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Get the inside perspective on how successful supply chain technology companies and e-commerce fulfillment providers win in today's competitive landscape. eCom Logistics Podcast gives you insights from the top leaders and experts to get you the answers to your most pressing supply chain issues.

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Get the inside perspective on how successful supply chain technology companies and e-commerce fulfillment providers win in today's competitive landscape. eCom Logistics Podcast gives you insights from the top leaders and experts to get you the answers to your most pressing supply chain issues.

    Manifest 2024: From Traditional Retail to E-commerce Dominance with Jeff Wolpov

    Manifest 2024: From Traditional Retail to E-commerce Dominance with Jeff Wolpov

    Jeff Wolpov is senior vice president of e-commerce for Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash at Ryder System, Inc., a leading supply chain solutions, dedicated transportation, and commercial fleet management company.

    Jeff is responsible for leading the vision and strategy for Ryder’s e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment solutions, driving business expansion, and achieving revenue growth. Most recently, Jeff was CEO of Whiplash—formerly Port Logistics Group—where he led the company to year-over-year revenue growth of nearly 30%. In January of 2022, Whiplash was acquired by Ryder System, Inc. Prior to that, Jeff was founder and CEO of Distribution Solutions, which he grew from a startup business to a $50M regional logistics firm that served as the platform company for Whiplash.


    In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Dan Coll is joined by Jeff Wolpov to share his fascinating journey from growing up in a warehouse to leading a company at the forefront of e-commerce logistics. Explore insights into the changing landscape of returns, the impact of evolving retail trends, and the significance of customer experience in today's market.


    [00:10:14] The story of the Whiplash acquisition and the evolution towards e-commerce focus.

    [00:12:30] The strategic partnership with Ryder and the transformation of the business.

    [00:17:52] The impact of COVID-19 on the distribution business and the shift to e-commerce dominance.

    [00:19:35] The importance of customer retention in today's market and the challenges of customer acquisition costs.

    [00:23:04] The definition of omnichannel as allowing customers to buy goods in various ways to meet their preferences.


    [00:08:27] "The only thing that's constant is change. We've seen some incredible changes."

    [00:14:26] "Today, our supply chain business is a bigger entity than our truck leasing and maintenance business."

    [00:19:15] "Brand experience is much more than just packaging. It's the touch points, it's the visibility to the shipment, it's the tracking."

    Find out more about Jeff Wolpov in the link below:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-wolpov-0bbb70173/

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    Manifest 2024 Recap: From Tech Innovations to Strategic Partnerships with Peter Sheldon and Harshida Acharya

    Manifest 2024 Recap: From Tech Innovations to Strategic Partnerships with Peter Sheldon and Harshida Acharya


    With over 20 years of experience in eCommerce technologies, Peter Sheldon is a recognized industry leader and former VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. He has helped numerous eCommerce executives and brands to challenge their thinking and lead change in their digital transformation and commerce technology programs.

    As the SVP Strategy and Growth at Maergo, Peter sets the strategic vision and drives the market expansion for a first-of-its-kind parcel delivery platform, purpose-built for branded direct-to-consumer delivery. He leverages his deep expertise and network in eCommerce platforms, mobile commerce, content management, payment systems, and supply chain technologies to create innovative solutions and partnerships that disrupt the incumbent carriers and empower the largest and fastest growing brands to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Peter is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences and enabling the future of eCommerce.

    Harshida Acharya, Partner and CSO at Fulfillment IQ, has played a significant role in the company's multi-million-dollar growth. She is recognized as a top eCom Influencer by Shopify. Her expert insights have been published in Forbes, Industry Dive, and Supply Chain and Demand Executive, to name a few.

    Harshida wears multiple hats. She's also the creator and producer of the eCom Logistics Podcast, a podcast ranked amongst the top 5% globally and is one of the most shared business podcasts of all times. She is also actively involved in venture capital firms, serving as an investor, member, and advisor to emerging startups.

    Harshida's a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, actively fostering a community of women in supply chain and mentoring the next generation of professionals. Her efforts have earned her recognition, including the Women in Supply Chain 2023 Award.


    In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Dan Coll and Ninaad Acharya share their experiences and key takeaways from Manifest 2024, a premier e-commerce and logistics conference. During the conference, Ninaad is joined by Harshida and Peter to discuss the focus on the evolving landscape of returns, last-mile delivery challenges, and the transformative power of partnerships and emerging technologies in the e-commerce supply chain.


    [00:00:22] Partnering for Data Power: Explore the transformative potential of partnerships in the e-commerce space, emphasizing the sharing of data among vendors to drive efficiency and overcome challenges.

    [00:01:42] Manifest 2024 Highlights: A deep dive into the significance of Manifest 2024, discussing the unique mix of attendees, emerging companies, and the event's LinkedIn in real life (IRL) vibe.

    [00:05:19] E-commerce Market Opportunities: Insights into integration work as a growing opportunity in the market, with a focus on transportation, last-mile delivery, and the strategic placement of investment dollars.

    [00:08:43] Last Mile Evolution: Uncover the importance of last-mile delivery in the e-commerce landscape, exploring strategies to streamline and optimize this critical aspect of the supply chain.

