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Features the innovative people and programs who spread the love of books and reading culture in our nation’s high poverty areas.

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Features the innovative people and programs who spread the love of books and reading culture in our nation’s high poverty areas.

    Exploring Scholastic's Impact on Literacy

    Exploring Scholastic's Impact on Literacy

    Exploring Scholastic's Impact on Literacy and Book Access
    In this episode of End Book Deserts, the podcast discusses book access and literacy culture with Judy Newman, the Chief Impact Officer of Scholastic. Newman shares how Scholastic, a member of the National Book Access Association, is advancing the work of organizations that distribute books and promoting reading for pleasure among children. She touches upon the company's multiple initiatives, such as partnering with organizations like Comic Kids and Reach Out and Read, philanthropic projects, and exciting employee engagements. The discussion also highlights the role of teachers in building literacy, the impact of COVID-19 on their work, and the importance of a community in ending book deserts.
    Key Points:
    00:00 Introduction to End Book Deserts 00:32 Exploring Scholastic's Impact on Literacy 01:19 Scholastic's Role in Building Literacy Communities 03:26 The Power of Comics in Literacy 04:34 Scholastic's Efforts to Encourage Young Writers 05:39 Impact of COVID on Scholastic's Work 07:24 Scholastic Employees' Contribution to Literacy Culture 10:14 Upcoming Initiatives and Partnerships at Scholastic 11:53 The Power of Story: The Story of Ruby Bridges 15:31 The Importance of Reading for Pleasure 17:28 Conclusion and Invitation for Future Discussion 17:48 End Book Deserts: Final Remarks and Contact Information

    • 18 min
    Books on the Bus

    Books on the Bus

    In this episode of the End Book Deserts Podcast, Dr. Molly Ness interviews authors Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr, who share their experiences and adventures during a year-long road trip to visit Title I schools in all 50 states. They discuss their mission to provide free books to under-resourced areas, the impact of their visits on students, and the research conducted during the trip. They also reveal their plans for the future, including online virtual school visits. Tune in to learn more about their inspiring journey and the importance of book access in under-resourced communities.

    • 29 min
    Meet the Writers

    Meet the Writers

    We kick off the new season with New York's Meet the Writers! Meet the Writers has reached more than 45,000 students citywide and distributed 25,000 books signed by visiting authors.
    Their collaboration with schools helps to create a culture of literacy and reading.

    • 20 min
    GELF & Scholastic team up in Tennessee

    GELF & Scholastic team up in Tennessee

    We revisit the Governor's Early Literacy Foundation working to end book deserts in Tennessee, with support from Scholastic.

    • 25 min
    New Worlds Reading Initiative

    New Worlds Reading Initiative

    Find out how the state of Florida is earmarking funds in recent legislation to #endbookdeserts.

    • 20 min
    A Conversation with Pitney Bowes About Literacy

    A Conversation with Pitney Bowes About Literacy

    I love when many people come to the table to bring books to kids. That's why we are excited to create this episode with Kathleen Ryan Mufson and Pitney Bowes. 

    • 24 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

mskerrygraham ,

Such an imperative conversation

I’m so grateful for this podcast. Literacy, love of reading, and access to texts should be rights, not privileges. The ideas and information shared here make it easier for us to help everyone have the option to become an avid reader.

Nicole P, Brooklyn ,

The LINC Model Works

Molly Ness’ guests Shari Levine and Rosalind Diaz of LINC bring to light the pervasive literacy crisis in this country and solutions that are working. LINC gets it: build trust and give families the tools they need to create and support their own little readers. LINC is the bridge that families need. Wonderful organization and inspiring work! Thank you, Molly. Keep spreading the word. We must #endbookdeserts in this country.

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