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Welcome to the Sharkpreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington and Seth Greene. Kevin Harrington is the inventor of the infomercial, one of the original sharks from the hit tv show shark tank, and has generated over 5 billion dollars in TV and digital direct response sales. Seth Greene is the world’s #1 trusted authority on cutting edge direct response marketing, a best-selling author, the only 3x Marketer Of The Year Nominee, and the founder of http://www.MarketDominationLLC.com On the podcast, Kevin & Seth interview SharkPreneurs who share straight talk on what it takes to explode your business.

SharkPreneur Kevin Harrington & Seth Greene

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Welcome to the Sharkpreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington and Seth Greene. Kevin Harrington is the inventor of the infomercial, one of the original sharks from the hit tv show shark tank, and has generated over 5 billion dollars in TV and digital direct response sales. Seth Greene is the world’s #1 trusted authority on cutting edge direct response marketing, a best-selling author, the only 3x Marketer Of The Year Nominee, and the founder of http://www.MarketDominationLLC.com On the podcast, Kevin & Seth interview SharkPreneurs who share straight talk on what it takes to explode your business.

    Steve Simes

    Steve Simes

    On today's episode, Seth and Kevin Harrington speak to Steve Simes , Founder of Bluefish, one of the top personal concierge services in the world, and an expert marketer within the luxury industry, Steve has been quoted in various publications & TV including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, London’s Sunday Times, South China Morning Post and many more...

    About the art of making things happen, Steve Sims was the son of a brick mason. This laid the foundation, yes… pun intended…, for his insane work ethic. Steve paints this amazingly vivid picture in his new book Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen, where he saw his dad, uncles, and cousins. His entire family tree down the line of ladders. In that moment he realized that he would eventually be the next one on the ladder for the rest of his life. That night, he quit.

    The second he was clear there was a different way to think, he took action.

    Ever since Steve has been pulling off the unimaginable. He’s been able to make his clients’ wildest dreams come true, from a wedding at the Vatican, to being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, to powerful business introductions to moguls like Elon Musk.

    Steve is an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word, Steve is well regarded within the luxury world for his innovation and down-to-earth personality. Known for his honesty, integrity and doing things “his way,” Steve creates experiences for his clients that they could never have imagined being possible.

    He makes the impossible, possible, after all he is quoted as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz" by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine

    More about Steve here,

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    Garrain Jones

    Garrain Jones

    On today's episode, Seth speaks to Garrain Jones , Motivational speaker and transformation coach, about the power of Positive Thinking over 200 times to reinforce the practice in his life. As a former criminal carrying the baggage of a tough upbringing, he created a process to overhaul the mental patterns leading him to bad life decisions and came out the other side a new man. The author of the upcoming book Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life explains the power thought has in rewriting your life story.
    A former music industry icon, Garrain Jones is a Transformation Coach and globally recognized speaker. After overcoming homelessness and a life of hardships, his goal is to help others lead amazing lives full of abundance. He speaks to audiences large and small on the power of transformational change. Garrain’s book, Change Your Mindset Change Your Life is pending release.
    Where did the idea for Change Your Mindset Change Your Life come from?
    GARRAIN: Seven years ago, I was at the lowest point of my life. I had been living out of my car for two and a half years, was six figures in debt, my daughter disowned me for not being present in her life, and my girlfriend broke up with me because I couldn’t seem to get my life together. I didn’t care whether I lived or died. August 2011 at 3:43 am was the night everything changed. All my life, I’ve focused on what I don’t want, and that’s what I kept attracting. But this was the first night I focused on not only what I wanted, but how I wanted to feel. It was my moment of awakening. Crying and screaming at the top of my lungs, I yelled out, “I’m tired of fighting! I want to be happy, healthy, and surrounded by nothing but positive people! I just want to inspire people!” I knew I also wanted to make money, but I wanted that money to represent something that I passionately believe in. I needed a sign. A week later, I was at the gas station with my last $2, and a homeless man walked up to me asking me for money. I told him that he had more money than me, and he replied, “Change your mindset, change your life,” and walked away. It was in that moment, everything I knew in life had changed. I realized that my life was the way that it was because of how I was thinking. If I could change how I was thinking, then my life could change; and that’s precisely what happened.
    What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?
    GARRAIN: I start my day being charged up with life. I spend the first hour mediating, praying, eating healthy, dancing, singing and doing some form of exercise. All of that is my extreme me time that I like to call my “Panda Power Hour.” This has me overflowing and being at my highest self, and that momentum carries me throughout the entire day. I don’t really have a typical day because I am always focused on experiencing new adventures that keep me stimulated. As far as productivity goes, I start off by setting my daily goal. I write a list of things that I need to do so that I experience the momentum of winning, which includes:
    – Three primary business milestones
    – Three health and fitness goals
    – Learn one new thing
    – Create one new thing
    – Do my best to find a problem I can solve
    These activities somehow always seem to drive results.
    How do you bring ideas to life?
    GARRAIN: I will typically ask a question in either prayer or out loud, and those questions are always answered when I am doing something I love, whether it be running, cycling, swimming, dancing or on my occasional morning walks. As soon as the idea hits me, I stop everything I’m doing and listen. Then I’ll write down whatever I feel in that moment in specific detail. I become hyper-aware of my surroundings, looking for signs on people’s shirts, being aware of the message in a song on the radio, the formation of a cloud, etc. I know all the signs

