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eGPlearning Podblast is a health tech talk by two Nottingham (UK) based GPs covering recent topics, useful clinical apps, and interviews with primary care health tech innovators.

Hosted by Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drGandalf52) and Dr Andrew Foster (@drawfoster).

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eGPlearning Podblast is a health tech talk by two Nottingham (UK) based GPs covering recent topics, useful clinical apps, and interviews with primary care health tech innovators.

Hosted by Dr Hussain Gandhi (@drGandalf52) and Dr Andrew Foster (@drawfoster).

    Improving the Primary Care Network DES service specification

    Improving the Primary Care Network DES service specification

    Improving the Primary Care Network DES service specification
    How to improve the PCN DES
    Welcome, please comment and I will try an answer
    Check out my original review where I went through the DES: here--https://youtu.be/K1qwyxt63f0
    Declaration - I am not involved in the negotiations. I am Nottingham City East PCN Clinical director but these are my own thoughts. For some backstory in 2015 I wrote a further Blueprint for Primary care : https://egplearning.co.uk/a-further-blueprint-for-primary-care/ with a colleague as Jeremy Hunt launched the five year forward view. Some of these aims have been achieved (indemnity) but much can still be done. 
    How to improve the DES- I will talk firstly about general changes and the headline points. Then each specification in turn with my more innovative (controversial) ideas at the end.

    The release time of the specification has caused a lot of frustration. Even more so in the first webinar where little engagement was offered, just reading the spec. This led in part to one CD resigning live. NHSE doing an open consultation on the draft is a good thing. Feigning listening is not. 
    At points, the specification makes reference to evidence. In particular vanguard projects. However, it neglects to mention that vanguard projects have had significant higher levels of funding for each aspect and therefore converting this to specifications for networks to follow is a fallacy. 
    You cant use a recipe that feeds four people that costs £10 and say provide the same meal for £2 all the time - even with using foodbanks. 
    The original outline of the DES was to stabilise primary care. This draft does not do this but further destabilises it by utilising the additional roles above the capacity of work the can create and negates the fact networks will be part funding them. This was a poor way to show that NHSE/I was listening to the needs of general practice. Many comment the draft is intentionally too far to the right to allow any softening to be accepted as better than the original. This is a sceptics dream. 
    For this process to work- show General Practice that NHSE is truly listening. Much of this has been done amazingly by Dr Nikki Kanani and I do not envy her position. I am mindful of do not shoot the messenger being very apt here. 
    Lets move on. The following is a combination of my views and those from the various forums I engage in. 
    General practice. If I had control I would keep existing structures that could help foster better collaborative working and simply offer the resources to networks to use for their local area. 
    General Practice has proved to be the most cost-effective method of delivering healthcare currently doing 90% of the NHS workload for less than 9% of the funding. Trust the networks to deliver primary care with the simple metric of improving the health of the network population. 
    Ideally to the global sum but is not then to the networks directly to use as they seem fit to provide roles or services for better patient care along them 5 categories as best for their population. 
    However, we do not live in a world of trust despite GPs consistently being the most trusted role in the country. 
    So if working towards the confines of adjusting the existing DES and its specification let us have a look. 
    Worth looking at the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire LMC document link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bj7hkuCQasbXs-Mk7MOKpDq-lfjl3YSK/view?usp=sharing
    This outlines workload implications and makes the case for each average practice to lose £100k over the term of the network DES. My thoughts do align with some of this document, however I do not agree with the principle of withdrawing from the DES at this point as this is still a draft version and the final specs may differ. It a

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    eGPlearning update

    eGPlearning update

    A quick update for the #eGPlearners on the releases of the @egplearning content for the next few weeks.

    How to improve the #PCN DES - https://youtu.be/knBA1PWHFzs

    Online meetings made easy in #PrimaryCare - https://youtu.be/a62XTayLIX8

    #digitalPrimaryCare #primarycarenetworks #htnweek

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    eGPlearning Podblast Review 2019

