

    The Pizzas - Bad Ass Youth (Daggerman)
    Thrills - No Pity for the Pigs (Sub Rosa)
    The Wailers - Hang Up (Etiquette)
    The Brat - High School (Fatima)
    Times New Viking - A Lot Of Paintings (Almost Ready)

    Mercenarias - Panico (Baratos Afins)
    Los Invasores - Sebastian (Crapoulet records)
    Autopsia - Mayoría Equivocada (Pasajeros Del Horror)
    OTAN - Siempre Quedan Cicatrices (La Vida es Un Mus)
    Ocho Bolas - Corrupción (Self-released)

    Todotodo - Autogas (Domestica)

    • 1 hr 19 min

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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

little jerry thumor ,


This is good

A-dood-fo ,

Punk playlist party!

Miss mixtapes? Miss going to live shows or reading Maximum RocknRoll? This podcast has you covered. It covers punk, it’s many subgenres and isn’t afraid to play other sorts of music as well. Anyone that still plays Wild Thing and Juanita y Los Feos is a righteous person in my book.

Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ,

Thank you for making this!!

I love it and I love you

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