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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".

Don't Mom Alone Podcast Heather MacFadyen

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".

    Finding Yourself in Motherhood :: Amber O'Neal Johnston [Ep 310]

    Finding Yourself in Motherhood :: Amber O'Neal Johnston [Ep 310]

    Amber O’Neal describes herself as a homeschooling mama using Charlotte Mason principles in an atmosphere where “Charlotte Mason wears an afro.” She joins me to talk about how she unexpectedly found she loved homeschooling and working to help her kids love themselves and others.
    “The Holy Spirit is the supreme educator and the Holy Spirit will speak directly and work directly with our children just as he does through us. And that was a total reframe for me because it gave me a lot of freedom and released a lot of pressure for me when I realized that I'm actually not the supreme educator, I am a guide and I'm going to come alongside my child and that my job is not to teach in the traditional sense of teaching, but more to act as a guide.”
    Amber shares why she’s creating resources for her children and others to share books and history from people of color and the journey she’s been on with her children as she encourages them to embrace their skin color and cultural history.
    And her resources and the Charlotte Mason principles aren’t just for homeschooling mamas. She has book lists of great things to read with your children to give them a more holistic view on black history, poetry and culture. 
    Connect with Amber:  Website: https://heritagemom.com  Facebook: facebook.com/HeritageMomBlog  Instagram:  @heritagemomblog  Links Mentioned:   Amber’s Heritage Packs and more Book Recommendations from Amber About Charlotte Mason Featured Sponsors:  Acorn TV --try it for FREE for 30 days acorn.tv use code: DMA Function of Beauty-- get 20% off first order at functionofbeauty.com/DMA.

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    Safe Conversations :: Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt [Ep 309]

    Safe Conversations :: Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt [Ep 309]

    Harville Hendrix, PhD and his wife Helen Hunt, PhD have been helping couples for years as therapists, authors and speakers. They are on a mission to share the concepts of safe conversations with the world. They join me to share how their method can help us have more effective in-depth conversations with our spouse and children.

    This works every time. It works with parents, with children and couples. It is something that we now know scientifically that if you mirror another person back accurately and with warmth and no judgment, something will happen inside of them. Something marvelous.

    They model a safe conversation for us and offer a lot of encouragement and hope for couples who are struggling and how “Conflict is future growth waiting to happen.”

    Harville and Helen have an amazing offer for DMA listeners. Use code DMA on their site at safeconversations.com to get 50% off your choice of SC Essentials or the Ultimate Couples Bundle, both courses will receive free tickets to a live workshop of your choice, a $196 value.

    Connect with Harville & Helen: 
    Website:  https://harvilleandhelen.com  Facebook: facebook.com/harvilleandhelen  Instagram:  @harvilleandhelen 
    Links Mentioned:  
    Safe Conversations courses: https://safeconversations.com

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    Redeeming Shame through Community :: Dr. Curt Thompson [Ep 308]

    Redeeming Shame through Community :: Dr. Curt Thompson [Ep 308]

    Our kids begin to feel and respond to shame as early as 15 to 18 months of age. Those early moments can begin a lifelong struggle with feeling unworthy, inadequate and unlovable. Shame also disintegrates us (separating our thinking brain from our feeling brain) and isolates us from others. 
    My guest is Dr. Curt Thompson, a psychiatrist and expert on the effects of shame and how to find freedom from the lifelong negative messages that come after us and our family.
    “One of the things that we notice about shame is that because we are immobilized and we are hiding, shame does not actually ever allow us to move toward God. This is why we have to have someone come and find us. This is why when our children are experiencing shame, we have to go and find them. This is why it's important for us as parents to have others who are coming to find us.”
    YES! Moms don’t let moms sit in shame. We can choose to seek out others when they are stuck in the shame cycle. Who are your 2 or 3 moms that will help you tell your story more truly? 
    Dr. Thompson walks us through some practical ways to build in memories and physical reminders to work against shame in the future for both ourselves and others. And throughout our conversation he points back to how God doesn’t leave us to deal with shame alone.
    “The beautiful thing is Jesus isn’t worried about our kids. He's not worried about your mothering. He's delighted. He knows how hard this work is and he knows that we will do it imperfectly. Even when we have our worst moments in which we foist to shame upon our kids or when our kids experience shame against everything that we're doing to try to combat it, God is saying: ‘I'm not worried. I never run out of options.’”
    Connect with Dr. Thompson:  Website:  https://curtthompsonmd.com  Facebook: https://curtthompsonmd.com/  Instagram: @curt_thompson_md  Links Mentioned:   BOOK: The Soul of Shame  BOOK: Anatomy of the Soul Featured Sponsors: Pretty Litter-- Get 20% off your first order at prettylitter.com with promo code: DMA  Thrive Market -- Orders of $49 or more ship free. Get 25% off your first order and a FREE gift at thrivemarket.com/DMA.

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    Worth Repeating // Kirk Martin (Calm Parenting)

    Worth Repeating // Kirk Martin (Calm Parenting)

    I love Kirk’s realistic approach to parenting. He understands what your home dynamics are like. And gives practical tips. After listening to today’s episode you will have at least three different “tricks” to apply.
    Most of all, I’m thankful for the new perspective he has given me. Kirk helped me recognize how emotionally invested I was in my boys’ behavior and freed me from the need to regulate their behavior for them.
    The last couple days I’ve enjoyed the boys more. I’m also less tense and frustrated when we are out in public. In fact, I may need to go back and listen to this episode more than once, so it sticks!
    This episode originally aired in May of 2015
    Kirk came back on the show multiple times. Check out additional episodes here.
    What we chat about:
    Kirk’s realization that he needed to focus on his own behavior and stop trying to fix his son’s strong-willed behavior. The switch he made from training 1500 kids in his home to training parents to calm themselves. The one thing you can do today to de-escalate a tense situation in your home. How to calmly handle your child’s meltdown
    I can only control one person in life, and that’s me.