    eGPlearning Podblast Review 2019

    In this episode, we will be looking forward to 2020 and what health technology and eGPlearning PodBlast will be bringing to the world, and our survey: https://bit.ly/podblastsurvey19 ....
    eGPlearning Podblast 2019 Review and Looking forward to 2020
    We looked back and reminisced in our Xmas episode with Ben Gowland of The General Practice Podcast - friend of the podblast: https://egplearning.co.uk/primary-care-networks-in-2019-a-review-with-the-general-practice-podcasts-ben-gowland/
    Now looking to the future.
    A word about our partners - HTN, The Health Technology Newspaper, your daily dose of news for the health tech community, join us for HTN digital Week on 23.1.20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a62XTayLIX8
    Changes over the last year
    Event Speaking 
    Video Conferencing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a62XTayLIX8
    Digital GP Fellowship: 
    Using the new practice website and video 
    Changes and highlights with eGPlearning Podblast in 2019
    Great Guests :
    Nikki Kanani of NHS England: https://youtu.be/fynHxaebnSo
    Liz Ashel-Payne of ORCHA: https://youtu.be/Ou2HKPJ2He4
    Changes behind the scenes - Learnt lessons
    Tried to improve quality
    Found a regular base, experimenting with audio-video capture - new equipment!!!!
    Experimenting with episode format - different types of episode
    Survey - Help us shape our style, format, and content by completing the listening survey
    Survey: https://bit.ly/podblastsurvey19
     🏆 eGPlearning Podblast Awards 2019 🏆
    📳 Innovative tech company 📳
    🏆 ORCHA sign up: https://youtu.be/K3wjjja8y2g
    📈 Disruptor of the year - not bad or good - shakes things up 📈
    🏆 NHSE with PCNs - Hello Nikki Kanani
    And our honourable mention to Babylon
    🚫 Trickiest episode to film - 🚫
    🏆 Zoom episode: https://youtu.be/UWPd2Dsr5kI
    honourable mention Jeff and Consumer wearables: https://youtu.be/Cmg2ky4XLCw
    Future - Hoping to do with podblast and beyond
    More interviews
    Deep dives
    Update episodes
    Serving Primary Care Health Tech Community - Aims for 2020
    Online courses and toolkits
    Health Innovation East Midlands: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/health-innovation-east-midlands-meet-up-registration-85912132501?aff=ebdssbeac
    Conference - TEPCAL2020
    Productive General Practice - using video more
    Social media in primary care
    Online consultations
    What are we excited about in Primary Care GP Health Tech
    Andy - NHSApp - critical mass allowing digital healthcare to go mainstream
    Gandhi - Organisations beginning to embrace technology - LMC, NCGPA, RCGP - video, podcast, LMC app
    Andy- Consumer health devices becoming mainstream and integrated with primary care
    Gandhi - Connectivity - everyone
    Predictions for 2020…
    But first recap 2019 predictions - true or false.
    Andy - Peak AI Hype - we will be talking less about AI…
    Gandhi - Rise of personalised medicine
    Shout out to Shubz - improving and providing time for communication between primary and secondary care and beyond - How did your prediction come along?
    Predictions for 2020...
    Andy - Increase in workload resulting from Digital-first agenda and NHS app
    Gandhi - Online consultations mainstream

    Thanks for listening
    Please remember to complete our survey 
    Looking forward to journeying into the future of primary care with you all in 2020!

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    Top UK Clinical app - the BNF app

    Top UK Clinical app - the BNF app

    Listen to my review of the top UK clinical app- the British National Formulary (BNF) app and see why every doctor, nurse or clinician should have this on their phone.
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    I cover the main sections of the app, how to find medications why the guideline section is effective and how to switch from the BNF to the children's BNF app.
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    Primary Care Network DES specification review 2019

    Primary Care Network DES specification review 2019

    Primary Care Network DES specification review 2019
    My review of the 2019 Primary Care Network Service Specification- the good, the bad and the confusing. 
    This is the live recorded review of the draft primary care network service specification.
    To see the document in full use this link.
    PCN Clinical Director resources playlist:
    General Practitioner resources playlist:
    Make sure you leave your own feedback via the survey here (see bottom of page), or send an email to england.networkscontract@nhs.net
    Below is the draft version of my notes.
    My perspective on the primary care network service specs
    Cover the good, the bad and the confusing. 

    Check out my PCN resources and General practitioner playlist (in show notes)
    Save you and your patients time with tech enhancing your primary care and learning
    Why I am talking about this - am a GP also PCN director of NCE - 66k patients in a deprived area of Nottingham. 
    Firstly the timing of the documents
    Release of specs day before Xmas eve- while aware impacted by the election, purdah and process, it speaks to the perception that when PCN CDs work is irrelevant to NHS England. 
    However, I commend Nikki Kanani’s engagement on SoMe and the will to gain feedback before making the spec official, 
    as well as engagement events beforehand (twitter chat and webinars)
    So emphasis that this is draft specifications and can be changed. So let us take a look…..
    The document starts by talking about the investment being offered. While there is a significant increase in funding being offered, it is important to note the UK still invests less than most other western countries especially in the G8 at about $1000 less per person. 
    It also mentions a 5-year contract. I would like to mention that it is not really a 5y contract but a 5y agreement of the funds. If it was a contract the terms would be clear from the start. Instead, we are having ongoing annual negotiations of the requirements - which is no different to what we have been exposed to in primary care. 
    It then identifies seven asks or as they have been locally called the significant seven of which five are to start from April 2020 and another two from April 2021
    Structured Medication Reviews and Optimisation • 
    Enhanced Health in Care Homes (jointly with community services providers) • 
    Anticipatory Care (jointly with community services providers) • 
    Personalised Care; and • 
    Supporting Early Cancer Diagnosis