    [00:11:29] AI and People in Harmony: Understand the role of AI in e-commerce while emphasizing the synergy between technology and human involvement, particularly in the context of automation and upskilling.

    [00:18:40] Data-Driven Returns Management: A closer look at leveraging data to tackle the challenges of returns, including bracketing and the potential for retailers to adjust return policies based on consumer behavior.

    [00:22:18] Resale and Circular Economy: Delve into the rising importance of the circular economy, resale markets, and how brands are actively participating in sustainable practices.

    [00:27:29] 2024 Tech Outlook: Explore the shifting dynamics in technology investments for 2024, with a focus on enhancing the consumer experience, accelerating shipping, and adapting to the changing

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    Bridging European and American Markets with Luca Niccolai

    Bridging European and American Markets with Luca Niccolai

    Luca Niccolai, Italian origins, with 25 years of experience in fulfillment, transport and commercial developments. CEO of various European companies and entrepreneur, globe trotter for work and passion, 10 months ago he moved from Germany to Chicago to contribute to the strategic commercial development of Arvato in the Consumer Products sector: Fashion & Apparel, Beauty & Cosmetics, Luxury and Sport.


    In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Dan and Ninaad are joined by Luca Niccolai to share his insights on the challenges and strategies for European companies looking to enter the US market. He discusses the differences between the European and US supply chain strategies, the importance of system integration, and the expectations of clients in both markets. Luca also highlights the need for networking and partnerships to generate leads and the growing demand for real-time visibility in the supply chain.


    [00:01:57] Overview of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions
    [00:05:25] Luca's move to the US market and focus on consumer products
    [00:09:40] Challenges European companies face in the US market
    [00:11:50] Importance of preparing and finding the right logistics partner
    [00:13:12] Considerations for system integration and understanding the local market
    [00:15:00] Importance of partnering with a logistics company for IT integration
    [00:18:59] Differences in client expectations between European and North American markets
    [00:22:45] Interest in integrating operations with new sales channels like the Metaverse
    [00:25:34] Adaptation to the difference between just-in-time manufacturing in Europe and just-in-time delivery in the US
    [00:28:26] Approach to expanding sales in the US and comparison to European tactics


    [00:11:43] “European companies need to prepare themselves in the right way before entering the US market.”

    [00:18:59] "US clients expect new solutions and are open to testing new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics."

    Find out more about Luca Niccolai in the link below:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luca-niccolai/

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    Creating Integrated Supply Chain Solutions with Sean Henry

    Creating Integrated Supply Chain Solutions with Sean Henry


    Sean Henry is the CEO and co-founder of Stord, a logistics and technology provider for high-growth, omnichannel brands like Athletic Greens, Seed Health, Native, Tula, and many more. Stord has been on the Inc 5000 list for three years in a row, and was valued at $1.3 billion at its most recent funding round.


    In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, we delve into the intricacies of eCommerce logistics with Sean Henry. From the fragmented nature of third-party logistics to the importance of integrated supply chain solutions, Sean shares insights garnered from his journey and highlights the critical role of sophisticated parcel TMCs in optimizing costs and speeds for brands of all sizes.


    [00:02:48] Unlocking Innovation - The Power of Young Entrepreneurs in Industries
    [00:08:08] Amazon-Like Experience - Integrating Digital and Logistics Coordination
    [00:09:36] Overcoming Fragmentation - Challenges in Achieving Optimal Logistics Efficiency
    [00:10:59] E-commerce Fulfillment Challenges - Navigating Shipping Speeds and Real-Time Tracking
    [00:13:30] Prime-Like Logistics - Coordinating Delivery Speeds Across Multiple Channels
    [00:19:15] Revenue Volatility - Sustainable Models for Logistics Success
    [00:29:16] Business Model Adaptability - Navigating Disruptions in Organizations
    [00:30:00] Evolution of "For People" Model - Technology's Role in Optimizing Warehouse Capacities
    [00:31:12] Software in Warehouse Operations - Shift towards High-Touch E-commerce Fulfillment


    [00:20:38] "Quality of revenue is kind of point one and premise... if I can't point to why every dollar of my revenue is getting what that customer is getting from me that they can't get elsewhere and how they're getting a return on their investment, then it's fickle revenue."

    [00:37:18] "Logistics needs to go a little beyond and get into the commercial side of the universe... logistics has a direct implication for you to be able to make a good margin decision on that inventory."

    Find out more about Sean Henry in the link below:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shenry96/

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    Charting Sustainable Paths in Logistics with Hannah Kain

    Charting Sustainable Paths in Logistics with Hannah Kain


    Hannah Kain, President and CEO of ALOM, a supply chain company she founded in 1997, oversees its global operations serving Fortune 500 customers in technology, automotive, life sciences, and regulated industries across 19 locations. Born in Denmark, Hannah has a diverse background, including teaching at Copenhagen Business School. She holds multiple board positions, including with the National Association of Manufacturers and WBENC, where she serves as 1st vice chair. Recognized for her leadership, Hannah has received various awards, including being named a 2023 SDCE Supply Chain Pro to Know and a 2021 WE USA Top WBE CEO. In 2020, she was featured in Business Insider's Top 100 People Transforming Business and received the SDCE Women Leaders in Supply Chain award, among other honors.


