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A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers, hosted by Sean Washington & Rockwell Schrock.

Does Not Compute Sean Washington, Rockwell Schrock

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A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers, hosted by Sean Washington & Rockwell Schrock.

    285: Purpose Fulfilled

    285: Purpose Fulfilled

    Sean, Paul, and Rockwell get together for the first – and last! – time to wrap DNC. There's a walk down memory lane, discussion of overarching themes throughout the run, a mini-topic about spaced repetition, and looks towards the future.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    284: A Good, Practical Tool

    284: A Good, Practical Tool

    Sean expounds on his newfound love of front-end testing with Cypress, and Rockwell rants entirely too long about subdomains.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    283: Drew Clements

    283: Drew Clements

    Drew Clements returns to talk with Sean about leveling up over the years, project estimation and velocity, tech stacks, and what it means to graduate from the title of junior developer.

    • 49 min
    282: Off That Plateau

    282: Off That Plateau

    Sean and Rockwell talk about building ridiculous projects for run, Prisma in production, JS hot-takes, improving the successful odds of side-projects and work projects, emergent design, PAGNI, and a few tales of production woes.

    • 50 min
    281: The Vagaries of Unicode are Boundless

    281: The Vagaries of Unicode are Boundless

    Sean and Rockwell talk about leveraging TypeScript and React to write library-grade interfaces, Sean's latest most-productive web stack, exploiting the low barriers to entry of new languages, an update on Rodinia, and the rules of the wave.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    280: Always Be Pivoting

    280: Always Be Pivoting

    Sean and Rockwell discuss project estimation: taking risk into account, planning for the unknown, building versus buying features, and accepting the reality that every estimate will be wrong.

    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings

Arick Conley ,

Catalyst for my Elixir obsession

You guys have got me hooked on elixir. Listening to you both talk about the journey of learning new libraries, architectures, and styles has been a huge motivation for me to double down on going all in on Elixir. Hearing the humble side of two seasoned programmers talk through every day problems has allowed me to let my guard down and be comfortable in stepping into functional programming while looking like a complete idiot. I’ve been scared to try Elixir in fear of being less productive and not knowing what I’m doing. Huge thank you!

walteryu ,

Love the Show & Keep up the Great Work!

Love the show and the supportive community that you guys are building around programming and web development. Especially enjoy the tools, best practices and recommendations on general programming shared on each show - and also the advice to seek good/work life balance!

Chryton ,

Straw and Washington Nail It!

Paul Straw and Sean Washington do a fantastic job of condensing topical web development issues into easy to understand chunks and then discussing said issues with a wit and depth of understanding that few other podcasts achieve. Their openness to the audience and focus on the topics are top notch. This is one of the first podcasts I recommend to developers I meet and new hires at our company.

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