    1.8 When will we have clarity on the process and use of the Network Dashboard?
    1.11 Funding is not allocated directly for the delivery of the service specifications - let that sink in. 
    1.12 Extra capacity from the new roles in 20/21 - much of this was promised to stabilise practices not ask them to do more and does not allow for the extra 30% investment which is not supported by the existing pots. 
    1.16 funding for community service providers commented - limited detail and asking us to agree based on limited responsibility awareness
    1.17 Structured med reviews and EHCH from 20/21 other specs over 5 years. 
    1.18 There is overlap between the specs, especially with the EHCH aspect. 
    1.24 ‘Funding previously invested by CCGs in local service provision which is delivered through national specifications in 2020/21 should be reinvested within primary medical care and community services’ key line to be noted in regions
    Structured medication review optimisation
    Ideal to improve quality which may impact workload and a key target area for network pharmacists. 
    Noted they recommend longer apts than standard GP appointment and keen to understand where this time will come from, and a focus on the switch to low carbon inhalers. 
    There are comments about primary care organising the majority of prescriptions but no comment on secondary care

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    Primary care networks and 2019 a review with the General Practice Podcast's Ben Gowland

    Primary care networks and 2019 a review with the General Practice Podcast's Ben Gowland

    Primary care networks (PCNs) were introduced in 2019 and have had a seismic impact on General Practice. The person leading the charge with information has been Ben Gowland of the General Practice Podcast and in this episode we review his 2019 and share our own and the impact of PCNs. 

    Andy - https://twitter.com/drawfoster
    Gandhi - https://twitter.com/drgandalf52
    Leave us a review at:https://bit.ly/eGPlearningiTunes

    Ben Gowland : Ockham Healthcare - https://ockham.healthcare/
    Hussain Gandhi – challenges for a new PCN Clinical Director
    Tom Howseman – better managing demand through pre-triage protocols
    Episodes with Dr Paul Bennet on:
    Lessons from a duty system overhaul
    (Time) saving begins at home https://ockham.healthcare/innovation-in-general-practice-time-saving-begins-at-home/

    Dr Nikki Kanani episodes:
    General Practice podcast: https://ockham.healthcare/episode-148-nikki-kanani-the-new-gp-contract-where-the-new-money-will-be-invested/
    eGPlearning Podblast: https://egplearning.co.uk/nikki-kanani-interview-with-egplearning-podblast/

    Gandhi tweet blogs for his PCN: https://twitter.com/ncepcn
    And Andy taking up the challenge. https://twitter.com/drawfoster/status/1205547156301582338

    Paul Defly practice unbound episode with network pharmacists:
    Becky Malby website: https://beckymalby.wordpress.com/
    Learn about video meetings in our Zoom masterclass: https://egplearning.co.uk/zoom-video-conferencing-masterclass-with-egplearning-podblast/
    Role of federations with PCNs
    What excites us for 2020
    How the new roles will change primary care
    Ben Andy and Gandhi’s views on the new roles for PCNs with an in depth discussion on pharmacists, paramedics, first contact physiotherapist, mental health workers and physician associates. 
    We mention the work by Healthier Fleetwood in integrating care. http://www.healthierfleetwood.co.uk/
    Is equal share in networks the best way to share resources?
    Ben’s favourite work based app: Dropbox
    And an honourable mention to Skype and other VOIP services. 
    Ben’s favourite non-work based app: Audible and Zen Tennis
    How would Ben Gowland spend £100 million on health tech and no red tape?
    Solving trust issues with data sharing in primary care …...not an easy feat!
    Predictions for 2020
    Gandhi - excited about the digital revolution of primary care and anxious about the impact. With a caution on workload impact for all. 
    Andy’s prediction: 
    A collective news story of ‘PCNs on the ropes’
    A lower impact of artificial intelligence in primary care. Ben feels it will be back with companies like Bablyon delving further into primary care.  
    Contact: Ben@ockham.healthcare
    Sign up for the Ockham Healthcare newsletter https://ockham.healthcare/category/the-general-practice-blog/
    Subscribe to the General Practice Podcast here.

    Don't forget to subscribe to the eGPlearning Podblast and leave us a review

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