    In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Dan Coll and Ninaad Acharya interview Hannah Kain, the President and CEO of ALOM, a supply chain company. Hannah shares her journey of starting the business in the 90s and discusses the catalysts that drove her into the supply chain space. She emphasizes the importance of technology, quality, and sustainability in supply chain operations. Hannah also addresses the challenges faced by women in the industry and the need for ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting. She highlights the role of AI in supply chain and shares her insights on future trends and challenges.


    [00:02:55] Hannah's motivation for starting ALOM and her fascination with technology and manufacturing
    [00:08:09] The importance of technology, ESG, and quality in ALOM's approach
    [00:11:44] The origin of ALOM's diverse service offerings and their focus on customer needs
    [00:13:23] Discussion on the challenges and experiences of being a female founder in the 90s
    [00:23:18] Hannah emphasizes the importance of integrating sustainability into every decision
    [00:27:05] Hannah shares a story about addressing human trafficking in the supply chain
    [00:29:19] Importance of employee engagement and retention in creating a positive work environment
    [00:32:12] Hannah shares her approach to onboarding and reducing the time it takes for employees to become effective
    [00:34:00] Dan asks about the use of AI in supply chain and Hannah's perspective on its current and future applications
    [00:42:32] Challenges in the supply chain industry


    [00:00:27] "Once you start measuring and actually have a system for capturing data, it's where you can really leverage and make a difference in those areas."

    [00:23:18] "I think it's key to get it into every decision being made and also to create that visibility over to customers."

    [00:34:00] "I think a lot of the issues we're having now will be solved by technology. And so I'm a big technology believer."

    Find out more about Hannah Kain in the link below:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahkain/

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    From Data to Delivery: How AI is Transforming Supply Chain with Inna Kuznetsova

    From Data to Delivery: How AI is Transforming Supply Chain with Inna Kuznetsova

    Inna Kuznetsova, the CEO of ToolsGroup, is a seasoned leader in the realm of AI-powered solutions for supply chain management. With a career dedicated to integrating technology and innovation into the supply chain, Inna oversees ToolsGroup's cutting-edge solutions utilized by retailers, manufacturers, and distributors globally. Her impressive track record includes prior roles as the CEO of 1010data and key positions at INTTRA, CEVA Logistics, and IBM. As an independent director, Inna contributes her expertise to the board of Freightos, a publicly traded SaaS marketplace platform. A distinguished mathematician with MS and Ph.D. degrees from Moscow State University and an MBA from Columbia Business School, Inna is also a recognized author and speaker, having received the Women in Supply Chain Award for three consecutive years.


    In this episode of eCom Logistics Podcast, Dan Coll and Ninaad Acharya interview Inna Kuznetsova, CEO of Tools Group, about the role of AI in demand planning and supply chain management. Inna shares her insights on how AI can improve demand forecasting, optimize inventory management, and enhance pricing and markdown strategies. She emphasizes the importance of leveraging data and implementing dynamic planning to navigate the complexities of today's supply chain landscape. Inna also discusses the challenges and opportunities for e-commerce brands in diversifying their sales channels and managing returns effectively.


    [00:00:00] Introduction to the podcast and guest's background
    [00:03:12] The impactful moments and philosophies in the guest's career
    [00:09:02] The role of AI in demand planning and supply chain
    [00:13:10] The use of probabilistic models in demand forecasting
    [00:14:19] The advantages of using artificial intelligence in forecasting and managing inventory
    [00:18:20] The role of AI in reducing the bullwhip effect during disruptions like COVID-19
    [00:23:48] The role of AI in allocation planning and optimizing inventory distribution
    [00:25:05] Case study example of allocation planning for a retailer in a resort area
    [00:27:33] The benefits of fulfilling orders from stores and intelligent optimization of markdowns
    [00:31:24] Importance of dynamic fulfillment and holistic approach to e-commerce
    [00:40:43] The proliferation of shipping from store and its advantages/disadvantages
    [00:43:29] Rethinking shipment strategies and returns
    [00:44:17] Managing returns and decision-making
    [00:46:20] Implementing digital twin for intelligent returns


    [00:11:44] "The reason why I was so attracted to ToolsGroup, why I left my previous role to jump into this current journey was because ToolsGroup was a pioneer in using machine learning in demand forecasting, which they started doing 15 years ago."

    [00:18:20] "With the help of machine learning, you can fulfill better from the stores. It's not just fulfillment from the warehouse. It'd be much more efficient fulfilling from a store where that item may be marked down by 50 percent tomorrow, even if it costs you a little bit more in shipping."

    [00:43:29] "Moving from static planning to dynamic planning and then to navigation through the supply chain is the future trend I'm most excited about. It will minimize the amount of unproductive work made by human beings and allow them to focus on more strategic discussions."

    Find out more about Inna Kuznetsova in the link below:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ikuznetsova/

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11 Ratings

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