    How motion changes emotion–helping little ones calm down b/c they don’t know how to “think” their way out. What to do in the middle of Target aisle 3 when your child freaks out Handling a tantruming child when his siblings are fighting and another needs help with homework and dinner is cooking (Heather’s daily 5 pm reality).
    If you don’t care enough about yourself, to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually. . .why would anyone else care?

    How sometimes parents want good behavior so badly, they are too invested in it and give children too much control. How to be an impartial giver of wisdom. Write down your emotional triggers & do the opposite of what you normally do.
    Connect with Kirk:
    Site :: Twitter :: Facebook :: Podcast

    Links Mentioned:
    CDs/DVDs 888-506-1871–Toll Free Number for Frustrated Parents Become a DMA Insider! Join me and Bruce in 2021 to discuss StrengthsFinder! How it impacts your marriage, parenting and career. You're invited! 

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    Worth Repeating // Christy Nockels (Christmas Ed)

    Worth Repeating // Christy Nockels (Christmas Ed)

    This episode originally aired in Nov 2016
    Today’s guest is Christy Nockels, Dove award winning musician and mom to three children. In 2006 she made the God-led choice to step away from the music industry, for a time, to pour into her family.
    In 2016 she released the solo Christmas album, “The Thrill of Hope”. With a blend of classic Christmas carols and original pieces, she has crafted a beautiful addition to our Christmas music collections.
    In this episode you’ll hear the inspiration behind the songs, “Amaryllis” and “Wrap This One Up”. . .both stories gave me goosebumps. I won’t think of the Bethlehem shepherds the same way again. And the winter blooming amaryllis reminds us the hope Jesus brought . . .
    Our King has come, He’s with us now & He’s making all things new again. That’s the thrill of hope.
    What we chat about: How motherhood takes you from peaceful quiet times to sock-and-underwear prayers The secret of simple scripture and open dialogue with God Christy’s new album “The Thrill of Hope”- her first Christmas album! The message of the amaryllis for those with heavy hearts in the Christmas season How “wrapped in swaddling clothes” may have meant much more to the shepherds Christy’s song on the new album that makes her listeners “ugly cry” Links Mentioned: Psalm 37:4-7 “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” The Glorious in the Mundane podcast “The Thrill of Hope” available on Christy’s site or Amazon** Ellie Holcomb PDF of “Amaryllis” lyrics I made. . . You are invited to become a DMA Insider! Join us over here and get bonus content. Including live Mentor Moment Q&As. In 2021 Bruce and I will lead Insiders through a StrengthsFinder Series. Learn the 101s of StrengthsFinder. And how knowing your Strengths impacts your marriage, parenting and career. 
    Merry Christmas!

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    Worth Repeating // Sally Lloyd Jones

    Worth Repeating // Sally Lloyd Jones

    This is episode originally aired in Nov of 2015. 
    Our copy is duct-taped and well-loved. . .
    My oldest son beamed telling me how he’s read the whole Bible in a couple weeks. . .
    It’s sold almost 2 million copies. . .
    Children (and adults) have been wooed by the story of their Great Rescuer. Of His ‘Never-Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.’
    And now “The Jesus Storybook Bible” is even more accessible.
    This week’s podcast guest, author Sally Lloyd-Jones, chats with me about her newest project. . .
    Same great content, new design, new title. . .for a new audience. “The Story of God’s Love for You” is now available. For the person you never would have thought to give a children’s Bible. The person who needs to hear:
    “It’s not about rules, so keeping them God will love us. Or heroes we’re supposed to copy so God will love us. It’s about a God who loved us before we even knew Him. A God who will move heaven and earth to be with His children.” –Sally Lloyd-Jones
    In this episode, Sally shares a little of her background and the inspiration behind “The Jesus Storybook Bible”. We also spend time talking about how God uses stories to reach our hearts.
    Sally knows how to speak grace and the gospel message. Her words will feel like a deep cleansing breath. Her books are daily reminders of grace. The grace we long to show ourselves and our children.
    Connect with Sally: Story of God’s Love for You :: Site :: Facebook :: Instagram
    Join our DMA Community: 
    Become a DMA Insider. In 2021 Bruce and I will lead the community through a StrengthsFinder Series. Learn the 101 of StrengthsFinder. How knowing your strengths helps your marriage, parenting and career. 

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4.9 out of 5
1.8K Ratings

1.8K Ratings

courtneyrobins ,

Practical wisdom for every day life.

Love the guests on the show- and the questions the host asks are great. I always walk away with steps I can take to improve my marriage or parenting and always encouraged. Thankful for this show!

natbuggybear ,

I love this podcast!

Thank you so much for bringing on such diverse guests, speaking truth and encouragement, and being a source of light into my life. I’m a momma of 2 (one on the way!) so having a toddler and soon to be newborn I’m always looking for ways to point me back to Jesus because boy do I get distracted! I’ve shared your episodes with singles and older empty nesters! So this is not just for moms with kids. Keep doing what your doing and thank you for the reminder that we are not in this alone!

EricaJayDee ,

Encouraging and Informative!

I always finish Heather’s podcast feeling encouraged and informed. So often I shy away from parenting books/articles/podcasts, because they can make me feel like I’m not doing it right or that I need to do “all the things.” While I can’t put my finger on it, this one is different! I don’t feel pressured or shamed, but instead uplifted and enlightened. Keep up the awesome content! :)

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