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    Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans

    On today's episode, Seth speaks to Suzanne Evans, CEO at Driven Inc., helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow, scale, and flourish. Suzanne loves partnering with a business to show them their growth potential in their business, and even more than that, Her team loves it when their clients become wildly successful.
    Her team does this through consulting, live events, workshops, online programs and books. Their responsibility is to provide their clients with something that makes your work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.
    Suzanne Evans is a mom, wife, sister, entrepreneur, and risk taker from North Carolina. Her work blends business, strategy, lifestyle, and storytelling in a way that allows people to build businesses that shape the world to be a better place. The process of momship and business ownership and life has been a delicious mix of messy, exhilarating, devastating, and exciting moments. Along the way we have gotten some of it right, hitting the Inc 500/5000 for five straight years and landing #5 on the NY Times Bestseller List. They've also messed a lot of things up. It positions us perfectly to help more good people do more good work in the world.

    More about Suzanne Evans here,
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    Jeremy Ryan Slate

    Jeremy Ryan Slate

    On today's episode, Seth and Kevin speak to Jeremy Ryan Slate, the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world , about breaking the chains of ordinary!
    He studied literature at Oxford University, and is a former champion powerlifter turned new media entrepreneur. He specializes in using podcasting and new media to create trust and oping leader status. In iTunes, he was ranked #1 in the business category and ranked #78 in the Top 100.
    Jeremy was named one of the top 26 podcast for entrepreneurs to listen to in 2017 + 18 by CIO Magazine, top podcast to listen to by INC Magazine in 2019 and Millennial Influencer to follow in 2018 by Buzzfeed. The Create Your Own Life Podcast has been downloaded over 2.5 million times. He’s also a contributing editor of New Theory Magazine and Grit Daily. 
    After his success in podcasting, Jeremy and his wife, Brielle, founded Command Your Brand Media to help leaders use the power of podcasts to change the world.

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    Paul Deloughery

    Paul Deloughery

    On today's episode, Seth speaks to Paul Deloughery , a Scottsdale, Arizona estate planning attorney about finding the real-world solutions to real-world problems. He advocates on behalf of families and helps with all their estate planning needs!

    Paul is the Founder and Senior Attorney at Paul Deloughery Asset Protection, PLC. He was first admitted to practice law in 1998 and since 2001 has focused on estate planning and probate issues, with a strong emphasis on blended families. He graduated with honors from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1996, and was a partner in a home-health agency just before beginning law practice. This home-health experience gave him a lot of insight into family dynamics and the need for precise estate plans.

    Paul sees through complex issues and comes up with enforceable strategies to resolve his clients’ problems. His own experiences have helped him understand the issues others have. He knows the pain that family disputes and litigation can cause, and will do his best to counsel families ahead of time to ensure families don’t go through similar situations.

    He knows firsthand the long-term impact of family chaos. His father died when Paul was 16, and his mother barely escaped bankruptcy. In 2003, when Paul was 35 years old, he discovered that his father had actually been his stepfather, and he had never met his biological father. Paul finally met his biological father in 2009, six weeks before his death. When Paul’s biological father passed away, Paul inherited a large sum of money. Unfortunately, his father did not have an estate plan so Paul was left with a mess of taxes and legal issues which could have been avoided if the proper steps would have been taken before his father’s death.

    Paul’s complex personal history has given him a unique perspective on life and the challenges of this human experience. This outlook has led him to a deep understanding of human psychology and the conflicting family dynamics that underlie legal issues.

    More about Paul here,
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    Susan Nefzger

    Susan Nefzger

    On today's episode Seth speaks to Susan Nefzger , A leading Atlanta Small Business Advisor, Writer, Internet Marketing & SEO Consultant , about how Susan and her team of experts will promote your business and provide visibility like no other firm can, in the most accessible way!

    The variety of avenues available to you through our efforts will bring you contacts, business and greater brand identity.

    As a native of West Palm Beach, Florida, Susan is connected with the media, internet opportunities, charities, business professionals, writers, editors and many industry leaders. She guided the local American Red Cross chapter through crisis during September 11th disaster, worked with local government and state government for the Florida Lottery, Florida Department of Business Regulation, the Georgia Lottery Corporation, and has assisted in the growth and branding of many small businesses.

    Expertise in Search Engine Optimization on the World Wide Web has assisted clients in international visibility. Her media relations contacts have enabled her to obtain national placements on the TODAY show for NBC, Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal, Medical Imaging Magazine, Time and others.

    Susan attended the University of Florida and received her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Journalism. Susan volunteers on the Board of Directors for Pandora's Kids, a non-profit dedicated to supporting kids in grief, and Camp Boggy Creek Southeastern Advisory Committee for the American Cancer Society, as well as with the Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts Visual Arts Parent Association. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, and the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers.

    Learn more about Susan here,

    SharkPreneur Episode with Susan Nefzger

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Clarisse Gomez ,

Awesome Podcast!!!

Kevin and Seth, host of the SharkPreneur podcast, highlights all aspects of business, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Ella Sparkle ,

This is awesome!!!

I love this podcast it is sooo helpful!!


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